Niger and BRICS

Niger and BRICS

Africa is the next front in the global war. Destroying countries as the West and East square off leaving a pile of dead bodies and rubble behind.

This Is Why France NEEDS Niger’s Uranium (3 min)

Not just uranium but gas…..

BRICS Is Like a Steam Engine and You Can’t Stop It (2 min)


Sudan and Ethiopia

Sudan and Ethiopia

The West is losing Africa which is why Biden sent Camila Harris on an African PR tour but too little too late. Africa is going to be the next global food bowl and is resource rich. It always worked in the favor of the West to keep Africa destabilized and indebted.  However, Africa is now turning to China and Russia.

Sudan, power struggle or coup d’état (16 min)

Not listened to this yet.  The GERD is the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam a huge dam that is already filling in this supposedly drought filled area….but here is the kicker –  it is built next to the African Rift and a whole section is splitting away. Very dumb.  Built to fail.

Mapping the Geopolitical Landscape: Africa’s Multipolar Future and the GERD (4:47)

In this long form discussion, Africa expert Lawrence Freeman and I held a long form discussion with hundreds of audience members to discuss the importance of the Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam, the renewal of Pan Africanism and the oligarchical efforts to keep the African continent locked within the unipolar cage of depopulation and war rather than leaping into a multipolar future. Click on the links below to listen to the full event…


Why Africa loves Russia

Why Africa loves Russia

Why doesn’t the West love Africa?

The West gave Africa:

1. Debt

2. Aids


4. Unstable Govt.


Why Africa LOVES Russia: How The West Creates Poverty and Misery. Interview with Mr Abdi Nur Siad (38 min)