Lab Chronicles: Continued Analysis Day 2 (9 Aug)

Lab Chronicles: Continued Analysis Day2 (9 Aug)

The previous stream on the first day analyzed:

1) Opened vial of Moderna – no Phosphorus found
2) Unopened vial of Pfizer –  Phosphorus present
3) Opened vial of J&J –  Cu present (adjuvant or anti-fungal?)

A full report will be produced after all the lab work is done.

Lab Research Updates – Day 2  (2:11) WTYL:


Day 2 Finding:

1. Moderna -No phosphor

2. Pfizer- Phosphor present

Lab Chronicles: Kevin reports back

Lab Chronicles: Kevin reports back

Dr McCairn drove half the night to get back home and deliver a report.  I have downloaded the video and reformatted for Odysee (minus intro and outro):

SEM/EDX Analysis of Vaccine Results Round Up And More Pfizer Has Arrived (1:12)

Here was the previous Lab Chronicles article with my comments:

Lab Chronicles: Crystalized vaxx with Raman Spec


Lab Chronicles: Crystalized vaxx with Raman Spec

Lab Chronicles: Crystalized vaxx with Raman Spec

Raman Spectroscopy is a non-destructive chemical analysis technique which provides detailed information about chemical structure, phase and polymorphy, crystallinity and molecular interactions. It is based upon the interaction of light with the chemical bonds within a material.  Dr McCairn has samples that have crystalized making them suitable for Raman spec.

This is a short stream where Dr McCairn is again looking for a phosphorus signature to see if any RNA is present in the sample. Previously he used SEM/EDX and now Raman Spectroscopy. Raman can also be used for Quantitative label-free RNA detection. At one point Kevin holds up this article (reversed by the camera) to his audience.  This shows that pure samples at known concentrations of RNA/DNA can be detected using Raman.

The crystal give the same results using Raman as those using the  EDX/SEM analytical techniques namely an absence of detectable phosphorus (P) in both Moderna and Pfizer suggesting that the samples only contain lipids (Cholesterol/PEG).  The typical double graphene peak at 1500nm was absent putting to rest the speculation about graphene. All the peaks are about 1100 nm and indicative of the Carbon-Hydrogen bonds formed by lipids. There is no phosphorus (P) present.  I have screen shot and gone over the trace on Kevin’s computer screen with red.  Hopefully Kevin will produce a fuller report when all his experiments are completed.

Dr McCairn is trying to conserve lab-time because it is expensive but from half way the month he will gain access to multiple fresh production vaccine samples and will not have to wait for customs clearance. He is also looking to acquire pure DNA/RNA and lipid standardized samples as controls.  So far there is no phosphorus signature in the Moderna or Pfizer samples which is unusual because phosphorus forms part of the sugar back-bone of all RNA and DNA biological samples.  They look like non-functional samples (placebos). Dr McCairn wants to try NRM, PCR and especially cell cultures to see if he can induce amyloid formation.


Lab Chronicles:Looking at Crystalized Moderna with Raman Spectroscopy (37 min)

Here is the Odysee version:

( to be posted when ready)

Lab Chronicles: Mapping Vaccines

Lab Chronicles: Mapping Vaccines

Lab bench work can be tedious and repetitive (I should know) and it is as important to rule things out as it is to rule them in. I have edited the video and accelerated segments up so that the video is cut down from about 2:22 mins to 22 mins. Dr McCairn with the assistance of Rimo live streamed the testing and employed SEM and EDX for elemental mapping.

SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy) provides detailed high resolution images of the sample by rastering a focussed electron beam across the surface and detecting secondary or backscattered electron signal. An Energy Dispersive X-Ray Analyzer (EDX or EDA) is also used to provide elemental identification and quantitative compositional information. Genetic material should contain phosphorus [P] and nitrogen [N].

Dr McCairn commences with a platinum coated biological sample (as control) but cannot find nitrogen and wants to repeat the test without the coating. He detects the presence of phosphorus [P] and nitrogen [N] (out of range) in the biological control sample.This demonstrates that [P & N] in biological samples can be detected, however better control samples are needed. There was no detectable N or P in the Moderna vaccine that was tested. The audio is not very clear due to the masks and background noise from the equipment.

SEM/EDX – Mapping Jabberwockies (22 min)

Raman Spectroscopy

Raman Spectroscopy

Here are the initial findings of the lab work done by Dr Kevin McCairn. I expect that I will add comments and update when I find time.

Raman Spectroscopy & SEM/EDX Data: Is Graphene Oxide In Jabberwocky’s? (2:21)

The Lab Chronicles (Part 2)

The Lab Chronicles (Part 2)

Dr Kevin McCairn continues his testing of Moderna Vaccine with his own blood live on camera.  This video has been edited down from 3 hours to 38 minutes. As with the first analysis the vaccine contains a large amount of unidentified particulates. It might be possible to determine the composition using Raman spectroscopy and Kevin has booked lab time.

