Esoteric Secrets of Atlantis

Esoteric Secrets of Atlantis

This was interesting because it examines the myth of Atlantis (from the Greeks) and how it was employed by the Nazi’s.

The video mentions Odin who appeared as a prominent god throughout the recorded history of Northern Europe, from the Roman occupation of regions of Germania (from c. 2 BCE) through movement of peoples during the Migration Period (4th to 6th centuries CE) and the Viking Age (8th to 11th centuries CE). In the modern period, the rural folklore of Germanic Europe continued to acknowledge Odin. So Christianity pre-dates the Odin mythology, however, Norse myths comes from earlier Germanic myths though, and these in turn come from earlier traditions and myths going back to the late Stone Age, when Indo-Europeans migrated into Scandinavia. The world tree for example occurs in several religions and mythologies, particularly Indo-European, Siberian, and Native American religions but also in
Nebuchadnezzar’s dream; “Thus were the visions of mine head in my bed; I saw, and behold a tree in the midst of the earth, and the height thereof was great” (Daniel 4:10). So the Odin myth is syncretic with older Indo-European, Semitic and Christian material.  Note the occultist elements in the Odin myths including losing one eye to obtain wisdom.


Esoteric Secrets of Atlantis – ROBERT SEPEHR (26 min)


The Devil’s Comet

The Devil’s Comet

This is pretty good analysis up to 6 min after which he promotes his book etc. I think he is controlled opposition but his take on the Superbowl (Feb 11 2024) is interesting. The fly-by of the Devil’s Comet is on April 8, 2024 when there is also a total eclipse. The Superbowl was a celebration of the occult and Taylor Swift is a PsyOp.

SUPER BOWL Half Time DECODE Will Haunt You! The Plan, the Eclipse, the Devil Comet & More. (9 min)


Have a look at the Sky Live yourself and put the date and time in. The Devil’s comet does not come near earth but a number of comets all seem to be directed at the sun. Surely this will result in a solar response?



Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth the flock! the sword shall be upon his arm, and upon his right eye: his arm shall be clean dried up, and his right eye shall be utterly darkened. (Zechariah 11:17)



Genetic Modification Cult and Ahriman

Genetic Modification Cult and Ahriman

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Atheists are the bottom of the pile as far as the “enlightened” are concerned. They are the useful idiots, the shock-troops of whatever ideological assault (usually Communism) is perpetrated.  The “enlightened” are not atheists and their transhuman cult has its own religious underpinning, often drawing on Gnostic-Hermetic elements displaying a strange admixture of the occult.  The videos and articles that follow explore their paradigm because it is important to know what motivates them.

For them, the creation of man in the divine image is a form of cloning as is the creation of  Eve from Adam’s rib. Although I disagree fundamentally with the Ethical Skeptic’s Gnostic approach he is correct when he states that-

There exists no argument inside evolution which serves to falsify nor dismiss intent. In fact, both the structure and unlikely nature of the CTGA-N Standard Codex deductively insist that intent must be present at the inception of a DNA base-code.

Indeed, in scripture the Hebrew Gematria value for man (Adam=45) woman (Eve=19) and God (Yahweh =26) are intimately connected as 45-19=26, moreover 45+19=64 which is the number of condons in the DNA double helix (wheels within wheels and the spirit of life was in the wheels). However, like so many the Ethical Skeptic  understands the earth as the creation of a wrathful demiurge (Yahweh):

Perhaps as much as anything, this mercenary and suffering-strewn pathway to almost certain extinction, encourages more nihilism than anything men may long ponder. For this very present pain buoys upon an undercurrent of our conscious lives, rendering theist and atheist alike, understandable compatriots in its existential struggle. In a figurative sense, both children of the same ruthless God drunk on their very suffering and confusion – capitalizing mortality far more than any other methodological element. Death is life’s raison d’être after all, and not the result of a mistake on the part of one of its mere hapless victims. A most-likely Bronze Age mythology recounted in the Gnostic text The Hypostasis of the Archons aptly framed this as ‘The Empire of the Dead and Dying’, caught up in an eons-long struggle with putative ‘Forces of Light’

Our current situation and our ongoing situation is not the result of a mistake it is the result of rebellion. A mistake is an accident but the human condition is the result of deliberate rebellion otherwise described as “sin” or transgression (crossing the boundary conditions). We still insist on making the same mistake by circumventing the “evolutionary process” and wanting to grasp at divinity like a child wanting to immediately transition to adulthood.   Of course God is portrayed as drunken on suffering and confusion and while it is true that God subjected the creation to vanity, it was subjected in hope (Rom 8:20) and in love, for God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life (John 3:16). God is fully aware of the suffering, “For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now” (Rom 8:22) and through his son, God shared in the suffering of humanity. There is no shortcut to divinity, no short circuit, no instant gratification.  We are deeply flawed and carry the seeds of our own destruction but we are also capable of great things but we can only obtain eternal life through Christ because he has put the serpent to death. The death of ego, the death of existential angst,  transcendence of self and merging with the ground of all being is only possible through Christ.

Although her take on the numinous is more exotic and related to the psyche, Gigi Young makes some powerful points.  This is about science and materialism reflected in the obsession with genetic engineering and cloning. With the development of mRNA. These people are trying to destroy the image of God (humanity) and turn it into something different. Something ugly and devoid of consciousness.  Something mechanical.  Something dead. It seems to me that they are even trying to terraform the earth (chopping down trees and capturing carbon).  In any case she is correct in highlighting Scientology  and the Raëlian movement as involved with deifying science and ufology to promote their psychopathic new age agendas.

