Messianic Exposition

Messianic Exposition

This video by Steven Ben Nun a Jewish-Christian who appeals to fellow Jews to see Jesus as the Messiah is refreshing as is his  criticism and reprimand of Christian pastors who are in it for the money. His reference to Malachi and John the Baptist is interesting because as noted in my commentary on the Apocalypse Herod was an adulterer and he murdered John the Baptist. Moreover, Herod married into the Hasmonean priestly family. See my comparison here:

See also my digression (below) and the chapter on Herod in my commentary PRITA.

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Steven also refers to the fact that Jesus cited  Isaiah in his response to John’s disciples.

Now when John had heard in the prison the works of Christ, he sent two of his disciples,  And said unto him, Art thou he that should come, or do we look for another?  Jesus answered and said unto them, Go and shew John again those things which ye do hear and see:  The blind receive their sight, and the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hear, the dead are raised up, and the poor have the gospel preached to them.  And blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me.(Matthew 11:2-6)

John had already pointed out Jesus as the Lamb of God so why would he ask this question?  I believe that this was more for the benefit of John’s own disciples….getting them ready to follow Jesus, rather than because John himself doubted.  But one thing John wanted to know is whether his mission was completed. Now John was very familiar with the writings of Isaiah and would have immediately picked up that Jesus omitted part of the citation..

John was the “voice of him that crieth in the wildernes” (Isa 40:3;Lk 3:4) “that bringest good tidings”(Isaiah 40:9 ) the good news or gospel in Isaiah’s time was that the Assyrian enemy had been slaughtered by God overnight and the captives who were ready for deportation had been released.Moreover their king Hezekiah (the suffering servant of Isaiah 53) had been raised from his death bed on the third day. The “good tidings” brought by John was the immanence of the messianic age and the necessity for repentance (Luke 3:8). Note that Jesus combines Isaiah 42:7 and Isaiah 61:1 but deliberately omits the release of captives. Remember that John was in prison. This message would have been understood by John and by John’s disciples. John was therefore not going to be released.. in fact, Jesus remarked that they did whatever they wanted to John (Matt 17:12). The point was that they had rejected the Messenger of the Covenant (John) who came in the spirit and power of Elijah therefore Jesus knew that they would also reject him.

Shocking Discovery Enables Rabbis to Identify the Messiah


The Savior of the World Trump

The Savior of the World Trump

This video by Adam Green on Trump and his messianic aspirations was pretty good up to about 47 minutes when he started his attack on Christianity. He always uses the same strategy as he commences by debunking Judaism and Christian Zionism and then switches to attacking Christianity in general.  The tactic is called bait and switch.  That said, the first half of the show was good and towards the end he brought up the topic of the Kuzari which was broached by Rabbi Yaron Rueven, who, as coincidence would have, I just mercilessly trolled  in the chat during his last live stream (lolz).

As for Green his presentation of the Kuzari question at 1:34 is simplistic and he makes the same basic errors that he does when trying to polemicize against Christianity.  Halevi was a Sephardic Jewish poet, physician and philosopher (c. 1075AD-1141 AD) considered one of the greatest Hebrew poets, celebrated both for his secular and religious poems, many of which appear in present-day liturgy. His most famous philosophical work is the Sefer ha-Kuzari which he wrote in Arabic. He completed the book Kuzari about 2 years before he died at the age of 66. It does indeed look like a philosophical and or polemical work but that does not mean that it has no historical validity. About the same time the tenth-century Muslim Persian explorer and geographer Ibn Rustah explained how the royalty converted to Judaism sometime in the 8th century, while the rest, according to the Persian traveler Ahmad ibn Rustah, probably followed the old Tūrkic religion (Adam does not tell you that does he?). Although legendary, a tale regarding the Kazar ruler having his throne placed with equal status among the other royal thrones of the two superpowers (China and Byzantium) reflects the importance and status of the Kazar empire as a buffer and a bridge (think here of the belt and road) for merchants traveling from China all the way to Europe. This was probably the period of the Radhanite Jewish Merchants who traded all the way from China to Germany (Ruhr valley) and France (Rhone valley). The activities of the Radhanites appear to cease during the 10th century. The causes may have been the fall of Tang China in 908, followed by the collapse of the Khazarian state at the hands of the Rus’ some sixty years later (circa 968–969). If Russia caused the fall of the Kazar empire and the lucrative trade routes, this may explain the centuries old Jewish animosity towards the Rus. The Radhanites were multilingual and aklso spoke Frank the Germanic language originally spoken by the Franks, called Old Frankish by linguists. I find it interesting that Frankfurt was the home town of Rothschild and then there is always Jacob Frank the supposed reincarnation of Shabbetai Tzevi. The story of the Kazahrs and their conversion is therefore probably true but probably only the aristocratic and ruling class. It sounds entirely plausible that Jewish merchants wanted an independent trading hub with no affiliation to either Christianity or Islam. As to the Qtards comparing Trump to the “anointed” (=Cyrus) that does no hold because:

  1. Cyrus never rebuilt the temple Darius did.
  2. Cyrus (koresh) is a corruption (deliberate) of karash (workman/artificer)
  3. Anointed is not a term used for gentile kings
  4. The “workman” in Isaiah was King Hezekiah

This is extensively treated in my commentary, God is Judge (also check out the addendum) but it rules out Cyrus as the temple builder.  Just a reminder that I have debated Adam Green:

And I have also debunked some of his main polemical talking points:

Here is a very good comparison between the Genesis flood and other Ancient Near Eastern flood myths.  The accusation of “borrowing” is often made without weighing the evidence carefully. Look at all thirteen pages with academic references.  Green has chosen the easy way out which is ridicule and mockery but all he is doing is demonstrating his ignorance. Here is  the full video from Adam Green and Know More News.

The Savior of the World Trump, Ark of the Covenant, God’s Humble Chosen | Know More News (1:47 min)

Name of God

Name of God

I thought this was pretty good even though possibly simplified. It is a subject that I have written extensively on but essentially Ken is correct.  God is the ground of all being or existence  but he is not just the I AM but the I WILL BE as consciousness is developing and manifesting.

