The sacred Purge

The sacred Purge

All these videos are less than half an hour and I have watched all of them.  I believe that they are important because Christians are being subverted and groomed to believe that they are the “body corporate of Christ” and because they are now “above sin” they can usher in the Kingdom of God and rule the world with a rod of iron.

This means that they can purge the world (murder) those who they regard as  “sinners” (not holding their beliefs) because Christ will not be allowed to return until they are ready to hand the kingdom to him.

This sounds crazy (and it is) but the Qanon movement already has (false) prophets and Trump took his Maga (magic) slogan from the horror movie the “Purge”.   Trump declared himself the chosen one and is being depicted as some sort of messiah.  It is not beyond the realms of possibility that the Hegelian Dialectic has unleashed Frankfurt school woke-ism to provoke a backlash. They want the pendulum to swing “far -right” so that their enemies can be burnt at the stake or beheaded in some sort of inquisition-purge.   I know it sounds unlikely and crazy but all the signs are pointing that way.  The world has been deliberately thrust into the abyss by following the teaching of Sabbati Zevi and Jacob Franks. Redemption through sin.  First you bring everything down, then they offer the solution… (the Messiah Trump?)

The “New Christianity” will be a blend of Gnostic Kabbalah and New Ageism with “Christians” acting as the “body corporate” by adopting “Christ consciousness” and a unified World Religion with the Jews at the top of the hierarchical pyramid with their all seeing  AI eye. Of course the “sinless ones” will be able to practice sacred sex and murder (purge) with impunity.  Why am I not surprised?

The theology seems to be a form of Valentinianism (a Gnostic sect) based on the “prophetess” Jane Lead (Leading astray lolz) and her teachings.

Here are the links to the articles:


Part 1 to 5 in order (about 30 min each):


Part one

Part two

Part three

Part four

part five

Lucius Trust

Lucius Trust

Sorry, I don’t trust Lucius (lolz).

And I don’t love Lucy (lolz).

All these cults were set up with the help of the intelligence services particularly those of the Old British Empire with the help of Jewish Kabbalists and Gnostics.  It was done to undermine Christianity and prepare society for the introduction of transhumanism. And by the way…for all the Hitler worshipers…he was a theosophist not a Christian. And all the Nazi scientists were recruited to the USA in operation paperclip to further the transhumanist project.  There are no good guys.  Only bad guys and worse guys.

Not watched these yet:

Lucis Trust, ALICE BAILEY- world goodwill and the false light of th… (25 min)

Lucis Trust ALICE BAILEY and Master Djwhal Khul : a satanic communisum…(32 min)


To Vote or not to Vote

To Vote or not to Vote

I received a letter from the Australian Electoral Commission asking to clarify why I did not vote at the recent “Voice” referendum.   Voting in Australia is compulsory and not participating carries a fine.  I sent a link to this page as my reply.



Dear Sir, Madam, Ms, them, they, us,

This letter is to clarify my position as conscientious religious objector and why I did not vote in the referendum or indeed why I have never voted for political parties. No wars have ever been fought in my name. No egregious policies have ever been implemented in my name and no taxes have ever been raised for dubious agendas in my name. I look for a city and a country whose builder and maker is God, for the kingdom of God is at hand and the Cycle has almost ended. In case you had not noticed civilization is on the brink and we are undergoing a magnetic excursion and huge natural changes which is being disguised as climate change.

As to the specific case in question, the vote regarding “the voice” and the indigenous people, I refuse to participate in a globalist agenda which uses white guilt and the Jewish Tikkun Olam (Heal the World) of Mark Lieber et al, (the co-chair of the Referendum Council) to employ Hegelian Dialectic to implement their divide and rule strategy using the Aborigine people as a pawn to construct their transhumanist dystopia. Their care for the indigenous is so great that millions in funding has disappeared in a black hole (no auditing) without noticeable improvement. Not to forget the burning of Maui, the funding of BLM and ANTIFA and the priority “vaccination” of the indigenous because they care so much.

As a Christian I understand your ongoing agenda to reshape society into a technocratic transhumanist dystopia and I reject everything it stands for. I will not participate in your psychological operations. Some of us are aware of the ongoing agenda to depopulate, remove sovereignty, flood countries with immigration and the introduction of global governance and CBDC. I could say much more as I am aware of the historical drivers of this movement that goes back centuries and the theosophist (Kabbalistic/Gnostic) nature of this ideology that is deliberately subverting Christianity and is now operating unrestrained to bring an end to man being made in the image of God.

