The Savior of the World Trump

The Savior of the World Trump

This video by Adam Green on Trump and his messianic aspirations was pretty good up to about 47 minutes when he started his attack on Christianity. He always uses the same strategy as he commences by debunking Judaism and Christian Zionism and then switches to attacking Christianity in general.  The tactic is called bait and switch.  That said, the first half of the show was good and towards the end he brought up the topic of the Kuzari which was broached by Rabbi Yaron Rueven, who, as coincidence would have, I just mercilessly trolled  in the chat during his last live stream (lolz).

As for Green his presentation of the Kuzari question at 1:34 is simplistic and he makes the same basic errors that he does when trying to polemicize against Christianity.  Halevi was a Sephardic Jewish poet, physician and philosopher (c. 1075AD-1141 AD) considered one of the greatest Hebrew poets, celebrated both for his secular and religious poems, many of which appear in present-day liturgy. His most famous philosophical work is the Sefer ha-Kuzari which he wrote in Arabic. He completed the book Kuzari about 2 years before he died at the age of 66. It does indeed look like a philosophical and or polemical work but that does not mean that it has no historical validity. About the same time the tenth-century Muslim Persian explorer and geographer Ibn Rustah explained how the royalty converted to Judaism sometime in the 8th century, while the rest, according to the Persian traveler Ahmad ibn Rustah, probably followed the old Tūrkic religion (Adam does not tell you that does he?). Although legendary, a tale regarding the Kazar ruler having his throne placed with equal status among the other royal thrones of the two superpowers (China and Byzantium) reflects the importance and status of the Kazar empire as a buffer and a bridge (think here of the belt and road) for merchants traveling from China all the way to Europe. This was probably the period of the Radhanite Jewish Merchants who traded all the way from China to Germany (Ruhr valley) and France (Rhone valley). The activities of the Radhanites appear to cease during the 10th century. The causes may have been the fall of Tang China in 908, followed by the collapse of the Khazarian state at the hands of the Rus’ some sixty years later (circa 968–969). If Russia caused the fall of the Kazar empire and the lucrative trade routes, this may explain the centuries old Jewish animosity towards the Rus. The Radhanites were multilingual and aklso spoke Frank the Germanic language originally spoken by the Franks, called Old Frankish by linguists. I find it interesting that Frankfurt was the home town of Rothschild and then there is always Jacob Frank the supposed reincarnation of Shabbetai Tzevi. The story of the Kazahrs and their conversion is therefore probably true but probably only the aristocratic and ruling class. It sounds entirely plausible that Jewish merchants wanted an independent trading hub with no affiliation to either Christianity or Islam. As to the Qtards comparing Trump to the “anointed” (=Cyrus) that does no hold because:

  1. Cyrus never rebuilt the temple Darius did.
  2. Cyrus (koresh) is a corruption (deliberate) of karash (workman/artificer)
  3. Anointed is not a term used for gentile kings
  4. The “workman” in Isaiah was King Hezekiah

This is extensively treated in my commentary, God is Judge (also check out the addendum) but it rules out Cyrus as the temple builder.  Just a reminder that I have debated Adam Green:

And I have also debunked some of his main polemical talking points:

Here is a very good comparison between the Genesis flood and other Ancient Near Eastern flood myths.  The accusation of “borrowing” is often made without weighing the evidence carefully. Look at all thirteen pages with academic references.  Green has chosen the easy way out which is ridicule and mockery but all he is doing is demonstrating his ignorance. Here is  the full video from Adam Green and Know More News.

The Savior of the World Trump, Ark of the Covenant, God’s Humble Chosen | Know More News (1:47 min)

The Return of the Jews to Israel

The Return of the Jews to Israel

I must admit that this article was largely inspired by listening to an interview with Whitney Webb that I found immensely interesting and that highlighted a knowledge gap regarding Zionism.  Although I knew that Christians had a hand in the Zionist movement, I had not realized how influential they were in laying the ground for Theodore Herzl and his Zionist movement. The idea can be traced back to the Puritans of the 16th century  and as the return of the Jews to nationhood became a prerequisite to Christian eschatology it became, as it were a “self-fulfilling” prophecy.  That is not to say that God cannot use the machinations of man to control events but as I have noted previously Jesus remarked that the violent attempt to take the kingdom of heaven by force (Matt 11:12) they attempted to forcefully crown Jesus King (John 6:15) which influenced even Peter (Matt 16:23). This was in fact a repeat of the temptation in the wilderness (Matt 4:8-10), to take temporal power (establish a Zionist kingdom) in opposition to the divine will.   The kingdom of God cannot be brought into being by manipulation or force.  There were many zealots in Jesus’ day who equated the Kingdom with liberation from Roman occupation and the speculation is that Judas Iscariot was one such who attempted to provoke a divine response and uprising by betraying Jesus.  Who knows?

