Stinky beans

Stinky beans

Just made a fresh batch of natto using black beans instead of soy beans.  Very easy to make once you get the hang off it.   They don’t smell or look appetizing but we will probably mix some in with the next lot of stag chilli that we make.

This guy is frying soy bean natto:

Of course you can cheat and buy a supplement:

Amyloid-Degrading Ability of Nattokinase … – ACS Publications › doi › abs by RL Hsu · 2009 · Cited by 120 — In this study, we explored the amyloid-degrading ability of nattokinase, a fibrinolytic subtilisin-like serine protease, and determined the … Nattokinase Protects Against Alzheimer’s Disease – InVite Health › radio › 2009/02 18 Feb 2009 — Nattokinase may also prevent the build up of amyloid plaques in the brain linked to Alzheimer’s disease according to new research. Natto enzyme may reduce Alzheimer’s risk: Study › Article › 2009/02/16 17 Feb 2009 — Nattokinase, an enzyme extracted from fermented soy, may prevent the build up of certain plaques in the brain linked to Alzheimer’s, suggests … Amyloid-Degrading Ability of Nattokinase from Bacillus subtilis … › publication › 23714604… 4 Jul 2022 — … AD is a neurodegenerative disease characterized by the presence of amyloid plaques in the form of fibrillar proteins in the brain, and …




Brain Health

Brain Health

Two things that keeps repeating in all these videos is the benefits of fasting  and the importance of gut health (fermented pro-biotic food).  I have noticed the difference and can vouch for it but unfortunately my weight is back up.  Got to go back to the fasting.

The 6 WARNING Signs of Dementia (14 min)

The vitamin D debate

The vitamin D debate

It has been a while since I did a  health article. I have so much material to sort through. This one is important because vitamin D is being pushed as a prophylactic for Covid and it is not a vitamin but a master hormone and an immune suppressant which might be OK if your system is being pushed into cytokine storm or auto-immunity but on the flip side it could mask symptoms of other chronic diseases.   Some  even think that D is deliberately being pushed to make us more vulnerable.

I have already written an article To D or not to D in which I examined the question but some new videos have appeared so make your own mind up.   As for me my feet have seen huge improvements and my health is OK but I need to do more fasting and lose weight.  As far as D is concerned I am hedging my bets. I no longer take it as a prophylactic but only when I feel something coming on (usually my toes start going red and bad guts) and then I always take it together with Vitamin K2 MK-7.    I look at it this way…we make D under influence of sunlight on our skin so like everything we need to practice moderation.

When I get around to it I have something to post on elderberry (Sumbuco) as source of Vitamin C.   Stop using it and substitute with ordinary vitamin C.  Also, quercetin is very effective but don’t use it as a long term prophylactic.  More on all this when I find time.

Make up your own mind but the key word is moderation

As the D debate rages on the Raccoon server I say make your own mind up. A nefarious plot to kill us all or a miracle cure. I think the truth lies somewhere in-between. My strategy seems to be working for me but I really believe that intermittent fast days without any supplements or food are a good thing.




Safe and effective (20 min)


Salt and Sped

Salt and Sped

Salt Does Not Cause High Blood Pressure (10 min)

SPED is Walter’s term for Spike Protein Endothelial Disease (Damage?). The endothelium is a thin membrane that lines the inside of the heart and blood vessels. Endothelial cells release substances that control vascular relaxation and contraction as well as enzymes that control blood clotting, immune function and platelet (a colorless substance in the blood) adhesion.

Walter has a cure…one that I was already looking at and practicing although not consistently…namely Fasting and/or  Keto.   But first the article by Walter (top tweet) followed by two excellent articles on BHB.   Like I said, I was already practicing intermittent fasting and going more keto.  I am so far ahead of the curve that I frighten myself sometimes (lolz).  Perhaps I should follow my own advice more often.


Covid Cures

Covid Cures

Here are two videos on steps that can be taken to combat the effect of Covid.  I informed everyone about Natto at least a year ago and the same with fasting.  So I was ahead of the crowd and they are just now catching up.

