The Chosen

The Chosen

This is a good video by Adam Green (Green Baum? Green Blat? lolz) from Know More News (KNM), who has been banned from YT for being antisemitic.  He has evolved from warning about the Jews to warning about Christian Zionists (agree) to attacking all Christians and Jesus Christ as a “Jewish Plot”.  He has hosted   Christopher Jon Bjerknes (CJB)  who thinks Yahweh is a demiurge and Jesus a Kakodemon. I have debated CJB in a live stream and he conflates and distorts all sorts of myths and theology committing various logical fallacies in support of his message.  I believe that these people are controlled opposition and they garner an audience by attacking Jewry and then they gradually extend their argument to encompass Christianity. Green the anti-Zionist has visited Israel (and was not arrested as a far right anti-Semite).  He practices agitprop and I believe he has been planted for three reasons:


  1. Stir up anti-Jewish sentiment to scare American Jews back to Israel
  2. To allow for even tougher laws against “disinformation”
  3. In order to destroy Christianity and show that it is just another Jewish plot.  If Christianity is in bed with Judaism then that is a problem. If Christianity unhesitatingly supports Zionism, then there is a problem. Otherwise true Christianity has always been a bulwark against Judaizers.


Nuff said, I just don’t trust Green Baum….however…this video is good because it is just a number of clips without commentary from Adam Green.  The clips speak for themselves.



Are these videos antisemitic?   Well, they tell the truth so they probably are antisemitic. The first video is by a Chabad Jew who supposedly converted to Orthodox Christianity. The second is by  “Dirty” Harry and comes with a language warning.


I think Harry’s take on the geopolitics is correct.   The Jews (Rothschild) struck a deal with China but China is getting cold feet and watching it all go wrong hence they are turning to Russia.

BioTerror Industrial Complex and the Secret Deal Between the Jews and China (2:50)

Taking on the Rebbe

Taking on the Rebbe


A serious but sometimes humorous look at the Noahide laws and Chabad as I challenge the AI reebe and expose its inconsistent theology. The image of the beast speaks through A.I.
The world’s first A.I. rebbe:
PDF on the Shekinah:

On BitChute (1:34)


The Chosenites

The Chosenites

This is Erik Weinstein the brother of Brett Weinstein from the Dark Horse Podcast. Erik Weinstein received his PhD in mathematical physics from Harvard University in 1992.He was a a former joint managing director for Thiel Capital. So he his connected to the “right-wing” transhumanist Peter Thiel (from Frankfurt probably Jewish connected to Rothschild) the billionaire behind Plantir the company that specializes in big data analytics. I remember the cringe worthy interview that Eric Weinstein gave trying to exonerate his visit to the Epstein Mansion. During this clip he mentions the power of the sun a reference to the Teller Ulam designs for H-Bombs.The H-bomb is 1000x more powerful than the A-bomb and the reference to the sun is because it uses Hydrogen fusion like the sun. An atomic bomb uses either uranium or plutonium and relies on fission, a nuclear reaction in which a nucleus or an atom breaks apart into two pieces. To make a hydrogen bomb, one would still need uranium or plutonium as well as two other isotopes of hydrogen, called deuterium and tritium. The hydrogen bomb relies on fusion, the process of taking two separate atoms and putting them together to form a third atom.

Stanisław Marcin Ulam was from a wealthy Polish Jewish family of bankers, industrialists, and other professionals and Ede Teller was born on January 15, 1908, in Budapest, Austria-Hungary, into a Jewish family. Of course, without Einstein and the other Jewish scientists we would not have the power to destroy ourselves.

Chosen to unleash the power of the sun (4 min)

Are we supposed to say “thank you”? The Jews are helping make the earth uninhabitable so that we can become an intergalactic species? (lolz). So many planets to blow up and so little time. The Jews do seem touched by God and they have exceptional abilities but they also display narcissistic psychopathy and neuroticism. That reminds me of a quote by another Jew (Oscar Levant): “There’s a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line.”

The fundamental problem with humanity is human nature and we will take that nature with us wherever we travel in the galaxy. Interesting that God should chose such a narcissistic,stubborn self-absorbed, brilliant people as a vehicle through which to display his mercy as they seem to have wholly given themselves over to rebellion and the dismantling of his creation. Despite his chastisement they are unrepentant and unswerving in their drive to make of themselves transhuman gods. The irony is that Eric Weinstein is partially correct as humanity will be reformed and transformed by a Jew that they rejected.