I would encourage everyone to read the article by Whitney, the Untold Story of Christian Zionism’s rise to power in the United States.  I cannot help but draw parallels with the eighteenth-century restoration movement and the ideology of Zionism.  A brief history of the sudden birth of all the new religious movements follows:  The First Great Awakening (1730s and 40s cf.  George Whitefield, John Wesley, and Jonathan Edwards and the Evangelical Revival). The Second Great Awakening was a Protestant religious revival during the early 19th century in the United States.  The Restoration movement developed during the Second Great Awakening. Dispensationalist Christians had been promoting a Jewish ethnostate in Palestine at a time when the idea was unpopular among many prominent Jews in Europe and the United States and more narrowly, the term “Restorationism” describes Restorationist groups emerging after the Second Great Awakening, such as the Christadelphians (Greek: ‘Brothers of Christ’), Swedenborgians (i.e., The New Church), Latter Day Saints (i.e., Mormonism), Jehovah’s Witnesses (from the tetragrammaton for God), La Luz del Mundo (Spanish: ‘the Light of the World’), and Iglesia ni Cristo (Tagalog: ‘Church of Christ’). In this sense, Restorationism has been regarded as one of the six taxonomic groupings of Christianity: the Church of the East, Oriental Orthodoxy, Eastern Orthodoxy, Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, and Restorationism. These Restorationist groups share a belief that historic Christianity lost the true faith during the Great Apostasy and that the Church needed to be restored.  The term has been used to refer to the Stone–Campbell Movement in the United States. The Third Great Awakening refers to a historical period was marked by religious activism in American history and spans the late 1850s to the early 20th century. It influenced pietistic Protestant denominations and had a strong element of social activism.  We are now in The Fourth Great Awakening and like any social, political, or religious movement it can be hijacked and used as a tool to manipulate outcomes.

It is interesting that many of the Christian restoration movements were pushing for an ethnostate in Palestine before Theodore Herzl proposed the idea. For many years, the Mormon Church has claimed that Native Americans were the descendants of one of the lost tribes of Israel that migrated to the Americas around 600 B.C. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) has several unique teachings about Judaism and the House of Israel.

The Rabbi Menasseh ben Israel (1604-1657) a Dutch Jew with connections to the Anglo-Dutch coalition was instrumental in applying for Jewish readmission to England, that was regarded favourably by Oliver Cromwell. In 1652 his book The Hope of Israel (not to be confused with the Greek titled Elpis Israel by John Thomas) was translated from Latin into English by John Dury or one of his associates, and it was published in London by Moses Wall, prefixed with a dedication to the Parliament and the Council of State; his account of descendants of the Lost Tribes being found in the New World deeply impressed public opinion and stirred up many polemics in English literature.   So, we know where the Mormons (LDS) got the idea of “lost tribes” from.   Regarding the scattering of the lost tribes of Israel, Menasseh notes:

"We have shewed that the ten Tribes are in divers places, as in the West-Indies, in Sina; in the confines of Tartary, beyond the river Sabbathion, and Euphrates, in Media, in the Kingdome of the Habyssins; of all which the Prophet Isaiah is to be understood, in Isa. 11. II. It shall come to passe in that day, that the Lord shall set his hand the second time to recover the remnant of his people, which shall be left from Assyria, from Egypt, from Pathros, from Ethiopia, from Elam, from Sinear, from Hamath, and from the Islands of the Sea."


The original petition for readmission to England  was submitted by Johanna and Ebenezer Cartwright, two English baptists living in Amsterdam, to Thomas Fairfax’s Council of War in January 1649. As well as asking that Jews be allowed to live in England, their petition also expressed the wish that the Jews “shall come to know the Emanuell” and that they be transported to the “Land promised to their fore-fathers”. It can be seen as a distillation of the Judeo-centric trends of Puritan thought that had developed over the previous century since John Bale (1495–1563). However, the petition was sent the day before the high court was established to try Charles I, so in the ensuing turmoil the Cartwrights never received an answer. The following year Amsterdam-based Rabbi and diplomat Menasseh Ben Israel wrote in his book Hope of Israel of the necessity of the Jews being “spread out to the ends of the earth” (Daniel 12:7) before they could be redeemed. The book was originally published in Dutch and Latin in 1650, and then in English (dedicated to Parliament and the Council of State) in 1652. In 1651 Ben Israel met Oliver St John and his envoys on their mission to secure an Anglo-Dutch coalition. The English were impressed by learning and manner, and advised him to formally apply for Jewish readmission to England.

The British East India company was established in 1600 with its monopoly to colonize and rob the world with its private armies.  In 1648 the mystic rabbi Sabbatai Zevi from Ottoman Smyrna in modern Turkey claimed he would lead the Jews back to Palestine (Zevi eventually converted to Islam on threat of death). Rabbi Menasseh published the Hope of Israel in 1652.  The Jewish merchants found a lucrative home in the British East India Company an unholy alliance where they became the owners and financiers of the slave trade and the drug runners (Opium) to China.  The Great Fire of London occurred in 1666 the same year that Zevi announced his messiah-ship.

Rabbi Manasseh (living in the same era) thought it necessary to demonstrate that the Jews were scattered everywhere (even the new world) as this would act as precursor to their ingathering back to Israel. However, we know that genetically speaking native Indians of the New World are not lost Jews (neither are aborigines lolz). The largest denomination in the Latter-Day Saint movement, the LDS Church, teaches the belief that the Jewish people are God’s chosen people, and it also teaches the belief that its members share a common and literal Israelite ancestry with the Jewish people.  Joseph Smith published the Book of Mormon in 1830.  He was a Freemason and Freemasons are obsessed with the temple and the temple builder Solomon.

Judah must return, Jerusalem must be rebuilt, and the temple, and water come out from under the temple, and the waters of the Dead Sea be healed. It will take some time to rebuild the walls of the city and the temple, &c.; and all this must be done before the Son of Man will make His appearance.

