Lord Weidenfeld: Master Network Builder

Lord Weidenfeld: Master Network Builder

Here is a look at the “right” or the Anglo-Zionist connections. I thought the Blavatnik school of Government was interesting, possibly a counterpart to the WEF with its “young leaders”. Sir Leonard Valentinovich Blavatnik is an American from Jewish-Ukrainian roots with links to Trump and Putin (via his friend) who became an aluminum oligarch when Russia fell (with money he raised from Chabad in NY).  Note the role of James O’Keefe in the scheme of things….and on a personal note I actual met Baruch Ganor at a lecture where I challenged him with a question (https://www.biblaridion.info/blog/mowing-the-lawn/).

Lord Weidenfeld: Master Network Builder (6 min)


They all expose themselves

They all expose themselves

Brother Nathanael is a Jew who is now a “Greek Orthodox Priest” (supposedly) but he was formerly Chabad.  He has been kicked off YouTube for being antisemitic (a self hating Jew).

I think he is funny but I also think he is controlled opposition. His agenda is getting more obvious.  He is a big Putin supporter and he wants America to split with the succession of the Red States.  A great game is being played by the bankers.

Christian Zionist Jews vs. Globo homo Jews.  Both sides funded by the bankers.  Highly connected Chabad Jews in Russia (to Putin) and highly connected Chabad Jews connected to both Biden and Trump.  I need more popcorn. Are ye not entertained?

The American Boob

The Riddle Of Jewish Success…Spiked! by Brother Nathanael


And here is another highly connected (right-wing) Chabad Jew who recently apologized for his vaccine stance but as Kev pointed out you can almost see him smirking.


And now he has teamed up with Jordan Peterson and they have talked to the corrupt Nutty Yahoo.  I would really like to watch this but no way am I paying money to do so.  In the end they all expose themselves.  These are the “right-wing”  Christian Zionists who are going to save us from globo homo and usher in Noahide Laws.  A pox on both your houses. Do not trust any of them.

The State of the World with Benjamin Netanyahu, Ben Shapiro, and @Jordan B Peterson (2 min)

Full program:


Ben Shapiro Anoints Himself Pope Of The Jews (12 min)

RED (Part 4): Money is a Gas

RED (Part 4): Money is a Gas

Here is the last part in the series.

RED (Part 4): Money is a Gas (2:16)

The others parts can be traced back here:

RED (Part 3)

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Many of the video clips are from from Unpacked

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The Red Sea Conspiracy

The Red Sea Conspiracy

It is always good to bring some balance to the story.  Always remember that there are no good guys…just bad guys and worse guys.  Did any collusion occur between Russia and Trump?   That is probably the wrong question because collusion did occur between Israel and Trump and  therefore indirectly there was collusion with Russia.  Trump was supported by Sheldon Adelson and had links to Chabad.  Trump is an Anglo-Zionist.  On the other hand the Democrats such as Hilary and Biden had links with China and Ukraine and are globalists. They are also utterly corrupt. They are also supported by Jewish oligarchs like Soros etc.   There are no heroes in this story.   None of these people are going to save you.

The Red Sea Conspiracy (Jeremy Interviews Seth Abramson)-20 min

Alex Jones

Alex Jones

Alex Jones tells the truth (sometimes). This is the shadowy world of Interactive Internet Activities (IIA).  Both Stratfor and Info Wars are in Austin Texas and I am sure that is just a coincidence.  Jones portrays himself as a Christian-Zionist and is a married to an ex-porn star and is himself a millionaire. Truth telling must be lucrative.  It is good to see who he is supporting because the narrative is changing. They have all been given their role to play. The following video is from John Brisson followed by a Brendon O’Connell video.  I believe that the aim is to split the United States.

The Great Reset And The War For The World – Alex Jones’s New Book (16 min)

145. Alex Jones, Joe Rogan – Trump Is Out? Ukraine & The Big Picture Again… (1:10)

Chabad Lubavitch

Chabad Lubavitch

Daryl Bradford Smith: World Zionist Control, Chabad Lubavitch & Globalism

This interview was taken in 2011 Daryl ceased his broadcasting around 2016 due to problems he faced with the French government but you can still find audio files of his “French Connection” show floating around the internet.


* I had to check but  Gaddafi and Syrian war happened in 2011 (the Syrian war is still continuing).  So this was from 2011 and he was correct.


Trump Was a Gift for Israel (15 min)

Trump Was a Gift for Israel (15 min)

Very good recommended.   The Zionists are about to make a BIG come back.  Was it planned?  Hard to say but Biden and the Democrats and the EU have played right into their hands.   The Ukraine war is lost. The global economy is destroyed. Green policies will be abandoned.  They want chaos and desperation.

The score so far….

Globo homo:    0      Anglo-Zionists:  1

Trump Was a Gift for Israel (15 min)