😳 NAME OF GOD. Secret Meaning of 🤯 (27 min)


Is the Old Testament Just a Copy of Other Ancient Texts? (8 min)


Moses the Egyptian?

Moses the Egyptian?

The Historicity Of Moses And The Exodus | Ralph Ellis (1:30 min)


I watched a video by Ralph Ellis on the historicity of Moses in which the hypothesis is advanced that Moses and the Hebrews were not slaves, but a ruling elite of “shepherd” kings expelled from Egypt and that although Moses was a historical character the Biblical account is largely fictious depicting the Hebrews as victims when they were the oppressors. Ellis bases his idiosyncratic theory on the Egyptian historian Manetho and on Josephus and he concludes that the Great Pyramid of Giza was Mount Sinai (lolz).  The only thing missing is Anunnaki and space aliens.  Ellis makes much of the fact that Moses name simply means “son” (Egyptian Meses) and does not refer to a god such as Ramses (son of RA) but why would it?   There is nothing suspicious about shortening the name and dropping any reference to “foreign gods” besides it makes it theologically satisfying because Israel (and Jesus) is referred to as “my son” drawn (Exod 2:10) through the waters (Red Sea/baptism) to become Sons of God (Hos 11:1, Matt 2:15). The tribe of Ephraim was already half Egyptian and Abraham had an Egyptian concubine who conceived Ishmael.  The ties between the Jews and Egypt run deep.


These types of videos take advantage of people’s lack of knowledge on what are rather arcane and specialist subjects.  They attempt to discredit Scriptures as completely fabricated and state that Abraham was not real, Moses was not real…Jesus was not real.  Scripture is clever fiction.  The attacks always follow the same patterns.  The city of Nineveh does not exist (oops, we found it buried under sand) the siege of Tyre did not happen (oops, it did), Jericho did not fall (oops it did but the date is wrong) on and on…


Manetho is associated with the reign of Ptolemy I Soter c. 300 BC, but this is uncertain and a late primary source for the time of Moses who was at least a millennium earlier. Manetho has been cited as an early example of antisemitism (lolz). Manetho’s history of Egypt, potentially presented as a counter-narrative to the traditional story of Exodus, portrays Jews negatively; Manetho’s depiction of Jews — or Lepers and Shepherds – exudes anti-Jewish themes.  We might ask why the anti-Jewish sentiment and it might have something to do with a playwright (Hollywood producer sic) Ezekiel the Tragedian, who made a play out of the Exodus story around about the same time (300 BC) and translated it into Greek.  Apparently, the Egyptians were rather miffed at having their Pharaoh and their gods portrayed as incompetent.  They did not like having their gods mocked and their suffering praised (who would have thunk it?).  The result was that Yahweh was henceforth portrayed as a god with a donkey head and this carried over to portraying Christ as a crucified donkey.   However, the story is more complex (it always is) because the name Manetho is thought to be derived from Thoth who was the Egyptian god of wisdom etc and who was synthesized with the Greek Hermes Trismegistus to eventually deliver the gnostic belief and it was Moses who defeated the Magicians of Egypt (Jannes and Jambres).  So, at the core of this is the struggle between the occult knowledge (gnosis) of Egypt and the revelation of Yahweh and this Egyptian antagonism against Moses carried over from ridiculing Judaism to ridiculing Christianity (hence the crucified donkey), eventually Gnosticism (developed in Egypt) was expelled from the Christian church.


Flavius Josephus  was from priestly and royal descent and essentially, he sold out to the Romans to save his skin.   He is therefore not unbiased (no historian is) and it is interesting that the earliest surviving attestation to Manetho is that of Contra Apionem (“Against Apion”) by Flavius Josephus, nearly four centuries after Aegyptiaca was composed. Even here, it is clear that Josephus did not have the originals and constructed a polemic against Manetho without them. Avaris and Osarseph are both mentioned twice (1.78, 86–87; 238, 250). Apion 1.95–97 is merely a list of kings with no narratives until 1.98, while running across two of Manetho’s dynasties without mention (dynasties eighteen and nineteen).


Ralph Ellis makes the point that the Jews wanted to be portrayed as “victims” when they were really rulers who were expelled but that is not the case because the Jewish “elite” and priestly aristocracy vehemently denied that they had ever been slaves – They answered him, “We are Abraham’s descendants and have never been slaves of anyone. How can you say that we shall be set free?” (John 8:33). The irony is that they were under Roman occupation when they spoke these words and the nation had been forged as slaves in Egypt. They wanted to forget their origins because they were a superior nation not slaves to the goy.


As to Ellis’s nonsense about the Pyramid being Mt Sinai because the Sinai desert is part of the Sahara Desert, and it was impossible to wander there (forget that the Egyptians had a copper mining operation in Sinai lolz). Moreover, the wandering of the Israelites did not happen in the Sinai Peninsula but the Arabian Peninsula near the land of Midian (where Moses spent time and found a wife) and Mount Sinai is actually Jebel al-Lawz in Arabia or the burnt mountain they are part of the mountains of Midian.    This might explain why there was a Jewish kingdom in Yemen in 5 BC and why Mohamed found so many Jewish tribes in Arabia nearly a thousand years later.   This article discusses the alternative route The Exodus Route restored  and this article   The apostle Paul referred to Mt. Sinai as being in Arabia (Gal 4:25) though there are those who dispute the alternative route but I remain confident that it is correct but there is much to be examined see here: The Exodus & Wilderness Wanderings under Moses 1446-1406 BC   as to the career of Moses before his election there may be some truth to his Conquest of Ethiopia  and it would explain his “black” wife (alongside his Midianite wife).


As to Akhenaten. He was a contemporary of King Saul and seems to have been greatly influenced by the Jewish religion and was attracted to its monotheism. It consolidated power under one man and made him the high priest/son of god.

The Armana letters are diplomatic letters between Akhenaten’s court and the kings in the Levant at the time David(Dadua) took Jerusalem. It describes the King Labaya dying in exactly the same fashion as King Saul. This write up in Wikipedia describes the issue better than I can.

