Remember Tiffany Dover

Remember Tiffany Dover

Tiffany Dover was the nurse that fainted on camera when receiving a vaccination.  Rumor had it that she died and her family was paid off. She never reappeared in public to deny the rumor and has not been seen alive since. People have found an obituary with her name and location details.  The media denied it and said it was all  an anti-vaxxer conspiracy theory.  They even made a podcast lampooning anti-vaxxers.   Turns out that the mad woman Nina Jankowicz  from the Biden ministry of truth was behind the disinfo podcast and she has now resigned.   The truth will always out.  Karma.


Not only is Tiffany Dover dead but Nina Jankowicz’s political career is dead. I suppose she could always take up singing. She has a beautiful voice (lolz).

Fair and Balanced

Fair and Balanced

Recommended watch all the videos

Fair and Balanced is the Fox News leader…..  No one is fair and balanced everyone is biased and presents a spin.

No Good Guys

We attempt to be fair and balanced but we need to emphasize that there are no good guys.  Putin is ruthless and acts out of self-interest as does the West. Putin seeks to diminish  Ukrainian claims of sovereignty and nationhood on the other hand the West has been meddling with internal  Ukrainian politics for decades so this may just be push-back. Ukraine does indeed have a sad history with Judaeo-Bolshevism and as a consequence faced the terror famine (Holdomor).   The Ukrainian people have a right to nationhood but at the moment they are a pawn caught in the power struggle between East and West and the transition from a Uni-polar to a multi-polar world.  Putin has (I believe) legitimate concerns about what the West was doing in Ukraine.


 There are no good guys.  Putin is not a hero and neither is Trump. The religious-right with it’s Armageddon obsession is bringing about a self-fulfilling prophecy.  No one has clean hands.

The Religious Right Revealed (Part One)-30 min

The Religious Right Revealed (Part Two)- 55 min

Jewish Hitler and Zyklon B vaccines

Jewish Hitler and Zyklon B vaccines

I did not know whether to tag this under humor, conspiracy or history (lolz) so I used all three tags.   I save video links and articles and then when something interesting comes up it gives me an opportunity to put them all together.  Is it conspiracy?   Some of it is.  Is it funny?  Well I think a gay Jewish Hitler is funny. Is it history?  Some of it is.  This is what triggered the article (lolz):

I suggest someone report Lavrov to the antisemitic hate-line (lolz) :

Perhaps Lavrov stumbled across these websites (now removed but still available on the way-back archives):





Of course, the fact that “Kristalnacht” was organized by the Zionists and that the Nazis had an arrangement with the Zionists to help transfer Jews to Palestine is not Germaine to the question, nor is the fact that the Jewish Zelenskyy is perfectly happy to cooperate with  Nazi Azov brigades.  History does not repeat but it rhymes.


Six million Goy killed by Zyklon-B Covid Spikes

I could not resist this heading after coming across another article by Walter.  Now although his article is rather sensationalist it is becoming clearer that the S-protein (either from the virus or the vaccine) does effect mitochondria. Among the many other inflammatory and amyloid pathways the S-protein dysregulates electron transfer in a similar manner to other compounds (hence the Zyklon-B comparison).  We will see an increase in mitochondrial diseases (especially for those already genetically predisposed) but it will not be like walking into gas chambers (lolZ) but rather a slow deterioration in mitochondrial function.

Ukrainian Nazis, Anglo Zionist Suicide Pact, Food Shortages Loom & Nuclear False Flag? Alex Krainer (50 min)

I have not watched this yet…but just discovered this channel:


And Finally…..

How could I not complete the article by featuring Springtime for Hitler and Germany. All the world is a stage…said the octogenarian William Shakespeare…before getting the vaccine (which killed him) administered by a laughing Matt Hancock (lolz).

Obama and Hillary freakout

Obama and Hillary freakout

This comes from a tweet I saw this week:

  • Trump is going to drain the swamp
  • Q says trust the plan
  • Elon is going to save free-speech

Of course this tweet was meant as sarcastic humor but some people actually believe it is true (lolz).  If you think any of these people is going to “save you” then you deserve everything that is coming.  We are seeing a titanic struggle between different factions backed by the MIC or by globalist institutions.

That said….it is hugely entertaining to see the meltdowns as the leftist agenda is exposed.

Elon gets Obama and Hillary to ATTACK Free Speech (13 min)



Are Musk Rats swamp creatures?

Are Musk Rats swamp creatures?

Now I am no David Attaboy but observing them in the wild I would say that the musk rat prefers dirty, smelly swamps.

Is Musk Working For Trump? (5min)



Can We TRUST Russell Brand?

Can We TRUST Russell Brand?

This is a good expose but goes of the deep end at 47 minutes.  I won’t give the ending away but it certainly is unusual.

About Russell….all I can say is “I told you so”. I think he is rolling out the next level of control. The only thing we have not had so far is the alien invasion. Perhaps they are already here in the form of bankers (lolz)

Told you so… giving Homo Deus a kiss or should that just be Homo (lolz)?

Can We TRUST Russell Brand? Is He a Freemason / Illuminati Puppet? (58 min)

Can Russell Brand be trusted? Is he really who he says he is? A revolutionary, a spiritually enlightened soul just trying to uplift and empower humanity? A man using his celebrity status to bring much needed attention to the world's problems?

Or is there more than meets the eye with Russell Brand?

Could he really be a Freemason? An Illuminati / New World Order controlled opposition puppet? Or even a Reptilian shape-shifter?


The Laptop from Hell

The Laptop from Hell

One might wonder what a laptop dropped of by Hunter Biden  for repairs has to do with the situation that we see now.  Well, the laptop is connected with the Ukraine and China and has information about crooked business dealings of the Biden family.

The laptop story emerged before the last election and was censored and suppressed as “Russian Propaganda” and “Fake news” a “conspiracy theory”.   We knew all along that it was real but apparently the FBI did not release any info on it although they had the laptop all this time.

Hunter Biden is a meth head and a degenerate.  He had all his teeth replaced with veneers because they rotted from the meth.  Apparently he slept with his brothers wife after his brother passed away from cancer and slept with his niece Natalie Biden and photo’s have leaked out of him having sex with Chinese children and smoking bongs.  I think they are real and not photo-shopped.

The question is why is all this leaking out now?   They suppressed it for over a year why now? Nothing you see is an accident.  This is all planned and you are being gamed.  Is this leading to the restoration of Donald Trump?

Hypothetically Speaking: “What Is The Real Story Behind Hunter Biden and the Russian Laptop..?”(57 min)

Peter Schweitzer Hunter Biden will be indicted. share far and wide.

Bill Barr says the DNI & FBI said the Hunter Biden laptop was real and the media ignored it.

Biden Pretends Hunter’s Blackmail Pics Are Normal | Louder With Crowder 3-20-22


DOJ Confirms Hunter Biden’s Laptop Contents and Ukraine Emails. How MSM/Big-Tech Sway Elections!

Hunter Biden’s business dealing profits revealed 3-22-22 Fox Business


After our fave Freemason

After our fave Freemason

Oh, no…they are targeting our favorite Freemason (lolz).  All because he told the truth. Remember they all have an agenda.  You are being nudged.

They’re Coming For Me (17 min)


The 33 Tour

Don’t forget your tickets for the 33 tour (lolz)

House of Cards

House of Cards


Former BlackRock Portfolio Manager, Edward Dowd, gives Del an explosive financial perspective about everything from why he believes Pfizer and Moderna committed fraud during their clinical trials, to the dam that is breaking on the concealment of covid vaccine injuries and deaths.


It is only a matter of time before it all comes tumbling down. This is the biggest crime in history and has already killed and maimed thousands and I don’t care whether you blame it on Covid or on the vaccines (transfections).  The same people who were behind Covid are also behind the vaccines.  There will be a reckoning.  The next few years will see many more injuries.