The Esoteric Keys To Disclosure: It’s a Genetic Modification Cult | Gigi Young (1:42 min)

0:00 Intro 0:41 The Alien Creator God Ideology in modern times The Mars line:    • The Esoteric Keys to Disclosure: The …   7:05 The Alien God Cult is a Genetic Modification Cult 14:46 Mastering Genetic science through public experimental procedures 30:30 Creating the ‘New Race’ in their image 34:11 They want you to accept their origin myth and religion 39:27 The Propaganda Campaigns of the Genetic Modification Cult Scientology Video:    • Is The New Age Scientology? | Gigi Young   1:04:12 The battle in heaven & Cosmic Soap Operas , Von Danicken & Sitchen Mad Scientists of Atlantis:    • The Mad Scientists of Atlantis (Belia…   1:16:48 Raelism (another alien god scientist religion) 1:27:11 The ensoulment and evolution of the Spiritual Hierarchies 1:31:55 The modern disclosure movement and the alien god ideology 1:34:29 Conclusion

The Face of Arhiman

In his two excellent videos   9 /11 – 22 Years Later and Dem Bones, Wayne McRoy demonstrated that the twin towers event was an occult ritual (with human sacrifice) a gateway to initiate us into the new era hence the face of Arhiman in the smoke. Ahriman is Zoroastrianism’s hypostasis of the “destructive/evil spirit” and if you become what you worship that is an apt description of the transhumanists (psychopaths). The Greek word demon means unclean spirit and they are the personification of a materialist, reductionist anti-human spirit.







Now, of course this face may well have been photo-shopped into the smoke or deliberately engineered by pyrotechnics.  It doesn’t really matter…what matters is the intent or message because this was not a coincidence.  It is the angel Apollyon/Abaddon (v.11) who opens the bottomless pit in Rev 9 and the air was darkened by the smoke of the pit (v.2).  The manifestation of the face of Ahriman was deliberate and the face is the one sculpted by Rudolf Steiner:

The Advance Preparation of Ahriman for His Future Incarnation By Rudolf Steiner (32 min)


My spidey senses are tingling because I am hearing more and more promotion of this Ahriman (demon?) in relation to technology etc. Not that I am a believer in such things, but it has to do with Rudolph Steiner’s anthroposophy. He was a theosophist but left the movement. He determined (in his philosophy from what I gather) three forces – Satan, Ahriman and Christ. The Satan was the “enlightenment” but the Arhiman was the materialistic technology that would destroy humanity (think here of AI). He reckoned only the Christ (consciousness??) could stop this.

Dark Journalist Ahriman Goes Mainstream AI 8TH Sphere UFO File

Ahriman, Xstenography and transhumanism are all linked. Elon Musk’s ex Grime made a movie about groups who want to stop the reincarnation of Ahriman. Arhiman represents a wave of materialism that divorces us from spirituality and the so called  eighth sphere is virtual reality.  A fake world.  Through the anthro-phisophical model Arhiman attachs himself to materialism and technology as the new evolutionary force.  The next stage is technological clairvoyance or predictive from programming etc.  They are developing the ability to “read us” think pre-cogs from the movie Minority Report but in this case it will be data and machine learning. Drugs and hypnotic gaming etc gets you in the “eight sphere” which is divorced from reality.


Dem Bones

Dem Bones (1:38)

Recommended tagged under occult.  There is no doubt in my mind that 911 was an occult ritual.

Wayne is reading from, “The Most Dangerous Book In The World: 9/11 As Mass Ritual”, by S.K. Bain..


Info on the Thule Society  which is linked with Skull and Bones and on the Free Masons and Euclid’s 47th Problem all the Bushes were bonesmen and Preston Bush was a big Hitler supporter.

George H. W. Bush Auschwitz  tour in 1989: “Boy they were big on crematoriums weren’t they?” (lolz)

All these people are occultists and satanists.  The collapse of the twin towers is the opening of the portal to the New Age.  The temple had two pillars called Jachin and Boaz (Established in Strength).

Sledging the Prophets of Baal

Sledging the Prophets of Baal

Justin Sledge is an occultist, a Kabbalist and  Marxist involved in a school shooting in his youth.  These people purport to be academics and scholars but they are apologists for transhumanists whose ideology harks back to Hermeticism and Gnosticism of the ancient god Thoth. They believe that they can transcend and break the natural cycle through their secret knowledge (wisdom or illumination).  In the same fashion the eugenicists believe that they also can transcend by  improving the genetic quality of a human population and this entails child sacrifice (abortion,sterilization etc). Therefore the “modern” age harks back to solutions offered by Thoth and Baal. The revelation of Yahweh showed a different way.  Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, moreover, God himself provided the sacrifice for improving humanity. We cannot escape the coming natural cycle nor can we transcend either individually or collectively without God’s help.

The Yahweh of the Old Testament is under attack, but as Jesus said, He who confesses the Son has the Father also. … Whoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father: but he that acknowledgeth the Son hath the Father also (1 John 2:23).  And vice versa is also true, you cannot have the Son and deny the Father.  Here is a previous article where I addressed the attack against God.

War against Yahweh

Here is the full video by Sledge:

Here is the automatically transcribed text (full of spelling errors) taken from You Tube (with time slots). My response video is under the transcription (scroll down).

