Musical interlude

Musical Interlude

You Jab Me Up Josh Groban (5 min)


This song is dedicated to Jay (lolz) who is spiraling after two many “scooby-snacks” (weed either smoked or cookies). Running around doing bi-ology all whacked on the Scooby-Snacks (lolz).  Comment by Kevin: Oh look Wild Type & Infectious clones of SARS-CoV-2 have similar replication and PFU forming properties. Another failure by Scooby Jay!po=26.0417

Interesting that many “truth  movement” allies have now hitched their wagon to JFK and some are being paid by CHD.  Is he setting himself up as a Democratic anti-vaxx presidential candidate?

Dancing while the world burns

Dancing while the world burns

I felt like some music so I created a music tag.  The world has always burnt. We are fallen creatures. The Hindu’s might well call this the dance of Shiva – destruction and creation a continuous eternal cycle.   Not so.  There are endings and new beginnings but the redemption of man from his fallen state is only something God can do.  Our nature carries the seeds of its own destruction and there are certain elements who want to keep it that way in order to maintain power.  They think they can transcend the limits of natural life without reforming the character of man. More fool them.


Barry McGuire – Eve Of Destruction

The Cranberries – Zombie (Official Music Video)

Billy Joel – We Didn’t Start the Fire (Official Video)

Bob Dylan: With God On Our Side (lyrics video)


When heaven comes down to earth and God dwells among his people then their will be no heaven, hell or religion. This is not a world that man can make.

John Lennon – Imagine