History of the Church, Joseph Smith 5:337

What was the object of gathering the Jews, or the people of God in any age of the world?… The main object was to build unto the Lord a house whereby He could reveal unto His people the ordinances of His house and the glories of His kingdom, and teach the people the way of salvation; for there are certain ordinances and principles that, when they are taught and practiced, must be done in a place or house built for that purpose.

History of the Church, Joseph Smith 5:423

John Nelson Darby (18 November 1800 – 29 April 1882) was an Anglo-Irish Bible teacher, one of the influential figures among the original Plymouth Brethren and the founder of the Exclusive Brethren. He is the father of modern Dispensationalism and Futurism. Pre-tribulation rapture theology was popularized extensively in the 1830s by John Nelson Darby and the Plymouth Brethren, and further popularized in the United States in the early 20th century by the wide circulation of the Scofield Reference Bible. Darby’s end-times doctrine also influenced the American preacher Charles Taze Russell, whose church later gave rise to several different churches, including the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

 Cyrus Scofield was a charlatan and he was allowed membership of the Lotos club with the rich and powerful.   He was obviously a cut-out for the power elites who wanted to manipulate historical events to create a global empire and one world government. To them religion and the return of the Jews to Israel is just a stepping stone to technocratic hegemony.  The involvement of Lord Shaftesbury and the Blackstone Memorial (highlighted by Whitney),  which was presented to the president of the United States in Favor of the restoration of Palestine to the Jews, are testament this.  So, powerful manipulative forces were at work to create an ethno-state and force Jews back to the land.  Some of those forces were Jewish but many were Christian. The question remains how many of those Christian movements were subverted?

Jehovah’s Witnesses is a nontrinitarian millenarian restorationist Christian denomination.  The group emerged from the Bible Student movement founded in the late 1870s by Charles Taze Russell, who also co-founded Zion’s Watch Tower Tract Society in 1881 to organize and print the movement’s publications. Initially their eschatology had a role for ethnic Israel and the temple, and they even published a book Comfort for the Jews. They combined the rise of natural Israel with the rapture: The Herald of the Morning. October 1, 1878. p. 52. “Hence, the ‘real rising again of Israel’ cannot begin until the autumn of 1881, at which date, the presumption is, that the gospel church will be taken away to meet the Lord.”  However, after many failed predictions and a confused eschatology which includes the invisible return of Christ, the judgement of the nations and pyramidology theories they now preach a replacement theology whereby the JWs replace the nation of Israel. They see Zionism as a political nationalist ethnocentric movement though they do not specify “political Zionism”. So, their position is confused and has shifted over time.

The Christadelphians also emerged out of the American Restorationism movement including the Millerites who later split and became the Jehovah’s Witnesses.  William Miller (1782 – 1849) was an American Baptist minister who is credited with beginning the mid-19th-century North American religious movement known as Millerism. After his proclamation of the Second Coming did not occur as expected in the 1840s, new heirs of his message emerged, including the Advent Christians (1860), the Seventh-day Adventists (1863) and other Adventist movements. In 1848 Dr Thomas, the founder of the Christadelphians, published his book Elpis Israel (the Hope of Israel) the same year that Marx published the communist manifesto. One hundred years later (3 x33.3333) in 1948, the nation of Israel was founded. The eschatology of Elpis Israel predicted a return of the Jews to the land and a building of a messianic age temple (Ezekiel’s temple) and an invasion by Gog (Russia) with the protagonist styled as the “tsar” and the “autocrat” of Russia.  It is no doubt that the build up to the Crimean war (1853-1856) and the writings of Granville Penn in “The Prophecy of Ezekiel Concerning Gog” helped formulate these ideas as did the predominance of the British Empire and transfer of transatlantic power (ships of Tarsus) to the USA. It is not difficult to predict the return of Israel to the Palestine when there was a push by the Anglo-Zionist power elites to make it happen.  However, many other detailed predictions about then current-day events did not happen (as was noted in the foreword to subsequent editions of Elpis Israel after his death).

It is interesting to note that in 1861 rabbi Sneersohn gave a lecture tour in Australia that was reported in the Christadelphian magazine and then reissued in 1943-44. From 1933 to fall 1941 Nazi Germany pursued an aggressive policy of forced emigration for the Reich’s Jews and from 1944 to 1948 a successful paramilitary campaign was carried out by Zionist underground groups against British rule in Mandatory Palestine, so the anticipation of an ethno-state was in the air. Rabbi Sneersohn (1834–1882) was a Jewish-Belarusian Zionist of the Old Yishuv, a doctor, and a Chabad Chasid. Schneerson is a distant relative of Menachem Mendel Schneerson of the Lyubavitchi Schneerson family, considered to be one of the most influential Rabbis in Hasidic Judaism.
















The Rebbe and Bibi Netanyahu: Don’t Be Intimidated

This short video from 10 years ago:

This overview was produced by Tony Garland.

