Dumb Ass

Dumb Ass

A humorous (and serious)  look at the Supernatural Events of Numbers 24 and the talking ass of Baalam. There are a number of supernatural events in Scripture including the conception and resurrection of Christ.

" And if Christ be not risen, then is our preaching vain, and your faith is also vain. 15 Yea, and we are found false witnesses of God; because we have testified of God that he raised up Christ: whom he raised not up, if so be that the dead rise not. 16 For if the dead rise not, then is not Christ raised: 17 And if Christ be not raised, your faith is vain; ye are yet in your sins" (1 Corinthians 15:14-17)

Much has been written about  miracles and the supernatural but in the end science can’t even tell us what reality is or the composition of 75%  of the Universe.  Just because something does not fit our limited understanding of reality does not mean we should dismiss it out of hand.

Dumb Asses (9 min)


Does Balaam's Talking Donkey Prove That the Bible Is a Book of Fables?

Don’t get big headed

Don’t get big headed

These are complex issues, but I find myself in complete agreement with Heiser’s understanding.  However, that does not mean a violent,supremacist, anti-Christian Zionist state. It does not mean a Rothschild sponsored bolthole for  international gangsters. It does not mean a pariah state that commits war crimes with impunity.  God will not be mocked.

Has the Church Replaced Israel? (5 min)


If ye will not believe…

If ye will not believe…

I was asked to challenge this video by Rabbi Skobac

THE REAL JEWISH MESSIAH, Part 1 – Response2 One for Israel & Messianic Jews for Jesus – Rabbi Skobac (1:38)

This video is 11 years old the notes can be found here: http://jewsforjudaism.ca/the-real-messiah-part-1-why-he-is-not-jesus/

Skobac Challenge (1:20)

 Show notes and rough time stamps:

00:44 Isaiah 7 (Nicodemus in John 3)
05:20 The Wind (ruach =spirit John 3:8) Immanuel
07:30 False messiah’s Bar Kochba, Sabbatai Zevi, Jacob Franks etc.
09:28 Messiah (anointed) -Semantics
11:51 CYRUS (anointed?) =Trump (lolz)
13:27 God is Judge (Commentary: addendum on Cyrus)
16:27 Psalm 2 https://www.biblaridion.info/resources/Ps2.pdf
19:44 Dan 2:25 The anointed/ An anointed/One anointed (see my commentary https://www.biblaridion.info/daniel/danhtml/dch16.html#P256)
22:00 Summary false Messiahs
24:29 Dismisses 3/4 of the Bible
25:00 Intertextual Analysis -allegory, type scenes, shadow, echo etc.
26:00 Joseph -Saved his brethren
26:30 Ruth married Boaz who raised seed to the dead
27:00 Immanuel prophecy
27:47 Messiah and Serpent in gematria
מָשִׁיחַ (mashiach) messiah=358
נָחָשׁ (nachash) serpent=358
30:00 Agreement. Consensus
32:00 Dark Sayings, Proverbs 30 the Messianic sign and Isaiah 7
See the comparison on page 388 of the embedded PDF.
37:00 Office of King and priest united. Zech 6:13 Melchizedek priesthood
40:30 Psalm 110 and the two powers heresy (Rabbi Akiva/Akiba)
Two Powers in Heaven Allan E. Segal
Two Powers’ and Early Jewish and Christian Monotheism Two Powers’ and Early Jewish and Christian Monotheism by James F. McGrath
42:20 Elijah and John the Baptist
43:55 MALACHI- Digression on Malachi the Edomites = Herod Dynasty and The Messenger=John the Baptist/Elijah
57:18 John refuses to identify himself as Elijah
01:00 Genealogy of Christ
01:11 Rothschild (Red shield) are Edomite Re-builders red is the color of Esau/Edom and they reject Yahweh’s shield (cf. Gen 15:1)
01:16 -Temple Sacrifices- Rebuild the temple.
Why God does not want a temple: https://www.biblaridion.info/Anthology/camping.pdf
01:17 God provides -Yahweh Jireh


Behold the Man, Trump

Behold the Man, Trump


This is must watch whether you are a Christian or not.  Adam Green is spot on in this video (credit where credit is due).   My beef with Adam Green is that he he makes no distinctions between Christians and treats Jesus as mythological.  It is all a Jewish plot.  Christianity is a Jewish plot. His criticism of Trump and Christian Zionism is correct but the pendulum has swung the other way. Every action has a reaction and Adam Green has thrown out the baby with the bath water.  So although his criticism is correct his take on Biblical Christianity is wrong.  I have placed two of my video responses underneath.

