The Noticing

The Noticing

The noticing continues.  You are not supposed to notice.  Noticing is anti-Semitic.

Breaking History Ep. 37: The Untold History of Zionism and other End Times Cults (1:56)

Even the attack dogs are turning on their owners.  Ouch.

EMJ Live 66: Put yo chain on, Candace (1:24 min)

Lucas Gage

Lucas Gage

Lucas has been fighting Jewish power for a long time.  Recently banned from Twitter for 3 months after Elon got back from his “Auschwitz trip”.    I have not fully watched both videos but I saw the last part of the first video (from about 2 hours onward) in which Lucas goes on an epic rant against the spergs and he is entirely correct.  Worth a listen because the Jewish strategy is divide and rule.  Have Muslims fighting Christians.  Have atheist fighting Christians. Have Protestants fighting Catholics etc etc.  Christanity has been under an unrelenting attack in the alt media and it is coordinated. Islam is also being held up as a bogeyman.  Lucas is correct when he says that he does not care what you believe….it is your actions….what you do to fight the common enemy.  Don’t fight each other. He end with this gem:

"You might have the truth and you don't even know that you do...."

They want you fighting about religion while they rob and kill you.  Wake up!

Emergency Stream: Defund Israel Now LIED TO! (2:23 min)


7 Days till Twitter Pt2 (1:56 min)

Wicked Witch Eviscerated

Wicked Witch Eviscerated

A lot of Jew vs. Jew action happening.  We just saw Finkelstein and Shmuley and now we see Greenwald ripping into Nuland.    It is a mistake to see the Jews as a homogeneous amorphous blob. The neocon (Trotskyite) Jews have done a lot of damage to their own people.

Victoria Nuland RESIGNS, Glenn Greenwald EVISCERATES Leading Neocon: Interview (12 min)Victoria Nuland RESIGNS, Glenn Greenwald EVISCERATES Leading Neocon: Interview

Lubavitch Shocker

Lubavitch Shocker

Even the Jewish Community is shocked at the behavior of Chabad.

SHOCK IN LUBAVITCH: Violent “Meshichist” Bochrim Literally Destroy 770; Brawl With NYPD Making Arrests [VIDEO ROUNDUP]

Why am I so hard on Chabad?  The reason is because their rebbe Schneerson was a fanatical supremacist who had the ear of Netanyahu asking him what he was doing to speed up the coming of “the messiah”.

The Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines who was at Event 201 is Chabad. She is part of a wide network of Jews from Georgetown University (Katz,Hotez) that have links to Epstein patron of science at Harvard and MIT.

I have posted this video that I made many times.  It is no coincidence that the number 72 is encoded into the Furin Cleavage Site.


Chabad has influence all across the world (they are a  missionary outreach organization) with all Presidents (also Trump) and even at the UN.   As far as I am concerned they are a front and are probably used for intelligence activities.

Chabad Tunnels

Chabad Tunnels

The NYPD raided the Chabad headquarters in Brooklyn because secret tunnels were reported and the police wanted to pour them full of concrete.   They dragged stained mattresses out of the tunnels.   I say send in the IDF and bomb the tunnels (lolz).

To be honest I can’t say that I am sorry.  These people are something else.  This is going to be a meme fest.


They bring the antisemitism against themselves. Sorry. Not sorry.



Scapegoating Complexity

Scapegoating Complexity

I tuned in to the latest stream with Albert Bishai and left after about an hour because the material is becoming repetitive, boring and superficial.  The same talking points are repeated again and again and an obvious bait and switch is occurring. I am no apologist for the Jews but to treat them as a homogeneous entity without differentiation (all Jews are the same) and to treat them as the sole cause of all the evil is not just an oversimplification it is wrong.  There are many Jews protesting what Netanyahu is doing and they are absolutely disgusted by it.

Albert Bishai and Green are part of a PsyOp network who have done a bait and switch.  They start by attacking the Talmud then switch to attacking the Torah and then step over to their ultimate target which is Christianity.   They are not really interested in Judaism or even Islam.  Christianity is their true target.


