Professor Hamamoto of Cultural Forensics® reviews a recent book that reinforces what might be called “neuro-fetishism” by placing inordinate research and speculative emphasis on “the brain,” thus easing the way toward realizing the “psychocivilized society.”

Against Globalist Neurotyranny (1:04 min)


A Total Eclipse of the Heart

A Total Eclipse of the Heart

Major Sun-Earth Cycles, Pre-Earthquake Signals, Big Filament | S0 News Apr.7.2024 (3 min)

Total Solar Eclipse Of April 8, 2024 – Severe Storms May Pose A Threat To Solar Eclipse Viewers

Live Earthquake Feed — Past 48 hours of activity up to current

Eclipse Anxiety & the CERN Crisis Cult (1:11 min)

Professor Hamamoto of Cultural Forensics® offers non-Marxist perspectives in understanding and explaining the current mass national security hyper-vigilance and the larger legitimacy crisis in science and technology as seen in CERN.

This was very good (recommended).

"They are losing their 'religion' that is their faith in science and technology".

The occult rituals (real or imagined) reestablish their fear control.


Celebrities are “Frozen” In Time

Celebrities are “Frozen” In Time

Professor Hamamoto of Cultural Forensics® features special guest Ms. Lena Pu to offer novel observations regarding the persistence of such celebrities as Taylor Swift and the relative lack of new talent being introduced currently while commenting on the seeming stagnation of American celebrity culture and the possible reasons for this departure from the past system of industrial fame-production.

Why Celebrities Are “Frozen” In Time (1:05 min)


Mason Family

Mason Family

This is interesting – the United Fruit Company was a CIA front and the nexus between Cuba, the Caribbean and New Orleans is fascinating. The Mason family was a CIA MK Ultra project alongside the Laurel Canyon music scene.  I never knew that the Folgers Coffee Heiress was one of the victims.   This was a hot bed of espionage and cultural programing.

Nazis never die

Nazis never die

Nazis never die.  They are fighting Russia in Ukraine and America recruited them in operation paperclip to run their scientific establishment.  They run the corporations and Zionism is just the Jewish branch of the Nazi party (lolz).

Maria Orsic – The Goddess of the Devil: Hitler’s Medium. Occult secrets of Nazi super science. (3 min)




Maria Orsic (1895-?), or those who are not familiar with her name, was, supposedly, a Croatian medium who became a significant power behind the throne in Nazi Germany and is, nowadays, a prominent figure in the modern mythology which suggests that Nazi power was built on an obsession with, and successful mastery of, the occult. Various recent accounts present her as leader of the Vril Society, a sort of black lodge of magicians which supposedly helped Hitler to power, and was strongly connected to various other alleged mysteries of the period, such as UFOs and Nikola Tesla’s search for free energy sources.

However, Orsic (who also crops up online as Marija Oršić and Maria Orsitch) never existed. There are no contemporary accounts at all to suggest such a woman lived during the Nazi period, much less possessed any influence or occult power. Both Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, the longtime professor of Western Esotericism at the University of Exeter, and the Dutch researcher Theo Paijmans – two authorities whose work on the occult esoterica of the period I believe can be relied on – date her first appearances to German-language neo-Nazi videotapes circulated in the late 1980s and to books based on the same distasteful source material that appeared in Austria after 1990, and suggest she was the invention of a pair of far-right wing occultists, Norbert Jürgen-Ratthofer and Ralf Ettl. The key claim made by Jürgen-Ratthofer and Ettl – that Orsic was real and that her existence is proved by mention of her in a 1930 pamphlet Vril: Die Kosmiche Ukraft. Wiedergeburt von Atlantis [Vril: the Cosmic Primal Force. Rebirth of Atlantis] – is false; the pamphlet exists, but it contains no mention of the medium. Various images supposed to depict Orsic that pop up all over the place on the internet have been shown to be composites. Similarly, the long list of purported contemporary sources offered by an author calling himself Maximillien de Lafayette, who is one of the main boosters of the various conspiracy theories that have Orsic at their centres – ranging from the “huge files” on her supposedly maintained in the archives of the OSS, the NKVD, and “the British Occult Bureau, an official branch of MI5” all the way to “Eva Peron’s correspondence with Maria” – appears to be pure invention from first to last.

To begin this convoluted tale at the beginning: the idea of “vril”, a supposedly potent occult energy source, antedates the Nazi period. It was actually the invention of Edward Bulwer Lytton (1803-1873; a successful Victorian-era novelist possibly best-remembered today for beginning his 1830 novel Paul Clifford with the immortal phrase “It was a dark and stormy night”), who based most of the plot of his final book, The Coming Race (1873) around it. In Lytton’s imagination, vril was, in Paijman’s words, “an all-pervading, immensely powerful source of energy,” resembling electricity, “which can either heal or destroy”. In The Coming Race, Vril is used by an advanced civilisation, whom Lytton called the Vril-Ya, to power the technologically advanced civilisation which they create inside a hollow Earth. Vril energy, however, did far more than just act as a surrogate for electricity or coal or gas. In Lytton’s imagination it could also exercise “influence over minds and bodies animal and mystical, to an extent not surpassed in the romance of our mystics.” Just the thing, in short, that any self-respecting totalitarian dictatorship might value to keep itself in power, and a potentially recalcitrant population well in check.

