Ethnic Cleansing

Ethnic Cleansing

🔴 Truth Must Be Told: Israel Has Been Defeated | Syriana Analysis (58 min)

🚨 BREAKING: Iran’s Islamist Groups Directly ATTACK Israel

GAZA WAR UPDATE: Latest Figures, April 11 (2 min)

The Cause of All War in the Middle East (15 min)


Max Blumenthal : America Firsters Favor Genocide! (29 min)

The Iranian Threat

The Iranian Threat

Assassination Attempt on Syrian President Bashar Al Assad (1 min)

US Marine Officer Scott Ritter reveals the TRUTH about the Iran Israel War that’s starting now (16 min)


Yair Pinto: Israel Prepares for Iran WAR & Rafah Offensive to FINISH Hamas | Stakelbeck Tonight (9 min)

Turning Tables

Turning Tables

The table is turning against Israel.  Even one time leftist retards like Jon Stewart is speaking up as is Obama’s Defense Secretary. Watch the epic rant by Gerald Celente…..100% for his potty mouth (lolz).  Israel has lost.  I constantly tweet out to the hasbara trolls that they have done this to themselves.  Strategically and morally they have lost. Even Tucker Carlson has jumped on the band wagon.  You can only mow the grass for so long.  Then it grows back.

BRUTAL: Jon Stewart TORCHES US Support For Israel | The Kyle Kulinski Show (14 min)

Obama’s Defense Secretary CALLS OUT Israel’s War Crimes! (10 min)



🔴 This Tucker Carlson Interview BROKE The INTERNET | Syriana Analysis w/ Tim Anderson (48 min)


AI Genocide

AI Genocide

It was not us guvnor….it was the machine…  the computer that controlled the machine…    The first terminator was programmed to kill Palestinians in Gaza..

Welcome to your future goy lickspittles..



Prof. Jeffrey Sachs: Israeli AI Genocide & the AI Connection to COVID-19 (6 min)






Should not have made a deal with the synagogue of Satan….

Israel HUMILIATED as Iraq and Hezbollah Strike Oil Refineries, Ports, and Drones (16 min)

40 rockets launched from Lebanon towards Golan Heights (2 min)

Gaza Doctors Wear Civilian Clothes to Avoid Being Targeted by IDF (10 min)

Abby Martin on Gaza, Ukraine & Working at Russia Today | Ash Sarkar meets Abby Martin (1:02 min)


Eye for an Eye

Eye for an Eye

The whole world is about to go blind.

Iran retaliation coming? NYT: NO NATO for Ukraine. Blinken cope; China saved Russia from TATTERS (32 min)

Rus Storms Chasov Yar, Zelensky No Good Options; China: US Trapped Ukr, US Edgy Iran Attack Israel (1:25 min)


France wants conflict freeze. Russia said NO (22 min)

🔴 SHOCKING: Yellen THREATENS CHINA Over Trade with RUSSIA (9 min)

McDonald’s Furiously BACKPEDALING Over Support For Isr@el! (8 min)

Israel has lost the war in Gaza but wants to expand conflict (26 min)







The Great Harlot

The Great Harlot

I have been warning fellow Christians for more than 40  years that the Great Harlot controlling the beast is Zionism/Israel.  They have ignored me for 40 years. They blame the Catholic Church which (like all the Churches) has been subverted.

Hezbollah, Iraq, Yemen Hit DOZENS of Israeli and US Targets (Western Media Silent!)-10 min

Gaza War Update: Latest Statistics and Figures (5 min)

Israel Using AI to Target Gaza Civilians In Their Homes (20 min)