Trump Rising, ‘America Needs Israel’, Prophecy Unfolding, Chabad on Infowars | Know More News w/ Adam Green (1:58 min)

Response to Adam Green



Christian Nationalism

Christian Nationalism


Not watched this yet but I suspect this is the flip side of the Hegelian dialectic.  Communism on one side Christian Nationalism on the other. They will synthesize the two opposites into a new age religion and world order under the anti-Christ.

Learnt something new about the second USA president and a big influence on the framing of the constitution. John Adams was raised in the Congregational church. In Quincy, the Unitarian faction was dominant and included Adams and his father. It was a new force in the colonies and denied the Trinity and the divinity of Jesus Christ. It was opposed by the Calvinist faction that was Trinitarian and emphasized Christ as the Savior.

Bunch of nutters, they are all coming out the woodwork. Shampoo Guru ruling the world.

These are the notes under the video:

Can't anything just be normal and organic? It doesn't appear so. Unfortunately, in addition to having to deal with a Communist Cultural Revolution in America, we also have to deal with the rising reaction it deliberately provokes (https://beautifultrouble.org/toolbox/.... That forces us to have to fight a two-front war if our desire is to preserve liberty and defend and maintain the United States of America. Not everyone, even on the "conservative" side of things, wants to do that, though, and this brings us back to the growing movement branding itself "Christian Nationalism" (https://newdiscourses.com/2023/04/two.... What is it? Well, that's a question with some legs, apparently. To see why, enter eccentric shampoo magnate Charles Haywood, who offers us "the politics of future past" (https://theworthyhouse.com/2021/06/17..., and who calls himself "Maximum Leader" (https://theworthyhouse.com/authors/) of something called The Worthy House (https://theworthyhouse.com/about-the-..., as discussed with Tucker Carlson (   • Charles Haywood on Tucker Carlson Tod...  ), and who is the originator of the secret society called The Society for American Civic Renewal (https://sacr.us/) [don't miss "The Mark" (https://sacr.us/#the-mark)]. In this unhappy episode of the New Discourses Podcast, host James Lindsay reads Haywood's "Foundationalist" manifesto (https://theworthyhouse.com/2021/06/17...) and starts asking some uncomfortable questions about what's really going on behind the "Christian Nationalism" movement and its apparent considerable reservoir of financing. Join him to wonder WTF alongside him.


WTF is Christian Nationalism? (2:56 min)

Roasting Rabbis

Roasting Rabbis

Only watched the first 25 minutes so far and it is pretty good.   I have written articles countering Singer.  He presents straw-men that he can easily knock down.   It is easy for someone to make you look like an idiot if they misrepresent your position. Disingenuous and intellectually dishonest.

Answering Rabbis


Mother Hubbard interprets the Apocalypse

Mother Hubbard interprets the Apocalypse

Barbara Marx Hubbard is a Jewish futurist who attended the school where Epstein taught and had an affair with chief vaccinator Jonas Salk (the Jew responsible for the Polio Vaccine) and who was writing about us “becoming the messenger” (mRNA protein) in 1982. See my older article:

1984 vs. Brave New World


Apparently she produced an interpretation of Revelation. A Gnostic-Theosophist interpretation by old Mother Hubbard (lolz):

Barbara Marx Hubbard’s The Revelation – Part 1 (1:01min)


Magicians of the Temple

Magicians of the Temple

This is a very interesting video and it interweaves myth with historical fact as it examines the Templar connections and bloodlines.  I have independently reached similar conclusions but from a different direction.

My conclusion is based on the fact that the Edomite family of Herod married into the priestly Hasmonean dynasty. Hasmoneans (the Maccabeans) held the office of High Priest continuously until 37 BC. The Edomite line of Herod intermarried with the priestly line.