Lytton’s ideas did not remain confined to fiction for long. They were quickly co-opted by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, who remains well-known as the founder of the theosophical movement; she incorporated a chapter titled “The coming force” into her The Secret Doctrine (1888) and suggested that “vril” was simply another name for the energy force termed “Mash-Mak” that she believed had once powered Atlantis. It was thanks largely to Blavatsky’s influential writings that Lytton’s work of fiction went on to have a long life in occult circles. One late manifestation of the idea, Paijmans notes, came in the form of a small and decidedly uninfluential pamphlet, Vril: Die Kosmiche Ukraft, which appeared in late Weimar-era Berlin under the imprint of the small specialist publisher Astrologische Verlag Wilhelm Becker.

So far as we know, this pamphlet had absolutely zero impact in its day, and there is certainly nothing in the contemporary record to suggest that it was ever read, much less believed in, by any of the long list of prominent Nazis whose attempts to make use of Vril-power are described in such triumphal terms today in various murky corners of the web. However, the publication did somehow come to the attention of the German science fiction writer Willy Ley, and it was Ley’s recollection of it, in the late 1950s, that provided inspiration for a pair of French writers, François Pauwels and Jacques Bergier, who incorporated Vril into their Le Matin des Magiciens, a best-seller first published in France in 1960. This book – in English translation as The Morning of the Magicians (AKA The Dawn of Magic) – became one of the foundational texts of the 1960s counter-culture and played a major role in introducing the idea – inaccurate but influential – that the Nazis had successfully sought to harness the occult in the course of their rise to power.

The version of events peddled by Jürgen-Ratthofer and Ettl owes a good deal to The Morning of the Magicians, but takes the speculation a good deal further than even Pauwels and Bergier did. According to the two Austrians, Vril first came to the attention of the first Nazis as a result of the work of the German occultist Adam Glauer, who – under the name Rudolf von Sebottendorf – helped to found an organisation known as the Thule Society in Germany in 1916. This group has attracted a good deal of attention, retrospectively, because in 1919 its leaders were early supporters of the DAP, or German Workers’ Party, which would soon become the NSDAP, or Nazis. According to Jürgen-Ratthofer and Ettl, however, when the Thule Society became involved in promoting the communist Räterepublik which briefly ruled in Bavaria in the chaos of the post-war period, it was Maria Orsic who led a group of right-wing members to secede and form the Vril Society. It was, thus, her group that made contact with the Nazis during the early 1920s, and which ultimately provide the Nazi state with the means to escape destruction in 1945 and flee to specially-constructed, Vril-powered bases in Antarctica from which they continued to monitor developments in the Cold War world using craft that we identify as UFOs – flying machines that had been built to plans that Orsic channelled from beings who lived on a distant planet.

There is, you may not be entirely surprised to hear, literally no contemporary evidence for any of these claims, and I am hesitant to give the bizarre ideas promoted by Jürgen-Ratthofer and Ettl any more exposure than we really need to answer your question, but, briefly, the account given by the two Austrians states that Orsic was a powerful medium who led an all-woman group, the Vril-maidens, who were capable of channelling both messages and detailed technical plans from a sort of Nazi utopia called Sumi-Er. This was a planet in the Aldebaran system, about 68 light years from Earth, entirely inhabited by Aryan super-men and super-women – the undesirable “degenerate races” of the system having been permanently exiled to a ghetto planet known as Sumi-An.

Beware the Seductive Legacy of Maria Orsic (1:08 min)

Freudian Slippers and Revelation of the Method

Freudian Slippers and Revelation of the Method

Professor Hamamoto of Cultural Forensics® shakes the family tree begat by Herr Professor Sigmund Freud and loosens all manner of rotten fruit that has dropped to the ground for wholesale consumption.  Professor Hamamoto’s video is the last one at the bottom of the page….I have posted a few short videos to introduce the characters.

A Timeline of Madeleine McCann’s Disappearance (2 min)

Clement Freud was a very powerful and prominent man; the grandson of the famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, a Liberal Member of Parliament, Rector of Dundee and St. Andrews Universities, Celebrity Chef, BBC Broadcaster, and was knighted by the Queen.

Clement Freud almost certainly was a pedophile and sexual predator throughout his life, and was only revealed after his death. His wife Jill (or June) acknowledged the allegations and apologized to the victims. Jill is also alleged to have had an affair with a 16 year old Jonathan Self whom also claimed that Clement and Jill had an open marriage. It is alleged that police and/or child abuse agencies were warned about Clement Freud before his death.

Clement Freud befriended and entertained the McCanns just after Madeleine’s reported disappearance. McCann’s spokesperson Clarence Mitchell worked for Clement Freud’s son, Matthew Freud.

ITV investigation: MP Sir Clement Freud accused of child abuse (3 min)

Cyril Smith was a member of the same political party and a friend.

Claims that CCTV footage of Cyril Smith was used in police training video – Newsnight (4 min)

British royalty and the Political establishment with its connection to Edomite royalty, who became the financiers of the Empire, is utterly corrupt. There are no doubt connections with Podesta etc. etc…

Freudian Slippers and Revelation of the Method (2:07 min)