We will not forget

We will not forget

All the people who have died or been injured, lost businesses and homes, seen their marriages and families destroyed and watched their countries burn.  Often it seems that justice will never be done.  Nothing happened about 9/11 and nothing will happen to the people who did this. So much blood has been shed over the centuries, especially in the last 100 years.

However, justice and judgement is coming. God is patient and long-suffering full of grace and mercy to give all men time to repent but that time is almost over.   In the meantime we must witness and expose their crimes and we must preach repentance.  This is an excellent documentation of their crimes:


Here is the website by Charles Rixey:


The PDF can be found here:



Event 2👁1 – Avril Haines

Event 2👁1 – Avril Haines

Tweet and spread everywhere…..Flood the Zone

Reminder: this conference happened before the pandemic. It is almost as if they knew what was coming (lolz).   People wake up.   Avril Haines is Chabad.  Flood the Zone.  Get the truth out everywhere.

Event 2👁1 – Avril Haines – Jane Halton and Flood the Zone

Director of National Intelligence, Avril Haines at Event 2👁1 Pandemic Simulation in 2019.

Who was sitting next to China’s CDC director George Gao whos says,

-Some people may say the v1rus was man-made & cites example about ebola

Who sat next to Jane Halton.

And some other interesting coincidences!

Why are the large accounts never taken down on FB etc.


The Chabad Connection

It is well known that Mossad employed Chabad as an intelligence gathering source inside Russia. Chabad is now headquartered in New York and has expanded mission outreach all over the world. Chabad is proposing Noahide laws and is influential on both the left and right of politics. Jared Kushner and his wife are Chabad but as  we can see even the Biden administration is influenced by Chabad.  Chabad is looking for the Messiah to return so that they can rule the gentile nations.  The bankers (Rothschild) could not care less about such messianic fervor many of them are either atheist, satanists or Masonic (some believe that the higher degrees are initiated into satanist theology). In any case the Rothschild bankers (and their “mission” outreach Mossad) are not adverse to funding both sides of any operation. They will fund both the left and the right (proud boys and antifa), messianic movements and satanists.  It is how they roll.  Divide and rule and the Hegelian Dialectic have always worked for them.  Order out of Chaos.  Unfortunately the dumb goyim fall for their deceptions every single time.

The development of binary code computer technology and computer viruses runs parallel with the development of the human genome project and human viruses (Special Virus Cancer Program).  They have a materialistic view of the world and think we are all mere DNA code.  All they have to do is change our operating system.  Viruses are not always malign- they are a method for delivering new information (mRNA) into the cell.  So bio-technology is dual use…it can be used for good (gene therapy) or bad (bioweapon) like nuclear energy.  However, in order to achieve their goals they need thousands of man hours of experimental data and they need to feed the data into Artificial Intelligence (AI) to work out which epitopes are important.

The hackers left their signature in their virus malware.  Hackers always sign their malware. They messed up. They thought no one would find out. 









Operation Sea Spray

Operation Sea Spray

I created the long overdue tag bioweapons for this article. Covid 19 is a bioweapon and the vaccine is dual use technology.

Operation Sea Spray (19 min)

Wicked Game: 
US Army Walter Reed Institute of Research:

My comment: Thanks must have missed that episode will place it on my blog. I already knew about the spraying in San Fran but you back it up with the actual reports etc. Interesting that the Newspaper report was published 42 days after 911 on something that happened in the 50’s. The bio-warfare operation ties in with Mark Kulacz from Housatonic’s theory that we are dealing with two deep state factions one that wanted to use bioweapons and the others wanted to maintain the status quo with conventional weapons. Their bio-freak plans were interrupted by 911 but now they are back on track. Have a look at these articles:

Computer and human viruses

The Human Genome Project