Set up to Fail

Set up to Fail

Another Citizen Party video.  The reason I posted this is because I realized that the closing of rural bank branches is not just about the banks making more profits.  It is a deliberate strategy to destroy rural communities and businesses so that everyone is concentrated in the big cities.  It is deliberate Urbanization.  They want everyone in 15 minute cities thus fulfilling Agenda 21.  It seems that Australia has been chosen as a test case because we only have a few large coastal cities.  They are already ramping up the censorship.

CITIZENS REPORT 18/4/2024 – ‘We’re being set up to fail!’ / WW3:How long can we teeter on the brink? (55 min)

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 07:12 Topic 1: ‘We’re being set up to fail!’
  • 32:58 Topic 2: WWIII: How long can we teeter on the brink?
  • 54:10 End Credits


All of them Traitors

All of them Traitors

They are all traitors…all of them.  Stooges for the WEF or five eyes.  The net tightens as fascism and authoritarianism incoming.  How bad is it when Elon Musk is the hero? Maybe that is the intention.

The Albanese Crusade against Misinformation continues… (3 min)

Bishop Mar Mar “We need to cooperate with police directives at a state or federal level” (5 min)


Australian Censorship

Australian Censorship

The eSaftey commissioner is an American and a WEF stooge. They want to stop the spread of disinformation.  Will they shut down Channel Seven for broadcasting that the Bondi attacker was Ben Cohen?   Of course not because that disinformation was intentionally planted by the five eyes.  They quickly took it down and then blamed everybody for spreading disinfo.   Do you see how that works.  Well I saved the video because I knew it would disappear. They want to minimise what you can see and hear.  Why not just poke peoples eyes out and make them deaf.  This is not about disinformation (which is often spread by Governments)  but about controlling their lies. The more draconian they become the more they expose themselves.


eSafety Commissioner says that she wants to “minimise the amount of content Australians can see” (1 min)

Always remember that your Government loves you



Problem, Reaction, Solution

Problem, Reaction, Solution

In quick succession we had three knife attacks the first was supposedly by a white schizo woman hater, the second by a Muslim who hated Christians and the third by teenagers who hate authority.   This is fear based trauma which the five eyes always use and they had the legislation ready to drop just like the Patriot Act consisting of thousands of pages of legalese was immediately ready after the twin towers.  They love chaos and fear and creating division. They want women to blame men, Christians to blame Muslims and the youth to blame boomers.  As for the disinformation – that the killer was a Jew called Ben Cohen – that was first released by Channel Seven News.  It was therefore deliberately planted by the five eyes to discredit anyone who spread it and to reinforce the cry for more censorship. This was a five eyes psychological operation (PsyOp).  They want complete control, full spectrum dominance.


NSW Premier Chris Minns wants more CENSORSHIP in response to religiously motivated terror attack.(2 min)

“Radicalized Youth” – Assyrian Bishop Mari Mari Emmanuel Survives Stabbing Attack In Australia (20 min)


Told you so

Told you so

Seems like Australia is the five eyes test case again.   Why is that?  Are people here more stupid than elsewhere???

Another knife attack…legislation drops…told you so…(that was quick)….

You can bet another lockdown is coming and (war/plague)…

The BEAST is being revealed…fascism…authoritarianism…lies and suppression of truth



Told you so……

Australia Get Ready

Australia Get Ready

Australia Get Ready



Get ready for more vicious “random” violence.  They need to create the problem so that they can offer the solution (Hegelian Dialectic).  We had another attack with a bishop being  stabbed in Church during a service.  The video has been removed from Twitter.   Look how the grubs in the press reported it:


Apparently he was an anti-vaxxer so that makes it OK then? (He was anti-genocide as well it being an Armenia church). Was the attacker vaccinated? Perhaps that explains the lack of impulse control. The gaslighting is next level. The Bishop was taken to hospital and is doing OK. The attacker was Muslim and he cut his own fingers off probably by the way he held his knife. This attack in Sydney follows the attack at Bondi which stinks of PsyOp. Apparently the schizo attacker was a male escort. Go figure. All very questionable.

Natural Born Oz Killer


Today, me in Big W looking for a broom and a computer mouse then over the sound system the announcement…   If you see someone acting suspiciously please report it and we will call the police. Me (with beard and long hair) thinking shall I go to the knife section and start looking through the big kitchen knives (lolz).  You think that sounds like SciFi?  A bit “black mirror”.  They already have 70,000 data points on most people. If you have been for a blood test they probably have your DNA. In Australia they are already advertising a wearable heart monitor because so many people (for some strange reason) are having heart problems.  If you think your Government loves you, then you are the cooker. They want full spectrum dominance.  Why do you think Elon Musk is investing in neuralink.  Because he wants to heal the paralytic and cure the blind?  I thought Trump was orange Jesus.

This is fear programming.  Like the lockdown.  Please stay six feet away from other meat bags.  Please walk on the dots. Please wear a mask.  A cloth will do.  Or an old pair of underpants (lolZ). And the dumb sheep march in lockstep to their slaughter and enslavement.

True story son was at the chemist picking up medication  and a mother was there with her children to get them flu shots (flu shots at seven years old??).  The seven year old girl collapsed and they had to ring an ambulance.  The mother praising her kids for being so brave. The chemist assistant saying this is "normal"  a "stress reaction".  My son said nothing.  What can you say???