0 the birth survival Twilight and ultimate demise of divine being seems to follow
0:05 its own evolutionary patterns such that some Gods endure without significant
0:10 cultic or theological change for centuries While others Blaze onto the
0:16 world stage only to burn themselves up into Extinction almost as soon as they
0:22 appeared indeed a given God must perform a careful Balancing Act to persist much
0:28 through human time marked by seemingly unending upheavals on the one hand a
0:36 Divine being must have a definite enough quality to attract and maintain
0:41 worshipers and yet at the same time such a God cannot be so rigid or it’s cult so
0:49 conservative that it cannot endure significant adaptation and change the
0:54 only surety of our mundane world too far in One Direction makes a God unappealing
1:01 too far in the other Dooms them given religious fashion and change frankly and
1:07 surely through the eons some gods have adapted and many gods have gone extinct though
1:16 one God has proven to be rather successful bodily enough not that that
1:22 makes them a better God or even a real God beyond all reasonable historical
1:29 expectation in fact this God whose simple name means something like the one
1:34 that exists emerge from the Sands of Bronze Age obscurity to eventually
1:40 become not just a national God but in the end simply the God for the
1:48 overwhelming majority of the world’s population now but just how did a tribal Warrior storm
1:55 God Yahweh go from being a god a minor
2 God among God’s much more ancient and much more powerful enduring up till then at least to Simply becoming God the soul
2:09 God of all that is in the mythology of billions if you’re interested in Magic and
2:16 hermetic philosophy Alchemy or Kabbalah are the history of the occult make sure to subscribe and check out my other
2:21 topics on contents and other terrorism and also if you want to support my work of providing accessible scholarly and
2:28 free content on topics here and as a terrorism here on YouTube freely accessible I hope you consider
2:35 supporting my work on patreon or with a one-time donation with the super thanks option or perhaps you’d buy a shirt over
2:42 at our merch store on the channel but now let’s turn to a god that all of
2:47 us know of but none of us really know much about Yahweh or the one that exists the deity
2:56 at the core of the abrahamic faiths and Beyond I’m Dr Justin Sledge and welcome
3:03 to esoterica where we explore the Arcane and history
3:08 philosophy and religion
3:13 [Music]
3:20 [Music]
3:33 as you might imagine this is an episode I’ve been wanting to make for a long time and I’ve been absolutely dreading
3:40 having to make it for even longer the importance of an episode on Yahweh is basically self-evident but the challenge
3:47 is to making it should be equally self-evident the literature on this
3:52 topic is vast utterly vast it spread over a dozen or so languages performed
3:58 by ingenious Specialists with an encyclopedic grasp of the material and
4:05 yet an entire argument or series of arguments can hinge on a single suffix of an inscription I’m looking at you
4:13 contilit adrude pronomial suffix problem and of course with Yahweh being at the
4:20 core of the abrahamic religions historicizing such a being can easily be taken as an assault on the very core of
4:27 those religions if you distort Yahweh everything else might just
4:32 disappear into the air and yet that’s the task at hand so it should go without
4:37 saying that virtually everything I’m going to say in this episode Cam and would be taken
4:43 up taken to task by an army of Specialists and can in no way in no way
4:49 taken to be definitive because there is simply that little consensus among
4:56 the Specialists but I’d rather Hazard an episode on the topic than just throw my hands up and say oh it’s utterly
5:02 frustrated by the difficulty and the complicatedness and the specialization of the topic
5:08 better as a famous saying if Beckett goes ever tried ever failed
5:13 no matter try again fail again fail better so here’s to
5:20 failing better in the name of public education also on a personal note using the name Yahweh is just simply an
5:27 academic attempt to vocalize the name of the Israelite tribal God and not some attempt to actually utter a
5:34 magical Divine name much less take such a name in vain in fact public education
5:40 is just about the furthest thing from my mind when I think about doing something in vain and lastly this is an academic
5:48 Channel and I check my religious commitments at the door and historical
5:53 facts and evidence are what matter here not my personal beliefs and really when
6 we allow our faith to dictate our history we really just betrayed both
6:06 I guess I’ll just come out of the gate with it the origins of Yahweh are utterly unknown the name may appear
6:14 first in the 14th century BCE of an enemy list of amenotep III in a similar but later list in the 13th century BCE
6:21 by Ramses II as the shasu of Yahweh are the shasu of Yahoo it’s not quite clear
6:28 how that was pronounced the shasu were semi-nomadic pastoralists typically associated with rating and general big
6:35 brigandry the Egyptian name for their name actually indicates their nomadic existence to roam about while the name
6:42 taken up into Semitic and Hebrew means something like terrain or to plunder so
6:48 there’s a clue what they were while the name Yahweh does seem to appear here it
6:53 also seems to be functioning primarily as a toponym rather than as a Theon M but that other shasu in the list are
7 also associated with the region of Sears mountain range in the southwestern trans Jordan is probably going to prove
7:06 Salient here in just a moment whether the shasu were proto-israelites isn’t clear but it seems reasonable to think
7:13 that there was probably some connection and did it with the hyperoo and the social then ethnic groups the Hebrews
7:20 that begins as a social group not an ethnic group who were also associated with brigandry so this is a
7:28 fun origin story Israel first appears to enter history on the menoptos Delhi it’s
7:33 a son of Ramses II like his 13th son where he claims victory such that the
7:39 Canaan has been plundered into every sort of Woe ashkelan has been overcome
7:44 gazer has been captured yeah no aam is made non-existent Israel is laid waste and
7:52 his seed is not huru is become a widow because of Egypt it’s perhaps worth
7:59 mentioning here that the Egyptian determinative on ashkelanoam and gazer
8:04 indicate foreign city this is the triple Mountain determinative whereas Israel
8:09 has the foreign ethnic group determinative though to be sure the use of determinatives by
8:16 Egyptian scribes can be all over the place kinda arbitrary the
8:21 southernly geographic placement may also be important though note that the Israelites that mernepta claims to
8:27 annihilate aren’t actually Associated here with the shafsu so that’s interesting and of course their God the
8:34 god of Israel and none of these guys is mentioned here the first historical archaeological link
8:41 between Israel and Yahweh as the god dates to much much later in the Iron Age
8:46 where the 9th century BCE mesha steli Victory steli Braggs of dragging vessels
8:53 of Yahweh before hemosh as the malabye kingdom rebelled and escaped amrite
8:58 Israelite hegemony in the region thus it seems that southern levantine Nomads and
9:04 Raiders were associated with Yahweh perhaps as a kind of theological toponym and that by the 13th century BCE an
9:11 ethnic group known as Israel at least to the Egyptians existed in a similar area
9:17 and that by the 9th century BCE the Israelite House of Omri seems to have had Yahweh as an important probably as
9:24 their National God as opposed to the moabai before which the those vessels
9:31 the aforementioned vessels were dragged now given the paucity of the
