ADL and Goyim Defense League

ADL and Goyim Defense League

Musk has threatened to sue the Anti-Defamation League for defamation (lolz).


Apparently Adam Green is the founder of the GDL demonstrating that he is controlled opposition or a “glowie”…

Equivalent of "fed". Glow in the dark, Glowie, Glows, Glowfag, Glownigger. The term was coined by computer programmer Terry A. Davis, who allegedly believed that the CIA was stalking and harassing him.

“I shall not be ashamed to confess that if I had the power, as I have the will, I would select a score of efficient young men – intelligent, decent, devoted to our ideal and burning with desire to help redeem Jews – and I would send them to the countries where Jews are absorbed in sinful self-satisfaction. The task of these young men would be to disguise themselves as non-Jews, and plague these Jews with anti-Semitic slogans, such as ‘Bloody Jew,’ ‘Jews go to Palestine,’ and similar ‘intimacies’. I can vouch that the results in terms of considerable immigration to Israel from these countries, would be ten thousand times larger than the results brought by thousands of emissaries who have been, for decades, preaching to deaf ears.”

Editor ‘Sharun’
Editorial article in official newspaper of the governing Labor Party – “Davar”, Israel – July 11, 1952


Adam Green of Know More News bragged about founding the evil GDL “Goyim Defense League” (1 min)

Double standards.  The ADL has double standards.

Interesting (8 min)


New and improved BRICS

New and improved BRICS

New and improved BRICS to emerge in South Africa. Morocco wants to join (22 min)

Can the US Profit off the Niger Coup? (3 min)


Unveiling the Global Consequences of West’s Militarization in Ukraine (12 min)


Strayla eye

Strayla eye

Australia is one of the “five eyes” , is still Crown land and up to its neck engaged in the WEF/UN agenda.  All Jewish/Chabad controlled. Trust no one.  They are all operations.

Some videos have no audio to prevent censorship.

Unvaccinated Nurses Are STILL Being Sacked by Queensland “Health” Despite the Workforce CRISIS… (1 min)

Anthony Albanese calls ppl who want more details on ‘Voice to Parliament’ QANON conspiracy theorists (1 min)

One Nation set up to Serve Australians?Kidspot Article.
While working for Jesuit Tony Abbott, David Oldfield began to construct Hanson’s One Nation.

Yemini – More one eye symbolism – Drops the 666 while talking about ‘god’
Linked to Chabad

Morgan C Jonas staged sigh op featuring Daniel Andrews.(1 min)

Chabad asset Morgan C Jonas child hood friend of of Avi Yemini in cahoots with Andrews.

The dirty little secret starring Aussie Cossack & lessons in CO from world wrestling -👇description (3 min)

Jack the Dripper and Macaroni

Jack the Dripper and Macaroni

These are excellent videos, especially the long stream (which I am half way through).  Richard is on fire and the terrorist law (section 7) that the Brits employ is eviscerated by him.  Jack the Dripper is 21-year-old Jack Teixeira,the “super-spy” who leaked (hence dripper) the super secret Pentagon documents to fellow gamers (lolz).

“It’s a FABRICATION” | CIA Officer Speaks Out About Pentagon Leaks (17 min)


France Protests, NATO, Ukraine, French Publisher Detained, Middle East: Richard Medhurst LIVE (3:12)

I time stamped this from the start at about 20 minutes.