Freezing and Drought

Freezing and Drought

This was interesting because we are facing cold and drought.  Some river basins are drying out.  Is that because more  moisture is in the atmosphere and it will get removed as ice?  At about 4 min he shows how Australia is getting much wetter and cooler.

Next Big Move For Money … Protect Yourselves (17 min)

Blizzard & Global Wheat Crop Warning (15 min)


This was from the 14th of November….the atmosphere is getting more charged (and their spraying is making it worse)


Earth Catastrophe Cycle | Q and A Nov.16.2022 (9 min)

I agree with Ben’s conclusion that our interaction with the galactic current sheet started in 1859 with the Carrington Event but I disagree with his earth tilt and global tsunami hypothesis. We will have a micro-nova (solar flare) and huge electromagnetic-plasma discharges followed by a mega earthquake which will cause tsunamis (but not a global tsunami wave and no earth tilt). The earth’s magnetic field will return slowly as the sun throws off the dust and plasma and things will slowly stabilize.

Its All Failing at the Same Time

Its All Failing at the Same Time (13 min)

This brings it home. I used to work for a chemical company that was taken over twice. Went through the redundancy process a couple of times before we ended up with BASF. Even then BASF started making stuff in China.  I knew then that the writing was on the wall and actually fought to get made redundant (lolz).   Sold my home and got out of the UK and Europe and ended up back in Australia.  All western countries are facing systematic destruction but I think Europe will be hit very hard.