9:37 archaeological record which is basically that what can we glean from our other surviving body of evidence that is to
9:44 say Israelite literature as edited and compiled into the Hebrew Bible about the origins of Yahweh or what we might call
9:51 primitive yawism are the cult of Yahweh before its assimilation into the Canaanite Heartland the Canaanite cult
9:58 and the Canaanite Pantheon more generally now to do this it appears that the best methodology would be to take
10:04 the earliest linguistic strata of the Israelite literature as it appears in the Hebrew Bible especially the song of
10:11 the sea at Exodus 15 1-18 judges 5 or Divorce Song Psalms 18 29 68 Genesis 49
10:19 among other scattered memories of very linguistically archaic mentions of
10:24 Yahweh in his cult from this a rough sketch of primitive Yahweh can be made it appears that the deities original
10:31 Heartland was Ser Edom teman with account signing actually probably originally lying in that region recall
10:38 the chassiser earlier that is to say the Northwestern Arabian Peninsula just east
10:44 of the Dead Sea it appears that Yahweh was probably originally a warrior God
10:50 perhaps associated with raiding and women warband prophets further the
10:55 central manifestation of Yahweh seems to have been storms specifically the catastrophic thunderstorms that result
11:02 in the deadly flash flooding which actually plagues that region down to this day Petra the same region where
11:08 Yahweh may have come from was engineered around managing just those thunderstorms
11:14 oh and you can see video of what those flash floods look like in that region and they are terrifying at some point in
11:22 the late bronze or probably the early Iron Age the Yahweh cult made its way into the Judean Highlands likely
11:29 settling at a cult Center in Shiloh this corresponds roughly to the biblical period of the judges the nomadic and
11:38 possibly Mercantile nature note The Mention Of Caravans and the song of devorah which is by the way probably the
11:44 earliest text in the Hebrew Bible of primitive yahwas might explain the diffusion of the cult that is to say it
11:50 was spread through Mercantile trade this diffusion is probably over determined however especially if rating were
11:57 involved of course the major historical backdrop of all of this is the Bronze Age collapse through the 13th century
12:04 BCE civilization in the Eastern Mediterranean Experience day cascading systems collapse real scary
12:13 resulting in Mass migration from the Aegean I.E the sea peoples Imperial border regression and local hegemony
12:19 collapse on the part of the various Empires especially the Egyptians Imperial collapse just full-blown
12:26 civilization collapse for the Hittites and the city-state of Garrett and generalized Urban disintegration note at
12:33 a site like the city of gazer in fact it may be that the conditions of the Bronze Age collapsed allowed for the power
12:39 vacuum in which one rating as a means of survival would have emerged and a rating cult headed by a warrior raiding God
12:47 like Yahweh might have proven pretty popular in the chaos I mean imagine what
12:54 kind of religions would emerge in the world of Mad Max or something like that though
13 this was just speculation and that disruption in the Bronze Age collapse was probably what allowed the various
13:05 states to revolt resulting him or Not by putting them down but also especially
13:10 the collapse of Egyptian hegemony in the region and this is very important this would have allowed de facto Independence
13:16 especially in the Canaanite Highlands because who wants to go up there and it isn’t surprising to me that yahweh’s
13:22 cult in its military political state-building Wing would settle in relatively remote Shiloh before
13:29 spreading North and South into the highlands and then pushing West down into the Shayla to contest eventually
13:35 with the sea people who also got a foothold in former territory of Egyptian hegemony this of course is the peleset
13:42 as we know them from the Egyptian literature or from the Bible as well
13:47 you guessed it the Philistines thus by Iron 1 or roughly around 1200 to
13:53 1000 BCE Yale had probably come to settle in the Canaanite Highlands thus
13:59 marking the end of primitive yawism in the beginning of an incredibly complex process by which elements of Canaanite
14:06 religious and cultic systems would be negotiated with both the cult but also
14:11 the very Divine person of ihawei through a process of theological convergence and
14:17 assimilation Divergence and cultic antagonism and especially early
14:22 monarchic syncretism to appreciate this process it’s best to
14:28 explore this complex dialectic on two axes one being the Canaanite Pantheon itself but the other being the
14:34 progression through time from the period of the judges and through the monarchy’s complex cultic relationships marked by
14:41 syncretism in the north primarily but more punctuated by yalu monolatry and
14:46 the South before the eventual transition to monotheism and the exilic and really the post-exilic period so let’s begin by
14:54 exploring the Dynamics of theological convergence and Divergence or cultic antagonism with the Canaanite Pantheon
15:01 and Yahweh most of our knowledge of the Canaanite Pantheon stems from the
15:07 discoveries of vast Royal libraries of the city of uguerita another victim of
15:12 the Bronze Age collapse what has emerged from this Center are significant collections of mythological and cultic
15:19 documents deeply detailing the nature personalities and Mythic Deeds of the
15:26 various Canaanite gods in that Pantheon though two caveats are perhaps an order
15:32 the first is that the just Trove may represent a specifically Royal specifically ugaritic expression of the
15:38 Canaanite Theology and its myth Cycles the second is that these documents date to the mid 12th century at the latest
15:44 you know the city itself was probably destroyed around 1185 BCE which is
15:51 hundreds of years and still quite a distance away from the Locust classicus of the development of the Israelite cult
15:57 down a good bit southerly in the highlands thus we don’t know to what
16:03 degree the Canaanite occult expressed itself specifically in that region down in the highlands and this is especially
16:10 true because the Canaanite written record in that area is remarkably poor it’s it’s basically
16:18 non-existent so to what degree can we take the ogreidic text to be representative of Southern Highlander
16:24 text Highlander cult Notch clear but those caveats aside the head of the Canaanite Pantheon was the grandfatherly
16:31 god L simply God indeed some theories actually have that Yahweh was a local
16:37 very far Southern manifestation of L but I think that’s probably doubtful though
16:43 Deuteronomy 39 seems to be an archaic recall when Elion a manifestation of L
16:49 parceled out the world providing Yahweh specifically with the lands of Jacob Israel this is probably a rare survival
16:57 from a period where Yahweh was still kind of subservient to El Yan and before
17:03 theological convergence with L more generally however it’s clear that the
17:08 yahwists were pretty comfortable enough with L to allow for significant amounts
17:14 of assimilation of L fissures onto Yahweh even when those features perhaps
17:19 stood and significant contrast to the strident Warrior of the Primitive cult one of the
17:27 more striking features of these is the assimilation of L as an elderly wise God
17:32 L is known as the father of years and any ugaritic myth cycles and it’s
17:37 perhaps this image of an elderly white bearded deity as assimilated onto Yahweh from Canaanite L that has probably
17:44 proved the most visibly enduring and popular perception in art if you imagine an old bearded dude as God you’re
17:52 imagining L attached to this elder character is also L’s wisdom a trait not
17:57 typically Associated again with a warrior God they don’t need to be wiser smart further you always partially
