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Tip of the Spear

Over the last few years we have gradually accumulated a number of critical thinkers, researchers and specialists and weeded out the grifters and those who are compromised. This is a sifting process and the ones who are left have weathered the greatest psychological and biological onslaught in history.  Doctor McCairn has built a lab and is almost ready to start testing and gathering data including testing therapeutics and counter measures. The cages and telemetry are all wired up for running the experiments.



Hamsters have already been employed for Covid modelling but this allows complete independence in the testing of the vaccines and the therapeutics and live-time feed back to the community,

The video starts with our very own chemical and bio-warfare expert a former marine and military WMD instructor and Drastic member Charles Rixey, MA MBA (c) 🐭 and his substack Promethius shrugged and Critical thinker Iggy Semz with his substack Very Slow Thinking discussing Geopolitics and Putin’s ceasefire and peace proposal which were dismissed out of hand by NATO. Later they discuss the political and psychological motivation behind the desire to reintroduce military conscription. They are joined by DocKek at about @1:40 who has been atctive with medical and legal measures and has a DocKek Rumble channel and last but not least at about @ 1:57 Nick Petosky with his extraordinary research and archive on non-human primate disease and biowarfare, HIV and the Special Virus Cancer Program. Of course we must not forget to mention Dr Kevin McCairn the System Neuroscientist and his Dojo which has links to all his other platforms including WTYL. Dr McCairn discusses his lab work at about@ 2:13. We have a decent crew in the racoon bunker (even if they drive me crazy with their sperging) with varied life experiences and they provide a good aggregation of the data.

NATO Says Nyet With Charles Rixey, of Hamsters & Men (PRIONS From SARS)

During the stream Bette Korber is mentioned and the huge amount of computational force that has been thrown at understanding toxic epitopes.

Adam Finnegan is also mentioned, Adam streamed previously with Kevin on Stealth bio-warfare. Adam has also streamed with Nick:

“Understanding Biowarfare,” with AW Finnegan and Nick Petosky, april 11, 2024 (56 min)

This is fifth generation warfare and it is about to go hot. Your job is to inform as many people as you can. I have noticed that my reach on twitter has gone drastically down. We are talking to each other in self contained echo chambers.  Talk to people in real life. Let them know what is happening.  It is going to get worse. Prepare.