1796-1861 Walter Scott
“‘The great tribulation’ is yet future. It pre-supposes the Jewish nation restored to Palestine in unbelief, to serve Gentile political ends, and brought there by the active intervention of a great maritime power (Isa. 18).”2
1800 Elhanan Winchester “A notable preacher, both in Great Britain and America, at the beginning of the nineteenth century was Dr. Elhanan Winchester; in 1800 he published a most interesting volume entitled, “A Course of Lectures in the Prophecies that Remain to be fulfilled.” The third lecture was devoted to the thesis that “The return of the Jews to their own land is certain.” In this lecture, Dr. Winchester said: “As the Turkish power has always been a great enemy to the Jews and having their land in possession at this time, nothing can well be more evident then that the Turkish power must be greatly weakened before the Jews can return to their country and possess it . . . This even may be easily accomplished if the nations that shall weaken the Turks make this one of their demands, namely, that they which yield up the holly land to its rightful owners, the Jews, to repossess which God sware to give to the patriarchs and their posterity.” He even foresaw a great conflict to take place here. “The nations round them will make a general combination against them when they least expect it and will gather a numerous and very formidable host to effect their destruction. In this they shall not finally succeed.””3
1816-1900 John Charles Ryle
“I believe that the Jews shall ultimately be gathered again as a separate nation, restored to their own land, and converted to the faith of Christ, after going through great tribulation (Jer. 30:10-11; Jer. 31:10; Rom. 11:25-26; Dan. 12:1; Zech 13:8-9).”4 “I might show you by scriptural evidence that the Jews will probably first be gathered in an unconverted state, though humbled, and will afterwards be taught to look to Him whom they have pierced, through much tribulation. . . . I can see no ground for refusing to believe that God may yet do wonderful things for the Jewish people. It would not be more marvelous to see them gathered once more into Palestine, than it was to see them brought from Egypt into the promised land. What God has done once, He may surely do again. [J. C. Ryle, “Coming Events and Present Duties, and Prophecy” (1867) cited by Richard L. Mayhue, Editorial]”5.
1835-1913 Bullinger “The Zionist Movement commenced with the first National Congress of 1896, and has made great strides since then. Other changes in the Balkan States, and in the Constitution of Turkey, which took place so unexpectedly in 1908, show us how suddenly a change may take place which will lead up to the re-settlement of the Jews in their own land, perhaps, at first, under the suzerainty of the Sultan; and prepare the way for the rise of the Beast . . .”6
1841-1918 Robert Anderson
“But first it must be clearly recognised that in the twenty-fourth of Matthew, as in the book of Daniel, Jerusalem is the centre of the scene to which the prophecy relates; and this of necessity implies that the Jews shall have been restored to Palestine before the time of its fulfilment. Objections based on the supposed improbability of such an event are sufficiently answered by marking the connection between prophecy and miracle. The history of the Abrahamic race, to which prophecy is so closely related, is little else than a record of miraculous interpositions. . . . the question is one of peculiar interest on general grounds, whether passing events are not tending towards this very consummation, the restoration of the Jews to Palestine.”7 “If the dismemberment of the Turkish Empire be still delayed, it is due entirely to the jealousies of European nations, whose rival interests seem to render an amicable distribution of its territories impossible. But the crisis cannot be deferred indefinitely; and when it arrives, the question of greatest moment, next to the fate of Constantinople, will be, What is to become of Palestine? Its annexation by any one European state is in the highest degree improbable. The interests of several of the first-rate Powers forbid it. The way will thus be kept open to the Jews, whenever their inclinations or their destinies lead them back to the land of their fathers. . . . the probabilities of the case . . . are in favour of the colonization of Palestine by that people to whom historically it belongs. . . . But long ere then the Cross must supplant the Crescent in Judea, else it is incredible that the Mosque of Omar should give place to the Jewish Temple on the Hill of Zion.”8 “Of the great political changes which must precede his advent [the rise of Antichrist], the most conspicuous are the restoration of the Jews to Palestine, and the predicted division of the Roman earth.”9