18:04 converge as a Creator deity but only partially converged the name Yahweh
18:09 probably just meant the one that is or he is and was primitively not associated
18:15 with creative Powers again Warrior gods don’t do much creating stuff and the verbal form to twist his
18:22 name yodehave of hey into a creative form the verbal form that we known as the Phil in Hebrew
18:29 it never appears in Israelite literature thus it’s unsurprising that a great deal of the creative work in the Bible is
18:36 typically associated with the Divine names like L and especially Elohim even note a name like El Cana El creates
18:43 never really appears with a yoistic Theo form we never get a yahwistic version of
18:49 that name thus we have a situation where not only are elements of L assimilated to Yahweh but that the early Israelites
18:57 or even comfortable enough with a theological identity made between the two
19:04 they combine El in Yahweh it’s very clear in the Hebrew Bible thus many
19:09 elements of Canaanite L though not all of them definitely not all of them as we’ll see in a moment are assimilated to
19:16 Yahweh or with the identity being established the powers and features of L de facto become those of Yahweh an
19:25 element of this transfer especially in the earlier period was Elle’s Divine Council including a retinue of Quasi
19:33 Divine bureaucrats such as the prosecuting attorney hassatam but also the military leader the Tsar Sava but
19:40 also including the 70 signs of el are El Yom of course these Sons would also
19:45 later become demoted to angels as monotheism took root before descending to Earth to mate with human
19:51 women and Genesis 6 and all that gets developed of course in The Book of Enoch though like creation this assimilation
19:59 of the Divine counsel was not total the Suns always appear as sons of el the
20:04 Divine Appalachian there never of the sons of Yahweh though along with these originally quasi-devine beings would
20:11 also come my entire retinue of celestial objects because the sky especially things like stars the
20:18 Sun and the Moon that were all worshiped in the region as well one of those beings are probably Venus appears in the
20:26 Divine Council as a kind of insurgent upstart cast down to Canaanite the
20:31 underworld of the Israelites in an oracle against the king of Babylon probably Nebuchadnezzar of course this
20:38 character would later go on to become modified in Christian mythology to
20:43 become the satanic Lucifer in that tradition showing just how long of a
20:49 half-life these beings can have that being goes all the way back to ancient Canaanite Celestial mythology another
20:57 interesting instance has a deceptive Spirit of ruach Shakir being recruited by Yahweh to fool some of prophets to
21:05 ensure the death of King akhav of course Psalm 82 also captures this assimilation
21:10 of Elle’s Divine counsel very clearly he’s speaking to members of the Divine
21:16 Council that cult Gods perhaps the most peculiar assimilation of this to the
21:21 warrior God Yahweh are actually else trait says merciful and compassionate this is a
21:29 outstanding trait and sensible for the grandfather Lee l who even has a bit too
21:34 much to drink from time to time there are some great stories in the ugaritic myth Cycles about that and it is an
21:39 interesting but reasonable assimilation onto a god whose prehistory of warfare and brutal rating must transition
21:47 it has to transition when you go into a more sedentary cult where you know you can’t solve all your problems through
21:53 violence anymore even most of your problems through violence thus this
21:58 results in contemporary readers Whiplash reading the Hebrew Bible where the deity there seems to absolutely Delight
22:06 in waiting and blood of his foes and killing people and then you turn a few
22:11 pages later and this is a god whose mercy and compassion never fail that’s because you have two Gods being
22:17 welded together here who have very different traits of course not all elements of Yahweh were assimilated equally by the
22:24 Israelites one of the important epithets of L was Bull L and bull iconography
22:29 eventually all iconography especially in the South whilst apparently the
22:34 polarizing among the Israelites it appears that the northern variants of the cult accepted El Yahweh bull
22:41 iconography with jeroboam the first setting up very distinct bull imagery at his Yahweh shrines Yahweh shrines at
22:48 Bethel the name there House of L and Don the actually Don is the only surviving
22:55 Yahweh Shrine in the world from Antiquity at least along with tell a rod
23:01 in the South but it’s mostly then deconstructed and put in the Israel Museum these are the only two Yahweh
23:06 shrines that survive into the archaeological record now while this bull imagery might have been primitive
23:12 to Yahweh it’s much more likely that it was a northern assimilation from the El cult that the southern cult by the way
23:18 preferring the arcs cherubim as its major cult symbol but it was actually
23:23 just more generally anaconic in its disposition generally grouped to detest especially as the northern kingdom grew
23:30 in power and Prestige and well the am rides were very powerful and the southerners probably felt jealous of
23:36 them and hated their cows indeed the golden calf narrative itself may be a southern polemic against the Norse
23:43 assimilation of this dimension of Elle’s cult the importation of this bull imagery
23:48 finally L had a Divine consort a theoret but I’ll come back to her when I discuss
23:54 ashirah in just a moment if the relationship of Yahweh and Elle
24 was assimilation to convergence then the relationship with the Canaanite Warrior and storm God but all literally the Lord
24:07:00 is going to be characterized by assimilation to not only Divergence but
24:12:00 also just straight up cultic antagonism the discovery of the ugaritic bile cycle
24:18:00 has done more to inform our understanding of the local ancient mythology of that region than perhaps
24:23:00 any other group of texts outside of course from the Hebrew Bible here but all is famous for his triumphs over the
24:30:00 chaotic forces of the sea or yam his fight with death to the death when he
24:36:00 subsequently resurrected and achieved the taunt with moat or the god of death with the aid of the
24:41:00 Fierce fertility Warrior goddess anat thus providing for the life-giving winter range in the region before being
24:48:00 exalted as virtually the king of the entire world virtually every element of
24:54:00 the Baal cultists will intercept with Yahweh in his cult very probably because
24:59:00 of just how similar the deities were and how very
25:05:00 popular but all must have been compared with the relative upstart Yahweh in the
25:10:00 region as I mentioned both gods were associated with storms especially for their life-giving Reigns in the region
25:16:00 however they’re both associated with storms of very different kinds Yahweh
25:22:00 was likely associated with the terrifying thunderstorms and flash floods of the Southern Arava regions
25:27:00 whereas ball was Associated primarily with the coastal winter storms without which the Arid region would struggle to
25:35:00 bloom both storm gods very different kinds of storms however as Yahweh
25:41:00 settled into the region the motif of him as a writer upon the clouds one virtually shared with ba’al would be
25:47:00 extended not just to the thunderstorms of the South but also the coastal rains as well this element becomes assimilated
25:55:00 easily onto Yahweh numerous evidence of these storm theophonies abound though
26:02:00 Psalm 29 conforms so much with Baal imagery that some Scholars have just
26:08:00 kind of argued that it’s a literal Yahweh for all substitution him it’s like cut and paste Yahweh four but
26:15:00 although it’s a little simplistic further elements of all’s contests with the c