They want you afraid of plague and/or violence and/or climate and/or …. (fill in the blank) because they have already passed the legislation.  They need the public afraid so that they will cry out to the Government to save them.  YOU DO NOT LIVE IN DEMOCRACIES.   The Yes vote was defeated in a national referendum and the state of South Australia is still going forward with it.  They don’t care what you think.  At all.  At all.



They already have the solution to the “random violence” problem.    More security.  More stop and search. Digital ID.  Face scanning.  Blah Blah.  Eventually this will lead to a wearable to monitor your health (blood pressure, oxygen, heart rate, sweating etc) because we have a “health crisis” (which appeared out of nowhere lolz).  Couple this with all the data and profiling they will be able to predict behavior using Artificial Intelligence and send alerts by Geo-location to phones.   Alert. scruffy man with beard and long hair (sends image of me to your phone) approaching knife section of the store (increased heart rate and blood pressure) about to go on a killing spree (lolz).

They have already passed the legislation but it is “voluntary” (lolz,lolz,lolz). Got to give it to Pauline Hanson on this one:

Pauline Hanson Exposes The Truth Behind Australia’s Rushed Digital Identity Laws.(2 min)

It’s Voluntary.(4 min)

The Exact Moment the Government passed the Digital Identity Bill in Australia. (1 min)


They are collapsing the financial system and using all means possible to usher in a New World Order which is a type of banker, corporate fascism.  Guaranteed we all face another “plague’ lockdown and/or war.  There will be curfews etc and they want digital ID to match up with Central Bank Digital Currency.  Do you get it yet?   Do you get it?   You will be the commodity in a tokenism blockchain economy.  Full Spectrum Dominance. Not even bodily autonomy.


CITIZENS REPORT 11/4/2024 – Bankers’ sniper shoots the messenger / Western moral bankruptcy exposed (52 min)


If you missed the last (very good) Citizen Report about the Anglo-Zionist Temple plot it is here :

Anglo-Zionist Temple Mount Plot

Natural Born Oz Killer

Natural Born Oz Killer

As Australians already know there was an attack at a Bondi Mall with many women murdered and even a baby stabbed.   The killer was shot dead by a “hero” female police inspector (and mother) who happened to be there.  There are scenes of CPR being applied to a stab victims stomach???   From the start this all seemed suspicious.

Police identify Bondi Junction attacker as 40yo man from Queensland | ABC News

Of course Twitter was full of speculation which varied from Misogynist, Muslim terrorist or mentally ill.   Initially Channel Seven News announced that the stabber was a Jew called Ben Cohen;


This report soon disappeared and was replaced by 40 year old Queenslander Joel Cauchi who recently moved from Queensland. Apparently he is schizophrenic.


Joel was posting on face book only six days ago.  He has lost a lot of weight since then and his tattoo is barely visible??



Fear based trauma

I believe that this was a PsyOp and you will never get behind the truth.  Perhaps the attacker was Jewish  and they have covered it up.  Labor has been putting pressure on Israel and demanding action.   Perhaps he was a Manchurian candidate meant to frame the Muslims and the narrative fell apart.  Perhaps another agenda is at play. 

We know they want national ID linked to facial scans and ultimately they want us using a “wearable” that will monitor, blood pressure, heart-rate, sweating etc. Together with our profile using AI they will be able to predict our behavior.    So, you get an alert sent to your phone that a schizophrenic nutter is about to go on a killing rampage.

Well, I hear you already saying what a bunch of cookers and conspiracy theorists.  We have had the twin towers (they found the hijacker passports in the rubble😂) followed by ISIS and a “pandemic”.  If you are not awake yet then you are the cooker.   The five eyes use fear based trauma to nudge public behavior and perception.   They developed programs (like MK Ultra) by the CIA or Tavistock to propagandize the populace. The Government is not your friend. As far as the five eyes are concerned you are the enemy.    The world is not a democracy.  It is run by criminal cartels controlled by oligarchs.  They constantly employ false flags to further their objectives.


The key here is to Believe nothing you hear, and only one half that you see.  They control the narrative and they lie all the time.  If they told me it was dark outside I would check.   Often you will never find the full truth.  Trust your gut and do not be manipulated by fear.

Your Government should fear you, you should not fear them.   Fear the Lord that is the beginning of wisdom.  The Powers that Be either want you dead or controlled.  WAKE UP.




And there is this coincidence…


The Cash Ban

The Cash Ban

Another good video from the Citizens Party

CITIZENS REPORT 4/4/2024 – The cash ban financial snare trap? / Sovereignty sacrificed to 5-eyes (60 min)

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 13:52 Topic 1: Which banker wants to ban cash to trap you in his financial snare?
  • 33:25 Topic 2: How Australia sacrificed its sovereignty to the 5-eyed monster
  • 58:56 End Credits

The net tightens in prison colony Australia

The net tightens in prison colony Australia


Absolutely disgusting…..   There should be a referendum.


The Exact Moment the Government passed the Digital Identity Bill in Australia. (2 min)

Federal Australian government to press ahead with digital identity (4 min)

Pauline Hanson Exposes The Truth Behind Australia’s Rushed Digital Identity Laws. (2 min)

Malcolm Roberts BLASTS the entire Government bureaucracy for wanting Digital ID in Australia (5 min)