“Still others, such as David Rohl, have advocated a totally revised chronology of ancient Israelite and Egyptian history, and instead identify Labaya with Saul, and Mutbaal with Saul’s son Ishbaal. Ish-baal and Mutbaal, whose names have the same meaning, “Man of Baal”, moved their capital to Transjordan after the death of their fathers, whose center of power had been west of the Jordan river. Rohl further identifies Dadua, Ayab and Yishaya, three figures mentioned by Mutbaal in a later Amarna Letter, with King David, his general Joab and David’s father Jesse.”

I have featured David Rohl and his alternative dating schema  here and as to the story of Moses in the basket and Sargon of Akkad see here (scroll down)


There is no reason to discount the historical content of scripture even if it is sacred history.  Moreover, I have demonstrated in previous articles here and here that Scripture contains sacred geometry and mathematics encoded in the language.  Not only that but an awareness of the Precession Cycle can be found in the text.  So inspired scripture was the first to develop and use an alphabet (before Egypt and Phoenicia) the first to encode the alphabet alpha numerically, the first to practice sacred geometry and encode it in language (before the Egyptians and the Greeks) and the first to link it to Cosmogony (the precession cycle).  Not bad for a work of fiction.

Bronze Age Religion

Bronze Age Religion

I must be doing something right because I am taking flak from all sides (lolz). On the Sunday I had grief from fellow Christians at a gathering for speaking up about Israel, I have been derided by Jews, ridiculed by historians and dissidents, and berated by those who believe the world would be a better place without “bronze age” Abrahamic religions. Apparently, everything can be explained without recourse to the supernatural.  So, like the apostle Paul (but in a different sense) I can say that “I am all things to all men” (lolz). If only we can shake the dogma and treat metaphysics as a consciousness problem. However, I am afraid that the fundamental problem is ontological because the causa sui is human nature itself.  Unless you cure the underlying condition, your problem remains.  Consciousness mediated through our human nature is therefore the result of our cognitive and perceptual systems, a combination of our inherent biological, psychological, and social characteristics including our morality and ethics, however, to regard consciousness as merely an emergent property is an oversimplification.  Even if the death of ego were possible (it is not) and even if the material world is the collapse of higher-dimensional states into three-dimensional space it is still a reductionist projection like tensor space, and there is no established framework that definitively connects consciousness to tensor spaces. Nor can a quantum interaction with field dynamics (plasma or otherwise) explain the concept of free will. There is much to be explored here and much of merit, but we must be careful that it does not become a deus ex machina like dark matter or quantum entanglement.   The spirit of life is in the wheels (double helix) but where does that spirit come from?

Japanese Idealized

 Holding the Japanese up as an idyllic society is an oversimplification. Pre-Christian Japan was marked by a decentralized political structure with various clans and tribal groups, each vying for power. This led to frequent conflicts and warfare. Battles and skirmishes were common, and violence was an integral part of the political and territorial struggles (Buddhism and Violence in Premodern Japan). For the peasant class life under the samurai was often cruel and short. In more modern times we have Unit 731, a covert biological and chemical warfare research and development unit of the Imperial Japanese Army that that engaged in lethal human experimentation and biological weapons manufacturing during the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937–1945) and World War II killed an estimated 200,000 to 300,000 people. Add to that the rape of Nanking and perhaps we can begin to understand that no race or religion has a monopoly on barbarity (we won’t relate how the Japanese crucified hundreds of Christan converts). The problem is not one of religion or even consciousness, it is one of human nature itself.  As to modern Japan, they have been psychologically subdued by two Anglo-Zionist atom bombs and an Anglo-Zionist banking cartel (it was Rothschild who funded the Russo-Japanese war).  The Japanese are now facing demographic collapse as are the Chinese (and the West).  I wonder who is behind that? (lolz).  It is not that the Japanese are “more peaceful” and have “a better religion” it is because adherents of a certain “bronze age” religion are better at violence and deception (lolz).  The Japanese are not more peaceful they are just more demoralized and have therefore become more isolationist and who can blame them?

Even if all religions were abolished it would not stop the carnage.  Between them non-religious communist countries the Soviet Union, China, Cambodia, and North Korea killed millions.  The “Black Book of Communism,” written by several European scholars, estimated that communism was responsible for approximately 94 million deaths worldwide, including those caused by political repression, purges, and man-made famines. The historian and demographer R.J. Rummel’s estimates suggest that communist regimes were responsible for the deaths of around 110 million people in the 20th century, including democides (deaths caused by government actions).  The problem is not religion it is unreformed human nature.

No true Scotsman

 My experience over the last year is that the anti-Christian invective all follow the same script and often employ similar phraseology.  A favourite is “no true Scotsman” a phrase that I was unfamiliar with.  No true Scotsman, is an appeal to purity, is an informal fallacy in which one attempts to protect their generalized statement from a falsifying counterexample by excluding the counterexample improperly.  This is of course nonsense when we know for a fact that the early church was deliberately subverted by Jews who Paul calls “false brethren” (Gal 2:4) and he laments that all of Asia are turned away from him (2 Tim 1:15).  The historical context argument trumps the “No True Scotsman” fallacy which is not relevant or productive in cases of documented subversion or sabotage, as it oversimplifies a complex situation.  The same can be applied to subversion of Christianity into unqualified support of Zionism which is a political nationalist ideology as even many ultra-religious Jews (anti-Zionists) recognize.  Therefore, the No true Scotsman accusation is invalid. It is as ridiculous as saying that what is now happening in Scotland is not subversion.

Foolish Christians (1 Cor1:18)

It might be amusing to hold 2.3 billion Christians up to ad hominem ridicule and straw man arguments but all that does is alienate the audience and demonstrate ignorance. A historian (like Ryan Dawson) whose geopolitical analysis is well researched believes that it is fine to dumb-down complex theological issues and misrepresent them. As a historian he should know better than asserting things like Noah’s flood is a copy of the Gilgamesh epic and stating the absurdity of a global flood. Firstly, the biblical account does not claim to depict a “global flood” (straw man) and secondly if you make claims of dependence then show the evidence. As a historian you need to demonstrate the direction of literary influence and bring evidence (verification not just assertions). We know that there are multiple accounts from different cultures covering roughly the same period and they coincide with Heinrich-Bond events. Moreover, in the Noah story (and no other) the first thing Noah does is plant a vineyard and get drunk and the oldest vineyards in the world (8,000 years BC) are in Georgia, adjacent the Ararat landing spot. As a historian I would expect Dawson’s criticisms to be evidence based otherwise how can they be taken seriously? If he merely makes assertions and misrepresents material, then his opinion can be dismissed because that is exactly what it is. An opinion without substance. His material is not even original but a repeat of Adam Green and Albert Bishai (and others) talking points, that, in my view, makes the attack look coordinated and therefore suspect.

