Psychological Warfare

Psychological Warfare

Apparently the story about Oxford council etc wanting 15 minute cities and rationing car use is untrue.

We have to realize that we are in the middle of psychological warfare. They will often float false stories or partially true stories to agitate the masses to probe the level of response and push-back then they will use those same stories to discredit legitimate opposition. See -what we are doing is perfectly normal …it is just traffic management….and we have a bunch of violent far-right conspiracy theorists issuing death threats (lolz).

We know from the wider context (Agenda 2030) that they want 15 minute cities. We also know that not only will everyone not be able to afford an electric car, they won’t be able to charge it either. It has become prohibitively expensive and some states/countries have banned charging during peak hours. So most people will not own cars in the future.

 Gaslighting from both sides

Do I need to remind everyone that we are being gaslight by the left and by the right.  You need to develop a discerning spirit and trust no one. This interesting article by Mat Crawford about the Military Data (vaccine injuries) is a timely reminder.

So, not only has the DMED investigation been bafflingly and irresponsibly steered around anything like an investigation into Unissant, we have fresh new evidence of potential data tampering! Even weirder, this new round of data tampering propels the side of those who want to stop the experimental vaccination campaign, which includes me (well, after 90-something percent of the military was already jabbed, right?).

Do you even wonder how much of the MSM and MFM media is competing Hegelian narratives, and all this is just scripted theatrics from start to finish on both sides?

Well, are you amused, yet?

Do you see it? Do you see at least some evidence that the narrative is controlled on both ends? It's certainly not conclusive, and the evidence may never reach that point, even if it's true. But there should at least be a discussion about all this.


Full article:

Don’t be played by either side

Do not trust any of them

Put your faith in God

The Psychology of COVID Crimes

The Psychology of COVID Crimes

A very good discussion between the psychiatrist Peter Breggin and the feminist author and journalist Naomi Wolf in which they look at Mattias Desmet’s theory of Mass formation Psychosis and also at the subject of a Covid Amnesty by Emily Oster. Dr Breggin makes the point that not only can the mass formation thesis be employed  to dismiss anti-vaxxers as delusional conspiracy theorists it can also be used to absolve the promoters of vaccines from any blame. This is the point that Dr Kevin McCairn made.   The argument can be used both ways with each side accusing the other of psychosis.  Naomi Wolf was a progressive but has taken up the conservative cause and could be classed as a “right winger” as she is often found on Steve Bannon’s (the Christian-Zionist) War Room.  Breggin seems to have fought big pharma and medical malpractice all his life. Nevertheless, the fact that both Breggin and Wolf are Jewish makes me wary.

The Psychology of the COVID Crimes (35 min)



I tweeted out this clip from the Simpsons more than two years ago but Jimmy has only found it now. I did something naughty and attached the video to a tweet and sent to Gould basically telling him that he had been owned and should be embarrassed by the stance that he took.  Is that harsh?  I think not.  These people have blood on their hands and they want to pretend that nothing happened  (see the video below this one).

Jaw-Dropping! The Simpsons Predicted COVID In 2010! (11 min)


HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN 2020? | The Game’s Afoot: Episode 4  (20 min)

Predictive Programing

Predictive Programing

These videos are pretty good.  Watch the first one to the end look out for “those who trust the science”. 

I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire… (20 min)

ONLY THE LONELY | How OnlyFans Will Change the World and Masculinity (34 min)

This has been ongoing for decades. We can see it clearly now. The deconstruction of the family and of the sexes. A lot of unhappy, deluded people.

New Psychopathy

New Psychopathy

The reason I put this video up is that I started watching the video and then I said to my wife… hey, this video is about some Netflix series that is going viral.  it is about that serial killer Jeffry Dahmer.  She said that she stopped watching it because it was creepy and sick and had an evil vibe.  By coincidence the same day I overheard two young women (staking shelves at the supermarket) talking about how great the latest Netflix offering was (lolz).

Sometime between 1987 and 1991, gay serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer slaughtered young black men. Some of these men, he posed in strange positions and photographed.  Coincidentally (sic) John Podesta had a statute of one of the victims on display in his home (along with sick paintings of children).

This is programing of the worst kind. Brutalizing and desensitizing people and also racial agitprop.


MODERN MK ULTRA – New Psychopathy, Race Baiting, Dating and Relating in a Social Media Abyss (2:50)