Mind Control

Mind Control

SHORT Our Elites Have Been Tricked by Mind Control to Destroy The Country (2 min)

Biden’s Dangerous Ideologues – Peak Prosperity (31 min)




🚨 US HEGEMONY ENDS: Economic Decline, Rise of BRICS & Political Turmoil | Prof. Richard Wolff (P. 2)-32 min



Did Russia have any election problems?   Nope.  Only the West seems to have election chaos and rigging.  Only Western “democracies”  have problems.  Why is that?   I am baffled I tell ya, baffled.  Like I was with the sudden deaths and injuries. Baffled.

This is “externalization of the hierarchy” they are revealing to you that you don’t live in democracies and that democracy does not work.  France is headed for utter chaos and the UK for Anglo-Zionist authoritarianism. The United States?   Looks like they are on target for Fascism/corporatism. 

This is not organic it is all orchestrated and scripted.  In my opinion they are aiming for Governance by Artificial Intelligence because it is “unbiased” (lolz) and total state surveillance and CBDC.  They probably thought they could get their via the left (democrats etc) but realized it was not working and therefore pulled the plug. Now it is up to Trump and Musk, Thiele etc to get the NWO up and running.  Who knows? One thing is certain is that the chaos and hatefulness is deliberate and has been orchestrated because it benefits their agenda.


Shocking scenes as France falls to the far-left (7 min)


CNN’s Hair Is On Fire Over Biden’s Terrible Polling (19 min)

KJP MELTS DOWN During Heated Exchange About Biden’s Health! (7 mins)


“This is a CLASSIC case of Parkinson’s” says Top Parkinson’s Doctor | Redacted w Clayton Morris (18 min)


No Representation

No Representation

Elections are rigged both in the UK and France. In fact the system is rigged everywhere so that the establishment always wins.

What The French and UK Elections Really Mean – Peak Prosperity (20 min)


It is all coordinated and scripted.

“Biden WILL drop out in days” Top Dems Confirm Overthrow Plan | Redacted with Clayton Morris (22 min)

New Popular Front shocks world with French election win (34 min)

Election Chaos

Election Chaos

This was very good:

Who Is Behind the Fireworks this July 4th? (5 min)

Tories crushed. Labour, declining victory. Farage triumphs (30 min)

Biden’s Family Doubles Down On Elder Abuse Of The President! (7 min)


LIVE! On stage in Vegas questioning Joe “Walter” Biden about his recent debate! | JEFF DUNHAM (12 min)

The UK has Fallen

The UK has Fallen

Perhaps people deserve what they get.  After-all they lined up for poison and constantly allow themselves to be propagandized.  Perhaps they should be slaves. The Labor Party was gutted when they got rid of Corbyn.   Keir Starmer is worse than Blair.  A Zionist with a Jewish wife. One genocidal psychopath is replaced by another.  The agenda will continue no matter what and you deserve everything that is coming.

BREAKING: ‘I’m sorry’ – Rishi Sunak leaves Downing Street (5 min)

Read the excellent article by Iggy:




Joe Biden for ever = Joever (lolz).  More like Jonever.  If the fate of the world hangs on the US election outcome we are done for.



Despicable: Dems Won’t Stop Lying About Biden’s Mental State! (8 min)

Biden debate debacle (20 min)







The debate was a train wreck not just for Biden but Trump was not confidence inspiring either.   Deep state theater and Trump played along.   It reminds me so much of idiocracy.  Should we laugh or cry?  The public has been so dumbed down.


Biden and Mainstream Media Exposed as Deficient – Peak Prosperity (30 min)


The left is imploding:

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