Freudian Slippers and Revelation of the Method

Freudian Slippers and Revelation of the Method

Professor Hamamoto of Cultural Forensics® shakes the family tree begat by Herr Professor Sigmund Freud and loosens all manner of rotten fruit that has dropped to the ground for wholesale consumption.  Professor Hamamoto’s video is the last one at the bottom of the page….I have posted a few short videos to introduce the characters.

A Timeline of Madeleine McCann’s Disappearance (2 min)

Clement Freud was a very powerful and prominent man; the grandson of the famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, a Liberal Member of Parliament, Rector of Dundee and St. Andrews Universities, Celebrity Chef, BBC Broadcaster, and was knighted by the Queen.

Clement Freud almost certainly was a pedophile and sexual predator throughout his life, and was only revealed after his death. His wife Jill (or June) acknowledged the allegations and apologized to the victims. Jill is also alleged to have had an affair with a 16 year old Jonathan Self whom also claimed that Clement and Jill had an open marriage. It is alleged that police and/or child abuse agencies were warned about Clement Freud before his death.

Clement Freud befriended and entertained the McCanns just after Madeleine’s reported disappearance. McCann’s spokesperson Clarence Mitchell worked for Clement Freud’s son, Matthew Freud.

ITV investigation: MP Sir Clement Freud accused of child abuse (3 min)

Cyril Smith was a member of the same political party and a friend.

Claims that CCTV footage of Cyril Smith was used in police training video – Newsnight (4 min)

British royalty and the Political establishment with its connection to Edomite royalty, who became the financiers of the Empire, is utterly corrupt. There are no doubt connections with Podesta etc. etc…

Freudian Slippers and Revelation of the Method (2:07 min)


Sci-Fi and Deviance

Sci-Fi and Deviance

Although a prolific fiction reader, I was never a fan of Sci-Fi or of magic. Maybe there is a reason for that (lolz)

Professor Hamamoto has a wealth of knowledge and great insights into the culture which is a driving force behind the psychological war that we are now experiencing. The genre of science fiction is not just a technocrats wet-dream for programing us and preparing us for the age of AI and robots but also a means to socially engineer us to accept pedophilia and sterility as normal.  As Professor Hamamoto states Pride month is not not pride in identity but pride in Satan. Pride in transgressing because they believe that it is only through transgression that we can ascend. This is the intervention of Sabbatean Frankism into popular culture using science fiction as a Trojan horse to permeate the culture. Gnostic Luciferianism is the animating force behind science-fiction (and it is sponsored by Rothschild).

He begins by discussing The Last Closet a brutal tale of a harrowing childhood. It is the true story of predatory adults preying on the innocence of children without shame, guilt, or remorse. It is the story of Moira Greyland, whose Jewish parents were science fiction writers.

The Story of Moira Greyland (Guest Post)

Here are some others that he discusses.  Jewish science-fiction writers:

Also Hugo Gernsback (born Hugo Gernsbacher, August 16, 1884 – August 19, 1967) was a Jewish Luxembourgish–American editor and magazine publisher, whose publications included the first science fiction magazine, Amazing Stories. His contributions to the genre as publisher were so significant that, along with the novelists H. G. Wells and Jules Verne, he is sometimes called “The Father of Science Fiction”.


Then there is Samuel R Delany who married a very young Jewish girl Marilyn Hacker who introduced him to Sci-Fi writing and I suspect homosexuality because after having a daughter she came out as lesbian and Delany “identified as a gay man since adolescence” (lolz).

This brought a lot of new information to the table for me.  I don’t read or watch much science-fiction so it never penetrated my radar except for the strange story about Trump’s former Attorney General William Barr a Jewish convert to Catholicism.

His father, Donald Barr, was headmaster of the Dalton School from 1964 to 1974 (During the war worked for the (OSS) Office of Strategic Services forerunner of the CIA). During his time as Dalton’s headmaster, Barr is alleged to have had a role in hiring future financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein as a math teacher despite the fact that Epstein (who graduated from high school at the age of 16 and secured a full scholarship to Cooper Union) had failed to complete his degree and was only 21 years old at the time. In 1973, Barr published Space Relations, a science fiction novel about a planet ruled by oligarchs who engage in child sex slavery. It has been noted that the plot of the novel anticipates the crimes of Epstein and his convicted and prosecuted accomplice(the list of politicians and celebrities involved in sex crimes remains hidden), Ghislaine Maxwell.

A Jew writing a sci-fi novel that contains child sex-slaves (lolz).  They expose themselves (literally and figuratively).  This makes me now wonder about StarTrek as Shatner and Spock are both Jews.

I already knew about comic books and superheroes being a Jewish invention.  I will have to take a closer look at Wonder Woman and Professor Hamamoto‘s other work.  This was really excellent.

Science Fiction and the Normalization of Elite Deviance (1:12 min)

Professor Hamamoto of Cultural Forensics® introduces the landmark book by Moira Greyland on the role of science fiction in the teaching of deviant sexual behavior with special focus on the multigenerational psychopathology of her highly accomplished parents.









Neuro Manhattan Project

Neuro Manhattan Project

I created a Hamamoto  tag as his material is interesting.

Professor Hamamoto of Cultural Forensics® recounts the year he spent at Hiroshima University as a Fulbright Scholar and how this visit continues to inform the scholarly and creative projects he has undertaken to this very day.

