Demonizing men and abolishing Women

Demonizing men and abolishing women

After the recent stabbing (a false flag operation)  by a mentally ill man  we have our PM attending a rally against violent men and male abuse.  We also have a new Federal Register set up for firearms. Will we be getting a register for kitchen knives?



What sort of society demonizes men and wants to abolish women? A very sick society captured by a very sick Gnostic-Kabbalistic ideology. What sort of society pushes vaccines, abortions and pornography.  One that hates men and women.  What sort of society uses feminism to tempt women into low paid jobs so that they become tax-cows who have to farm out their children to strangers. What sort of society encourages narcissism and pornography as a life-style choice for young women? What sort of society exports all the jobs to China and leaving many young men in despair?

Men are much more likely to die from suicide and unlike women they are often sent to die in banker wars.  Feminism has portrayed men as useless , violent and unnecessary for raising a family robbing many young men of their identity.

The animosity between the sexes has been manufactured just as feckless behavior has been encouraged in some communities, thus provoking a response which is labeled as racism.  Incompatible cultures have been allowed to establish themselves, many are refugees from countries that have been destroyed by  Jewish neocon wars and they (understandably) hold a grudge against the West.

Who is behind these destructive policies causing racial hate and gender hate?  Who wants every-man (and woman) to raise their hand against their brother or sister?  Who benefits from the post-modern deconstruction of race, family, gender etc. We have the Jews to thank for all these “blessings” that started in Wiemar Republic Germany and spread the infection to the USA when the Frankfurt school intellectuals fled to America and ended up as university professors or scientists (sexologists Kinsey who inserted pipe cleaners in his penis and did “scientific research” inducing and timing the duration of orgasms in prepubescent children).


What is the ultimate goal?

The reason that they are demonizing men and abolishing women is because they want the state to be the parent.  They know that Artificial Intelligence will see 60% of jobs disappear.  They simply do not need us anymore.  Especially not toxic men.  And they want to regulate who will have children and how many they will have.

In case you had not noticed we are facing a fertility crisis across the globe but especially in the West.  That is not an accident and coincides with the “vaccines” (mRNA transfections). The Pharmaceutical industry is Jewish supported by big Jewish hedge funds like BlackRock. The “life -saving” polio vaccine was rolled out by the Jewish supremacist and eugenicist Jonas Salk. The nutty Jewish futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard left her family for Salk and wrote in 1982:

We can imagine ourselves as the over extended macro-molecule passively floating in the early seas, not expecting anything new— but feeling vaguely uncomfortable, sensing something “wrong” — something about to happen. We begin to sense our unused potential — when suddenly we are drawn by the RNA, the messenger of the DNA, into a new pattern, a larger whole — the cell. We are becoming protein — a different matter! “What's happening? I feel strange! I can see! Future shock! A New Age! I'm more than I was! I like it! I hate it! Something artificial is happening! Who am I now?...” (page 34)

The evolutionary journey : a personal guide to a positive future (1982)

Suffice to say that the transhumanist agenda is one of full spectrum dominance and compliance with the AI controlled hive mind. They don’t need or want men or women. All races and sexes will become one amorphous blob without distinction reliant on Government UBI for income and on VR and soma (drugs) for entertainment. Population growth will be controlled and may no longer be possible without fertility treatment. It is not just men who are under attack but they want to abolish womanhood as well and they want to indoctrinate your children.  Women (and men) who help this agenda are just useful idiots.

The Catholic Professor Michael E. Jones and author of the magazine Culture Wars said something very pertinent (I paraphrase);.   The crucifixion of Jesus Christ the Logos was an act of rebellion and revolution against God and the Jews have kept this rebellious, revolutionary spirit ever since.

We see this in Marxism, the Bolshevik revolution and in everything they do.  They are deconstructing God’s creation (men/women/race etc) under our very noses. However, their approach has morphed from Communism to corporatism and communitarianism.  Your slavery will come with a smile, because it is “convenient” and to “save grandma” and because “the climate” blah, blah. The hammer and sickle flag as been replaced with the rainbow gay flag and a pink butt plug. It is the Decepticons and Transformers at work trying to gather the sefirot of the “All-Spark” and using private-public partnerships to impose an authoritarian nightmare on a public that makes Idiocracy look like a documentary.

