Christian Nationalism

Christian Nationalism


Not watched this yet but I suspect this is the flip side of the Hegelian dialectic.  Communism on one side Christian Nationalism on the other. They will synthesize the two opposites into a new age religion and world order under the anti-Christ.

Learnt something new about the second USA president and a big influence on the framing of the constitution. John Adams was raised in the Congregational church. In Quincy, the Unitarian faction was dominant and included Adams and his father. It was a new force in the colonies and denied the Trinity and the divinity of Jesus Christ. It was opposed by the Calvinist faction that was Trinitarian and emphasized Christ as the Savior.

Bunch of nutters, they are all coming out the woodwork. Shampoo Guru ruling the world.

These are the notes under the video:

Can't anything just be normal and organic? It doesn't appear so. Unfortunately, in addition to having to deal with a Communist Cultural Revolution in America, we also have to deal with the rising reaction it deliberately provokes ( That forces us to have to fight a two-front war if our desire is to preserve liberty and defend and maintain the United States of America. Not everyone, even on the "conservative" side of things, wants to do that, though, and this brings us back to the growing movement branding itself "Christian Nationalism" ( What is it? Well, that's a question with some legs, apparently. To see why, enter eccentric shampoo magnate Charles Haywood, who offers us "the politics of future past" (, and who calls himself "Maximum Leader" ( of something called The Worthy House (, as discussed with Tucker Carlson (¬†¬†¬†‚Äʬ†Charles¬†Haywood¬†on¬†Tucker¬†Carlson¬†Tod...¬†¬†), and who is the originator of the secret society called The Society for American Civic Renewal ( [don't miss "The Mark" (]. In this unhappy episode of the New Discourses Podcast, host James Lindsay reads Haywood's "Foundationalist" manifesto ( and starts asking some uncomfortable questions about what's really going on behind the "Christian Nationalism" movement and its apparent considerable reservoir of financing. Join him to wonder WTF alongside him.


WTF is Christian Nationalism? (2:56 min)

The Gnostic Temptation

The Gnostic Temptation

Very Good.


Both videos especially the second video.

“History is not about truth….it is about power¬† relations..”

OK … if that is what you believe then the Lord God will display his power and then you will know the truth.

Occult processed, all initiated into the secret order based on trauma


The Gnostic Temptation (23 min)