Multipolar struggle and Eschatological cults

Multipolar struggle and Eschatological cults

Watching this now.    Very good. Recommended.


Middle East multipolar struggle and Eschatological cults [The Duran with Matt Ehret] -2:22min

At 1:56 Matt talks about the temple and earlier he talks about British Israelitism.

I have added some links for reference:

The British East India Company was established in 1600 and was a corporation (mafia) set up my the merchants and licsened by the Crown to trade (rob etc) and given a monopoly. They had their own private army (bigger than the Government) and were ruled by a committee of 24 .


Ukraine falls apart

Ukraine falls apart

Politics and policy driving the Ukraine project w/ Jacob Dreizin  (1:16)

US to Send Ukraine its “Gray Eagle” Drones – Will it make a Difference? (15 min)

Ships Held Captive In Kherson Ukraine Port. See How (24 min)

“NATO Is Not a Unified Alliance”: Ajamu Baraka & Richard Medhurst (17 min)




1000 marines surrender

1000 marines surrender

The Duran has been a great find. Excellent Geo-political analysis.  Are you keeping up?  I feel like I am running full speed just to stand still (lolz).  Try watching multiple videos at increased speed and writing articles.  I am turning into AI (lolz).  Added a new Tag called DURAN.

I will have to watch some of these later….know this…you will not get the truth from MSM. PERIOD.

1000 marines surrender. Elensky holding Medvedchuk hostage. Putin speaks to press. THE DURAN

Neocon regime change of Imran Khan puts world leaders on notice

Trouble in South Pacific, Solomon Islands. WW3 is fast approaching