Becoming China

Β Becoming China

Propaganda or not??

Lucky that we are not like China and our govt will keep us safe from those nasty hackers. Perhaps we should have a centralized ID controlled by the bankers and AI and linked to everything? That should keep us safe (lolz)

China Forgives Debt

China Forgives Debt

Bet you don’t hear this on the news?

China Forgives Loans to African Nations (Will the US Do the Same?) -7 min

Comment under the video:

As a man who lived in Africa for 10 years (Angola, Namibia, South Africa, Congo, Equatorial Guinea and Senegal) I can tell you that China owns Africa.
While I had to have a visa to travel through Africa, Chinese do not. There were Africans standing around watching Chinese workers build their roads, railways and buildings.
At one point there was a ship full of Chinese workers who lived on the ship. They were given little to eat but rice. Basically slave labor from China. Streets full of little carts selling fake Chinese laptops, phones and junk. Imagine an African who lives in a concrete block box with a tin roof, no water, no sewer, no electricity but has a laptop and a phone.

What is the West doing?

The West is getting ready to re-colonize Northern Africa which is a zone of special interest to the EU because the Sahel will be the next global food bowl after the climate cycle.Β  Why do you think they got rid of Qaddafi?Β  He was building water infrastructure in Libya and wanted to introduce a gold standard or at least gold coinage for Africa.Β  The “Arab Spring” helped destroy and overthrow many of those north African countries.

Ukraine twined with China

Ukraine twined with China

US-China Tensions Over Taiwan Update (Aug 29, 2022) – US Warships in Taiwan Strait (27 min)

US Navy Enters Taiwan Straits. Former UK Ambassador Arrested. RU Company Profits +25%.(40 min)

Q & A: Russia and Ukraine, China and Taiwan (30 min)

Russia Inflicting Heavy Losses on Ukraine Reportedly Captured Kodema; Economic Crisis Deepens Europe (1:05)