26:21:00 are yam and it’s Dragon loton are mirrored in early Israelite yawism with
26:26:00 a similar contest most notably in the third creation story of the Bible found in Psalm 74 and of course in job where
26:34:00 the defeat of sea monsters specifically Leviathan were a necessary aspect of forging the world from watery chaos to
26:41:00 order this is a pretty common myth cycle in the ancient New Year East ironically
26:46:00 this defeat of Leviathan would be later transposed into a world-ending apocalypse and later mutations of the
26:52:00 myth both in Judaism and in Christianity for their ball contest with death or
26:57:00 moat is often just demythologized in general such that Yahweh has control
27:03:00 over both life and death and in some passages you always even described as swallowing up death this is a very big
27:11:00 Flex an ironic Flex over yahweh’s power over life and death because it’s exactly
27:17:00 death best described in the great myth as having a gaping Mall it does the swallowing not
27:24:00 Gods further The Dwelling Place of Baal on Mount zafon modern-day Jebel Akra
27:30:00 became autonomized into Hebrew as just the word for North with Yahweh also
27:35:00 primitively associated with mountains especially Sinai Mariah the title El Shaddai probably is just another
27:41:00 reference to how a mountain L was assimilated over to Yahweh from the Acadian word for mountain though
27:48:00 eventually Mount Zion is eventually going to be substituted out for mount zathon for pride of place but the
27:55:00 metonymy zephon is the word for North it continues into Hebrew to this very day
28 of course with both being Warrior and storm Gods it’s unsurprising that Yahweh would be pitted against by all in cultic
28:07:00 combat it seems to be a video game but all’s popularity can be seen in the numerous over a dozen theonomic place
28:15:00 names associated with them these are probably local manifestations of Baal akin to the way that Roman gods were
28:21:00 locally manifest or even the way you get sort of avatars of Mary in various
28:26:00 places Our Lady of so and so and further the horror baal’s worship seems to have inspired in certain Israelite writers
28:32:00 and Prophets and further it’s also pretty clear that at least the first half of the monarchy there was a pretty
28:39:00 strong attempt to syncretize Yahweh but all worship which seems reasonable with
28:44:00 but all Coptic objects placed in otherwise specifically holistic shrines probably to please both the local
28:50:00 population but also the exogamous wives for whom ball was the central native God
28:57:00 in their religion the Israelites would marry outside of the Israelite group in order to basically secure
29:03:00 International relationships like everyone else thus this was very likely an attempt to assimilate Baal to Yahweh
29:09:00 just as with L in the north however the southern cult was never quite this comfortable and purges by several
29:16:00 Southern Kings such as by Hezekiah jehu and most famously Josiah sought to
29:22:00 completely duracinate non-yahweh worship and even non-jerusalemite Yahweh worship I didn’t
29:29:00 want you Worship in Yahweh somewhere else however it appears that by the 8th Century BCE that the Israelite prophets
29:35:00 such as Elijah and Elisha really really rejected any form of syncretism
29:42:00 and the narrative describes multiple contests like ordeals between the Israelite Yahweh partisans and the Baal
29:49:00 cult and the Ashera cult especially as backed by Ahab and his Phoenician wife
29:55:00 Jezebel who gets an unwarrantedly evil reputation you can hear by the way
30:01:00 the all theonm and her name in fact the scribes of the Hebrew Bible so hated by
30:06:00 all that theonimics employing his name underwent taboo replacement with the Hebrew word for shame thus
30:15:00 names like even the goddess astarta becomes
30:22:00 ashtareth using the vowel pattern from the word for shame to
30:28:00 muck about with her name further the phrase principal or bowel’s bull
30:33:00 famously becomes the Lord of the Flies and even Daniel’s term for the
30:39:00 abomination of desolation may become actually a pun on Baal Shaman
30:46:00 or ball of the heavens thus that the Heavenly is thrown down thus but all in
30:52:00 Yahweh are probably of mutual victims of what Freud called the narcissism of minor
30:57:00 difference they’re just that similar the stage of ancient Canaan of ancient Israel just being well too small for two
31:05:00 Warrior storm gods and with only a minor exception but all basically vanishes from the religious record and Canaan by
31:12:00 the post-exilic period though of course but all would go on to continue to function in The Phoenician deity system
31:18:00 as melkart as late as the rise of Christian hegemony in the late Classical period so
31:25:00 one God had to go and at least in that region it ended up being ba’al
31:30:00 though while not directly bearing on the development of Yahweh as a God but more
31:35:00 so on yahuism as a cult is a question of how else consort a theraat would or
31:40:00 would not be incorporated Ashira she appears in the Hebrew is mentioned some 40 times throughout the Hebrew Bible
31:47:00 though overwhelmingly in reference to a kind of wooden ritual poll that probably
31:53:00 represents a sacred tree of fertility which in turn of course represents the goddess herself though there are a
32 couple times where she’s mentioned as a peso Asha ra set up by Menasha this is probably an engraved representation of
32:06:00 her maybe like those ones from the Bronze Age of her cupping her breath so
32:12:00 we don’t know unsurprisingly the cult of asherah was very popular and it seems
32:17:00 reasonable for many reasons fertility is popular that Yahweh L assimilation
32:22:00 convergence would also result in consort exchange such that El athirat would
32:28:00 become Yahweh ashirah and that seems to be precisely what happened
32:33:00 though of course not without some hella theological controversy several Israelite and Judean Kings seem
32:41:00 to have placed her cultic symbol in Yahweh temples and equally stridently Elijah contested with her prophets and
32:47:00 the prophets of Baal and murdered them all at least according to the text and Josiah targeted her cult in
32:54:00 his Inquisition reforms indeed it’s the deuteronomists particularly that have
33 the most deeply concerned worries about the elimination of her cult her exact status
33:06:00 in this period is contested while the two famous inscriptions at kuntalit adrude and kirbat elkom seemed to
33:13:00 indicate that her status was as consort of Yale despite that
33:19:00 pesky pronomial suffix which no one quite seems to know just what to
33:24:00 do with and there is 50 000 volumes on that one polynomial suffix the
33:30:00 overwhelming concern about her is the Adoration of her cult object itself especially in Yahweh shrines they may
33:37:00 have been okay with Yahweh having a wife but not her occult object in the same Shrine
33:43:00 while we have to acknowledge the policy of evidence here it seems reasonable to me that she did function as you always
33:49:00 consort but that this ill assimilation was heavily theologically contested especially in the South with the more
33:56:00 emergent Yahweh monoliters the cult object probably represented the Goddess that seems
34:03:00 almost ipso facto true it clearly became associated with Yahweh the deuteronomous
34:08:00 constantly complained about it and the logic of L convergence seems likely that the two were conceived together despite
34:14:00 again the general anaconic and Yahweh monology parties eventually that would emerge and obtain cultic hegemony
34:21:00 especially in the south now to what degree asherah and astarte Ishtar were assimilating this period is
34:28:00 unknown the answer is probably maybe and further there’s a vague reference to a being called the Queen of Heaven very
