I must not fear

I must not fear

"I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past, I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain."

-Frank Herbert, Dune, Litany Against Fear

The Adjustment Reaction

The Adjustment Reaction (30 min)

This is very good and recommended.  I prepared early because I understood what was coming and wanted to prepare and warn others.  Many actions were intuitive and early. 

This from the comments below:

I couldn’t watch. But read it. Nice  1. Be prepared  2. Think if scenarios and how you will react  3. Stay calm  4. Don’t try to convince others unless they trust you implicitly. Otherwise they will blame you and attack you.  5. Have boundaries and self respect. Stick to your plan and rules. If someone doesn’t want to follow leave them behind otherwise they will pull you both under  I’ve been through a lot in life. More than most. Go through enough and it will steel you. Empathy yes. Sympathy not so much. Allow myself to fail because someone wants to shame me, ridicule me, etc. Never. Times that are coming will test people greatly. How much you suffer or thrive will depend on all these things. People that doubt will find out. I know my bonafides. I have no need to prove them to others. But I know what I know and I know how good I am at what I do. I know very serious times are coming and already underway. The worst will probably not hit until late 2024 to mid 2025. You best be ready for 3 to 4 years of serious 💩💩💩. Good luck to all.

Here is the original document:  https://www.psandman.com/col/teachable.htm




Very good….spot on…recommended…

Chris should have called this video demoralization.   Before you defeat a person or country you have to break them down psychologically. 

Your Children Are Under Attack (1:28)

 At one point Chris mentions Yuri Bezmenov and here is a short except from an interview with G. Edward Griffin.

Yuri Bezmenov: The Four Stages of Ideological Subversion (7 min)


Abort creation

Abort creation

Apparently (and I do not follow this closely) the Roe vs. Wade abortion decision has been overturned in the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) because it has been “stacked” with pro-Trump  conservatives judges (at least that is the gist of my superficial reading of the matter). This has obviously caused huge outrage among Democrats and the “left” who are now in full melt down.

My take on this (leaving the abortion question to one side) is that this divisive decision is deliberate because they want more hate, division and turmoil.  The current situation in clown world is that we have huge excess mortality from the bioweapon (covid) and the toxic experimental “vaccines”, we have Nazis with bioweapon-labs running amok in Ukraine, we face food shortages and hyperinflation.  This is all about resetting the monetary system and destroying the old way of doing things.

What surprises me more than anything is the sheer stupidity of the masses who latch onto every issue without seeing the big picture.  However, that does not take away from the fact that abortion on demand (as a form of contraception) is entirely different from abortion as a medical intervention.  There is no nuanced debate or even an attempt to understand.  Many of the pro-abortionists are completely radicalized and dare I say it….insane.

Ed Dutton: Women who get abortions: The eugenic argument (15 min)


Moral Courage

Moral Courage

This really is an excellent video.  The pandemic has revealed a lot.  It has demonstrated a distinct lack of moral courage and critical thinking.  It has shown us that people act like a supine, obedient herd who are willing to even damage their own kids if instructed to do so. All they needed was to make them afraid. As the saying goes, “People who are willing to believe absurdities are capable of committing atrocities”.

Why are Most People Cowards? | Obedience and the Rise of Authoritarianism (12 min)

Fear of Death

Fear of Death

They used fear and existential angst against us.  The remedy is faith and hope.


Communist detainment

Communist detainment

They are using the excuse of “mental instability” to detain people in psychiatric wards like they used to do in Soviet Russia.

Dr. Nagase joins us again to this time talk about the illegal detainment of Dr. Mel Bruchet who was seized by 8 police officers and forced into a psychiatric hospital where he was force drugged and diagnosed with frontal lobe dementia and is still being held without just cause.

The case comes in the same week when an Alberta Firefighter was seized under similar abusive use of the Mental Health Act.

Dr. Nagase has emerging details of this story as well as pertinent data released by Pfizer which should make every Canadian stand up and pay attention to the stripping of our rights and medical freedom.



Pfizer Documents Reveal Over 1,200 Vaccine Deaths Over 90-Day Trial Period