Plasma and Electromagnetic Phenomenon

Plasma and Electromagnetic Phenomenon

There is still much that is unknown.  The sky certainly looked different in paleolithic and neolithic times and that is reflected in their mythology. But is Innana the planet Venus  as in Ev Cochrane’s theory or is it “squatter-man” as in Anthony Perratt’s Z-pinch theory attested by the petro-glyphs.

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Electric Weather

Electric Weather

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Cosmic Thunderbolt

Cosmic Thunderbolt

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Solar Forecast

Solar Forecast

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Live stream

His forecasting is good but his explanation of the exact spacing of the Pacific islands is woo-woo.  I believe in an expanding earth not tectonic drift.  The fact that we have regular spacing points to a sinusoidal wave.  The earth was also hit by huge electromagnetic plasma discharges from space.  This may have seemed like warring gods throwing thunderbolts but they are natural phenomenon.


Weather With You

Weather With You

Julius Caesar and the Roman empire could not conquer the Blue Sky and neither can Rome 2.0.   Rome will fall,  Babylon will fall….. all the works of man will need to be regenerated.

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