Fasting effect on COVID-19 – COVID-19 update 61


Destroying spike protein! – COVID-19 update 60 (6 min)

Stress response

Stress response

Stress response + immunology link – Optimism training 2 WARNING: GLACIAL WINDS!(9min)

WARNING: GLACIAL WINDS IN THE BACKGROUND! You can still hear everything ok, but you will have nature’s engine on in the background throughout this video. We investigate some of the limited information related to how optimism might confer its biological health benefits and discuss a possible theory on how optimism might directly influence immunological outcomes. Described content: Optimism and stress response:… T-cells and immunity:…



Spike Protein Destroys Mitochondria

Spike Protein Destroys Mitochondria

Covid is not just “a flu” as some suggest and the vaccine is not a cure it is a toxic transfection which codes for the spike protein.  This article is part of an ongoing series about mitochondria and lipids because I have a special interest as my family carries the Fabry mutation causing  Lysosomal Storage Disorders (LSD).  Fabry disease modifies mitochondrial structure in four different organs.  Fabry disease, an X-linked genetic condition, results from alpha-galactosidase deficiency and increased accumulation of glycosphingolipids in cardiovascular tissues.  The other blogs in this series can be found here:

So this subject is of specific interest to me. At the moment my feet are fine. No sensations or numbness, no swelling, no red toes and no stabbing pains. My hypothesis is that every-time I encounter the virus it triggers the latent Fabry (I only have an 11% loading) so my strategy is to strengthen overall immune health and particularly mitochondrial health.  I just completed a 24 hour fast (without taking any supplements but drinking percolated coffee) and feel great but I need to lose more weight.  I have been taking Lipoic Acid (ALA and RLA) , CoQ10, Niacin as well as other supplements (Skullcap, D with K2 MK7, quercetin,NAC, C and Zn and the occasional melatonin etc etc). As well as that I am making and drinking my own kefir water, kombucha, kefir milk, making natto and trying to walk every day (got 2 hours in today). I am gardening and pickling my own veg and my chooks are laying eggs.  The Powers That Be have effectively pulled the pin on bio-warfare and we need to stay as healthy as possible.

Spike Protein Destroys Mitochondria (Studies)

It seems that my coffee and fasting are really doing the trick:

Caffeine and Autophagy To Reduce Fats in Liver


One of the comments under Walters article was particularly interesting.

Both ozone and UVB (Ultra Violet B) cause lipid peroxidation – the main difference being the amount of antioxidants and ROS produced.

Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are natural byproducts of cellular oxidative metabolism and play important roles in the modulation of cell survival, cell death, differentiation, cell signaling, and inflammation-related factor production. Mitochondria are an important source of ROS (reactive oxygen species) within most mammalian cells. This ROS production contributes to mitochondrial damage in a range of pathologies and is also important in redox signalling from the organelle to the rest of the cell

“UVB irradiation induces lipid peroxidation and reduces antioxidant enzyme activities”

“Ozone causes lipid peroxidation but little antioxidant depletion”

What conditions do we have at altitude – high UVB and low oxygen – those are the environmental conditions produced by the spike protein! Why are athletes more at risk of sudden death? – because their highly metabolic cardiac cells/mitochondria are under so much stress from both the spike protein and the exercise, they release a ton of UV (biophotons) and ROS/free radicals and blow the casket (heart). And all the medications found to be effective in covid have a great capacity to absorb UV light and therefore reduce this “Stress” eg Quercetin

“Inhibition of UVA and UVB radiation-induced lipid oxidation by quercetin”

It is this primordial REDOX balance in life/nature, between UVB and Oxygen that controls the actions of an aerobic cell – evolution has simply allowed adaptation on a multicellular scale.

This is not as fanciful as we have already seen the benefit of light on metabolic health:

Light and Life

Further Research

Fenofibrate protects lipoproteins from lipid peroxidation: synergistic interaction with alpha-tocopherol

Liothyronine (T3 thyroid hormone) seems to help upregulate mitochondrial biogenesis while decreasing Reactive Oxidative Species ROS, both in patients with mtDNA mutations and normal people. Effect of thyroid hormone on mitochondrial properties and oxidative stress in cells from patients with mtDNA defects

Lipid oxidation that is, and is not, inhibited by vitamin E: Consideration about physiological functions of vitamin E

Side note to self:   Get some vitamin E and eat more almonds

Vaccine Health Implications

Vaccine Health Implications

This has been tagged under health and under vaccines. the videos speak for themselves.  The evidence is in and can no longer be denied.  And yet people still line up for more and even subject their children. It has now become a religious dogma. Some people will keep vaccinating until they are either injured or dead. The people who made the videos below are doctors and  registered nurses.  They have been vaccinated and now they know that they were fooled.  Nurse Campbell still hedges his bets and tells us that they make “no difference”….I would go further and say that vaccines are part of the problem.