1849 John Thomas “In 1849, the author John Thomas wrote in his book (entitled Elpis Israel — The Hope of Israel) the following words: “The truth is, there are two stages in the restoration of the Jews, the first is before the battle of Armageddon; and the second, after it; but both pre-millennial. God has said, “I will save the tents of Judah first.” This is the first stage of restoration…There is, then, a partial and primary restoration of Jews before the manifestation, which is to serve as the nucleus, or basis, of future operations in the restoration of the rest of the tribes after he has appeared in the kingdom. The pre-adventual colonisation of Palestine will be on purely political principles; and the Jewish colonists will return in unbelief of the messiahship of Jesus, and of the truth as it is in him.””10
1850-1924 Clarence Larkin
“From these scriptures we see that the Jews have not been supplanted by either the Gentiles or the Church, and when the time comes they will again become a nation. We indulge in no idle and profitless speculations when we attempt to forecast the future of the Jewish People. All we have to do is to gather together and place in their logical order what the Holy Spirit through the Prophets, has foretold. The method is as simple as the result is sure.”11
1855 Charles Spurgeon “Preaching on Ezek 24:26 in 1855, just prior to the rise of modern Zionism, he [Spurgeon] declared, Not long shall it be ere they [the Jews] shall come — shall come from distant lands, where’er they rest or roam; and she who has been the off-scouring of all things, whose name has been a proverb and a bye-word, shall become the glory of all lands. Dejected Zion shall raise her head, shaking herself from dust, and darkness, and the dead. Then shall the Lord feed his people, and make them and the places round about his hill a blessing. I think we do not attach sufficient importance to the restoration of the Jews. We do not think enough of it. But certainly, if there is anything promised in the bible it is this. I imagine that you cannot read the bible without seeing clearly that there is to be an actual restoration of the children of Israel. [C. H. Spurgeon, The C. H. Spurgeon Collection, Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit, I, no. 28, 1855 (Albany, Oregon: Ages Software, 1998), 382]”12 “Speaking on Ezek 37:1-10 in 1864 at the Metropolitan Tabernacle in aid of funds for the British Society for the Propagation of the Gospel amongst the Jews, Spurgeon declared, “This vision has been used, from the time of Jerome onwards, as a description of the resurrection, and certainly it may be so accommodated with much effect. . . . But while this interpretation of the vision may be very proper as an accommodation, it must be quite evident to any thinking person that this is not the meaning of the passage. There is no allusion made by Ezekiel to the resurrection, and such topic would have been quite apart from the design of the prophet’s speech I believe he was no more thinking of the resurrection of the dead than of the building of St. Peter’s at Rome, or the emigration of the Pilgrim Fathers. . . . The meaning of our text, as opened up by the context, is most evidently, if words mean anything, first, that there shall be a political restoration of the Jews to their own land and to their own nationality; an then, secondly, there is in the text, and in the context, a most plain declaration, that there shall be a spiritual restoration, a conversion in fact, of the tribes of Israel. . . . If there be meaning in words this must be the meaning of this chapter. I wish never to learn the art of tearing God’s meaning out of his own words. If there be anything clear and plain, the literal sense and meaning of this passage — a meaning not to be spirited or spiritualized away — must be evident that both the two and the ten tribes of Israel are to be restored to their own land, and that a king is to rule over them.” [C. H. Spurgeon, The C. H. Spurgeon Collection, Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit, X, no 582:533 1864 (Albany, Oregon: Ages Software, 1998), 536-37]”13 “In 1887 [Spurgeon] declared, “We cannot help looking for the restoration of the scattered Israelites to the land which God has given to them by a covenant of salt: we also look for the time when they shall believe in the Messiah whom they have rejected, and shall rejoice in Jesus of Nazareth, whom today they despise. There is great encouragement in prophecy to those who work among the seed of Israel; and it is greatly needed, for of all mission fields it has been commonly represented to be the most barren, and upon the work the utmost ridicule has been poured.” [C. H. Spurgeon, The C. H. Spurgeon Collection, Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit, XXXIV, no. 2036, 1887 (Albany, Oregon: Ages Software, 1998), 545]”14
1918 David Baron
“There will be at first, as compared with the whole nation, only a representative minority in Palestine, and a Jewish state will be probably formed, either under the suzerainty of one of the Great Powers, or under international protection . . . A large number more from all parts of the world will in all probability soon be gathered; but we shall only be able to speak of a restoration of the Jews as an accomplished fact when Palestine becomes by international consent (to quote from the Zionist programme) the ‘openly recognized and legally assured home’ of the Jews, i.e., when the Jews are once more acknowledged as a nation with a land of their own to which they might go.”15