One more example should suffice (apologetics is tiresome) he reserves ridicule of Christians for believing the fairy tale of talking snakes in Eden. A historian like Dawson should know full well that he is dealing with complex mythology that contains hidden strata of allegory and metaphor, creating rich, multi-layered narratives that convey deeper meanings, philosophical insights, and cultural values. Furthermore, as a historian I suggest that he starts by looking at 7,000-Year-Old reptilian (ophidian) Ubaid Statuettes of Mesopotamia. Perhaps they represent an elite priesthood that practiced head binding and body modification but any chance of discovering any deeper relevance is curtailed by childishly dismissive and uncurious behaviour. He could starts by reading the 400 odd page Beyond the Ubaid from studies in Ancient Oriental Civilization from the oriental institute of the University of Chicago but I believe that he is too busy insulting all Christians as idiots (lolz).

Paranormal or Pythagorean?

Another contention is that the layer of meaning encoded in alphanumeric gematria is not evidence of the supernatural or paranormal, it is simply evidence of pre-Pythagorean mathematical genius, especially as we have evidence from 1,600 BC of the Babylonians calculating the square root out of two.  Be that as it may, it does not explain the mechanism whereby simultaneous development of language and numeric value occurred and further, as a Christian it neither confirms nor denies my faith (I find it fascinating but not essential) but the fact that the NT Greek also applies similar encoding demonstrates epistemological consistency even when crossing the language barrier.  I am confident that the text will reveal much more, and that we have only begun to unravel the mystery and complexity of the logos.

Beginnings and Endings

In Scripture God is called the Alpha and Omega as he is the first and the last of every cycle which generates both destruction and creative activity. Figuratively the redeemed in this cycle can be said to be created through Christ as they were created by him and for him (Col 1:16-17) and the Lamb of God was slain in type from the foundation of the world (1 Pet 1:20, Rev 13:8). In metaphorical paraphrase a new heaven and earth emerges as the former things are passed away (Rev 21:1). Biblical history has therefore been schematized to emphasize the recurrent cyclical nature of manifestation and evolving consciousness, we know little of what came before and nothing of what comes after the cycle except the fact that God will eventually be all in all (1 Cor 15:28). This is about manifestation of the I AM becoming the I WILL BE which begs the question what will God be? Is it possible for the ground of all being to evolve and for consciousness to expand? And yet we are invited to become part of the mystery of existence if only we humble ourselves and accept the means that are provided for us.  Christ consciousness is not achieved by transcendental meditation for to be “like minded” is recognizing our alienation and identifying with the death of sin and resurrection to new life in Christ a process depicted as being born again (or born from above) as flesh and blood (human nature) cannot inherit the Kingdom of God (John 3:5-6).

As to the cycles themselves, they are apparent in the geological proxy data. The influx of cosmic radiation and plasma causes extinctions but also the rapid emergence of new life.  Much of this has been hidden from us by the power elite who wish to leverage the chaos to their advantage. In fact, much of science is a deliberate (or incompetent?) misrepresentation of reality.

War with Amalek

Yhwh declared perpetual war against Amalek (a descendant of Esau) from “generation to generation” (Exod 17:16). Amalek represents unregenerate human nature, and no quarter was to be given because sin contaminates everything it touches and attacks and victimised the weak and the vulnerable (1 Sam 15:2).  The offerings of human sin and pride are rejected by God (1 Sam 15:22) as they were with Cain and with Saul who was instructed to utterly destroy Agag (=gag/gog) the King of the Amalekites (1 Sam 15:20) and who lost the monarchy because he failed in this singular task.  Agag (Gog) becomes archetypical for sin and resistance reflected in characters like Haman the Agagite (Esther 3:1).  A previous Agag had attempted to curse the people of God, however, they would triumph in the sign of Aquarius (Num 24:7) meanwhile Agag would be “exalted” by being hung high, hoist on his own petard, a prime example of peripeteia (Esther 7:9).  Gog or Agag (not Russia) becomes archetypically representative of the final rebellion against God when his hordes from the four quarters of the earth (this is not the same as Ezek 38) are destroyed thus ending the perpetual war against Amalek because mortal human nature with its propensity to sin has been destroyed.

God did not command Zionist Israel to genocide the Palestinians.  He commands every one of us to genocide our old nature.  The Zionists will answer for abusing the Torah and wresting scripture. The rabbis will answer for setting up their own base of lawlessness and wickedness in Babylon where they wrote their Talmud (Zech 5:11).

There can be no doubt that the Jews (Edomites) like Rothschild (Red shield) have planned to plunge the world into the abyss since the revelation of their messiah Sabbatai Zevi in 1666 and his “reincarnation” Jacob Frank (d.1791). This is the war against Agag the Amalekite and their dialectic of creating the chaos of sin so that they can offer us the “solution” of Tikkun Olam ingathering of the “sparks”.  Behold, all ye that kindle a fire, that compass yourselves about with sparks: walk in the light of your fire, and in the sparks that ye have kindled. This shall ye have of mine hand; ye shall lie down in sorrow (Isa 50:11).   God is able use your plans against you and turn them to his purpose.  You shall not prevail against the creator of heaven and earth.

The image of the beast that speaks (Rev 13:15)

The image of the beast that speaks is reminiscent of Nebuchadnezzar being turned into a beast because of pride or of his tyranny in forcing his subjects to worship the image he erected (see my commentary on this)   The one who was wounded to death and healed is obviously the nation of Israel and the “miracle” is the “resurrection” of temple worship but that may be synthesized with Artificial Intelligence in a bid to rule the nations.  In my view it is one or the other and likely both.  It sounds like fantasy, but we are on the cusp of both these earth changing events, and they are both centred on Israel.  Artificial Intelligence is being offered as the alternative to being created in the image of God.  We can direct our own evolutionary development, but this will not fundamentally reform human nature. It will create global serfdom and control presided over by a psychopathic elite class who consider themselves gods.  The conclusion is that without divine intervention we will destroy ourselves.

