Restoring Liver Health

Restoring Liver Health

The body is a wonderful thing and given half a chance it can heal itself.  The liver is special in that it can renew and unexpected remission and reversal of disease does happen.  So don’t believe any medical professional that writes you off.   By all means explore the treatments offered by allopathic medicine as there are a number that prove effective especially methods that target tumors but always remember that the liver removes toxins and chemo therapy may overload the liver with toxins.

The previous article highlighting allopathic treatments is here:

Liver Cancer

The foods here are meant to supplement (not replace) any treatment and are not offered as an alternative to allopathic medicine although they can have remarkable results in themselves and are not as harsh as chemo.


*Warning some studies suggest that Aloe Vera may do harm to the liver (the jury is still out) although others show no net benefit.  Best to avoid Aloe Vera until the situation becomes clearer.


Caffeine and Autophagy To Reduce Fats in Liver (42 min)

I have written extensively on natto beans and I would urge people to either make their own (mine are made from black beans but usually soy beans are used). You can buy the natto beans frozen in Asian shops but if you don’t like the taste get a nattokinase supplement. Nattokinase is an enzyme that comes from a Japanese food called natto. Natto is made from boiled soybeans that have been fermented with a type of fungus. Nattokinase may thin the blood and help break up blood clots.  Why am I recommending Nattokinase?    I am recommending it because it breaks down the Spike Protein from the mRNA vaccines.  Your liver already has enough to cope with so either take the supplement or eat the beans to remove any spike protein.

Also remove all “white stuff” (sugar,flour,pasta etc) from the diet especially sugar and practice intermittent fasting.

How to remove visceral fat

1./ Sleep.  Visceral fat (known as ‘hidden’ fat) is fat stored deep inside the belly. It wraps around your organs and makes your gut stick out. It’s incredibly dangerous because it produces toxic chemicals, even in thin people (skinny fat). Visceral fat is a sign of metabolic syndrome which causes short & long-term problems like:

• Gout
• Stroke
• Cancer
• Anxiety
• Brain Fog
• Dementia
• Depression
• Liver disease
• Heart Disease
• Low Back Pain
• Type 2 Diabetes
• Low Testosterone

Visceral fat is destroying your mind and body in the short and long term.
Dysregulated circadian rhythm leads to a dysregulated metabolism.

Get to bed between 9-11p.

Wake up between 6-8a.

Get sunlight during the day.

Limit blue light at night.

2. Walking

120 years ago, we walked 23.5k steps/day. Now we walk 3.5k steps/day.

Walk 8k steps minimum.

Walk after meals to regulate blood sugar.

Walk in the morning to get morning sunlight.

Walk at night to calm the mind before bed.

3. Cut the cardio

Cardio is trading your time to burn calories.

Resistance training builds muscle which burns calories passively.

Focus on building muscle to lose fat (not burning calories).

4. Eat more protein

Protein builds muscle and leads to more calories burned at rest.

Protein burns calories through digestion.

Protein keeps you full reducing the need for snacking.

Eat more protein.

5. Increase testosterone

Testosterone is directly linked to excess body fat.

Boost testosterone by:

• Get sunlight
• Lifting weights
• Managing stress
• Getting 8 hours of sleep

6. Reduce chronic stress

Stress leads to the release of hormones that make fat loss impossible.

• Meditate
• Sleep more
• Get sunlight
• Nasal breathe
• Practice grounding
• Remove processed foods
• Move throughout the day

7. Get into a calorie deficit

To lose fat you need a calorie deficit. There’s no way around it.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Drink water
2. Stop snacking
3. Get leaner cuts of meat
4. Don’t drink your calories
5. Start your day with protein
6. Eat low-calorie, high-volume foods

How to shed visceral fat:

1. Sleep
2. Walking
3. Cut the cardio
4. Eat more protein
5. Increase testosterone
6. Reduce chronic stress
7. Get into a calorie deficit








First they cause the cancer then they cure the cancer (not).  What these people have done is disgusting.


It is all connected to the jab

Liver Cancer

Liver Cancer

This article was inspired by a good friend who has  found out that he has liver cancer. Recently there has been a remarkable global rise in liver cancer and other cancers. I wonder what could be causing  it?  Fortunately Astra Zeneca had the foresight to develop mRNA liver cancer treatments which is a good thing because their covid vaccine was withdrawn in many countries.   Our friend is reluctant to undergo chemo therapy as he saw a family member perish because of the treatment. However, there are a number of non-invasive treatments available including radiation therapy:

Foods and Supplements

Diet is important. Cut out sugar and anything white (bread,pasta,rice,flour) and start eating healthy.  Also try fasting and losing weight (intermittent fasting).

Milk Thistle


When life gives you lemons you should make lemonade.

Amazing Benefits of Eating WHOLE Lemons – Peel, White Part and Seeds (9 min)

I would use Manuka honey to sweeten the drink.

More treatments

I also recommended Rick Simpson Oil (Cannabis oil), and Turmeric as well as high doses of vitamin C, Manuka honey and Natto beans to kill any lingering SP. Supplement with K2(M7) and NAC.



Just broke a two day fast.  I even walked today and yesterday.  Getting too fat and sluggish. Probably only have tea tomorrow night.  Just came across this video (which I watched while eating, lolz).

Discover the Amazing Benefits of Intermittent Fasting: New Study Shows DNA Impact!(7 min)




The following are my observations (I am not a doctor, but then which doctors can you trust nowadays?).

Life is about balance and moderation.  Too much of anything is not a good thing.  It is extremely important to look after your immune system especially as they are deliberately trying to make us sick.

