NATO Child Soldiers?

NATO Child Soldiers?

Another nearly four hour stream covering geopolitics and the ongoing bio-warfare. Make no mistake you are at war and it is going to get worse.  In fact they need to escalate in Ukraine in order to cover their crimes.  Ukraine is now dragging 16 year old children onto the front line. Dr McCairn analyzes the conversation between colonel MacGregor and  Judge Napolitano. At one point MacGregor  says that the war has made Russia stronger.  It is having the opposite effect that the neocons envisaged…or perhaps not…perhaps the Jewish neocons want failure. Kevin also plays this video by Brother Nathanael. Now we know he is Jewish and probably controlled opposition but what he says is true.

America’s Ukraine Screwup by Brother Nathanael

Kevin also shows a clip which looks like chemical warfare (sarin?) or is it Russian Agitprop?

Drone ‘EXPLODES IN THE AIR’ Near Moscow. Russia Moves On Seversk. Ukraine Using CHEMICAL Weapons(18 min)

Kevin invites Charles Rixey the ex-marine onto the show to discuss the chemical warfare clip and the direction where this is all headed. This is not over, they are about to escalate on all fronts to cover their misdeeds. Jonathan Couey has abandoned Charles. Personally I have no reason to doubt Charles’ integrity and commitment.  He lost family members and lost his home and is determined to take the fight to their door.   He is obsessed with getting justice and does not want to see evil triumph. I can respect that.

NATO Child Soldiers? Shaheeds, WEF Pandemic Accounting (3:42)

Architects and Engineers For 911 Truth

Architects and Engineers For 911 Truth

Very good stream listened to it while doing research

This might seem like old hat and reheating the bath water but the fact that we are face bio-warfare and possibly WW3 is a direct consequence of 911 which killed 2,996 people on the day and at least another387,072 civilians have died violent deaths as a direct result of the U.S. post-9/11 wars. Probably more like 2 million total if we count military deaths.  Always remember that anthrax (made in Fort Dietrich) was released and blamed on Dr. Bruce Ivins.  The Patriot Act was rushed in and the surveillance state became more oppressive.

The take away is that these people do not hesitate to kill.  The pandemic is much worse than 911 and they will kill even more with the vaccines. We are facing a binary attack and psychological warfare.  After the interview with Richard Gage Kevin talks with Rixey.  Another very informative stream.   In the previous stream Dr McCairn highlighted an NHS job advert for someone to administer vaccines as a “counter measure” (military term).  We are not done yet.  I can see them declaring war on Russia and issuing in martial law and forced vaccines.  They are not done yet.  You are at war.

Richard Gage – Architects & Engineers For 911 Truth (4 hrs)

Streaming With Chris Thrall

Streaming With Chris Thrall

This was a mega stream with Chris Thrall.  I am told that Kevin was “well behaved” during this  stream (lolz).  Dr McCairn is breaking through on various platforms.  Not listened to the whole stream yet but a good one for the background.

Streaming With Chris Thrall – Brought The T-Shirt Podcast (4:31)

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Another stream by doctor Kevin McCairn and he is rightfully angry so warning about salty language (lolz).  These are the two articles you need to pay attention to:


Wars & Rumors of Wars, 150 Virologists Coom 4 GoF, SARS Bioweapon Neuroscience (2:37)

Uranium Red Lines, Pfizer Vaggotry

Uranium Red Lines, Pfizer Vaggotry

Highly recommended 5 hour stream,

I thought this was a top notch stream and not just because I participated (lolz).  Dr Kevin McCairn asked me to join in as the “religious expert” (lolz) and if I am honest I would have liked to present a more systematic   case but I was caught on the back-foot. This is what I wrote to the good Doc afterwards:

Hi Kev, Great Stream but I don't think I did the subject justice. I hope to draw all the various threads together and make a new video backed up with sources so that I can get to the bottom of their ideological position. I am only just starting to figure it out myself but it appears that there is overlap between the communists/atheists and the Kabbalists. Trying to get my head around it myself as the positions would seem like extreme opposites but not if you regard the emerging "collective" consciousness as some sort of god manifestation. So transcending the mundane earthly material existence into a Virtual world created by them.

I think the good Doc is based because he keeps an open mind.  At one point he says that there is enough blame to go around for everyone (very true)… It is not just China, or….