 Cacodemon and demiurge

To those who regard Yahweh as a cacodemon or demiurge, they will be judged by their own words and that is exactly as he will appear to them, as they have created their own reality (Luke 19:22) for God will not be mocked (Prov 19:29) and even divine patience and grace has limits (Amos 5:18).  God has made everything beautiful in his time (Ecc 3:11) and to denigrate and deconstruct the material creation is a sin, as is accusing the Highest of being unclean. (Gal 6:7).  We should be prepared to fight and if necessary, die for the truth but not kill for it. The world urges us not to look up which is contrary the word of Christ (Luke 21:28).


Uncut Gematria

Uncut Gematria

The title I chose for this article reflects the title of the movie “Uncut Gems” which is essentially an analogy about Jacob (Howard) using deceit and manipulation to control the randomness and chaos of the universe. Ever since humanity was ejected from the idylic state of ignorance (the garden) and realized his utter vulnerability (nakedness) he has sought to control his environment. The price of Illumination was existential angst. If chaos cannot be controlled it can be used as an agent of rapid change and this is reflected by the motto Ordro ab Chao of secret societies and authoritarian institutes who use chaos as an instrument of social change.

That the ancient texts contain deep intertextual meaning is already known in scholarly circles. Intertextuality is the shaping of a text’s structure and meaning by another text, either through deliberate compositional strategies such as quotation, allusion, calque, plagiarism, translation, pastiche or parody and can be extended to semiotics (the study of how signs derive their meaning within the structure of a text) and dialogism (which suggests a continual dialogue with other works of literature and other authors). Gematria adds another complex layer of infomatics that cannot be dismissed out of hand.

In the book, The History and Heritage of Scientific  and Technological Information Systems, Bella Hass Weinberg examines how The Masoretes  standardized the text of the Hebrew Bible and in the course of their work created alphabetical lists of words and phrases. These tenth-century lists may be viewed as the predecessors of thirteenth-century Latin biblical concordances.

Structurally, Masoretic lists and biblical concordances are analogous to KWOC (keyword out of context) indexes. Masoretic lists anticipated search features, including truncation and adjacency, developed in the latter half of the twentieth century. The Masoretes also created permuted indexes and produced frequency counts of biblical words. The first complete Hebrew biblical concordance, compiled in the fifteenth century, contains a “stoplist” or list of words not indexed that is similar to contemporary English stoplists. She comments; “One scholar, Jordan Penkower, believes that the Masoretes must have had an indexing system because their lists include function words, such as prepositions which, are often placed on “stoplists” (lists of words not to be indexed). How could anyone remember all the occurrences of the word on, for example, in twenty-four books?

The Masoretes did not exclude function words because every word in the Bible counted, and the standardizers of the text wanted to be sure that even non-content words were copied correctly. They prepared lists of the occurrences of similar-sounding function words, such as el (to) and ‘al (on)…….. Masoretic notes on the Bible often include frequency counts, which one might think could have been produced only with the aid of a computer. Keep in mind the scope of the Masoretic frequency counts: they cover all occurrences of a word or phrase in the twenty -four books of the Hebrew Bible. Scholars I have consulted are divided as to whether the Masoretes had the entire Bible memorized or used an indexing system (Weinberg. 2001. pp. 183 —185)”.

***Bella Hass Weinberg, “Predecessors of Scientific Indexing Structures in the Domain of Religion” in The History and Heritage of Scientific and Technological Information Systems, (eds. W. Boyd Rayward, Mary Ellen 
Bowden, Information Today, Inc., 2004:126-136), 127-128

Stop words are the words in a stop list (or stoplist or negative dictionary) which are filtered out (i.e. stopped) before or after processing of natural language data (text) because they are insignificant predecessor concept was used in creating some concordances. For example, the first Hebrew concordance, Isaac Nathan ben Kalonymus’s Me’ir Nativ, contained a one-page list of unindexed words, with nonsubstantive prepositions and conjunctions which are similar to modern stop words.

The use of stop words is interesting and I suggest that a DOM (Differential Object Marker or Direct Object Marker) might well have a stop word or infomatics function as well as a syntactical role in Hebrew. In my preliminary examination of Exodus 20:7 it was discovered that the cumulative standard word value of the three words preceding the first DOM divided by six (31+70+401)/6 =188.883) ends in the same fractional digits as the second DOM marker when the three preceding word values are summed and divided by six (166+26+401/6) =98.8333. Moreover, when both these solutions are summed the (188.833+98.833) the value 287.666 emerges which can be reduced to 8666 which when further reduced is the value of the tetragammaton (26).

This and other considerations led me to believe that the number 6 and patterns thereof are foundational to the infomatics layer of the text and led me to the article by David Buckle the Sexagesamial Babylonian system found in the Babylonian tablet catalogued as YBC 7289 which is thought to be from c. 1800 – 1600 BCE.


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That there is a Sexagesimal pattern in the alphanumeric data is in my view undeniable but I suspect that the enneadic matrix that I presented (which was an actual hybrid of the Babylonian Sexagesimal system) may be an artifact of the methodology or a byproduct of the number theory that I employed. This still needs further analysis (but I am extremely time poor). Nevertheless, there is a deeper layer of complexity and this has opened up a whole new avenue of research that I believe will provide fruitful insights and may ultimately answer the question as to the criteria that were used by the sages to consider certain texts inspired and sacred and others as non-canonical.

As an aside I am trying to use ChatGTP to produce the formulas that I need to process and convert numbers automatically. The first formula it produced was only partially correct as the first digits of Pi 3.141592 in base 10 should be 3:08,29,44,00,47 according to the On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Solutions. The first instances of the Excel formula which included truncation were too complex for Excel which kept posting error pop-ups and did not deliver anything beyond the first digit pairs 08,29 so the AI suggested using VBA which after several code adjustments still did not achieve the necessary accuracy so the AI suggest using Python Math (lolz). All I can say is those bronze age scribblers must have been pretty good at math. I will continue to analyze the data when I find time.