They are not organic  activists but part of an intelligence operation that wants to bring about the transhumanist world order.   I have personally opposed Christian Zionism for over forty years and have the battle-scars to prove it and in 2019 I was attending lectures at the University given by ex-Israeli intelligence advisor and a Journalist and challenged them.


The attack by Green and Bishai et al fits nicely with the centuries long subversion by what was once known as the British Empire.  The British Empire did not just disappear and neither did they give up on the Americas after the Revolution.   They did not just go away.  Green and Bishai are ignoring the Elephant in the Room.

It was the Brits (called Perfidious Albion for a reason) that founded and funded all the secret anti-Christian societies.  The Masons, the Fabians, the Round-table, the Rhodes Scholars blah.  They were behind the rise of Hitler (funded by Rothschild) they purposely split the Middle East (Sykes-Picot) to cause division….they promised the land to the Arabs and to the Jews.

The court of Queen Victoria was captured by Gnostic’s and their ideology undermined science.  The aristocracy and the intelligentsia formed the X-club which had Darwin as a member.  They taught gradualism and ignored catastrophism (sudden change) and corrupted all the sciences. They are the real X-men and Musk is the modern day version of X.

The Real X-men

I suggest that these people do some damn homework…but they have no need because they are part of the cabal and their job is to turn people away from the faith.  Learn your history:

Gnostic Snake Gospel

Both sides use the Hegelian Dialectic and Divide and rule paradigm and both want the same thing.  Whether it is the Anglo Christian-Zionists and Noahide Jews or the Transhumanist Jews and globalist oligarchy.  They want the same thing.  You as a slave to their system.  However they dress it up the result will be more for them and less for you.  Less freedom. Less choice. Less life.  The only…the only power that stands in their way is Christianity which is why they hate it so much.  Humanity cannot transcend without God’s help.

You have to be smarter than this.   You should be smarter than this.  The same forces that have undermined Christianity over the last two millennia are now unrestrained. They have deliberately dumbed people down with their fluoride, herbicides, vaccinations, porn and psychological warfare. People are virtually illiterate when it comes to their Bibles.  They do not know how to read let alone logically analyze texts.  They are like sheep ready for the slaughter.

As for Green and Bishai they never admit that they are wrong when caught out but repeat the same nonsense.  Bishai told us that Christians burnt down the library at Alexander which is not true.  I gave him the evidence and he repeated it in another stream. Once is an honest mistake but twice is deliberate misinformation.  This has happened numerous times which is why I know that they are following a script that has been written for them.  They cannot answer challenges that take them off their script.  Their Biblical knowledge seems impressive but is superficial.  They have a job to do and most people do not know the material well enough to challenge them.

When challenged…..(2 min)…



I am not an apologist for the Jews and much of their reputation over the centuries has been well earned.  It is quite obvious that part of their group survival strategy has always been as advisors to the “power elite” as we look at stories of faithful men like Joseph, Nehemiah, Daniel, Mordecai etc. but their attraction to positions of behind the scenes power has left them vulnerable to be set up as the perfect Scapegoat.    This does not excuse the psychopathic behavior of a minority who have  brainwashed   and propagandized the bulk of the susceptible Jewish population (their own people) to adopt the schizophrenic dichotomy of believing themselves as superior but at the same time victims.  I detect the hand of Edomite Jews (Rothschild) in this picture. They are more than willing to sacrifice their own on the altar of their ambition.



When AJ calls them out

When AJ calls them out

I don’t normally feature Alex Jones because he is such a PsyOp despite him often telling the truth. He has a big right-wing (often Zionist) audience. When even he starts to call them out you know something has changed.  I get the feeling that people have had enough and the dam has broken.  They will not be threatened or cowed into silence.

This could be interesting (not watched it yet)

EMERGENCY BROADCAST MUST WATCH: Alex Jones Reveals the Secrets on Collapsing Markets, WW3 and More! – MONDAY FULL SHOW 10/16/23 (2:04 min)



Nikki Haley’s Completely UNHINGED Interview on GAZA (14 min)

Brother Nathanael: DO TO JEW WHAT THEY DO TO YOU. Say “This is New Normal, Science Did That”