US strike?

US strike?

Much of this is just disinformation or posturing. From the ridiculous to the sublime “Russia did it” at this point who knows what is happening?  Iran test missiles then the US targets Iranian troops in Iraq.   That is what we are supposed to believe. And the “Trump riot”  was organized by “Russia”.


WAR with Iran

WAR with Iran?

Also some interesting speculation on what is happening regarding the troops in Washington etc and the inauguration.

P.S. The story about the Arrest of the Pope is fake news (if only it were true).


Ominous Installation: Suicide Drones being deployed from Iran to Yemen

Israeli citizens could soon come under stealthy attack by Iranian drones originating from Yemen – a  ploy that would doubtless bring a response of “plausible deniability” from Iran should the Houtis of Yemen decide to send their Shahed-136 drones against the Jewish state. The drones are claimed to have a range of from 2,000 to 2,200 kilometers (1,240 to 1,370 miles) – placing Israel well within range of the drone fields of Yemen – and to have the ability to “loiter” over a target area awaiting the most propitious moment to strike.

This particular drone does not fire missiles but instead, is itself a missile on a “kamikaze” mission. Unmanned, it risks no operator’s life and has been designed to be entirely disposable.

The nation of Yemen is at great risk of being taken over by Ansar Allah, a violent Iranian-backed Shiite group which has as its slogan, “Allah is Greater. Death to America. Death to Israel. Curse on the Jews. Victory to Islam.” It is that group that controls the new drones…

As if it needed added reasons to attack Israel, Iranian authorities have cited the US/Israeli assassination of Gen. Qesem Soleimani about a year ago in Baghdad, and Israel for the assassination of a prominent Iranian nuclear scientist in Tehran recently. The Iranians have vowed “revenge” for both attacks.

Readers should not sell the Houtis short as to having the ability to conduct such successful attacks: on December 30th a Houti missile strike on the airport in Aden was undertaken ostensibly to kill the newly-arrived Yemeni prime minister and cabinet members who had just landed there. About 25 people were killed and 110 wounded in the significant attack. <>Yahoo

A nice little war

A nice little war?

It looks like the dying days (??) of the Trump administration might see war with Iran.

US Israeli Strike on Iran in Syria

Is Mike Pompeo drumming up support to fulfill the words of General Wesley Clark? Time will tell how this plays out but the clock is ticking to see something occur before Trump leaves office if he really does leave the office.


Why Arab-Israeli ties are normalizing

China and Iran draft a $400 billion pact

Middle East Mayhem

Middle East Mayhem

Israel has a lot to answer for in the Middle East and also to the wider world.  They have not been a “light to the nations”.  They have not brought Tikkun Olam – healing to the world.  Instead they have brought hatred and division. 

Trump Follows the Advice of the Joint Chiefs on Iran

I have to agree with Steve here when he talks about the election etc as being a staged event.   I am very suspicious.  I think trouble with Iran is brewing no matter who starts it.  Remember what Brendon O’Connell said about the different factions within Iran.  Iran is not homogeneous. There are globalists such as the foreign minister below (very close to John Kerry) and some of the mullahs are Rothschild puppets.  I am very skeptical about  any supernatural “outside” entities that Steve mentions but otherwise an interesting report. 


Iran On High Alert

Iran On High Alert

There is definitely something going on.  Are they getting ready for a false flag or is Iran going to retaliate?  Steve quotes a prophetic test from Isaiah about  Damascus.  Whatever you might make of the original context of the prophecy and it’s current application it does show that the enmity runs deep and is thousands of years old.  And God is not pleased with the behavior of Israel. They have brought war, deception and destabilization to the region.


South Front cannot be tweeted out by Twitter… is a “dangerous” website.




Jews in Deep Space

I just had to post this short video.


Yemen’s New Parliament Killed

Yemen’s New Parliament Killed

A short video on the Yemen situation.  Don’t agree with his “fallen angel” stuff but I have no doubt that the whole “peace process” is the prelude to a false messiah. The war drums are definitely beating.  He is spot on in his remarks about Christian-Zionism.

Iran retaliates

Iran retaliates

Seems like Iran have assassinated the Mossad chief.    An eye for an eye.  The whole world is about to go blind.

Breaking News: What appears to be a Signature of Iran Retaliation of an Assassination of Israeli Mossad Chief Fahmi Hinawi, southeast of Tel Aviv.

Signature of Iran Retaliation – Assassination of Israeli Mossad Chief


Legacy Media is Dead   

It is important to note the following – Legacy Media is Dead.

We are the news now.  Ordinary people writing and blogging and reporting and they hate it. All their lies and crimes are being exposed hence the Great Reset.   Do we always get it right?  No, we sometimes make mistakes……but they are honest mistakes.  Is the alternative media honest?  Like the Main Stream media some of the alternative media has been penetrated.  Some are “limited hangouts” keeping you distracted on a sub-section of truth but hiding the full picture.  In short….take away what you need….check and verify…..use critical thinking.

We are the News Now

We won’t stop







Dutch treachery

Dutch treachery

Makes me ashamed to be Dutch (Dutch-Australian) and we are not even talking about the downing of flight M17.  All the countries that have been thoroughly penetrated (corrupted) by the Anglo-Zionists are deceitful warmongers and they usually have the worst covid numbers.


The Netherlands withdraws support for Syrian rebels as Assad’s forces ‘WILL WIN SOON’ The Netherlands stops supporting Syrian rebels, ahead of Idlib offensive Netherlands supported Syrian jihadist group: report Non-lethal Assistance and the Syrian Conflict: Lessons from the Netherlands Rutte tries to stop the investigation in supporting Syrian rebels Netherlands prepares case against Syria for ‘gross human rights violations’ New leaks shatter OPCW’s attacks on Douma whistleblowers

Iran False Flag

Iran False Flag

I have put the intro here below……this is not the full video.  They have to be careful and the full version is hosted on other platforms. I have provided the links below. Steve’s analysis of the politics is pretty good.  His reference to the dynastic -history/prophecy of Daniel 11 which refers to the Seleucids of the Antiochus Epiphanes period should be understood as repeat patterns or typology.    I think Steve is correct in saying that they are staging one big pantomime.   We are living through the biggest hoax (deception) in history.  Do not be deceived.  We know who is behind it.  Do not be afraid.  Prepare and keep faith.


Iran’s Back Up Plan In Case of US Lead Attack

Breaking News: US Bold Chess Move Puts Iran in Check

Hezbollah Evacuates

Hezbollah Evacuates

It looks like we are building up to a False Flag that will precipitate a war before the end of the year.  Of course, if there is a war then it will explain the “cyber” attacks and the grid going down.  It will all be blamed on Iran/Russia/China.

Never forget that a GREAT GAME is being played.  I honestly think that they are so cynical and deceptive that they are using the Apocalypse as a “play book”.  We are living in the matrix-the greatest hoax the world has ever seen.  It has all been done to usher in the New World Order. A new order is coming alright, just not the one they expect.   My advice – do not trust anyone -everything you are being told is a lie.  Paranoid?  You should be.

Hezbollah Evacuates Lebanon Valley Aware of Eminent Iranian Strike