My hypothesis is linked to cyclical catastrophe (The Great Precession Year) and what Dr McCairn refers to as boundary conditions and it seems to me that certain groups are using the knowledge of such events to leverage advantage beyond the event horizon. The Story of Genesis has a complex cosmogony couched in terms of universal mythology with archaeoastronomy demonstrating that all the ancients regarded phenomena in the sky as important and may explain why the Hebrews have twelve tribes and a tabernacle/temple patterned after the heavens. They also have a schematized calendar (Seder Olam) in which they deliberately compressed the Persian era omitting 167 years to fit the period between temple destruction. Accordingly it is the year AM 5784 (+167=5951?) in 2023 which would fit an interlude of approx 6,000 years between catastrophe cycles. My understanding is that the Genesis story and the Abrahamic revelation is a direct counter against an ancient hermetic (Gnostic) system in the previous catastrophe cycle that believed that scientific knowledge (alchemy) is the answer (the illumination promised by the serpent) to avoid and survive the catastrophe. In the words of Matt Damon in the movie The Martian, “I am going to have to science the shit out of this”.

Many ancient myths recount the story of man aspiring to god-like knowledge and control of his environment and every time it fails. What we are experiencing now is the emergence of this ancient behavior at the end of our cycle. The bible calls this idea “the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan” (Rev 20:2). The Abrahamic Revelation gives an alternative, namely that, “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge” (Prov 1:7) but fear should mature to perfect love (1 John 4:18). I believe that scripture is inspired and that the layer of complex infomatics that we can barely discern is not fully explained by the ancients being math geniuses because it presupposes the simultaneous development of language,alphabet,numerical values and inter-textual meaning.

Christianity is under attack as never before and it is my belief that the attack is not organic, it orchestrated and coordinated. So many people have no understanding of the complexity of the issues and are not bothered to find out and thus they are vulnerable.


The Samson Option

The Samson Option

Just as we have mad Mullah’s, we also have Rad Rabbi’s and Crazy Christians (lolz) and it seems that they are all trying to outdo each other in an Apocalyptic frenzy of self fulfilling prophecy. Dr McCairn highlighted the fact in his last stream that Christopher Jon Bjerknes (CJB) had been warning that they were paying the role of Samson in his struggle against the Philistines (read here Palestinians).

The Palestinians are a Semitic people like the Jews and yet they are named after the Philistines who were a non-Semitic people. The original Philistines also settled in Gaza so it seems that the Palestinians have been given a designated eschatological role to play as the “bad guys” whereas Israel plays the role of Samson.  Samson was the last of the Judges before the tribal system of loose federation was replaced with a Monarchical system and CJB suggests that this  reflects Benjamin Netanyahu reforming the Judicial system (the Judges) in preparation for the Monarch (Messiah).   As crazy as it may seem we know that Bibi was under instruction from the Chabad Rebe and that he is beholden to extreme religious zealots, so CJBs hypotheses has some merit. The Rabbis are nutty enough to read that into the text and the fact is that Samson does typify the nation.

Where it breaks down is the fact that not only does Samson destroy his enemy, he is also killed in the final confrontation, which runs counter the desire of the Jews to rule the world. The death of Samson is reflected in the book by Seymour Hersh called the Samson option.It details the history of Israel’s nuclear weapons program and its effects on Israel-American relations. The “Samson Option” of the book’s title refers to the nuclear strategy whereby Israel would launch a massive nuclear retaliatory strike if the state itself was being overrun, just as the Biblical figure Samson is said to have pushed apart the pillars of a Philistine temple, bringing down the roof and killing himself and thousands of Philistines who had gathered to see him humiliated.


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Much as I hate to admit it CJB is probably partially correct on this one because it plays into the self-image of them being both the strong man of the Middle East and the also the victim a difficult duality to maintain.  The fanatic rabbi’s are crazy enough to push this to the limit but destroying themselves in a nuclear conflagration seems a bit over the top even for them although I find the fact that Ukraine has been lined up as a bolt-hole interesting. Here is the video by CJB:

Kabbalah of the End of the World Gaza (Philistia), Palestinians (Philistines) and Netanyahu (Samson) -24 mins

Jew Tube removed the video so here is the replacement (lolz):


One thing is true is that Samson is meant to portray the nation because God’s strength is made perfect in weakness (2 Cor 12:9) and for all his physical strength he constantly succumbed to temptation. These chapters are lifted out the book Judges and Ruth by Harry A. Whittaker:


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I remember enjoying the original 1949 movie as a kid when I saw it in the 60s (2 min clip):

Here is a more modern version (good fight scene with the Jaw bone of an ass)…

And Samson said, With the jawbone of an ass, heaps upon heaps, with the jaw of an ass have I slain a thousand men. (Judges 15:16 )



King Solomon’s lost mines

King Solomon’s lost mines

Now for something entirely different.  The Ethical Skeptic has put up some excellent posts about Covid statistics etc and it looks like he is also a talented biblical student with a curious mind. The article in the tweet below is from his sub-stack and it features Africa….so first a musical interlude (I have played this before but I love it):

Toto: Africa (5 min)

Before I post the article on King Solomon just a reminder that Africa is way, way bigger than maps of the globe suggest and it is also way, way, poorer despite being extremely rich in natural resources and abundant wildlife.  All who visit Africa fall in love with her.  The Sahel region and North Africa will be the next global food bowl and is targeted by the globalists and the EU for the Great Reset.  The desert will bloom again and they will make sure that they colonize it.

King Solomon’s lost mines

Sympathy for the Devil

Sympathy for the Devil

I see so much online about Satan, fallen angels and the occult that I thought it was time we took a deeper look. The saying goes that the greatest trick the Devil ever played was convincing us that he did not exist.  Well, he most certainly exists, and he is mentioned in the Bible.  We know for example that Satan tempted Jesus – the question is not whether he exits (we use the title Satan and Devil here interchangeably even though they mean different things) but what he is.  Well one thing we can say with utter certainty is that he is the enemy of mankind because that is what the word Satan means.  It means enemy.

Know your Enemy

Satan is the Hebrew for enemy, but how can you defeat your enemy if you do not understand who or what he is?  I post this video below because I think it is informative and gets you thinking (not because I think it is completely correct).

