WEF Cover up

WEF Cover up

Graham Hancock and Randal Carlson are Gnostics with their own agenda to promote but nevertheless it is disturbing that the  excavation at  Gobekli Tepe is controlled by the Turkish Oligarch Ferit Şahenk who is a WEF forum member and who has halted the excavation at only 5% of 22 acres revealed. Basically work has not advanced for years and they are saying that Göbekli Tepe should be “protected” and passed on to future generations.

This site is at least 11,600 years old which is roughly contemporary with the Younger Dryas cosmic event and large fauna mass extinction. There is a reason the ancients buried the site (to protect it?). Important historical and archeological questions require answers.

Ferit Şahenk attend BC Boston College (founded 1863) a private Jesuit research university in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. Among other notables it is the alma mater of John Kerry (lolz). I would lay money on it that Ferit Şahenk is a Dönmeh Turk.

My conclusion is three-fold (1) they are afraid that the site might reveal information contrary their agenda (2) the information relates to a recurrent cosmic event (3) they know that we are on the  brink of such an event which will cause dramatic geological and climatic changes.

They want to control the narrative.  Who the hell do they think that they are?

You Won’t Believe This Disturbing Gobekli Tepe Update (23 min)



The Lies of the US Government

The Lies of the US Government

All Governments lie, the difference with the US is its ability to control the narrative through the media and finance and we know who is behind that. Looking forward to watching this.

The Lies of the US Government | Deception Complete Series | ENDEVR Documentary (3:21 min)


Hidden Hands and Cults

Hidden Hands and Cults

Lots of great material by Matt Ehret.  These are the people that run the world. Psychopaths and occultists.  Fill yer boots.

The Doenut Factory with Matt Ehret: The Cecil Rhodes’ Templar Revival and the Cult of Mithra (1:25 min)


The Occult Tesla


Part 1: Newton, Rosicrucianism and the Imperial Control of Science

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Part 6: Why Tesla Flattened Space and Attacked Einstein

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Part 8: The Occult Tesla



Breaking History Ep 42: Understanding the Venetian Hand Behind England (2:07)