34:35:00 disdained by Jeremiah who this is is also unknown though the term for the cakes that are offered to the Queen of
34:41:00 Heaven and that text there are actually Acadian loan words they’re coming over from the Acadian language so it seems
34:48:00 like a nod in the direction of Ishtar a start day assimilation but we don’t know with the exception of a few names
34:54:00 especially in very archaic sources there in the song of devorah the fertility and
34:59:00 Warrior goddess anat seems to play basically little to no role in this period of the development of yahwism and
35:06:00 maybe just in the whole cultic environment of Canaan though the Bloodshed imagery associated with
35:11:00 ugaritic are not her wading through blood and gore and decapitated heads rolling about her feet and dismembered
35:18:00 hands flying into the air about her like locusts
35:23:00 this needs to be metal song why isn’t there a bang metal band called anat you see very similar kinds of depictions of
35:31:00 Yahweh delighting and warfare and Carnage in the song of devorah but honestly I would just suspect that
35:37:00 primitive Yahweh and I’m not actually would just have made a better couple than Yahweh and asherah given their
35:43:00 proclivity to massacring people you get kind of Natural Born Killer vibes from that
35:49:00 couple but I suspect the similarities are probably just endemic to ancient total warfare hacking people to death on
35:55:00 the battlefield than any actual theological convergence or assimilation between Yahweh and anat
36:02:00 of course your wisdom would undergo further assimilation to Canaanite mythology especially the the
36:08:00 mythologizing of the plague God’s reshef and devair literally burning and plague
36:14:00 terrifying Gods who come to serve as nightmarish steeds pulling the Divine Chariot that is an image in the Hebrew
36:21:00 Bible or metal or the literary transfer of the mighty Regal dead of the Rapa Uma
36:27:00 of the ugaritic mythology to the refaim as Giants defeated by biblical figures as a show of force in the Hebrew Bible
36:34:00 in fact I’ve done an entire episode tracing out just the development and history of the refaim from ancient
36:41:00 Canaanite into ancient Israelite mythology if you want to check it out that’s a fascinating development with
36:46:00 the refahim all in all what we have is a complex non-linear process whereby
36:52:00 primitive yawism and Yahweh become implanted into the post Bronze Age collapse of the area of the Canaanite
36:59:00 Israelite Highlands becoming the chief though not the sole god of the immersion
37:04:00 Israelites again this is a famous henotheism of the period and he becomes a core aspect of their emergent National
37:12:00 hegemony in the region the earlier period is marked by theological convergence and Divergence assimilation
37:19:00 and conflict all with the local Canaanite Cults and their gods with a tendency towards syncretism and
37:26:00 originally the more affluent northern areas but this earns the ire of both the southern Yahweh
37:33:00 partisans who have may have been already on the path or developing in the direction of monolatry and anachronism
37:39:00 along with a small fraction of Northern Prophet shamans with the destruction of
37:45:00 the north and 722 BCE the northern Yahweh refugees would be absorbed into the more anti-syncretistic anaconic in
37:52:00 Yahweh monolatres Southern cult this would develop in fits and starts until
37:57:00 the rule of Josiah and the deteronomists whose reforms are
38:03:00 better Inquisition not only sought out to eliminate non-yahweh worship from
38:08:00 this Kingdom but also non-jerusalemite Yahweh worship again
38:13:00 Theology and politics are the same thing here in centralizing one centralizes the other by necessity hence the destruction
38:20:00 of even Yahweh shrines in the region like that one that was torn down there at Tel a rod with the 6th Century BCE
38:27:00 Exile of the Judean Elites who are probably majority Yahweh monoliders or
38:32:00 even early monotheists maybe the Theology of the Exile and the post-exile would represent a massive shift from a
38:39:00 parochial Judean God to a singular Cosmic god with a clear expression of
38:44:00 monotheism first emerging in texts like trito Isaiah monotheism would Mark the
38:50:00 post-exilic period yaw wism went into exile Judaism came back and that’s the
38:56:00 point I’d like to drive home in my mind the transition to the universal monotheism of Judaism would come at a
39:03:00 price and that price would be the particularism of Yahweh
39:08:00 as Yahweh far from the Primitive Warrior storm god of the desert Wilds of the
39:14:00 Arava or even the Quilted together deity Forge in the religious Crucible of
39:20:00 contestation and assimilation of the period of the judges in the northern and southern kingdoms the theological
39:25:00 tension would now be between the god of Judaism as a people both Sovereign and diasporic with a truly Universal being
39:33:00 transcending all differences responsible for even the cosmos itself even
39:39:00 abstracted to utter Transcendence by both apocalyptic mysticism and
39:45:00 Hellenistic philosophy the distinction now would be what kind of universal God are you going to get a parochial Judaism
39:51:00 one or a more philosophical abstract one and it would be the promise of universal salvation reserved once only for the
39:58:00 judeans Matched by this Cosmic apocalypticism and escotherological fervor in which Yahweh
40:07:00 would become a father to a sacrifice son for the Salvation of both Jew and
40:12:00 Gentile that would set the stage for the next part of this epic Story the
40:18:00 transition of Yahweh from a Judean God to Simply God for billions and billions
40:25:00 of human beings as I mentioned the literature in this field is vast and highly technical
40:32:00 however I’d like to recommend a few volumes if you want to dive deeper into this topic and if this episode interests
40:37:00 you you need to by all means the early history of God and the origins of biblical monotheism by Mark Smith is
40:44:00 fantastic John day’s Yahweh and the gods and gods of Canaan is a classic Frank
40:50:00 Moore crosses Canaanite myth and Hebrew epic along with the religions of ancient
40:55:00 Israel by sioni zevitt are all both and great for a diplomatic history of Israel from a
41:01:00 archaeological point of view rather than just the text the aptly name book by devair beyond the text and
41:07:00 archaeological portrait of ancient Israel in ancient Judah it’s very diplomatic in a fine text although his
41:14:00 book has archeology buried the Bible it’s kind of like the too long didn’t read it version of the book I just mentioned so
41:20:00 if you want to read another one that one’s a good one it’s kind of a digest of the more specialized text
41:25:00 Theodore Lewis’s more recent the origin and character of God ancient Israelite Israelite religion through the lens of
41:31:00 divinity is also just a beast of a text a magisterial approach and well worth
41:36:00 the effort as I said this episode is a testament to not letting the perfect
41:42:00 be the enemy of the good this episode is incomplete it throws way too fast over a
41:47:00 lot of topics and honestly this could just be an entire semester class at the
41:52:00 very least and require sophisticated knowledge of ancient near East history and several ancient languages not to
41:59:00 mention just an encyclopedic grasp of the Hebrew Bible and Canaanite myth more generally
42:06:00 despite the Myriad shortcomings of this episode I hope it’s still useful for
42:11:00 grasping at some level where Scholars are on the mysterious origin and
42:17:00 development of Yahweh a God we all know and yet
42:22:00 we still have to admit we know so little of until next time I’m Dr Justin Sledge and
42:30:00 thank you for watching esoterica where we explore the Arcane in history
42:35:00 philosophy and religion o is underneath:


Moses and Elijah sledge the false prophets (1:38min)

The prophets of Baal died from the thrash metal (lolz).



Craig Davis, Dating the Old Testament, (RJ Communications, 2007)

27 E. E. Elnes and Patrick D. Miller, “Elyon,” DDD, 296.

See the chapter on Stylometrics in the Dark Sayings Commentary:


The lesser key of Solomon

The lesser key of Solomon

Added a category called Occult for subjects that do not fit under Christianity or Gnostic etc.  Do I believe that any of this is true? I doubt very much that Solomon possessed such a book with 72 seals (spells) but I believe the seals and book is from a later era and that it was attributed to Solomon.

It is Interesting to note that there were traveling Jewish exorcists in the first century because Luke mentions them (Acts 19 and also Simon Magus). It is very possible that many practitioners dwelt in the Arabian Peninsula (Oman) and that Wendell Phillips found something there. He is possibly the character on which Indiana Jones is based with his penchant for wearing a gun on his hip and surrounding himself with beautiful women and doing archeological digs. The Arabs (and Jewish tribes on the Arabian Peninsula) were very superstitious and believed in Jinn and evil spirits (demons).  It is therefore possible that Philips found a scroll from a traveling exorcist.  Who knows?   The area was traditionally known as the region of Sabaʾ, biblical Sheba, kingdom in pre-Islamic southwestern Arabia, frequently mentioned in the Bible (notably in the story of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba).  So who knows…but this number 72 keeps turning up. Do I believe in demonic entities?  (apart from Hilary Clinton,No- lolz).

The video below is cray stuff but these people actually believe this stuff as did Jewish exorcists thousands of years ago.  And if we understand a demon as an “unclean spirit” and emojis as expressing “emotions” as pictograms then perhaps there is something to creating a collective consciousness – the mind of the flesh.  A hive mind driven by AI and social media that they want to network (neuralink).  Instead of a demon they might create psychosis.  The video below Jacob-Israel is the source video that he is quoting. Well worth a watch.

Did ELON MUSK Summon DEM0NS to Create The X App?! (42 min)


The Demonic Truth Behind Emojis (8 min)