The good book says that in the end evil will not be restrained so my advice is to carry on. “He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still (Rev 22:11). Carry on. Carry on with your genocide. Carry on with fermenting WW3. Carry on with injecting people with prion inducing transfections and spreading biological agents. Carry on supporting transnational corporations and bankers. As for me and my house we will serve the Lord. I will not be voting for any of it. The cycle is ending.

Your Brave New World (nightmare) will not stand.


The Savior of the World Trump

The Savior of the World Trump

This video by Adam Green on Trump and his messianic aspirations was pretty good up to about 47 minutes when he started his attack on Christianity. He always uses the same strategy as he commences by debunking Judaism and Christian Zionism and then switches to attacking Christianity in general.  The tactic is called bait and switch.  That said, the first half of the show was good and towards the end he brought up the topic of the Kuzari which was broached by Rabbi Yaron Rueven, who, as coincidence would have, I just mercilessly trolled  in the chat during his last live stream (lolz).

As for Green his presentation of the Kuzari question at 1:34 is simplistic and he makes the same basic errors that he does when trying to polemicize against Christianity.  Halevi was a Sephardic Jewish poet, physician and philosopher (c. 1075AD-1141 AD) considered one of the greatest Hebrew poets, celebrated both for his secular and religious poems, many of which appear in present-day liturgy. His most famous philosophical work is the Sefer ha-Kuzari which he wrote in Arabic. He completed the book Kuzari about 2 years before he died at the age of 66. It does indeed look like a philosophical and or polemical work but that does not mean that it has no historical validity. About the same time the tenth-century Muslim Persian explorer and geographer Ibn Rustah explained how the royalty converted to Judaism sometime in the 8th century, while the rest, according to the Persian traveler Ahmad ibn Rustah, probably followed the old Tūrkic religion (Adam does not tell you that does he?). Although legendary, a tale regarding the Kazar ruler having his throne placed with equal status among the other royal thrones of the two superpowers (China and Byzantium) reflects the importance and status of the Kazar empire as a buffer and a bridge (think here of the belt and road) for merchants traveling from China all the way to Europe. This was probably the period of the Radhanite Jewish Merchants who traded all the way from China to Germany (Ruhr valley) and France (Rhone valley). The activities of the Radhanites appear to cease during the 10th century. The causes may have been the fall of Tang China in 908, followed by the collapse of the Khazarian state at the hands of the Rus’ some sixty years later (circa 968–969). If Russia caused the fall of the Kazar empire and the lucrative trade routes, this may explain the centuries old Jewish animosity towards the Rus. The Radhanites were multilingual and aklso spoke Frank the Germanic language originally spoken by the Franks, called Old Frankish by linguists. I find it interesting that Frankfurt was the home town of Rothschild and then there is always Jacob Frank the supposed reincarnation of Shabbetai Tzevi. The story of the Kazahrs and their conversion is therefore probably true but probably only the aristocratic and ruling class. It sounds entirely plausible that Jewish merchants wanted an independent trading hub with no affiliation to either Christianity or Islam. As to the Qtards comparing Trump to the “anointed” (=Cyrus) that does no hold because:

  1. Cyrus never rebuilt the temple Darius did.
  2. Cyrus (koresh) is a corruption (deliberate) of karash (workman/artificer)
  3. Anointed is not a term used for gentile kings
  4. The “workman” in Isaiah was King Hezekiah

This is extensively treated in my commentary, God is Judge (also check out the addendum) but it rules out Cyrus as the temple builder.  Just a reminder that I have debated Adam Green:

And I have also debunked some of his main polemical talking points:

Here is a very good comparison between the Genesis flood and other Ancient Near Eastern flood myths.  The accusation of “borrowing” is often made without weighing the evidence carefully. Look at all thirteen pages with academic references.  Green has chosen the easy way out which is ridicule and mockery but all he is doing is demonstrating his ignorance. Here is  the full video from Adam Green and Know More News.

The Savior of the World Trump, Ark of the Covenant, God’s Humble Chosen | Know More News (1:47 min)

Babylon is Fallen

Babylon is Fallen

In this video (last one) I take down Ammon Hillman the Gnostic/Satanist failed Greek classicist and pill pusher. He is a legend in his own mind. Buddy the drugs don’t work they just make you worse. We don’t want your Brave New World of Soma and VR .