Mariamne II the High Priest’s Daughter

The 24 elders are based on the Priestly division in 1 Chronicles 24 for the priestly temple service. In Chronicles, one priest (Zadok) from Eleazar’s descendants, and another priest (Ahimelech) from Ithamar’s descendants, were designated by King David to help create the various priestly work groups. Both Eleazar and Ithamar were sons of Aaron (Nadab and Abihu were killed for profaning the sanctuary). After the captivity, the sons of Zadok or Sadoc became the Sadducees, the priesthood in the time of Christ. The Sadducees grew out of the Judean religious elite in the early Hasmonean period, under rulers such as John Hyrcanus. In my video Red 3 (See below Sepher’s video) the disappearance of the Herod Dynasty is explored. I do not believe that such wealth (the richest man in the ancient world) and lineages just vanish. The Herod dynasty interbred with other royal bloodlines and I believe that the Rothschild (Red shield) is related to Edom (red). The Edomites intermarried with the Canaanite (Baal worshipers) and the name Phoenician, used to describe these people in the first millennium B.C., is a Greek invention, from the word phoinix, possibly signifying the color Red and perhaps an allusion to their production of a highly prized purple dye. It is quite plausible that descendants could trace their lineage via Herod to a royal-priesthood (there was a Herodian party in the first century) and therefore maintain that they were the “24 elders”.  The original priest Aaron also had roots going back to Egypt from which the half Egyptian tribe Ephraim had emerged.

Whatever the case might be, this knowledge was used by the Templars, Theosophists and Masons to construct a secret history (real or mythological) to explain their superiority and possession of ancient esoteric knowledge tracing its roots back to Egyptian Hermeticism and Gnosticism.  According to them the Kabbalah (the inheritor of Gnosticism) is far more ancient that the 13c AD when it was written.


The mention of Hebrew  cryptographic method called Atbash is fascinating.  It was used to encode Babylon in Jeremiah. Sheshach (Hebrew: ששך), whose king is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible in Jeremiah 25:26, is supposed to be equivalent to Babel (Babylon), according to a secret mode of writing practiced among the Jews of unknown antiquity, which consisted in substituting the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet for the first, the next to last one for the second, and so on. Thus the letters sh, sh, ch become b, b, l (forming the word Babel).

Reading right to left: baphomet in Hebrew בפומת(t-m-o-ph-b) becomes Sophia in Hebrew שופיא (a-i-ph-o-s) Baphomet is a deity allegedly worshiped by the Knights Templar that subsequently became incorporated into various occult and Western esoteric traditions.Note that the devil is supposedly red and hairy (like Esau the progenitor of Edom) and depicted as a goat (the scapegoat sent to Azazel=the strong one).

Rough running notes times approximate:

0.00 destruction of the first and second Temples
3.55 Edomites woshiped Baal the storm god
male =Yahweh sky earth=female
4.44 24 elders (Rev 4:4) -bloodlines -hide kabbalah etc
Jewish elders migrate into Europe marry into royal families
patriarchs of Rex Deus (god kings) star families sons of gods
messianic line,flood,Atlantis
6:00 Knights Templar (bring back Gnostic secrets from the crusades)
1307 AD Sinclair Family Rex Deus star family
7:00 Secret knowledge hidden by alchemist and other secret societies (Free masons etc)
8:00 Baphomet, Sophia Wisdom
9:00 Black Sun Saturn
9.42 Edomite at the root of.. Red occult lineage at the root of the Templars
uses the red cross as its emblem. Ethiopian churches swastikas, Templar cross and star of David,double headed eagle
disseminated globally by the Phonecians -phonos meaning red. Also star of David in seal of Solomon. Esoteric star red shield – from the Rothschid.
13:00 Jesus came not to save us from sin but to reveal secrets -Gnostic Nonsense
14:44 Nazareth did not exist at the time of Jesus Not true
Theosophists-New Age religion- lost tribes
15:00 Kabbalah originated among the Aryans lived on Atlantis blah ….Scottish rite (so called
Aryan origins)
20:00 Protestant Templar originated with Lutheranism (German) expelled from Lutheran church because of belief in millennialism.
24:00 Nazi Thousand Year Reich- millenniaism, Bahia, J.W, Theosophists
Morals and Dogma reading from Albert Pike 33 degree Mason

Magicians of the Temple – ROBERT SEPEHR


Red (Part 3)



The Sound of Freedom movement is not what it seems. Don’t be sucked in. We have already looked at some of the funding and supporters including a big Mormon input.