Vitamin D is now being heavily pushed as preventing Covid but Vitamin D is a multifunctional hormone that can lead to calcification if taken inappropriately. Here is Dr John Campbell promoting vitamin D.

Vitamin D, now conclusive (14 min)

I was taking Vitamin D at a high dosage as a prophylactic then (due to a high calcium blood-test level) I started taking it together with K2-MK7   I no longer take D as a prophylactic (daily dose) and never without K2-MK7.  I get plenty of sun and if anything solar radiation is increasing (UV etc) as we undergo magnetic excursion.  So, I might pop one if I feel something coming on.  See my other articles under the health tab on vitamin D (To D or not to D). D acts as an immune suppressant which helps with autoimmune or cytokine storm but the key word here is balance. Vitamin D is a multifunctional hormone that can affect many essential biological functions, ranging from the immune regulation to mineral ion metabolism. A close association between altered activity of vitamin D and vascular calcification has been reported in various human diseases, including in patients with atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, and chronic kidney disease (CKD).

Same with Zinc, Quercetin and  Bromelain, namely balance is the key word.  I no longer take them as prophylactic but  only when I think I might have been compromised or feel the onset of something (we are all becoming hypochondriacs).  Never take Quercetin  together with Ivermectin or with Digoxin (better known as Digitalis, used to treat cardiovascular disease). Zinc is an ionophore but remember that it is a trace element.

We eat (homemade) Natto if we suspect something. Not only does it degrade Spike Protein but it is very good at preventing cardiovascular disease.

Nattokinase + spike:…


We stopped taking Sambucol (Elderberry):

We take massive doses of high strength Vitamin C if we feel something coming on. And of course there is NAC.

Destroying spike 2: N-acetyl Cysteine – COVID-19 vaccines update 76 (15 min)

NAC and spike:… NAC fails:… NAC and clotting:…


The key word is balance (even with supplements).  We grow our own veg now and have fresh eggs from our chickens.  We know they are super-fresh and organic. I have even made dandelion tea from the “weed” purposefully grown in our garden. Also growing Nettles and Burdock along with Echinacea which has antiviral properties  but I hear that can cause anaphylaxis.   We also make our own Natto and I make Kambucha from Green Tea (a super food) and our own Kefir milk.   It all seems to be working for now.

However, my main recommendation (which I struggle with) is to cut out the carbs and sugar as much as possible and do intermittent fasting to detox and kick start the keto pathways. On the days when you fast take no supplements. And of course exercise (walking). Long story short.  Let your body heal itself. Practice balance.  Get fresh air and enough sleep. Sleep is very important (I really need to start following my own advice it is pretty good – lolz).

This from Walter:

Are your ears RINGING?

Are your ears RINGING?

I also suffer from tinnitus that came on suddenly about two years ago. Sometimes it is very loud and annoying.  I am sure that the Shumann resonance is changing as the global electric circuit is charged by lightening.  Some blame it on 5G but I doubt it.  Here is a previous article that I did:

Schumann Resonance and 5G

Go Vegan

Go Vegan

No thanks. No wonder the elite want to stop us eating meat.

Vegan BRAIN damage Compilation (6 min).


BREAKING – Twice Daily Zinc Study for COVID-19 Treatment (25 min)


Special K

Special K

I am not talking about Ketamine but about vitamin K.  If you take vitamin D (not a vitamin but a hormone) you need to supplement with K2 M7.  I no longer take D as a prophylactic but only when I feel compromised.  It should be taken with care as it is immune-supressant.  Been seeing and reading a  lot of good stuff about vitamin K2 (M7) in even helps with enamel repair as well as heart, kidneys etc.  It occurs naturally in fermented food.  Another bonus of my Kombucha and I like sauerkraut.  

Health Benefits of Vitamin K2: Heart, Bone, Cancer, Kidney Health (10 min)

Exposing the links between Calcium, Vitamin K2, and Plaque Buildup in Blood Vessels (14 min)

Stinky beans

Stinky beans

Just made a fresh batch of natto using black beans instead of soy beans.  Very easy to make once you get the hang off it.   They don’t smell or look appetizing but we will probably mix some in with the next lot of stag chilli that we make.

This guy is frying soy bean natto:

Of course you can cheat and buy a supplement:

Amyloid-Degrading Ability of Nattokinase … – ACS Publications › doi › abs by RL Hsu · 2009 · Cited by 120 — In this study, we explored the amyloid-degrading ability of nattokinase, a fibrinolytic subtilisin-like serine protease, and determined the … Nattokinase Protects Against Alzheimer’s Disease – InVite Health › radio › 2009/02 18 Feb 2009 — Nattokinase may also prevent the build up of amyloid plaques in the brain linked to Alzheimer’s disease according to new research. Natto enzyme may reduce Alzheimer’s risk: Study › Article › 2009/02/16 17 Feb 2009 — Nattokinase, an enzyme extracted from fermented soy, may prevent the build up of certain plaques in the brain linked to Alzheimer’s, suggests … Amyloid-Degrading Ability of Nattokinase from Bacillus subtilis … › publication › 23714604… 4 Jul 2022 — … AD is a neurodegenerative disease characterized by the presence of amyloid plaques in the form of fibrillar proteins in the brain, and …




Brain Health

Brain Health

Two things that keeps repeating in all these videos is the benefits of fasting  and the importance of gut health (fermented pro-biotic food).  I have noticed the difference and can vouch for it but unfortunately my weight is back up.  Got to go back to the fasting.

The 6 WARNING Signs of Dementia (14 min)