Earthquake Forecasting

Earthquake Forecasting

After seeing this I think we all need to learn some forecasting:

Earthquake Forecasting (Where to Learn)-2 min

Weather view:,130.6,3.86z


Signs of the Pole Shift

Signs of the Pole shift

Another Sign of the Magnetic Pole Shift (and more) | S0 News Feb.14.2024 (3 min)

Corrupting Uruguay (5 min)

You Should Question Climate Change! Here’s Why. w/Dr. Drew (8 min)

2/13/2024 — Live Earthquake Update — West Pacific Izu Ridge M6.1 , North Pole and Turkey (1:13 min)

No worries…electric cars will save the climate (lolz). Thanks Elon.

The GREAT electric car cover-up just CRASHED and BURNED | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris (17 min)


Volcanic Planet

Volcanic Planet


Solar Flares Increasing, Volcanic Planet, Sun & Earthquakes | S0 News May.18.2023 (3 min)


Powerful M6.4 Earthquake Guatemala – Significant El Niño Event – Smoke Forecast – Sodom & Gomorrah (10 min)


5/18/2023 — Large M6.4 earthquake strikes below Mexico / Guatemala — Major unrest across the board (1:07)

Tonga Trench

Tonga Trench

For some reason Dutchsinse took his video down (the one that I embedded)… I did my own homework.  The Tonga Trench looks very active. remember that Hunga Tonga blew up a year ago.  The Karmadec Islands got hit (again) but the quakes were shallow.  New Zealand has been experiencing a lot of quakes.  The plate boundary travels between the islands.