The Sound of Freedom Agenda (6 min)

Daniel 8 and the 2,300 Evening and Morning Sacrifices!

Do I agree with everything in this video?  No, because I don’t think anyone is beyond God’s grace.  Remember those in the wilderness bitten by the Serpent?   If they looked up to the serpent that Moses had raised on the pole they were saved.  The serpent poison could not kill them.  He is right about the time period because the 2,300 evenings and mornings is 1,150 days as I explain in my commentary. It has a first fulfillment in the time of Antiochus (Era of the Maccabees) and is related to the feast of Atonement (which is referenced in the seventy sevens prophecy) but this does not mean that the prophecy has expired because it is picked up by Jesus in reference to the destruction of Jerusalem and has a further future application in the eschatological 42 month period in the Apocalypse (e.g. Rev 11).

The video is certainly correct in highlighting that Jesus (and his saints) form the temple. I make it quite clear in the introduction to my commentary and in this short PDF article Daniel and Temple Theology  that the major thematic of Daniel is temple restoration (even in the court stories).

I found it extremely interesting that the World Health Organization (WHO) on March 11, 2020,  declared the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak a global pandemic and on May 5 2023 (which was the second Passover and blood moon) declared the Pandemic over. This is a 1,150 day time period (I checked) and that is as far as I am concerned not a coincidence.  These people love there numerology and gematria:

March 11 2020             May 5 2023

Remove the Zeros:

3 11 22                               5 5 223

Reduce the 11:

3 2 2 2                                5 5 2 2 3

What do you notice?  Skull and bones 322 forward and in reverse.









I think there is also something going on with the 57 which is a reduction of 5 (2+5). In Rudyard Kipling’s short story “The Man Who Would Be King”, the character Peachy states: “This business is our Fifty-Seven” after he and Daniel are discovered to be men, not gods. This alludes to the Indian Rebellion in 1857 against the rule of the British East India Company. Also, the number 57 in the senary (six base) system =133 and it is the 16th semiprime which if you listened to the Alchemical video (https://youtu.be/bZJ-WQUXnpM) is an important number along with 21.  Could it be that this globalist Masonic faction is punishing the Zionist (East India Company) faction?  Maybe I am reading too much into it but at the very least we can say that they deliberately selected these dates to fit the 1,150 days of Daniel. 

Perhaps they symbolically envisaged “pouring out the plagues” on the “sanctuary”  of the opulent Masonic temple in the square mile of London financial district with the words avdi vide tace (look at me and be silent) above the throne. There are rumors of Jack the Ripper (reversed Satanic =666) having visited this temple (lolz). Eleven separate murders, stretching from 3 April 1888 to 13 February 1891 with 1046 days between dates (inclusive) which reduces to 11.

3 4 1888                          13 2 1891

(3+4+1)888                     13 (2+1+8+9+1=21=3)

8888 (sum=32)             133  (=4×33.3)

You think maybe coincidence?  what about Aaron Kosminski (born Aron Mordke Kozmiński;

11 September 1865 – 24 March 1919) was a Polish barber and hairdresser, and suspect in the Jack the Ripper case. (both days and weeks between the dates reduce to 21).

9 11 1865 (= 9 11) and  243 (=9) 1919 (=91919= reduce middle 9 10 1 9 = 9119 palindromic number reads 911 in reverse) middle name is Murder (Mordke) he is 666…
Mordke =66 (ordinal)
Mordke =96 =6 (reverse ordinal)
Aron =60=6 (reverse ordinal)
Kosminski =123 =6 (Reverse ordinal)

So, I think a prophecy has been misappropriated by people who practice magic, sorcery, propaganda (whatever you want to call it) and who are adept at using Semiotics to create a false reality.   We re obviously seeing warring factions fighting it out and we are the meat in the sandwich.

But the Lord God has his own time frame and his hand will not be forced….

updated verse (error found)

Daniel 8 and the 2,300 Evening and Morning Sacrifices! (33 min)