Shots Have Damaged Our Fertility

Shots Have Damaged Our Fertility

This is Sam Dobson and his broadcast To the Lifeboats and it is really good.  He just got banned of twitter for this.  I think I will create a Lifeboats tag for this program.

I like his style and the way he presents his information.   If nothing else listen to the first 15-20 minutes. Shocking.  Truly appalling how they treated the vaccinated.    They are evil psychopaths.

We're going to look at the data surrounding fertility: What's happening to Birth & Abortion Rates; What They Knew; What the Studies Show

There's a focus on male fertility as it relates to the shots. These could be seriously bad for reproductive health in young children.

Twitter permanently suspended my account over this video an hour after it completed. This is a very sensitive subject to the powers that be who fear the backlash of the public figuring out they've been lied to and left barren.

Banned On Twitter For This: COVID Shots Have Damaged Our Fertility