One Year in the Life Of A Hiroshima Rōnin


The discussion centers around the Manhattan project and Oppenheimer which is attracting new interest (see below) now that we are on the verge of nuclear war (what a coincidence).  It also focuses in on the rivalry between Oppenheimer (I have become death, the destroyer of worlds) and Edward Teller the “father” of the H-bomb. See my old article:

The Chosenites

Freeman Dyson – Edward Teller: Like a spoilt brat (114/157)- 2min

Teller was generally disliked. He was a “climate activist” back in 1957 demonstrating that he was part of the Cabal:

"Teller was one of the first prominent people to raise the danger of climate change, driven by the burning of fossil fuels. At an address to the membership of the American Chemical Society in December 1957, Teller warned that the large amount of carbon-based fuel that had been burnt since the mid-19th century was increasing the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which would "act in the same way as a greenhouse and will raise the temperature at the surface", and that he had calculated that if the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increased by 10% "an appreciable part of the polar ice might melt"

Another “expert” (lolz) who thought Hurricanes could be controlled by atomic bombs and Harbour built using bombs (lolz).   Genius yet idiot.  Teller is just another nutty Edomite who was the inspiration in the Stanley Kubrick classic where he was represented by the role of Dr. Strangelove, the eccentric scientist the man with an artificial arm who speaks with a heavy central European accent.

Oppenheimer | New Trailer (3 min)

10 Questions You May Have After Seeing Oppenheimer Answered (14 min)

Professor Hamamoto makes the case that the development of the atomic bomb was the precursor to a Neuro Manhattan Project, a type of Neural Hiroshima where they blow up and deconstruct the mind. After-all it was Obama that initiated the year of the brain with Elon Musk and his neuralink being a natural outgrowth of a program that wants to construct a hive mind.   Destroy the old mind and replace it with a new collective mind.

Professor Hamamoto mentions Edomite science a number of times (roughly t=33, 50 and 59 min). He also draws on the occult nature of these projects. We know for example that Jack Parson was a Satanist and then there is Michael Angelo Aquino (an American political scientist, military officer, and a high-ranking member of Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan) but it goes much deeper because many of these Edomites are Sabbatean Frankists and Gnostic (alchemy) Kabbalists who believe they can become “gods” and transcend the material world.  However, all they can do is copy and destroy. They cannot create anything new (from scratch).

Hamamoto also mentions the Sci-Fi writer Philip K Dick who I believe was mind controlled and used as a “prophet” to “predict” the coming technocratic age and the social engineering. Now I know why I never much liked Sci-Fi (lolz).

Who is Philip K Dick? (6 min)

Hamamoto mentions the Zodiac Killers and RFK assassination by Sirhan Sirhan (gematia =66) who was obviously under mind control. Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Sirhan Sirhan didn’t kill my father. Gov. Newsom should set him free. The book, MKULTRA: Zodiac Killer, Sirhan Sirhan and Livermore Lab has the following abstract:

MKULTRA is an ongoing US government program run by the CIA, University of California, Stanford Univ., and the US nuclear weapons labs at Los Alamos and Livermore, with many other US and UK institutions involved. The animal studies for MKULTRA mind control were conducted at UC Davis in the monkey colony. Edward Teller and VP Nelson Rockefeller were very involved, as well as former WW II OSS officers who later became CIA. The animal studies were adapted for human application in the Applied Sciences Facility at UC Davis and tested in the Safe House (an old farmhouse) on N. Livermore Rd. in Livermore. Dave Silvey and many other children were tortured, experimented on, and murdered for decades in the vineyards of Livermore under this project. The Sunol Zodiac Killers (Frank Boscarello - Navy assassin, and Carter Kerlin - Navy assassin) were involved in the Livermore Safe House where Sirhan Sirhan was seen 3 days before the Bobby Kennedy assassination. The MKULTRA mind control program at the Safe House was developed as the prototype for HAARP, a global WMD secretly conducted in partnership by the Soviet Union and Livermore lab under the cover of the Cold War and Missile Defense/Star Wars. Dave Silvey's story is just a part of a larger story about new weapons of war developed by the Jason scientists for the Pentagon - weaponisation of the global electromagnetic spectrum to control weather, tectonics, mind control, rogue waves, subsurface mineral exploration, and many other applications. This is an extremely important story, one that has never been told in such detail and with very solid documentation. This story exposes the secret activities of the US shadow government and their collaboration during the Cold War to co-develop HAARP, the global WMD now operational.
Review by Leuren Moret, former Staff Scientist Lawrence Berkeley Lab, and Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab, and Livermore whistleblower (Nov. 1991). Listen to HAARP interviews at and more at

How much of that is true? I know of MK Ultra and their program but how much of the rest can be confirmed? It is interesting that the Livermore lab is built near Mount Diablo and that these physicist have an affinity with Shiva the goddess of destruction (the statute in front of CERN). The navigation beacon on top of the mountain is called the eye of Diablo (lolz). Mount Diablo is opposite Mount Zion.Surely that is not a coincidence. David Brevik, head of Blizzard North, got the idea for the name of the Diablo game franchise from Mt. Diablo while living nearby.

Whatever you make of this, there is some sort of eugenics death cult at work.   These scientist (alchemists) are occultists hoping to transform the human mind (and body). They have been using fear and chaos as tools for mind control. Hamamoto’s aside on Freud and Jung are entirely correct. We are the recipients of decades of mind control.  There is a war on for your mind.  Don’t give it to them.  It belongs to God.