Own the climate science

Own the climate science

The WEF told you that they “own the science”

WEF “we own everything including the science” (2 min)

Well the Greens and Labor have reached an agreement to put Australia in the dark ages.

Meanwhile, China…..

Meanwhile in the US…all that global warming goodness (lolz)

All Time Record Snow In Utah – More Sierra Snow – Ultra-Rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse – The Nickle Boom (15 min)

Magnetic Field Molds the Earth | S0 News Mar.27.2023 (3 min)

This was very interesting….the magnetic field links with the outer plates….


Although this video is click bait fear porn it is actually quite informative. It is getting to the point where I hope that one of these does blow up (lolz).

SCIENTISTS WARN California Volcano Ready To BLOW! Long Valley could Trigger New Ice Age (21 min)

This is the follow up on the expanding earth video (which was very good). not watched it yet.

Hollow Earth? Probably Not – Expanding Earth Part 2 – Inner Earth Maps – Neal Adams Europa Evidence (56 min)



Record Snow-pack

Record Snow-pack

Baseball Size Hail Strikes Tornado Battered Mississippi – Record Snowpack Increases =Record Flooding (20 min)

Mike is back!  He has had a difficult time with his cancer but is still fighting.  Have a look at the bunker fuel operations off the coast of  California.  They are making the natural changes worse. More snow and flooding ahead.


Are we still here?

Are we still here?


So much doom porn I cannot keep up.  Tornado, exploding chocolate factories and a giant space rock.  It must have missed us because I am still here.  The giant Tornado may well have been related to the Coronal hole (blot echo) rather than an expected earthquake.

“City Killer” Asteroid with Condition Code of 9 Is Set to Buzz Earth, Within the Moons Orbit, TODAY! (2 min)


Mississippi EF4 Twisters Kills At Least 25 And Leave 100-Mile Destruction Path – Utah’s Record Snow (11 min)



Our hearts go out to the people devastated by the Super Tornado.  Expect to see more natural disasters with the ongoing magnetic excursion and the geoengineering.  Big natural changes ahead.

Morning light reveals the devastation left behind in the town of Rolling Fork, MS from a violent tornado that struck the city overnight injuring dozens of people and killing several others.

03-25-2023 Rolling Fork, MS – First Light Extreme Tornado Damage *Drone* (2 min)

Rolling Fork Mississippi Tornado Path – Massive EF4+ storm rips through middle of town – Drone (18 min)

G4 Storm

G4 Storm

G4 Geomagnetic Storm Put On Quite A Show! – Sierra Snow Continues To Pile Up – Severe Weather South (15 min)


Space Weather Worst Case Scenario Risk Assessment – Will A Geomagnetic Storm End The Global Empire? (13 min)

Why Is Our Environment Important? (10 min)


Ozone Destruction

Ozone Destruction

Do you think burning tons of vinyl-chloride will help the Ozone layer?  Do you think chlorine helps Ozone formation. What would I know…I am just a bucket chemist who took a separate course in environmental protection.  I am sure that the biggest methane release from Nord stream will help alleviate global warming.  Greta has not said a word about it so it must be all good.

Ultra-Dense Eruption, Deadly Earthquake, Ozone Destruction | S0 News Mar.19.2023 (3 min)

Let us hope that the sun doesn’t burp or fart….

Massive Coronal Hole To Face Earth, Large Quake Possible – Record Cold South – Tulare Lake History



Tony Heller’s dogs frolicking in the snow that according to climate scientists is not supposed to be here anymore. Someone tell the dogs. When lies meet reality.

Declining Spring Snow Cover (3 min)

Expanding Earth

Expanding Earth

Oh, no.  Not only is the waistline of the earth expanding, it is past its expiry date.  Well, it happens to us all as we get older (lolz).

Deadly 6.8 Earthquake Shakes Cities In Ecuador – California Drought Eliminated – Expanding Earth (14 min)

Earth’s Expiration Date (11 min)

The Expanding Earth Hypothesis – Plate Tectonics vs Expansion Tectonics – Facts vs Fiction (56 min)







Huge hailstones

Huge hailstones

"And there fell upon men a great hail out of heaven, every stone about the weight of a talent: and men blasphemed God because of the plague of the hail; for the plague thereof was exceeding great" (Revelation 16:21). 

Tennis Ball Sized Hail In Texas –
California Drought Reduction, More Record Snow To Bury The Sierras (23 min)


Tucker: This is spectacularly absurd!