Ophelia Pain

Ophelia Pain

Tropical Storm Ophelia Make Landfall – Geomagnetic Storm Watch – Snow Has Arrived – Yurt Life (7 min)

Assessing Government Climate Agencies (5 min)

First Burning Of The Earth – Cosmic Impact Oral Traditions – The Cycle Repeats Itself (55 min)


Space Weather, Dark Matter, Galactic Surprise | S0 News Sep.24.2023 (3 min)

Climate terrorism

Climate terrorism

This people are nutters.  In some countries the radicals are slashing SUV tyres and tipping out milk in supermarkets.  But it will get worse as these retarded leftists do the bidding of the bankers.   Big Green is as bad as Big Oil.  None of them care about the environment, it is about control.  This “environmentalist” TV presenter is just a useful idiot. As Voltaire said, “If you can make them believe absurdities, you can make them commit atrocities!”

Call For Climate Terrorism (2 min)


Ophelia pain….

Tropical Storm Ophelia – Another Near X-Flare! Geomagnetic Storm Watch In Effect (11 min)

Crestone Radio LIVESTREAM with Jeff Winslett, Leah Shaper and Diamond – Climate Alarmist Lunacy (41 min)


Strengthen Your Protective Energy Fields (4 min)

Triple Solar Storm Coming, Tropical Storm Alert, Top News | S0 News Sep.22.2023 (4 min)



Climate Expert Zelensky

Climate expert Zelensky

Climate Expert Zelensky Speaks Out (2 min)

Near X Class Flare, Earthquake Watch (1:00 min)

M8.2 Solar Flare And Minor CME – Tropical Disturbance 2 Headed To The Mid Atlantic – Neuralink Soon


This Will Be My Most Disliked Video On YouTube | Climate Change (22 min)


My comment:
It is very good up to about 12 minutes and then garbage. Does it mention magnetic excursions? Not at all. There have been very rapid temperature increases and decrease in the past causing extinction events and they are not due to "oxidation". We are entering a Grand Solar Minimum the sunspot count is very low, so it will get colder. The sudden uptick of the graph at the end is "modelling" and inaccurate (heat sink) temperature measurements. What will happen? The jet streams ill change giving droughts in some regions and floods in others. Ocean currents will change. giant hail, massive electrical storms, seismic and volcanic activity and then everything will stabilize with some areas being green (Sarah desert) and others becoming desert. Probably much colder (ice age conditions) above and below the 45th parallel. Who knows? We are living through it but it is not man made. Watch out for the CME. It is a killer


Climate Chaos -SHTF

Climate Chaos -SHTF

There will be crop failures and food shortages.

(2/2) Magnetic Field Changes Will Amplify From Here-24 min

Shishaldin’s 11th Paroxysm to 41,000ft – Geomagnetic Storm Ongoing! – Climate Alarmist Nonsense (14 min)

They are complaining about “heat waves” and warming but it is about to get colder.  We are entering a Grand Solar Minimum.  Australia will get a cold spell.  We are enjoying an early spring and my trees are starting to bloom ,planted my tomatoes but a cold spell could do harm.  It is going to get colder.

Looks like the earth is DEALING with something BIG!

Many of the fires are arson but not all of them.  Something is changing inside the earth. I believe that “hot-spots” are formed.

They will keeop cancelling science and manipulating data

Cancelling Science (4 min)