So, we must rely on the cold calculating transhumanist logic of Jewry (Spock) to escape the prison of this body and prison planet and become an intergalactic species to live long and prosper.  The ultimate irony is that the Spock greeting is based on the rabbinical El Shaddy blessing with his hand forming the shape of the Hebrew Shin ש‎ (sh).  The promise of the Shaddy name was the blessing of fruitfulness and progeny   e..g., lots of descendants – the very thing that causes these Jewish eugenicists so many problems.  The irony is in my view exquisite.   The very blessing of fecundity causes the problems as it did originally in Egypt with too many Hebrew babies being born.   The Egyptian solution was to kill the male babies and enslave the Hebrews. 

They have learnt nothing from their history.  The problem is not overpopulation it is their faithlessness.  Their grasping at divinity. Take this to heart;  I said ye are gods but ye shall die like men (Psalm 82:6-7 repeated by Jesus in John 10:34).  It is the Jews with their scientific brilliance and acumen who are behind the GOF virus.  They left their fingerprint on the virus as the Furin Cleavage Site has a gematria value of  72.


Moreover, the  K26R polymorphism gives some Ashkenazi Jews an advantage. The K26R variant is produced by the minor allele of the rs4646116 SNP. On gnomAD v2 only 1.2% of Ashkenazis have the minor allele.

Basically only 1% of the 1% therefore not all Ashkenazim but a minority of a minority. Those who possess the power and the funding to subvert nations, start wars and corrupt science. They are obsessive and dangerous and willing to sacrifice their own fellow countrymen to achieve their ends.   So not all Jews are involved but only certain dynastic families that have psychopathic tendencies.  They do not get to build the New World Order based on their lies and deception.

Who is the enemy?

Who is the enemy?

This is not to condemn all Jews as being complicit and does not excuse gentile behavior. However, they condemn themselves through the things they say and do. The Jews hate whites. They feel that their position has been usurped.

Not listened to this yet. I can already predict that it will contain bad language and ranting. View at your own discretion.

Rage Against Anyone Except The Actual Enemy

And here are the goy who have been seduced:

Masonic Illuminati FIGHT CLUB 1 and 2 (13 min)




Free the Jews

Free the Jews (52 min)

Highly Recommended

This is very good and exactly what I have always said.  The Jewish people are being used by their own power “elite”.  They have been deliberately victimized and traumatized. They use it as a tool. 


WORLD CUP 2022, Kanye West Infowars

WORLD CUP 2022, Kanye West Infowars

Tagged under Jewishness because it seems t be the theme running through the news, even the World Cup.  Interesting and entertaining stream.  Elon Musk has kicked Kanye off Twitter for “hate speech” and Kayne posted an image of Musk looking fat in bathers.  Are you not entertained? (lolz)  Never forget that Ye had a Jewish handler  (see the video by Amazing Polly) who threatened to institutionalize him.  They probably MK Ultra a lot of these stars.

WORLD CUP 2022, Kanye West Infowars, and More: Richard Medhurst LIVE (2:00)

Epstein’s Friends

Epstein’s Friends

What is it with Jews and their transgender agenda? The Pritzker family of Jewish billionaires originated in Kiev. They have corrupted everything they touched.

Bombshell Epstein secrets about to be revealed, and they are nervous | Redacted with Clayton Morris (12 min)

The Jews

The Jews

Never forget that the Jews run both sides of the equation.  Both sides. But God runs everything.  He runs them all.


The anti-defamation league (ADL) that fights antisemitism in the USA is very powerful and the organization justifies itself by lionizing Leo Frank.

Don’t Let Them ERASE This from History!(13 min)


Steve Pieczenik (who is Jewish) is supposedly one of the good guys…but in the end never forget that they run both sides.  Divide and Rule and controlled opposition is their game. Here is a previous article on Steve Pieczenik.

Putin and Ukraine

Here is Mark Kulacz’s page on  Steve Pieczenik. Do I trust him? NO. But I believe that sometimes he tells the truth. I am surprised at how he talks about Israel.