Poke the bear and slap the Panda

Poke the bear and slap the Panda

Seems like poking the Russian grizzly bear is not enough so they decided to give the Chinese Panda a slap. This will not end well.

Washington Preps Taiwan to be Asia’s “Ukraine” (25 min)


China Slams US Wording on Taiwan (12 min)

China wants to form its own military alliance (12 min)

Not watched this yet but usually very pro-west propaganda


China Story

China Story

It looks like we are being played again.  The lockdowns in Shanghai are real and people are being detained in their apartments but there is also an element of theater and propaganda. The actual death numbers (if they are to be believed) do not warrant such draconian action. Can we believe anything that comes out of China?

This is no doubt for consumption by the West and a harbinger of what is to come gives an idea of the sheer scale of what we’re about to experience. Buckle up and get ready.

It is not over.

How Australia is paying the price for Shanghai’s brutal lockdown | 7NEWS (6 min)

Gravitas: Did just 3 people die in Shanghai due to Covid? (5 min)

China claimed today that just 3 people have died in Shanghai due to the Wuhan Virus. But reports from the city are challenging this claim. Molly Gambhir tells you more.

Peru, Pakistan and Sri Lanka

Peru, Pakistan and Sri Lanka

What do these three countries have in common?   At the moment they are all experiencing political turmoil and are facing food shortages and riots.  It is being blamed on the Covid lockdowns, the Ukraine war and financial mismanagement.  However, the one thing that I have noticed is the close ties of those countries to China.

For example, if we look at the problems facing Imran Kahn it is quite clear that he is pro-China but the Pakistan army (which runs the country) is not. China is also heavily invested in Sri Lanka.  Why would China want Sri Lanka to become a failed country?  The Atlantic (globalist mouthpiece) argues that there is no Chinese debt trap. The Diplomat argues that they are not turning towards China. Doth they protest-eth too much?  In any case Pakistan has always been pro-China.


Gravitas: China dumps Imran Khan & the Rajapaksas (6 min)

Sri Lanka: Violent protests explode in chaos as nation is on brink of collapse(2 min)

Rich cultural ties between China and Peru (3 min) 2015

This video shows that historically there have been rich cultural ties between Peru and China.  the national dish is Chinese and Peru was vaccinated with SinoPharm.

In 2011, China displaced the US as the main destination for Peruvian exports. Almost a decade later, in December 2020, ambassador Liang Yu said that the FTA "has served as a locomotive for the development of economic and trade relations between China and Peru, and has helped bilateral trade make great leaps". 

Peru on FIRE over Skyrocketing Prices (8 min)



As we see food and fuel shortages increasing (it will get very bad in Q3) we will see more failed countries.  This is not accidental as they are purposefully hyper-inflating and creating food shortages.  Hungry people can be used as a weapon to topple governments.  They can also be forced into rationing and smart cities etc.  I don’t believe the riots in these countries are coincidence.  Many countries have been subverted and undermined internally by globalists and by Anglo-Zionists. Some countries have taken deliberately destructive policies like banning fertilizer in Sr Lanka. I will bet my boots that decision was due to subversion by anti-Chinese elements. They want the people to riot and kick out pro-Chinese governments.  We are seeing a titanic battle over who will rule the NWO.  Ordinary people will be subjected to biowarfare and hunger.  We are just collateral damage in the great game.

Hard Lockdown

Hard Lockdown

There are those who say we should have had a hard Lockdown like China is having now.  There are those who say that another Lockdown is coming.  Really?

A fight or a feint?

A fight or a feint?

Is it all a distraction or are we getting ready for a false flag?  You decide. Remember all wars are banker wars.

Gravitas: US intel fails, Russia says troops returning (8 min)

(The hacking was probably Talpiot (Mossad) or CIA setting up a false flag)

105. F35 – Will China Nab The Tech? Electrical Grids Down – Report From Iron Mountain (57 min)

Chinese Belt and Road

Chinese Belt and Road

Syrians rejoice, after Russia (and Israel) leveled Syrian cities with the assistance of Assad's and Iranian militia, the Chinese Communist Party moves in. Before one builds a new UN Habitat Smart City, one must first destroy the old, traumatizing the local population along the way. Russia dropped thousands of unguided munitions on Syrian cities and there was not a PEEP from the Putin Groupies. Nada, zero, nothing. Anyone would think the internet was one big psychological warfare program. Apparently all the shills online couldn't Google the relationships between Israel, Russia, China and Iran. They could not Google the Bunting Cloverleaf Map and all the attendant issues including how their new Smart City will be filled with Israeli technology. Remember, it's ALL..."Evil America! Bad America!" Now you will understand Snowden and Assange and the context in which all this has taken place as we move into the 4th Industrial Revolution, AI and the building of Greater Israel. Finally, by the rivers of Babylon, they can lie down, relax, and let it all hang out. Ironically, we're not sure even half of them qualify as Jewish but Russia and the old KGB guard are very, very, very happy with their progress and Anatoliy Golitsyn was right - - - "I saw one of his heads as if it had been slain, and his fatal wound was healed. And the whole earth was amazed and followed after the beast."

97. Syria Joins The Chinese Belt & Road Initiative – Kissinger Chuckles (19min)

New Lies for Old: The Communist Strategy of Deception and Disinformation https://www.amazon.com/New-Lies-Old-C… 59. KISSINGER & THE UN SMART CITIES PROGRAM IN THE MIDDLE EAST https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLbsD… https://twitter.com/richimedhurst/sta… Syria Joins China’s Belt And Road Initiative https://www.silkroadbriefing.com/news… Syria Officially Joins China’s Belt and Road, Seeking Lifeline to Defy U.S. Sanctions https://www.newsweek.com/syria-offici… UNDERSTANDING THE BIG PICTURE (MUST WATCH) – PLAYLIST https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list… WHAT IS JEWISH POWER BY BRITISH JEWISH ACTIVIST PAUL EISEN https://www.righteousjews.org/article… How Israel Rules The World Of Cyber Security | VICE on HBO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ca-C3… The Lobby P1: Young Friends of Israel l Al Jazeera Investigations https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceCOh… PLAYLIST – AIPAC, THE LOBBY https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list… MUST WATCH – – – The Secret CIA Campaign to Influence Culture: Covert Cultural Operations (2000) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdLB5… DEF CON 26 – Christopher Domas – GOD MODE UNLOCKED Hardware Backdoors in redacted x86 – DEFCON https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmTwl…

China defies U.S. sanctions admits Syria into the Belt and Road Initiative (27 min)

Israel hopes to widen Abraham Accords; Iran, Syria commit to China’s Belt&Road TV7 Israel News 18.01 (12 min)


Abu Dhabi (UAE) under attack

Abu Dhabi (UAE) is under attack as we speak and planes have been grounded.  Who is attacking them?   Probably Iran?  Not necessarily but that might be what they want you to think.  Watch this space.


China Hot Spot

China Hot Spot

Note that it is mild in India and no deaths but it is going crazy in the USA?
Have you got it yet?
Do you understand yet?
They are destroying the economy
Get ready to starve

Gravitas: Is China the new Omicron hot spot? (6 min)

Little China

Little China

It looks like big trouble is coming to little China (and the rest of the world)

Where is Jack when you need him?

Gravitas: Panic buying in China  (7 min)


Japan’s Missile Defense Aimed at China (8 min)

Some historical perspective:

(This is a follow up video in the Pacific War series)