New Channels

New Channels

Here are some new YouTube channels that are well worth exploring as well as a reminder about some older channels.  First however a short (3 min) video by Suspicious Observers:

Plasma Filament Watch, James Webb, Magnetic Animations | S0 News May.2.2022 (3 min)

More channels

I have always featured Suspicious Observers because their videos are science based and have the latest studies. I find myself in agreement with their take on the “electric-universe” (magnetic-plasma based) and their theory on a solar micro-nova.  I disagree with their theory of  the mantel decoupling and huge tsunamis sweeping the continents. As the magnetic excursion continues the incoming radiation coupled with our weakened magnetic field will cause huge earthquakes but not (in my view) a global tsunami. It seems that the earth is currently being charged like a capacitor and at some point it will discharge. I think that there is an over reliance on The Adam  and Eve Story  by Chan Thomas which although it does not provide enough evidence for some of the theories has done us a service by highlighting the magnetic excursion and cyclical destruction-creation patterns.

Here then are more channels with very good video collections. You must view them critically and use them to build your knowledge base. Remember this is a relatively new field of scientific inquiry as the old paradigms are failing miserably.

1. The Diehold Foundation with this PLAYLIST This playlist was posted on Discord and my comment is below:

Thank you I have used my website to promote the coming natural cycle and this looks like an excellent playlist with some reservations. Firstly we are undergoing a magnetic excursion not a full reversal and the sun will micro-nova. No one can be certain of the date (2046) and I believe we are much closer which is why we are facing lockdowns etc., etc. The "elite" know and are preparing for continuation of government and they want to retain power and build back better with a reduced subservient population under constant surveillance. They have already built their bunkers and they have synthetic food factories (for us because they care😂 ) . 

Secondly, we have survived this many times before. The last one was the Younger Dryas about 12.5 K years ago which killed a lot of the mega fauna and gave rise to new species. These events are destructive but also creative. Something to do with how the cosmic radiation changes DNA. Like I said modern humans have survived this many times but civilizations do not survive. The "elite" (how I hate that self-designation) want to emerge as the "gods" of the new age which will be a dystopia that will turn our beautiful earth into hell. In the past people were hunter-gathers and minimalist agriculturalist making it easier to survive because of low population density and low competition. Find a cave and hope to survive. Not this time. 😂 I am a person of faith and trust that God will be my "shield" (Gen 15:1) not the magnetic shield or God forbid Rothschild = RED SHIELD = the shield of adam/edom.

2./  Browse through the excellent videos on See the Patterns -great stuff see especially the ones on Pole shift.

3./ Obviously the ThunderBolts Project which makes videos about the electric universe.

4./  And Randall Carlson who talks about cyclical destruction


These are interesting channels that challenge main stream science whose own models have failed the test of time (for example where is the allusive dark matter?).  That does not mean that everything in these videos is true but in gneral they are heading in the right direction.