Notification: DRASTIC on Target

Notification: DRASTIC on Target

China is now attacking DRASTIC which means that they are on target.  This is good news. It means they are worried that the truth is gaining momentum.  This is known as the Streisand Effect. The Streisand effect is a social phenomenon that occurs when an attempt to hide, remove, or censor information has the unintended consequence of further publicizing that information, often via the Internet.  Click on the DRASTIC link in the tweet and read the thread. Notice how the Chinese quote Peter Darzak (aka known as FAT PETER to the raccoons) the CEO of the corrupt One Health that was sent to China and “cleared” them. (lol)


 The methods are unconventional but it looks like the attacks on Fat Peter are bearing fruit (lol).  They use PC culture and wokeness to shut down their opponents so Kevin does the opposite.  It looks like it is getting attention and turning the tide.  It is the only weapon that the Raccoons have because the corrupt scientists have compromised the literature (Lancet and Nature etc), the institutions (all funded by Gates et al) and the media. 


Notification: Housatonic

Notification: Housatonic

This is a shout out for Housatonic who does some great investigative work featured on YT and Odysee.  One of his videos on EcoHealth Alliance has already been featured on this blog. He is part of the Dojo McCairn community exposing the bio-wafare and health mafia.  Have a look at his material.   Here follows a one minute promo and some one minute clips.




On Odysee:

On YT:

Here are some of his one minute clips:

Dr Xiangguo Qiu was a lead on the Ebola vaccine in 2014/2015 and worked directly with Fauci

Qui is missing. Plummer is dead. Fauci is alive and demanding to jab your kids. Who do you trust?



Notification: Kevin McCairn PhD

Notification: Kevin McCairn PhD


Thought I would give a shout out to an associate of Brendon O’Connell who is a systems neuroscientist who is investigating the medical aspects and also the Geo-political  ramifications of the current crisis.


Introduction to Kevin McCairn Ph.D.

See also his website:

Notification: Rosa Koire died

Notification: Rosa Koire died

Rosie died from lung cancer. She fought until the end and brought Agenda 2030 to everyone’s attention.  May she Rest in Peace.




Her Website:

Her twitter feed:

Notification: Elijah taken away

Notification: Elijah taken away

Elijah has not been caught up in a fiery whirlwind but his Twitter account has been permanently suspended (lol).  This is the second time.  Every time he has called out someone as a 77 Brigade pysop stooge his account has been removed.  I seem to have a sixth sense now for spotting the liars.

This means that if you look at some older posts that have twitter embeds they may not display properly.  However, I have turned a recent post that I thought was very important into a video.  Find the blog post here (the original was TALV and AI hence no. 2):

TLAV and AI (2)

I have a feeling Elijah is now saying “I’ll be back”  – be on the lookout (BOLO) for tweets from The_Tishbite (as soon as he registers a new phone -lol).



Notification: Brendon Video

Notification: Brendon Video

Recommended- I have just watched this video. In case you missed it.

If you want to know what is happening then have a look at this video. Antisemitism is deliberately being ramped up to drive Jews back to Israel as part of the Greater Israel project.  Israel is turning towards Russia and China and away from the USA. We are all being played big time. I have downloaded it before it goes missing and I will reuse some of the clips.

Iran warship sunk

Notification: Brendon O’Connell

Notification: Brendon O’Connell



Brendon O’Connell has had all his material removed from YouTube and unfortunately I cannot go through all my old posts and find replacements for the ones I lost. However they are still all available on other platforms. He exposes Kissinger (among other things) see tweet below which is a clip from his Patreon channel.


I will however post a link so that you can download the previous interview with  Sufyan. See the post below which has all the links to the other platforms (but a missing video)

Brendon and Sufyan

The video can be downloaded here:

You can support his Patreon account because now he has no income at all from YouTube. This is how they kill the truth….which must mean that he is making inroads. Australia is now getting rid of Elbit military systems from the Australian Military. Britain is now investigating Elbit and I hope they follow suite. Brendon first exposed this absurd situation of Israeli control in 2010. Brendon also has a website (see article above for links).

Will soon be posting another video from Brendon from his Brighteon platform.





Notification: Antisemitic canard

This notification is for new visitors.  I believe the Jewish people have been betrayed by their elite.  This is exactly what happened in the first century when aristocratic priests under a foreign Edomite client King (Herod) backed by religious zealots (Pharisees) in collaboration with Roman power sold out the “publicans and sinners” who heard Jesus gladly. They are Ruthless leaders as I made apparent in this article:

Ruthless leaders


They have betrayed the Jewish people as I make apparent here:



Christian -Zionists are the enemy of truth.  They are deluded. God did not command the Jews to conquer the land; it was an imperialist Rothschild project. The descendants of Abraham are those who do the WORKS of Abraham (John 8:39) {Abraham’s work was the offering of Isaac…it was an ACT of messianic faith- in so doing he kept the “whole law” even before it was given Gen 26:5).}   Israel is the Great Harlot and the beast system is controlled by the Jewish elite. They have even betrayed their own people like they did in the first century. They are not “the Israel of God” and they are about to be punished. Deluded Christians need to wake up.

Israel is a Redshield project.  It would not surprise me if that family descended from Edom.


Bibi boasting how easy it is to manipulate the USA

Bibi and the Chabad Lubavitcher Rebbe

In November 1990. What are you doing to hasten the Messiah? (lol) I am doing…I am doing…

Whatcha doin Bibi?   Preparing for 9/11?  Fine tuning the Yinon plan?  Compromising politicians?  Back-door-ing chips and infra structure?  Transferring tech to Russia and China?  Whatcha doin?