The Verve – The Drugs Don’t Work


David Gray – Babylon (Official Video)

You can keep your VO. Babylon. Chemicals rushing in my bloodstream. Babylon. For crying out loud.

The First Revelation with Guest Scholarship @GnosticInformant (1:55 min)

Was Jesus an initiate of an Eleusian Drug Cult? (24 min)


Babylon is Fallen; the take-down of a Satanist (1:20)

Problems with WTYL here on Bitchute:



Wars And Rumors Of Wars

Wars And Rumors Of Wars

Wayne does a reading of Matthew 24 and applies it to what is happening now.  It obviously had an application to AD70 and Jesus’ time but everything is repeat patterns.  Repeat. Repeat.  I like his contemporary reading….


Is Christianity a death cult?

Is Christianity a death cult?

Someone directed this at me and other Christians…


There are paid protagonist and agitators who are part of a PsyOp to undermine faith and destroy Christianity. They are churning out videos and mocking and attacking Christians. They all follow the same script and none of them can come clean and tell you what they want to replace Christianity with. They twist scripture and misrepresent. They lie and insult. Another Paulus had to deal with the same problem and Peter commented that…

He (Paul) writes the same way in all his letters, speaking in them of these matters. His letters contain some things that are hard to understand, which ignorant and unstable people distort, as they do the other Scriptures, to their own destruction (2 Peter 3:16).

The ignorant and the mockers are still with us.



1. Christians have entered into eternal life NOW (in the present) for we are in a different relationship (born again/from above John 3:3) with the creator.  Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly (John 10:10) for Jesus gives us eternal life (John 10:28) and whoever believes in him has passed from death to life (John 5:24). Christianity is not a death cult but life affirming because God is a God of the living not of the dead (Matt 22:32).

2. The biggest event in Christianity is not the crucifixion but the resurrection of Christ. Jesus is the  resurrection and the life (John 11:25-26). The earliest symbol of Christianity was not the cross but the fish because the Greek word for fish (Ichthus) is an acronym for Jesus Christ Son of God Savior (and he was a fisher of men) and when Jesus told Peter to cast his net he caught 153 great (mega) fish (John 21:11) related to the Vesica Piscis and the triangular number of 17. Like the number 144, the 153 reduces to nine and differs by 9 which is related to beginnings and endings (the Great Precession Cycle). The last two thousand years of Christianity has been the age of Pisces.

3. The earth will not be destroyed but God will destroy those who destroy the earth (Rev 11:18) and “the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea” (Habakkuk 2:14 and elsewhere) God’s original purpose is to fill the earth with his glory — his glory reflected through human beings — will be fulfilled. Christians respect creation and we look forward to the day when the wicked will be removed.

4. The lake of fire (Rev 19:20) describes a huge lake of magma caused by the great earthquake (Rev 16:18). The cataclysm will will trigger the collapse of  the corrupt “beast” system and the destruction of their propagandist (false prophet) and their image (transhuman technology,  Homo Deus)

5. The accusation and justification of mass genocide is often made by the theologically obtuse and by metaphysical midgets who hold genocidal positions themselves as supporters of abortion, eugenics and war. Their understanding is superficial and the result of confirmation bias as they make war against Yahweh

6. Human sacrifice was common in all cultures and was practiced as recently as 500 years ago. God stopped human sacrifice. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life” (John 3:16).

7. Christians are not asked to become cannibals (lolz). When Jesus declares (John 6:53) that no one will have any part in him unless they eat his flesh or drink his blood he is speaking metaphorically. It means that our flesh and blood (human nature) should become like his flesh and blood. How was his flesh and blood different? Hebrews tells us that it was the same except in one aspect (Heb 2:14). He was without sin (Heb 4:15). Jesus put ego to death and was obedient in all things unto death (Heb 5:18). He was the only human who did not deserve to die and therefore he demonstrated that on this one occasion the immutable law of sin and death failed. The Mosaic law itself failed (Col 2:14). Jesus reconciled in himself the nature of God and of man (Col 1:15) and allows us to gracefully share in the victory because he demonstrated that somewhere in the the spirit of man is a love for God. We love Him, because He first loved us.(1 John 4:19).