Unlike Pfizer the Moderna vaccine does not de-saturate the heme and the platelets do not seem as viscous producing roulette “stacking” formations but Moderna is diluted and apparently the Pfizer was a concentrate.

First Blood- all he wanted was a coffee and breakfast


The Lab Chronicles (Part One)

The Lab Chronicles (Part One)

I decided to create a separate tag called LAB CHRONICLES for analysis done by Dr Kevin McCairn the systems neuroscientist. I thought it was good to have a chronological record of the work done collected under a single tab. Unlike other alt-media “scientists” Dr. Kevin McCairn does the work live on camera so no sleight of hand is involved. One of the objectives is to debunk much of the false science that is promoted as “click bait” or even worse as psychological operations by pharma and intel services to sow confusion and discredit “anti-vaxxers”. We have seen people promote “hydras” in the vaccine, “chips” in the vaccine, nanbots, graphene blades blah, blah. Self-assembling graphene (or with the help of 5G?) seems to be a favorite.We have also seen “magnetic vaccines”. Everything bar the kitchen sink has been found in the vaccines by someone or other.

Now it is true that Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles (SPIONs) are being researched to deliver DNA vaccine genes via magnetofection and Graphene Oxide is being researched for smart drug delivery and as a potential vaccine carrier. Some of these claims have a basis in reality but are exaggerated.

So the vaccines need to be analyzed properly if only to debunk the many theories out there. There are legitimate concerns about the vaccines especially about the quality control process. We know that people died in Japan and contaminated vaccine batches were withdrawn.

NZ doctors call for halt of vaccine rollout while quality control issues are investigated

Having worked as an industrial chemist I know the difficulty of scaling products up for production and the difficulty of producing uncontaminated cosmetic thickeners (polymers) for face creams. I can only imagine the difficulty involved of producing sterile vaccines in such huge quantities so speedily (warp speed). It is a recipe for disaster and that is if it even works (which it doesn’t).

Pfizer vaccine

In the past Dr McKairn examined Pfizer vaccine live on camera and drawn his own blood in which a drop of vaccine was placed. This showed that the vaccine destroys heme in the following blood samples. Of course we are not mixing vaccine and blood in the concentrations shown below, nevertheless this should not happen. Deprivation of oxygen is one of the symptoms of covid as is clotting. Something is badly wrong. The blood looks bleached out… eventually it is no longer red but loses all color. These are the key slides from the previous lab-work stream.
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Moderna Vaccine

Dr Kevin McCairn places Moderna vaccine under the dark-field microscope and compares it with saline solution and Graphene Oxide. This is an edited version of a 2:17 min video.

Live streaming the Murderna vaccine under the dark-field microscope (1 hour)

Here is the running order of my edited version:

00:00 Setting up a clean slide with saline solution (some micro cloth fibers)
14:06 Moderna covid vaccine shown to camera
14:51 Moderna vial opened on camera
16:40 Drop of Moderna vaccine added to the saline
19:04 Cleaner than Pfizer (first impression)
25:00 Particulates moving (heat of the lamp causes movement)
26:00 Saline with streaks of vaccine (no free floating particulates)
27:00 Salt crystals drying saline
28:00 Drying meniscus
31:00 Large artifact-saline drying?
34:00 Glowing particles
35:27 Plain glass
38.31 Edge of saline
39:00 Vaccine – full of particulates
40:53 Edge
41:50 Saline dropped next to edge
42:00 New slide
43:05 Edge -glass-saline -under darkfield
43:42 Imperfections in the glass thru ultrasound cleaning
46:07 Vaccine
46:25 Lots of particles
47:50 Injectables should not contain particulate matter
49:40 Saline comparison
53:00 Vaccine
53:49 Wow
54:38 Moderna all sorts of particulate matter
55:39 Debris in the solution outrageous
56:15 Graphene Oxide solution tested by way of comparison
59:00 Moderna
01:01 This needs explaining (at 100X magnification second lowest power)

The two minute tweet version of the above one hour video:

Particulate Matter Testing

Particulate Matter Testing is required on all pharmaceutical products that come in contact with human blood or tissue. The standard is USP 788 for blood and tissue and USP 789 for contact with the human eye.

Testing Vaccines final dose form to USP 787 Subvisible Particulate Matter (23 min)


Raman Spectroscopy

Dr Kevin McCairn’s next step is to test the Moderna vaccine  with his blood and he has also booked lab time to do Raman Spectroscopy.

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