The video says that Jesus referred to Satan as the god of this world. That is not entirely true it was the apostle Paul, and he did not name Satan explicitly, but it is a fair assumption:

“In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them” (2 Cor 4v4).

Satan (actually Kosmokrator see fn.9) is also called the “prince of the power of the air” in Eph 2:2. He is the “ruler of this world” in John 12:31. However, the prince of this world would find “nothing in Jesus” (John 14:30). In the gospel of John, the reference may well be to worldly, human rulers. The rulers and princes in this case could be the authorities (High priest, Herod, Pilate etc) who put him on trial (1 Cor 2:5-8). The references to human rulers is less likely in Eph 2:2 but we note that “Satan’s” capabilities are limited to this world (the air not the heavens) Whoever he is, he has limited capabilities. He does not rule the universe and we find his subjects only on earth. Nowhere else. His domain is over unbelievers only (the children of disobedience). Believers are no longer under the rule of Satan (Col 1:13).

So then?  Who is this Satan?  Is he a rebellious angel that God kicked out of heaven? Non-Canonical Jewish literature such as the book of Enoch seems to suggest as much.  The book of Enoch speculates on the fallen ones and relates it to the Nephilim in Genesis 6. Satan is even given the name Azazel (from Wikipedia):

In the Dead Sea Scrolls, the name Azazel occurs in the line 6 of 4Q203, The Book of Giants, which is a part of the Enochic literature found at Qumran.[1] Despite the expectation of Brandt (1889)[2] to date no evidence has surfaced of Azazel as a demon or god prior to the earliest Jewish sources among the Dead Sea Scrolls.[3]

The Book of Enoch brings Azazel into connection with the Biblical story of the fall of the angels, located on Mount Hermon, a gathering-place of demons of old. [4] Here, Azazel is one of the leaders of the rebellious Watchers in the time preceding the Flood; he taught men the art of warfare, of making swords, knives, shields, and coats of mail, and taught women the art of deception by ornamenting the body, dyeing the hair, and painting the face and the eyebrows, and also revealed to the people the secrets of witchcraft and corrupted their manners, leading them into wickedness and impurity until at last he was, at Yahweh's command, bound hand and foot by the archangel Raphael and chained to the rough and jagged rocks of [Ha] Dudael (= Beth Ḥadudo), where he is to abide in utter darkness until the great Day of Judgment, when he will be cast into the fire to be consumed forever. [5]

So, we see that fallen angel and rebellious angel is a late Judaic development a midrash on the Nephilim in Genesis 6.

Why is the devil a goat or the hairy one, and why is he red?

The devil (or Satan) is portrayed as the “horned one” or the “hairy one” and often he is portrayed as a goat.   Why is that?  Well, he is portrayed as a goat because the Jewish priest laid his hands on the head of the scapegoat transferring the sins of the nation to the goat. The goat was then released in the wilderness (dry places) and left to roam.  So, in fact, the goat – the two horned one – the hairy one – is the sinful Jewish nation.  It is the scapegoat. It symbolized the nation being sent into exile (Babylon). The nation was banished from the land.  Like Cain was banished from Eden.  One goat sent away the other goat slaughtered.  Cain sent away (under divine protection) Abel slaughtered.  Barabbas (Son of the Father) released, and Jesus slaughtered.  Do you understand now?

Why did God exile the nation?  Well, he exiled them because he hopes to forgive them and restore them.  He did not command the scapegoat to be killed but exiled.   On the other hand, the second goat was killed, and its blood made atonement for the nation.  However, Jewish legend has it that on one occasion the scapegoat found its way home after release. To prevent this, they took to throwing the scapegoat from a cliff thus pronouncing judgement on themselves.  They tried to throw Jesus from a cliff in Luke 4:28-30 but Jesus avoided that because he was not the goat for Azazel but the goat for Yahweh.[6]  

So, now you know why the devil is portrayed as a hairy goat by why red?  Well once again we go back to a biblical story of two brothers. One brother (Jacob) used deception to achieve the blessing and the other brother (Esau the progenitor of the Edomites) was quite happy to abandon his inheritance (blessing) for a bowl or red lentils.  He is portrayed as a profane man of the flesh who thought the promise of God worthless.  He was a very hairy man, and his name means red. So, now you know why the devil is red, horned, hairy and looks like an old goat (lol).  One thing must be said – Jacob’s desire to obtain the blessing is admirable but his method (deception) was despicable.  God taught him as much because throughout his whole life Jacob himself was deceived again and again. What goes around comes around.  His whole family was dysfunctional because of his behavior.

Satan is powerless

Here is the shocker.  Satan only has power over those who give into temptation.  Satan had no power over Jesus.  Satan promised Jesus the kingdoms of the world and the glory of them in Matt 4:8-11    Jesus refused to worship Satan -which means that he refused to worship his flesh.  Note that he is on a “high mountain” the same as Moses when he was shown the promised land in Deut 32:49-52 but Moses was told that he could not enter the kingdom because he had neglected to give God the glory by sanctifying him.  It also reminds one of the boasts of Nebuchadnezzar in Dan4:30-31 about the house that he built for his own glory.  The Nebuchadnezzar story functions as a midrash on the Jews who had boasted about the glory of their temple etc but were now captives in Babylon.  The divine response was to turn Nebuchadnezzar into a beast (ox the symbol of Israel under the law) because that is how God regards the kingdoms of men.  As wild beasts.   The world kingdom at the end of time is simply called the beast. Jesus was not harmed by the wild beasts in Mark 1:13 and neither are the witnesses (Rev 11:7) – only when their three -and-one-half year ministry is complete are they murdered by the beast (like Jesus was) who ascends out of the abyss.  In the beginning Satan is portrayed as a serpent:

“Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made” (Gen 3v1).

Note that he is a beast and that God created him. Elsewhere he is called that ancient or old serpent and given the aliases, dragon, devil, and Satan (Rev 20:2). From a naturalistic aspect humanity has always feared serpents and Christians are promised power over the serpent (Satan) as in Mark 16:18. This is taken literally by some (you always get a few) but Christianity is not a circus act. From a natural point of view reptiles are survivors from a different age (from before the last catastrophe) and they are ancient, cold blooded and poisonous. The bite that the serpent delivered in Genesis was forbidden knowledge (anyone ever wonder why the apple logo is an apple with a bite out of it?).  Man could gain esoteric knowledge and become a god. It is the Causa sui of everything that is happening now.  I ask myself why Christians are so blind.  The technocrats explicitly state that they want to become trans-human  (transcend being human). That they want bio-digital convergence.  That they will use genetic engineering to achieve this (mRNA platforms anyone?)  They even write books about it. [7]  And yet you remain blind.

Who then is this Satan?

Did a snake really talk to Adam or is this a metaphor? The beauty is that it does not matter whether you take it literally or not.  The serpent becomes the first liar and the first murderer (he murders humanity with his lie).   He is the father of all who believe that man can become a god through his own efforts.  Jesus said as much to the Jews of his day (John 8:44), and they are at it again.  They are now the serpent tempting the world with magical powers (sorcery=pharma) that will make them “gods”.  They never learn.  Every. Single. Time.

 So, what of does the bible tell us about Satan?  Well, he wanders around the earth, and he stands before God and God allows Satan to test Job (Job1:6-9) He is obviously allowed to exercise divine power in certain circumstance as with his promise to Jesus.  He stands before God (the judge) and acts as prosecutor in the heavenly court casting allegations at Joshua (cf. Jesus) while Michael acts as angel for the defense (Zech 3:1-3). Jude warns us not to disrespect the Devil or rebuke him (Jude 1:9).[8]   This all seems a bit strange for a rebellious angel given over to evil.  Moreover, the name of God and Satan are used interchangeably in parallel passages (compare 1 Chron 21:1 and 2 Sam 24:1).  In these parallel passages God is Satan. God clearly says that he creates both good and evil.  God creates evil circumstances that does not mean that God is evil.  How does God create darkness?   By withdrawing the light. Darkness is the absence of light.

“I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things” (Isa 45:7).


It is notable that Job argues with God about the calamities that have befallen him and accuses God of making some kind of mistake (lol). He does not take up his appeal against Satan.  He wants his day in court to argue his case and asks God for an intercessor. Why is God angry with me?  What have I done wrong?

Harmony in heaven

There is harmony in heaven.  There are certainly no rebellious angels for we are taught to pray that God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven (Luke 11:2). It is on earth that we have rebellion and on earth that Satan is allowed to exercise proxy power. It is not the angels that are in rebellion but man.  God tempts no man (James 1:13-16) but he does test them to see what is really in their hearts. Does Satan give power to certain men to do what is in their hearts?  Popular literature calls this making a deal with the devil.  A Faustian bargain, a pact whereby a person trades something of supreme moral or spiritual importance, such as personal values or the soul, for some worldly or material benefit, such as knowledge, power, or riches. … A Faustian bargain is made with a power that the bargainer recognizes as evil or amoral.

It does seem that some people have inordinate worldly power, and it seems to concentrate in those who are immoral and psychopathic. Job noted that the wicked seem to prosper and die of old age.  Did they make a bargain with the devil, so to speak?   In a way yes.  God gave them over to a reprobate mind (Rom 1:28). Like they say, you become what you worship. In this mindset and without any moral compass they lie, cheat, and murder their way to the top. Sorry for the swearing and blasphemy but this is how they think – for real. And he is right the 20th century was all his but that is about to end.  (A good movie…works well as a parable but lots of profanity – the devil has a potty mouth).

Yes, they see God as an absentee Landlord, but the rent is overdue.


“When the lord therefore of the vineyard cometh, what will he do unto those husbandmen?  They say unto him, He will miserably destroy those wicked men, and will let out his vineyard unto other husbandmen, which shall render him the fruits in their seasons” (Matt 21:40).

So, Satan is a Rebellious angel?

That is how Satan is depicted in popular culture. You must make up your own mind. As for me I know that God is in control of everything. The only creature in rebellion to him is man.

Luciferian Philosophy

Their religion is based upon the Kabbalah, the Luciferian Philosophy, and the worship of the Sun. They are not bound by any oath or, allegiance except their own. They are loyal to no government or People but their own. And they are Citizens of no country, but they are already in place for the secret world government.

It is obvious that Evans is controlled opposition.  Beware of these people who supposedly stand for freedom etc and are secretly occultists and Masons.

The Free Masons

Altiyan Childs, the winner of X-Factor Australia 2010, posted a YouTube video claiming to expose the secrets of the “hidden religion” he used to belong to. Is the video worth five hours of your time?  I would say that it is.  I watched the full five hours. I already knew much of this but putting it all together is shocking. The video went up last month.


I believe that this expose is correct. Even many Free Masons are unaware. Many of the celebs and rockers probably think they are being “rebellious” and “cool”.  It is only the higher degree Masons who are initiated into the real secrets behind the movement.  They use the movement to filter out the unsuitable. Only the truly degenerate make it to the top.  Oh, and never forget the connection between Masons and Jewry.


Obviously, I do not agree with everything Altiyan says but I particularly liked the references to Zech 11:17 (referencing the darkened eye) and to Deut 16:22, Hosea 10:2 (with reference to phallic Obelisks as images is actually pillars) [9]

Some of my notes on the video:

Many of these people are Masons or Jews (or both) melting the old pagan and the new religions together in one syncretic soup.

The Order of Christian Mystics was a 20th-century spiritual order that was promulgated to give to the Western world advanced Christian mysticism based on the Western mystery school tradition. The order was founded in Philadelphia in 1908 by Harriette Augusta and Frank Homer Curtiss. Altiyan Childs mentions their 1926 book at 3 hrs 52minutes. (Coming World Changes Harriet and Homer Curtiss, 1926). They say:

“This will bring about a complete reorganization as the earth’s life system as the human creation begins to operate with a new magnetic and electromagnetic power“…they talk about a new “sub-race” emerging after a period of wars, earthquakes, cyclones, volcanic eruptions, meteoric showers, floods etc followed by a cataclysmic battle from which the victors emerge as a sixth Great Race the seed of a New Race to populate a New Land. Curtis et al were disciples of Madame Blavatsky the mother of the New Age. They blend Christianity with the occult but note how even then they talk about a new magnetic and electromagnetic power.   Something that they are not telling us perhaps.
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