Jewish Hitler and Zyklon B vaccines

Jewish Hitler and Zyklon B vaccines

I did not know whether to tag this under humor, conspiracy or history (lolz) so I used all three tags.   I save video links and articles and then when something interesting comes up it gives me an opportunity to put them all together.  Is it conspiracy?   Some of it is.  Is it funny?  Well I think a gay Jewish Hitler is funny. Is it history?  Some of it is.  This is what triggered the article (lolz):

I suggest someone report Lavrov to the antisemitic hate-line (lolz) :

Perhaps Lavrov stumbled across these websites (now removed but still available on the way-back archives):





Of course, the fact that “Kristalnacht” was organized by the Zionists and that the Nazis had an arrangement with the Zionists to help transfer Jews to Palestine is not Germaine to the question, nor is the fact that the Jewish Zelenskyy is perfectly happy to cooperate with  Nazi Azov brigades.  History does not repeat but it rhymes.


Six million Goy killed by Zyklon-B Covid Spikes

I could not resist this heading after coming across another article by Walter.  Now although his article is rather sensationalist it is becoming clearer that the S-protein (either from the virus or the vaccine) does effect mitochondria. Among the many other inflammatory and amyloid pathways the S-protein dysregulates electron transfer in a similar manner to other compounds (hence the Zyklon-B comparison).  We will see an increase in mitochondrial diseases (especially for those already genetically predisposed) but it will not be like walking into gas chambers (lolZ) but rather a slow deterioration in mitochondrial function.

Ukrainian Nazis, Anglo Zionist Suicide Pact, Food Shortages Loom & Nuclear False Flag? Alex Krainer (50 min)

I have not watched this yet…but just discovered this channel:


And Finally…..

How could I not complete the article by featuring Springtime for Hitler and Germany. All the world is a stage…said the octogenarian William Shakespeare…before getting the vaccine (which killed him) administered by a laughing Matt Hancock (lolz).



I place this here so that I can view it at a later date.  I am interested in the history. It is about Lyndon B. Johnson the 36th president and successor to JFK.  That is when it started to all go badly wrong.  Johnson’s father and grandfather were Christadelphians and Johnson himself was an ardent Zionist.  From what I have previously picked up he seems to have been a Machiavellian snake and bully and probably had a hand in the assassination of JFK who wanted to curb the power of the Federal Reserve and did not want Israel to go nuclear . Filed under things that make you go hmmm. One that I shall watch when I find the time.

Author Phillip F. Nelson on LBJ: From Mastermind to “The Colossus” (1:31)

In the name of Zion

In the name of Zion

This documentary is 6.5 hours long.  I have created the separate tag (category ) history for this.   I suspect that I know much of this already.  I intended to watch it fully (in stages) and comment on it.  I was always interested in history and it was a favorite subject. As I matured I realized that history was biased propaganda.

First Hour

Wow, just watched the first hour. Impressive putting together of the facts and very good clips.  It shows the power of the Jewish bankers and relates the history of the first World War and the rise of Hitler.  The Communist purges and holodomor. Shocking footage.    People are so ignorant of history.  This was very good….I might watch another hour.

Second Hour

Just completed the second hour. Of course, even though it is 6.5 hours long it just skims the surface.  I am glad that it does not put Hitler on a pedestal but I am also glad that it does not portray him as a monster.  The depiction is fairly balanced. Hitler did not want war and the facts surrounding the German enclave in Poland are correct.  Germans were brutally murdered in a genocide. Great Britain did not want peace but was determined for war.  Hitler had his hand forced.  I should think many people will be surprised to find out about the friendly relations between Nazi’s and Zionists and the “transfer” agreement.  People will also be surprised that the Jews were talking about 6 million deaths and a holocaust more than 15 years before it happened. It is quite clear that antisemitism has been weaponized.  I laughed at the Alex Jones clips (controlled opposition) because even he is singing a different tune now.  And by the way, the longest hatred is not against the Jews… is Jewish hatred against the Gentiles especially those of white Christian Europeans descent who in their view have usurped their birthright.  They mean to get it back (like the Jacob and Esau story).

Third Hour

This section demonstrates the close link between the Masons and the Jews and their shared love of symbolism and Gematria. The power of these secret societies shaped history. Jewish merchants ran much of the Atlantic slave trade and many of the cotton plantations were Jewish owned. The next section demonstrates the power of the Jewish owned media to act as king maker and control democracies. The last section demonstrates that 9/11 was perpetrated by Mossad to initiate the war on terror and to use the USA as a tool for the Yinon plan (Greater Israel) destabilization (balkanization) of the Middle East.


Will report on the fourth hour in the next few days