For the sake of completeness, here are some additional early quotes recognizing the Scriptural prediction of a restoration of Israel to her land, although not necessarily prior to the return of Jesus:

1558-1625 Henry Finch “Sir Henry Finch (1558-1625) . . . wrote a seminal book on the topic. . . . Finch not only taught a restoration of Israel to their land, he took many of the details of a Jewish millennium literally. A regathered Israel “shall inhabite all the parts of the land” and “shall continue in it for euer.” Finch also taught that all twelve tribes will be united and “all nations shall honour them.” [Cited in Culver, “Contribution of Sir Henry Finch,” p. 57] cited by Thomas Ice, Sir Henry Finch: Early Christian Zionist16
1635-1711 Wilhelmus a Brakel
“A further example of a more pro-Judaic European eschatology that appeared in the seventeenth century was that expressed by Wilhelmus a Brakel (1635-1711), an esteemed Dutch Reformed theologian who ministered in Rotterdam, Holland, having eschatological views that contrasted with the more standard Augustinian variety, Willem VanGemeren explains that, in objecting to Calvin, Brakel held that, “the Church could not be identified with the New Israel. When Paul wrote about "all Israel" (Rom. 11:25) he was referring to the nation, and not the totality of the church and national Israel.” This rejection of Calvin was also found in Brakel's contemporaries. Brakel expected all twelve tribes to repent and express faith in Jesus as the Messiah. He also held that the Jews would be privileged to return to their land. The promise of the land is not just a type of the eternal rest or of heaven, rather it is part and parcel with the covenant of grace which God made to and affirmed with Israel. . . . Brakel . . . wrote, “Will the Jewish nation be gathered together again from all the regions of the world and from all the nations of the earth among which they have been dispersed? Will they come to and dwell in Canaan and all the lands promised to Abraham, and will Jerusalem be rebuilt? We believe that these events will transpire.””17
1669 Increase Mather “The first of [Increase Mather’s] many works on prophecy was published in London in 1669, entitled “The Mystery of Israel’s Salvation Explained and Applied — a discourse concerning the general conversion of the Israelitish nation.” . . . Concerning the matter of their return to the land, Mather is clear: “Some have believed and asserted a general conversion of the Jews, yet have doubted whether they should ever again possess the land of their fathers. But the Scripture is very clear and full in this, that you see not how it can justly be denied or questioned.” . . . Even the great period of Israel’s tribulation was not hidden from Mather’s mind. Later in the book he amplifies this truth: “A little before the conversion of the Jews, there will be the most terrible doings in the world that ever were heard of in respect of wars and commotions, the waves of the sea roaring, confused noise, and garments rolled in blood, blood and fire, and vapor of smoke; but after the kindome [sic.] shall be restored unto Israel, then shall be glorious days of peace and tranquility.””18
1673 John Owen
“In 1673 an interesting book was published, with a preface by Dr. John Own, “A Collection of Prophecies which Concern the Calling of the Jews and the Glory that Shall Be in the Latter Days.” The scores of references were classified under eight headings which may be of interest to my readers: “I. The Jews shall be gathered from all parts of the earth where they now are scattered, and brought home into their own land. II. They shall be carried by the Gentiles to their place; who shall join themselves with the Jews, and become the Lord’s people. III. Great miracles shall be wrought when Israel is restored, as formerly when they were brought out of Egypt — viz.: 1. Drying up the river Euphrates. 2. Causing rivers to flow in desert places. 3. Giving them prophets. 4. The Lord Christ himself shall appear at the head of them. IV. The Jews, being restored, and converted to the faith of Christ, shall be formed into a State, and have Judges and Counsellors over them as formerly: the Lord Christ himself being their King, who shall them also be acknowledged King over all the earth. V. They shall have the victory over all their enemies, and all kings and nations of the earth shall submit unto them. VI. The Jews, restored, shall live peaceably, without being divided into two nations, or contending with one another any more. VII. The land of Judea shall be made eminently fruitful, like a Paradise, or the Garden of God. VIII. Jerusalem shall be rebuilt, and after the full restoration of the Jews shall never be destroyed, nor infested with enemies any more.” All of this material was quoted by the famous Dr. Philip Doddridge in a work now seldom seen [Philip Doddridge: “Works,” Leeds, 1802, Vol. V.]”19
1707-1788 Charles Wesley Although not explicitly predicting a nation, Charles Wesley’s hymn Calling the Hebrews Home clearly recognizes the restoration of the Jews in a gathered nation: “O that the chosen band might now their brethren bring And gathered out of every land present to Sion’s King. Of all the ancient race not one be left behind But each impelled by secret grace his way to Canaan find! We know it must be done for God hath spoke the word All Israel shall their Saviour own to their first state restored. Rebuilt by His command Jerusalem shall rise Her temple on Moriah stand again, and touch the skies. Send then Thy servants forth to call the Hebrews home From west and east, and south, and north let all the wanderers come. Where’er in lands unknown Thy fugitives remain Bid every creature help them on Thy holy mount to gain.”
1740s Jonathan Edwards
““[Jonathan Edwards held that] when ‘the fulness of the Gentiles’ is brought in, then ethnic Israel will also be largely saved and, while restored to their own land, they will be united with all the church of Christ and ‘look upon all the world to be their brethren, as much as the Christians in Boston and the Christians in other parts of New England look on each other as brethren’.”20
1848 John Nelson Darby “In 1848 he wrote, “As far as the world is concerned, Jerusalem is nothing; it is a city trodden down, with neither commerce nor riches nor aught else. Superstition is established there on the sepulchre of the Lord. It is true, indeed that the kings of the earth are beginning to look that way, because providence is leading in that direction, but as for God, He ever things of it; it is always His house, His city. His eyes and His heart are there continually. Now faith understands this.” [Paul R. Wilkinson, John Nelson Darby and His Views on Israel]”21

See also Is Today’s Return of Israel Scriptural?a


There was a push to restore the Jews to their land long before Theodore Herzl appeared on the scene in 1897. The push was exercised by Christian and Jewish power elites, and we can only suppose that different groups had different motivations for desiring such an outcome. They have ensured (so they think) that the prophecy is self-fulfilling.  These elites understand Israel as the geographical pivot of history  and we can see the multi polar world forming with BRICS. Whoever controls this area controls the world and whoever controls the religious sentiments controls the minds of billions of people. Several presidents including Dwight Eisenhower, Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon were influenced by dispensationalist preacher and Third Temple advocate Billy Graham.  However, it is not just the “religious” who understand the pivotal importance of this region as the technocrats and transhumanists also want to centralize power which is why Israel is turning into a technological and biological superpower. This is the Hegelian Dialectic writ large with a new paradigm set to emerge from the opposing factions.

The theology of an ethno-state and a temple comes from a misreading (deliberate or otherwise) of scripture and chapters like Romans 11.  This subject is worthy of a separate article, and I have touched upon aspects of it elsewhere. The fact is that God never wanted a temple (house) in the first place, moreover, the eschatological “New Jerusalem” descends out of heaven (Rev 21:2) and we are specifically told that, “And I saw no temple therein: for the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the temple of it “(Rev 21:22). Surprisingly, this is in agreement with Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss of Neturei Karta (an ultra-Orthodox Jewish group based in New York that opposes Zionism) who says that, “… the Third Temple was, prior to Zionism, understood as indicating not a change in physical structures on the Temple Mount, but a metaphysical, spiritual change that would unite all of mankind to worship and serve God in unison”.    So, the discussion then comes down to what Paul understands as “all Israel” (Rom 9:6) because “the Israel of God” (Gal 6:16) is more than an ethno-state or a Zionist entity.  It refers to the faithful of all ages regardless of ethnicity or of space and time because nothing can separate them from the love of God (Rom 8:35). The New Israel is constituted in Christ and has always been created with him in mind from time immemorial (Col 1:16-18). They are the Living stones of the new temple (1 Pet 2:4-7, Eph 2:19-22) for God is worshiped in Spirit and Truth (John 4:24).