They want to push (nudge) us into adopting certain positions. The Project Veritas sting operation is a good example. On the face of it Pfizer was caught red-handed dong GOF work disguised as “directed evolution” in a real “gotcha” moment with a so-called Pfizer executive who was obviously hoping for a happy ending on a gay date (hence the title gay Vaggotry, lolz).  Now my own confirmation bias and what I know about these nefarious corporations  makes me want to believe.    Do I think these corporations are mercenary institutes willing to do anything to further their agenda?  Yes, I certainly do and I also believe that they not only contemplated, but put into practice their  agenda…..and yet….the Veritas sting leaves a bad taste especially once you do some digging:

They have more or less whittled it down to four positions some of them polar opposites but here is the catch, life is complex and there are many areas of overlap between these positions and they are exploiting that psychologically by dividing us into camps.

1. The virus does not exist
3. All the damage comes from Covid (long Covid or SARS)
4. All the damage comes from the vaccine
2. Binary as in the damage comes from Covid &Vaccine

There should be no doubt that we are at war and enormous resources have been pumped in over decades (and are still being pumped in) to discover and develop these agents which are not just biological warfare tools but also a means that will allow us to discover how to manipulate and extend life.  This is dual use technology and it all depends on what hat you want to wear (bio-warfare or transhumanist).  Some people wear both hats at the same time and it depends what face they want to show you. They are doing a one man theater. If you put them in the dark they glow (a glowie is a CIA agent):

The Pfizer response seems to close the case. They are obviously contradicting themself and therefore they inadvertently establish the truth of the claim. But do they??

According to JC Couey who has joined the RKJ crew we are still being played as the Veritas sting supports the narrative that leads to acceptance of the WHO Pandemic Treaty(

Show Notes

Here are the rough time-slots and some of the highlights:

26:00 Zelensky Ukraine followed by Veritas
41:00 Davey Crocko
01:14 Tucker and Malone

01:47 Ashkenazim have an advantageous polymorphism. In other word they have less binding proclivity.The Wuhan (original strain has less affinity for Ashkenazi Jews). On the other hand the Omicron variant has more affinity but is less dangerous therefore it would confer immunity. ACE2 coding variants in different populations and their potential impact on SARS-CoV-2 binding affinity:

02:16 Charles Rixey introduced. Charles is not a ranking the virus for lethality.It’s a ranking of strategic potential as a bio weapon. Lethality is messy, and much easier to notice as a violation of the Biological Weapons Convention. For example, Ebola burns itself out rapidly and the spread (transmission) is easy to track. Sars is slow burn, it is incapacitating, difficult to track (asymptomatic). People need t0 think strategically. Rixey is a WMD analyst.

Rixey has based this on a military threat assessment criteria already published in 2018  namely, Analysis of the Virus SARS-CoV-2 as a Potential Bioweapon in Light of International Literature,

03:45 Hebraic eschatology,prophecy and self-fulfilling prophecy

03:52 I join the discussion

Full stream

Uranium Red Lines, Pfizer Vaggotry, Other Assorted Madness (5:07)

Turd in the Punch-bowl

Turd in the Punch-bowl

How do you make the truth unpalatable?  You do this by telling a partial truth.  If the truth is a punch-bowl the bits of fruit would be like parts of the truth but if you then lay a big turd in the bowl it becomes toxic.  You have contaminated everything.  This is what has been constantly happening.   These are either psyops or they are being signal boosted….either way they are a distraction and misinformation.  Is venom used for medication and is it patented?  Yes.  are there partial venom epitopes in the Spike Protein? Yes.   Are we being injected with snake venom? No.  Is it being put in the water?  No.

More Tanks – No thanks, Bio-Labs, SARS Madness, Venom In The Water Redux (2:54)

LIVE:Reports From The Bio-Warfare Front

LIVE:Reports From The Bio-Warfare Front

This is LIVE and I am listening to it while doing other work.  Very good.  So much going on but I am trying to keep on top and keep you all informed.  We are at war.  The viruses and vaccines are meant to cause long-term chronic disease and dependence on pharma.  Three years I have been at this.  Three years. We will not stop.  NEVER. The lies need to be exposed and it is all staring to unravel.

Reports From The Bio-Warfare Front With Charles Rixey

This from the last stream: