The Glass

The Glass

Solar Micronova – The Glass (4 min)

Sun Surging, Solar Flares, Earthquakes, Severe Weather, Volcano Warning | S0 News Apr.23.2024 (4 min)

A Long, Hot U.S. Summer Is Looming? – NASA Dragonfly Headed To Titan – Unknown Planet May Exist (9 min)

You got that right Steve.  It is not aliens , nor is it giant waves. It is the SAA causing electronic measuring instruments to glitch. For the SAA see below the video.


Plasma and Electromagnetic Phenomenon

Plasma and Electromagnetic Phenomenon

There is still much that is unknown.  The sky certainly looked different in paleolithic and neolithic times and that is reflected in their mythology. But is Innana the planet Venus  as in Ev Cochrane’s theory or is it “squatter-man” as in Anthony Perratt’s Z-pinch theory attested by the petro-glyphs.

Electric Weather – Part 2 – “We’re in Trouble” (3 min)

Another “Unexpected” Solar Storm | S0 News Apr.20.2024 (3 min)

Gobekli Tepe: Gradual Evolution? Or Transfer Of Technology? Or Both? The Graham Hancock Controversy

Ev Cochrane: Turquoise Sun – Prequel to Discovery | Thunderbolts (14 min)



Electric Weather

Electric Weather

Electric Weather – Part 1 – “They Messed Up” (4 min)

More Solar Flares, Weather Modification, Cooling Impact | S0 News Apr.19.2024 (3min)

Michael Mann’s Latest Research (10 min)

Highest Solar Flux Since 2023 – Ohio Tornado Damage – Ruang Volcano Update – Gamma Ray Conundrum (15 min)

Short Lived G3 (Kp7) Geomagnetic Storm! – Ruang SO2 Plume Drifts 1000km – Watch The ‘Devil Comet’

Hügo Krüger: Keeping the lights on | Tom Nelson Pod #209 (46 min)

The Reason Our World is Changing So Fast and What’s to Come! (37 min)

Cosmic Thunderbolt

Cosmic Thunderbolt

Ruang Volcano High Level Eruption To 55,000ft With Volcanic Lightning – Giant, 82-Foot Lizard Fish (9 min)

Major Eruption from Ruang; Tsunami Watch, Stones Fall from Sky (4 min)

Cosmic Thunderbolt Will Strike The Earth – Thunderbolt of the Gods (4 min)

Geomagnetic Storm, Cloud Seeding Causes Flooding | S0 News Apr.17.2024 (4 min)