Despite the machinations of man God will achieve his purpose. The divine will cannot be thwarted, and God has a multiplicity of ways of fulfilling his prophecies even to the point of allowing humanity enough rope to hoist themselves on their own petard.  You want to force your way?  Go on then and see what happens (lolz).  A The situation overflows with irony. As to recommencing blood sacrifice that would be an abomination and God will have the last word with a third overturning of the temple (Ezek 21:27).   We are at the end of a natural cycle and this period of revelation and manifestation is almost over.  Hold fast.


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Samson Option Redux

Samson Option Redux

CJB already pointed out the similarity between  Samson and the Philistines in Gaza and although there is no connection either ethnically or historically there can be no doubt that religious fanatics are trying to craft a narrative. There is no doubt that Samson acts as a representative (type) of the nation. So CJB has some good points but he tends to conflate and twist things which is why I offer the article below as a corrective:

The Samson Option

Since that video appeared another video has been made by Steven Ben Nun who is a Jewish Christian and he also draws parallels between the nation and Samson and then extrapolates to the Great Harlot of Revelation 17.  While I am not entirely in agreement with him, he has many interesting and pertinent things to say.

His highlight of the contact been Netanyahu and Hamas is very interesting and Steven shows this quote from a Haaretz article:

"Both the Egyptians and the Qataris are angry with Hamas, and they were going to cut all ties with them. All of a sudden Netanyahu shows up as a Hamas advocate, pressuring Egypt and the Qataris to continue"with the financial support,said Lieberman, adding that Netanyahu's policy is tantamount to "surrender to terrorism".

Here is a screenshot I made from the video (Haaretz is behind a paywall):
























This definitely looks planned to me. Playing to the religious audience and the fanatics.  And then there is the fact that Zvi Sukkot (whose name means tabernacles or booths) is a member of Parliament. Sukkot (Tabernacles) is a Torah-commanded holiday celebrated for seven days, it started on the evening of Fri, 29 Sept 2023 – Fri, 6 Oct 2023, the day before the Hamas invasion. The party goers and ravers who were slaughtered were liberal non-religious Jews having fun on the holy day of Simchat Torah. Simchat Torah or “Torah celebration”, is a Jewish holiday that celebrates and marks the conclusion of the annual cycle of public Torah readings, and the beginning of a new cycle. Simchat Torah is a component of the Biblical Jewish holiday of Shemini Atzeret (“Eighth Day of Assembly”), which follows immediately after the festival of Sukkot in the month of Tishrei (occurring in September or October on the Gregorian calendar).

No religious Jew is going to cry over the death of liberal Jews partying on Simchat Torah, especially as those same liberal Jews were protesting against the reformation of the Judiciary and turning Israel into a dystopian theocracy.  The whole thing stinks to high heaven.

















The hidden Meaning Behind the Samson Option (1:18 min)


The Anglo Roots of Israeli Holy War

The Anglo Roots of Israeli Holy War

Highly Recommended


Interesting discussion…..

Darby=Plymouth Brethren= Scofield bible=Anglo-Zionism

The = sign does not mean that they are equivalent but that links exist between these different movements/people.


The Darbyite interpretation of the Crimean war in the 1850s as the “end times” Russia=Gog  depicting the “tsar of Russia” (autocrat) as the “bad guy” of end time prophecy.  Of course this did not happen therefore the tsar had to be overthrown (hence the 1917 Bolshevik or Communist (Jewish) revolution supported by Western oligarchs. Still not working?  Well then we break Russia up after 70 years  of Communism.  Still not working? Well then we provoke a Crimean war redux. Still not working? Well then we will expand to WW3 Armageddon. Of course this is an oversimplification but there can be no doubt that religion (eschatology)  is a tool that is being used by elite power structures and their intelligence agencies for geopolitical reasons. The post-World War II era witnessed the creation in Palestine of a homeland for the Jews. Thus, Scofield’s premillennialism seemed prophetic. “At the popular level, especially, many people came to regard the dispensationalist scheme as completely vindicated.”

In the end, it seems to me that the Anglos and the Zionists made an agreement to cooperate in dismantling the Ottoman Empire and keeping Russia (and Germany) weak in exchange for a homeland.  The Anglo-Zionist want another global empire.  The British Empire never died just took on a different form that now has competition (or does it?) with globo-homo. We are all being played and the fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us.


In case you missed it this video which talks about the Scofield Bible is pretty good:

Bless Israel

Bless Israel



"And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing:  And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed"(Gen12:2-3)


How do you bless Israel?    Is sending them more weapons blessing them?   Is enabling a genocide blessing them?  Is praising their psychopathy blessing them?  Is accepting their Chosenite status blessing them?  Is encouraging their narcissistic feeling of superiority blessing them? Is wallowing in their sense of victim-hood blessing them?

As a Christian the only way to bless Israel is to preach the Gospel to them and encourage them to repent. The Gospel, or good news, is the blessing.  The same Gospel that was received by Abraham:

"And the scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the heathen through faith, preached before the gospel unto Abraham, saying, In thee shall all nations be blessed. So then they which be of faith are blessed with faithful Abraham" (Gal 3:8-9)

What gospel was this?  It was justification through faith because Abraham believed the promise of a Messianic seed. Abraham “saw the place afar off” (Gen 22:4) and named the place of sacrifice Yahweh-Yireh (Gen 22:14) meaning that divine grace would be seen in that place (literally means Yah will be seen);

"Your father Abraham rejoiced to see my day: and he saw it, and was glad" (John 8:56).