We warned you two years ago and were called conspiracy theorists, nuts, loony, right-wing, idiots.  The Cov-idiots are the ones who will have permanent brain damage (as warned by Doctor Kevin McCairn the systems Neuroscientist.   Some will turn into Covid_zombies characterized by lack of impulse control.

Some permanent long covid (20 min)

Link to free download of John’s 2 textbooks. (you may need to cut and paste this link into a brouser) Profiling post-COVID syndrome across different variants of SARS-CoV-2 Across all variants Central neurological cluster of symptoms Cardiorespiratory cluster of symptoms Debilitating multi-organ systemic inflammatory symptoms Central neurological cluster of symptoms Anosmia / dysosmia Fatigue Brain-fog Depression Delirium Headache (Largest cluster in both alpha and delta variants, and the second largest for the wild-type variant) Consistent UK Biobank study SARS-CoV-2 is associated with changes in brain structure in UK Biobank Reduction in grey matter thickness Tissue damage in primary olfactory cortex Reduction in global brain size Cardiorespiratory cluster of symptoms (Largest cluster in the wild-type period) Symptoms may reflect lung damage Dyspnoea Chest pain Fatigue Palpitations Consistent study from Medicine Clinical characteristics and outcomes of post-COVID-19 pulmonary fibrosis Post-COVID-19 pulmonary fibrosis is a severe complication that leads to permanent lung damage or death. Debilitating multi-organ symptoms (Present in all variants) Systemic/inflammatory Abdominal symptoms Myalgias (muscle pain) Vaccination and long covid we did not observe evidence of qualitatively different symptom clustering in vaccinated vs. unvaccinated individuals, with either alpha or delta variants. Background It is now evident that post-COVID syndrome presents with heterogeneous profiles, need characterisation to enable personalised care Methods Prospective longitudinal cohort study N = 336,652 subjects (Covid Symptom Study) Tested positive Long-COVID = lasting longer than 28 days N = 1,459 with post-COVID syndrome (more than 12 weeks of symptoms) One in 230 symptomatic, test confirmed cases Clustering analysis, to identify distinct symptom profiles Across Variants of SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination status at the time of infection Clusters were characterised Symptom prevalence Duration Demography Prior conditions (comorbidities) Findings We identified distinct profiles of symptoms for post-COVID syndrome Wild-type variant Four endotypes identified Alpha variant Seven endotypes Delta variant Five endotypes in vaccinated subjects Endotype a subtype of a disease condition, defined by a distinct pathophysiological mechanism Interpretation Our classification may be useful to understand distinct mechanisms of the post-COVID syndrome, as well as subgroups of individuals at risk of prolonged debilitation. Dr Claire Steves, clinical lead author, King's College London These data show clearly that post-COVID syndrome is not just one condition, but appears to have at several subtypes. Understanding the root causes of these subtypes may help in finding treatment strategies. Moreover, these data emphasise the need for long COVID services to incorporate a personalised approach sensitive to the issues of each individual. Dr Liane Canas, author These insights could aid in the development of personalised diagnosis and treatment for these individuals

Justin Bieber – Dormant Virus Reactivation – COVID-19 vaccines update 53 (8 min)

Who would have thunk it?  Who could have predicted it?  We did and we were scorned and ignored.

Why do dormant viruses come out of their latent state to start infecting again? We bring up Justin Bieber case and discuss the likelihood of experiencing shingles naturally and post vaccination and when such sudden virus infections occur in general. Described content: Ramsay Hunt syndrome: First reported case of RHS after COVID-19 vaccination: Shingles rate post vaccination: Virus reactivation: "COVID-19 - Q and A for the People#13" event on ZOOM: Epigenetic aging DNA test survey: Holistic proactive wellbeing event: or __________________________________________________________________ Dr. Raszek Credentials: