Farmers Fight Back

Farmers Fight Back

If all this has been orchestrated then the inevitable response is also anticipated.  It is called the Hegelian Dialectic.  They shake the system up and destroy it so that they can change it. There are no good guys in this.  Do I support the farmers protesting against the globalist destruction of our food supply?  Of course I do….but they are being used. We are all being controlled and nudged as various factions struggle for world dominance.  Whoever wins this we lose.

They’re Fighting Back & NOT Giving In To The World Economic Forum! (16 min)

Why Are Governments Attacking Farmers? (8 min)

An unstoppable uprising!

France is Lost

France is Lost

You might have noticed that many of the videos that I put up about France have been removed by YT.  The French government is censoring heavily.  I hope these stay up:


Macron To Lock Down Fallen France (3 min)

France France Is Lost (6 min)

The French George Floyd

The French George Floyd?

Terrible things are happening in France right now and I am only showing a few of the tragedies. Apparently a man trying prevent his car being burnt had his bones broken and hand chopped off. There are fires everywhere and now ordinary citizens are arming themselves with sticks etc to fight back. Utter chaos. Of course it is all blamed on the immigrants as Qaddafi himself warned in 2011 However, although that is a factor the problem runs deeper than immigration.

Here is Richard Medhurst defending the Algerians who are considered full French citizens:

Are Migrants Really Burning Down France? (4 min)

Here we see the counter reaction..

‘Protest’ My A r s e (4 min)

France riots: Looters break into gun shop as hundreds arrested (2 min)

The French George Floyd

Is this 17 year old boy the French George Floyd?   His mother certainly does not look like she is grieving.  Something stinks and it is not Vieux Boulogne French cheese.

She Sure Ain’t Grieving (2:00 min)

There can be no doubt that a campaign has been underway to flood Europe with African and Middle Eastern refugees as a consequence of the neocon wars and destabilization.   That is a simple fact and what happened is deliberate. Importing different cultures and religions en-mass without allowing time for integration is bound to cause tensions.

Some liken this to the outworking of the Kalergi Plan “conspiracy” of the great replacement but then you have  Barbara Lerner Spectre confirming the “conspiracy” by talking about how the Europeans must become Multi-cultural with Jewish help.  She has lived in Israel and we know that Israel And Judaism are renowned for multiculturalism and tolerance (lolz).  As the saying goes, the Jew will stab you while crying in pain.

So although I agree with some of what Richard Medhurst is saying this has been encouraged and enabled by the “bankers”.    The elites who are in charge want to dilute and disenfranchise populations.  They want to destroy the nation state and they want to destroy the family.   So I believe that this is the French George Floyd moment.   The oligarchs, bankers and power elite (many of them Jews) had a hand in staging this and probably fund some of the rioters (like Soros funding BLM).   Although there are tensions I do not think this is organic.  This was orchestrated.  They want an excuse for martial law, curfews, suspension of democracy and the need to ID and track everyone.   Mark my words…there are dark forces at work manipulating the tensions.