Notification: Kev Baker

Notification: Kev Baker

Kev Baker died recently after suffering COPD and then surviving Covid. But they required vaccinations for ongoing treatments and put him on the transplant list. He was respected in the alt media as a man of integrity and turned down opportunities to gain audience and money in order to stay true to himself. His interests were wide ranging from the philosophical, metaphysical and political. Kev Baker acted as mentor and the cement to join many other alternative media channels including Jimmy Gene, John Brisson and Kevin McCairn et al. Kev Baker and Kev McCairn (the two Kev’s) hosted shows together.

Dr Kevin M’cCairn was on Mt Fuji for a few days over the New Year with his family and spoke to Kev Baker just before he passed. Dr McCairn has been under attack and lost his YouTube live streaming platform and Google account and he saw Kev Baker off in his show by hosting a wake in the Scottish-Irish tradition and consuming half a bottle of Mt Fuji whiskey.  The last two shows can be found on the Dojo.

A Go fund me  has been set up for Kev Bakers family.

Other News

On a personal note:   Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife.


Notification: I am back

Notification: I am back

I am now  back on twitter as Moses Hopes with the Hopes being a rough transliteration of the Hebrew chophesh (ḥôpeš -SBL) חוֹפֶשׁ  standing for liberty or freedom in the same way that Eleftheria was the Greek form of freedom.  We are already free.  It is not something they have graciously granted us:

 "If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed"(John 8:36).

Another purge has begun on Twitter. They are getting worried.  They got rid of Dr. Malone and many others whom I follow.  They are getting worried because their vaccines are an utter failure and more and more are starting to realize the evil that is being perpetrated.  This is what authoritarians always do. They stifle debate and dissent because they have no argument.  They resort to the jackboot.    That is a good thing because hopefully it will wake more people up.  Give my account a follow and open up your own account.  They want to isolate people in echo chambers and create information ghetto’s.  Don’t let them do that stay fighting in the public square.  You may be a lone voice crying in the wilderness but some will still take heed.   Fight for truth.  Fight for principle.  Do not be discouraged or dismayed.


It will take a while to get up and running but I intend to Build Back Better and take the fight to the enemy of God and of man.  Eventually they will even get rid of websites like this and revise the history books.  It is what liars and dictators always do.  Make no mistake we are dealing with pure evil and gloves are about to come off.  These people will not stop because they can not stop.    No matter what you may think people of faith already share in the victory and freedom that the Son has wrought.   They have already lost.  They are dead men walking.  Judgement cometh and that right soon.


Notification: Xmas

Notification: Xmas

Will be taking a few days off over Xmas although I will still be writing and making videos etc in the background.  Should something very urgent happen I will still post but I am trying to chill for a few days.


Notification: Israeli Power

Notification: Israeli Power

Brendon O’Connell had his last veideo removed from YouTube for “hate speech”.  It is now on Bitchute.  Here is what Brendon had to say:


Hate speech. Of course. I have no idea what they're on about. They won't tell you exactly what it is you've done. That's where they're wide open for litigation.
I've been told to just keep collecting data on their contractual violations.

Alphabet, Google, You Tube, DARPA, InQtel are not above and beyond the foundations of contract law. And this is where they can be got.

A party to a contract who deems the contract violated by the other party MUST give specific reasons. They must engage in “reasonable conduct” to resolve the contractual dispute by allowing the other party to rectify the matter in FULL KNOWLEDGE of where the terms of the contract were violated. “Vague pointing out” does not cut it.

The argument in court is not free speech or You Tube are meanie beanies. The argument is You Tube MUST give the other party specific direction on WHAT has violated the T.O.S.

You Tube behavior is deceptive in practice and deliberately designed to be vague, and nebulous. You Tube’s “intent” it will be argued, is to limit the allocation of resources required to maintain the platform by requiring contractees to anxiously self censor on contentious topics, or potentially contentious topics, in order to save You Tube money – that is all.

The powerful save money and resources, and enable the public narrative of a “reluctant loss of freedom of expression” that will have dire long term consequences.

Two parties must be able to engage with each other. Alphabet, You Tube ensure this cannot be done. The disparity in power is obvious. The daunting nature of litigation has a “chilling effect” on creators. Dulling the creative edge. Dulling public discourse

Alphabet have an obligation and a right to censor to some degree “in the public interest”. Especially in today’s polarized and energized tines. But what of the need to educate and work with contractees in a spirit of good will and honest intent – in the public interest?

With the foundations of so many social media platforms in quasi government intelligence Wall Street operations like InQtel and the risk of constitional roll over, the California Supreme Court may well be very interested in hearing a case like this – approached in the right manner, from the right direction.

Raising further issues as Francis Stoner Saunders has in her excellent piece, “The CIA Culture War” lecture and book.

These are all “tactics” to get important information into court. In documents. In sworn affidavits. Whatever the outcome.

At the very least, You Tube and others like them will have to ENGAGE with the public and work towards a win win engagement with creators. Being very specific on issues. They don’t want that – to be “specific” means to be more easily made accountable for their decisions. Decisions which have more to do with politically correct thought expediency than they do with the over all public good.

If someone is inciting…let law enforcement bring legal action against them. They never do. Just like in gun control, they let it get out of hand so easily applied politically expedient policies can be put in place. These policies are always about taking away freedom from the many because of the actions of an easily litigated minority.

If the ADL believes a You Tube video is defaming, inciting etc…let the ADL bring legal action.

At least engage with us via a human, willing to “explain”.

Patreon did just that with regards issues on Covid. I didn’t like it. But they sent a real person to engage with me who explained the situation. Maybe it wasn’t a win win…but I knew exactly what the boundaries are. And it felt nice to engage with a real human.

A friend got into the California Supreme Court and by Monday, the official outcome will be available. So we know how to get all the way there. And it is an art. It helps when you have friends who are Yale law graduates of course 🙂

Once someone leads the way, a map can be drawn and others can follow.

This is a winner, and I’ll just keep collecting.

The deleted video:


The original blog:

Israeli Power

Notification: Jim Lee

Notification: Jim Lee

Jim Lee had his video removed from YouTube such is the censorship nowadays.  He has now uploaded it to Odysee and also has other platforms (see his LinkTree).  Here is his notification on YouTube to his viewers:


ClimateViewer Videos On All The Things (12 mins)


Here is my article with his video replacement.   I have deliberately left the dead link YouTube video up because it demonstrates the point perfectly.   Cutting a man’s tongue out does not make him a liar….it makes you a cruel despot who is afraid of the truth.

Let me say this as well.  A new world cannot be built on oppression, censorship and lies. Original article here:

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