The descendants of Abraham are those who do the works of Abraham (John 8:39), for in obeying the command to sacrifice the fruit of his body and submitting himself to God in complete trust he actually fulfilled the whole law before it was even given (430 years later):

"Because that Abraham obeyed my voice, and kept my charge, my commandments, my statutes, and my laws "(Gen 26:5)

So Abraham was justified by faith as are all his true descendants. That faith is messianic and it supersedes and fulfills the whole law.

Now to Abraham and his seed were the promises made. He saith not, And to seeds, as of many; but as of one, And to thy seed, which is Christ.
(Gal 3:16)

If you are a child of faith your father is Abraham, in fact it is God himself. If you are faithless you might as well be lawless and you have a different father (the serpent):

 But now ye seek to kill me, a man that hath told you the truth, which I have heard of God: this did not Abraham.  Ye do the deeds of your father. Then said they to him, We be not born of fornication; we have one Father, even God.  Jesus said unto them, If God were your Father, ye would love me: for I proceeded forth and came from God; neither came I of myself, but he sent me. Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word.  Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.  And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not.(John 8:40-45)



Debunking Bjerknes

Debunking Bjerknes

If you hover over the biblical citations they will appear in a pop-up box

Mossad Kabbalah “By Way of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War” (32 min)

My problem with Christopher Jon Bjerknes (CJB) is that although he delivers some good information (similar to Adam Green) he conflates all his sources. All sources are not equal and it is poor hermeneutics to use a secondary source to explain a primary source (especially using a rabbincal source that is biased or has an agenda). Therefore, conflating occult texts with Biblical texts is bad practice. He does this when he quotes Prov 24:6 completely out of context😂 but why should that matter? He tells a good story and tells the audience what they want to hear. Here is a snapshot of the verse from my 600 page commentary (page 286).



Mossad do fight war by deception and it is their motto and they have probably based it on a Rabbinic/ Talmudic interpretation of Prov 24:6 but the Rabbis understanding of scripture is often wrong but this does not stop CJB adopting Rabbinic wrong speak. 😂

One point of contention (which I corrected him on extensively during a live stream) was his understanding of the Scapegoat. I told him that the Scapegoat was released and sent into exile (sent to Azazel) and the other goat (the one for Yahweh) was slaughtered. This obviously has overtones of the Cain and Abel story with Cain representing the Jews. It is also reflected in the release of Barabbas and the death of Jesus. After being shown the analogy CJB still insists on misinterpreting the ritual. He is so busy conflating everything and trying to discredit Christianity that truth falls by the wayside.

Lastly something must be said about the term EDOM used to describe gentiles. That is a rabbinic affectation and people like CJB and Adam Green should know better than adopting rabbinic terminology. I challenged Dovid about calling gentiles EDOM because genetically ESAU (the progenitor of EDOM) is Jewish. Therefore EDOM is genetically Semitic (according to the Bible story) and therefore EDOM is a Jew and not a gentile. Furthermore, Edom/Esau in the prophecy of Malachi is a reference to the cruel Herod Dynasty which married into the Jewish priestly class (though Herod the Great later murdered his wife Mariamme and three of his sons) and Herod Antipas the adulterer (who married his brother’s wife) had John the Baptist murdered. The Herod dynasty was therefore Jewish or at least half Jewish. Once again I leave my comparison table here:

So Edom is not a gentile, Edom is a Jew. The Rabbis will Pillpul their way out of the problem by asserting that the gentiles are “spiritually” EDOM which is also not true. Edom/Esau despised the inheritance and the covenant blessing concerning messiah vouched safe to Abraham and Jacob (Heb 12:16-17) in this EDOM/ESAU represents Jews who turned their back on Christ and  hence on their forefathers. Edom/Esau is so named because he sold out his birthright for a bowl of red lentils (Gen 25:30). His name means RED. When God made the land covenant He promised to be Abraham’s shield and his great reward (Gen 15:1) but many Jews swapped their birthright (Christ) for the Zionist state established by Rothschild (=RED Shield). The Jews sold their birthright in Christ for a mess of red beans that will make them fart and bring forth wind (Isa 26:18). Faithless Jews are Edomites. Christians are not Edomites. Debunking the constant stream of garbage and misinterpretation is tiresome but necessary. Christianity is under attack but many Christians have neglected to put enough oil in their lamps to withstand the onslaught (Jer 5:31).


Some one please place a link from this article under one of CJBs videos as YT tends to scrub my comments and send my last few articles to Dooooovid 😂

End Of Times Prophesies

End Of Times Prophesies

Before you listen to this listen to David Cohen (who is Jewish) tell you what the fanatics want.  Live as a slave (second class citizen) renounce your religion.  Destroy churches and Mosques. Remember these fanatics murdered Prime minister Yitzak Rabin and subverted the Israeli Government.

As a Christian do you want to stand with these nutters as they twist prophecy and soak it blood. And want they want to do to the Palestinians they will do to  you with their Noahide laws.  Do you see it yet?    Do you see it yet?  These are the type of fanatics that crucified Christ.  If you are a Christian-Zionist you have been cucked.

End Of Times Prophesies And Why Christians Are So Supportive Of Israel | A Conversation With Pastor Vinny DiNome (1:32)