Three Solar Eruptions

Three Solar Eruptions

Three Solar Eruptions, Galactic Core Risk, AMOC Collapse | S0 News (4min)

Big X Flare Sparks S2 Solar Radiation Storm, Earthquakes Strike Hawaii, California and Florida Coast (4 min)


This is good (from four days ago):

Surprise! Mysterious Events Happened on the Sun After the Biggest Solar Flare in a Decade (8 min)


2/10/2024 — Live Earthquake Update — Seismic Unrest spreads — Don’t be scared be prepared! (1:39 min)

Martian Sunspot

Martian Sunspot

From Spacewather on Feb 9th (

THE “MARTIAN SUNSPOT” IS FACING EARTH: A sunspot big enough to see from Mars is now turning to face Earth. NASA’s Perseverance rover on Mars first noticed the sprawling sunspot group last week, photographing it using the rover’s MASTCAM. It was a behemoth then, and it has only grown bigger since. Here’s how AR3576 looked yesterday from Argentina:

“The view was fantastic,” says Eduardo Schaberger Poupeau, who photographed the sunspot using a solar-filtered telescope in the town of Rafaela. “AR3576 appeared as a large archipelago containing a multitude of dark cores.”

In fact, the sunspot is even bigger than the picture suggests. There’s more of it visible in Poupeau’s full frame image. From end to end, the sunspot group stretches more than 150,000 km with at least 4 dark cores larger than Earth. You can see it using ISO-approved eclipse glasses–no magnification required.

AR3576 is big, yes, but of even greater interest is the sunspot’s magnetic complexity. This magnetic map from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory shows a mixture of polarities in the sunspot’s core:

In the circled region, positive and negative magnetic polarities are so closely-packed, you may need to look at this unlabeled map to see them clearly. Opposite polarities bumping together can cause explosive magnetic reconnection. Indeed, NOAA forecasters say this sunspot poses a threat for strong X-class solar flares–and Earth is directly in the line of fire. Stay tuned.

Micronova Outbursts, Magma Ascent, Space Weather | S0 News Feb.8.2024 (3 min)


The Green Dream

The Green Dream

The future is bright.  We will all be living the dream in 15 minute cities eating bugs. No need for oil products or things like meat. All climate change is caused by CO2.  The gas that is necessary for plant life is just like turning the thermostat up or down.

Living The Green Dream (5 min)


Dust Dampens Electromagnetism | ADVANCED DISASTER PHYSICS (2 min)

Dangerous Flooding and 2-5 Feet Of Snow For Cali – 5.1 Mag Quake Oklahoma – Kīlauea Seismic Swarm (14 min)

Iceland’s Newest Volcanic Island; The Eruption of Surtsey (4 min)

A Major Volcanic Eruption is Likely at Kilauea; A First in 50 Years (4 min)

2/02/2024 — Live Earthquake Update — Large M5.1 strikes Oklahoma — Largest in years (33 min)


Elongated Turd In The Punch-bowl

Elongated Turd In The Punch-bowl

Elon Musk describes carbon dioxide as “the turd in the punch-bowl” and says we need a carbon tax. Nothing to do with the fact that he owns a EV car company (lolz). Lithium mining is good for the environment.

Now you know that Musk is a transhumanist Zionist who talks the talk about freedom of speech but does not walk the walk. I must admit though that it is a slick video for the retards out there. They took great care to cherry pick the data. Note that no one mentions the ongoing Magnetic Excursion or increased radiation (12 UV yesterday at my location) or the paleo climatology. No one mentions the GSM. There are no good guys. NONE OF THEM WILL SAVE YOU.

  • Supports climate change and carbon tax
  • Supports Zionist Genocide
  • Supports AI and brain-chips

But he is funny like Trump. You will die laughing.

Turd in the Punch-bowl (8 min)

The Elongated Turd in the punch bowl smells Musky