Here’s Johnny

Here’s Johnny!



A bit late reporting this but I will do more digging on the topic when I get time. Like a bad smell that just won’t go away (lolz).  He is connected to Chabad and it is no coincidence that he is back (I was certain that he would be).    Perhaps we are going to see the “dream team”  with Trump (the chosen one) back in the White House and Nuttyahoo leading Israel into disaster.

Multi-threat exposure

Multi-threat exposure

Despite my wariness of Patrick Henderson from 21st century wire who was taken in by the “virus is not real” psyop and who believes the original virus was nothing but a flu (despite the millions invested in biowarfare) I have featured this video because of Vanessa Beeley. Patrick has good commentary to offer on geopolitics but his utter failure on the pandemic operation made him suspect.   Vanessa Beeley’s commentary starts at about 33 minutes.

UK Column News – 16th September 2022 (1:18)

Al Qaeda theater

Al Qaeda theater

WARNINGS al-Zawahiri secrets reveal U.S. and Al Qaeda Syria connections | Redacted w Clayton Morris (10 min)

Biden Claims Drone Strike Killed Al Qaeda Leader (4 min)

 The show below looks pretty good.   Only watched the first ten minutes but I will get around to it some time….


It’s Not the US Who Is Changing the World (2 min)

In defiance of the United States, Syrian and Russian forces carry out military drills (16 min)

The Dogs of War

The Dogs of War

Some of these articles are older but it is good to get an overview and to see how things are progressing.  They are obviously preparing for war as we shift to a multi-polar world. Biden’s visit to Saudi was ostensibly to beg for more oil but he brokered an agreement for Israel about using Saudi airspace, probably in anticipation of a war with Iran.   This puts Putin’s visit to Iran in an entirely different light.  We can see new power-blocks being formed as they face-off for a much larger conflict.  The fact  that Moscow is displeased with Israel is interesting.

The Full Context: Decoding Putin’s visit to Iran | WION (20 min)

The deterioration of Russian-Israeli relations is happening at a time when regional security in West Asia is in transition. On a broader plane, this is also a transformative period in the geopolitics of the region. The fact that Biden was roundly snubbed in Jeddah when he tried to sell the idea of an anti-Russia, anti-China regional alliance speaks for itself.

Abraham Accords and Noahide Laws

Abraham Accords and Noahide Laws

This article was inspired by the Jordan Peterson talk. Peterson being caught promoting noahide laws, of course, and unity of religions, in a desperate attempt to redirect all the hate of jews for what they have done these past decades into the “luciferian” whites very probably, as well as joining dailywire heh, the timing of that…

Now note that Adam Green is controlled opposition whose job is to destroy Christianity with the help of the likes of Christopher Bjerknes (CJB) but now Peterson has been exposed as controlled Zionist opposition.


I always liked how Peterson took on the woke Marxist agenda….in the same manner I liked Russel Brandt.  However, if you watch long enough you see them all expose themselves. One by one.  Pay attention.  There are no good guys.  Just bad guys and worse guys.

Watch how this Muslim takes Peterson’s condescending, patronizing lecturing apart (lolZ). Now you don’t have to agree with the “superiority” of the Muslim “revelation” to see that much of what this Muslim says is true.

Response to Jordan Peterson’s Message to Muslims (22 min)

Abraham Accord and Noahide Laws

This “peace initiative” will not last.  Eventually the Muslim will say “enough” to Israel’s attempts to unite the Middle East after they have wrought so much destruction.  They burnt it  down and now they want to rebuild?   Israel’s plan to Balkanize the middle East and then reformulate it in their image will backfire.  In the end the Muslim countries will all hate her and turn against her.  In the meantime be alert.   The beast is about to emerge.