The great replacement is real. It is not a myth or a conspiracy theory. They want the white middle class to disappear. They don’t want a property owning democracy. They think that the white man has usurped their rightful place as the chosen nation.


Ireland on the BRINK of REVOLUTION ???  (7 min)


And this is the latest (funny):


Unleash the Memes, Meme-aggedon

Unleash the Memes, Meme-aggedon


They are all operating in Lockstep down-under. All of them demanding more censorship. This begs two questions. Is their opposition to Musk/Trump real? I would say the animosity is real but I would also say they have been given the hard word by their controllers to ramp it up. Who benefits from this? The beneficiaries are of course Musk and Trump. The X app from Musk has topped the charts (lolz). The more they censor and persecute the better Musk And Trump look. Everyone loves an underdog. Especially billionaire underdogs. Especially ones who fight for the “little man” and support vaccines, more Ukraine money, digital IDs, and Zionism. Good thing the other guys did not get in because they support vaccines, more Ukraine money, digital IDs, and Zionism (lolz). Both sides are controlled by Wizards in the biblical sense of the word. They have cast a spell (propaganda) used Sorcery (Pharmakeia) and alchemy-gnosis-sophia. Once the full system crashes they will reveal their true face. I expect martial law and open declaration of War soon. All systems locked down. No more voting. Suspended indefinitely. Fascism incoming.



They are all operating in lockstep. They think that we cannot see it. There is no real opposition we are being played. Biden just signed the bill to ban Tik Tok.  That is the Trojan horse to introduce censorship on other platforms and websites like this one.



 Having Fun?

This was always going to happen. There are now hundreds of memes out there.  Do you honestly think they had not anticipated this?  Their psychological nudges teams that got you to inject poison?   Have fun with the memes but remember that you are being manipulated.  The real people in charge…the controllers…are allowing these groups to fight it out because whoever wins they still get their NWO.    None of these people are going to save you.

Man on Fire

Man on Fire

This is the second or third person who has self-immolated. No doubt they will make him out to be mentally ill or a Trump supporter (lolz). He handed out leaflets with his manifesto in front of the courthouse that is holding the Trump trial. His manifesto is below and much of what he says is true.  This was an act of desperation and the sign of a sick society. I downloaded the video (before it disappears) but warning it is graphic.  I feel sorry for the bloke.  It won’t change anything.  We are run by a psychopathic criminal cabal without a conscious.  They would love it if we all set ourselves alight.

Warning Graphic Content:


The manifesto has been archived but will probably be removed:


 Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.
(Romans 12:12)


Dayz of Noah -Very Weird

Dayz of Noah-Very Weird

Looking forward to listening to this:

Summary so far….this is very good…

I did not know this because I don’t really follow any of the celebrity bumpf.

Robert Kardashian was the lawyer who got OJ off for murder. The wife of Robert Kardshian was Kristen Jenner mother of Kim Kardashian and three other kids (keeping up with the Kardashians) then during her second marriage she had two kids by Olympic medalist Bruce Jenner who subsequently had a sex change and became the “woman” (bonus hole) Caitlyn Jenner (lolz). Dayz of Noah calls O. J. the poster child for “Helter Skelter” the situation even having mob ties etc.  O.J. Simpson just died of prostrate cancer.

Dayz of Noah is correct. The whole thing has PsyOp written all over it from the divisive race trial (we need to get rid of races) to the transgender element (we need to abolish gender). Even Kayne West has a connection. The public is constantly being PsyOped to “nudge” behavior and create division.



Distraction and Deception

Distraction and Deception

A follow up on three of the narratives that are hijacking public consciousness while the world burns. Whether they are psyops or distractions…who knows?  Welcome to clown world (in the circus the clowns are always brought on when something goes wrong).


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The following article sees the destruction of the bridge as symbolic because the the bridge is named after Francis Scott Key who wrote the star spangled banner anthem.