Punk Ass Apes

Punk Ass Apes

Highly Recommended.

Do you feel lucky Punk? Well do ya?   If you feel lucky and want to go right down the rabbit hole and see how bad it really gets watch this.  I had to do some digging….and you know what…the scary thing is that she is right.  I had never heard of lunarpunk etc but I know now. What she said at about 27 minutes regarding cycles piqued my attention:

Bobby Goes Ape Signaling Austin’s Lunarpunks (39 mins)

This is the research I did..  and I sent her this message on YT:

Great video (and your hair looks nice-lolz). Anyway I am going to post it on my blog and I did a bit of research and it blew my mind as this is what I found on twitter in relation to FALCON , MOON and SOLAR etc .. . (I knew nothing about solarpunk or lunarpunk)...well here goes: FalconX or #FALX is OFFICIALLY Listed on #MOONTOK Utility after Utility we are ready to make some noise on the #Solana Blockchain! AND the Solana blockchain: Solana is a blockchain built for mass adoption ◎ Fast, composable, green, and globally distributed. Twitter by @SolanaFndn. Not only that but Musk has a rocket called the Falcon and one of the first creatures in space were apes (just brain storming). But Falcon ,Moontok and Solana are all linked to blockchain and crypto. It also has the whiff about it of techno-Gnosticism which (as a Christian) I find objectionable. Hope that all helps. PS. get something with some land and start growing...it is going to get bad.


Taylor Swift’s concert film is the highest grossing in history distributed by AMC theaters….it is all one great big mind F***


Mark my words the “Spirituality” behind this is Gnostic-Kabbalah…

Reminder RFK is not your friend:

You are not the Ape who is stronger together (“the collective”).  You are the stupid “naked” Ape addicted to your monolithic “smart Phone” and you are about to be enslaved using blockchain. Look at them predict your future.  Made by the same Jew who faked the moon landing and Eyes Wide Shut.  My we are dumb.  I think I might look back at his movie catalogue…. he was a prophet (lolz).

2001: A Space Odyssey, black monolith (3 min)

Trump and RFK

Trump and RFK

An update on Trump (the victim) and RFK Jr who has now chosen a running mate.  As if these two will drain the swamp.  Yeah,sure (lolz). I can still see these two getting together. A unified ticket.

CNN Guest Shocks Panel: “Prosecuting Trump Will Cost You The Election!”-14 min

Good article:


RFK Ashkenazi

RFK Ashkenazi

I called this three years ago. Chabad is behind this funded by Rothschild. Avril Haines the DNC is Hassidic and went to Georgetown University as did Katz and Hotez. Haines was at Event 201 together with George Gao from the Chinese CDC. The FCS encodes 72 as does Covid 19 and Gentile. There are 72 gentile nations (LXX Gen 10). The rule of 72 is a quick way to calculate compound interest. Ashkenazim are protected. K26R . The 26 letter of the alphabet is Z. KZR (kazar) probably an in-joke. The name of God in the Hebrew has a value of 26. This is the work of Kabbalists (Gnostics) and their alchemist scientists who are anti-Christian and hate the goy especially the white race because they think we have usurped their rightful place. I told everyone three years ago that a section (not all) of the Jews were behind it supported by the Old East India Company (Anglo-Zionists) and corrupted Christian-Zionism (which is a religious oxymoron like Judeo-Christianity). The bankers (Rothschild et al) do not care about religion. If anything, they are Satanists, but they will use Lubavitcher fanaticism to achieve their goal of global dominance. PS The vaccine was meant to be kept at -72 Celsius. What happened to that?😂 Do you see it yet??



The Alison Report

The Alison Report

As you know I recently included three videos from Alison McDowell on this blog.  I think that they are incredibly important for forming an idea of what we are up against. They are long videos and densely packed with information and she should be considered a subject matter expert.  She is truly an excellent researcher.  Anyway, I have watched one video fully and part of the other two videos.  I will go back to them so that I can absorb what she is saying.  So here follows a brief impression so far.

She has made two videos about Hawaii and she uses the construction of  a decentralized smart energy grid as a case study.  Hawaii  is extremely relevant because we just had the fire on Maui that burnt Lahaina to the ground.    It is very relevant that Hawaii has the largest American Naval base (remember Pearl Harbor) but it is also a SIGINT operations center (since WW2) and home to the Hawaii Cryptologic Center (HCC) or NSA Hawaii is a U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) Central Security Service (CSS).  It seems to me that islands are the perfect place for such experiments and perhaps this explains why so many of them have caught fire (Greek islands, Canary Islands etc). The videos can be found here Maui Part 1 and 2

So we have encrypted information and militarization impose on indigenous Polynesian culture and consciousness.  The people in charge globally suddenly seem very concerned about the indigenous (the YES vote in Australia and in Canada they were the first to be vaccinated, same in Australia the military was sent in to vaccinate remote communities).   In any case I believe that Alison is correct in that this is not about decentralizing energy but creating interconnected “cells” in a cybernetic hivemind.  They want us continually connected to the internet (the blockchaining of personality functions) and our interaction with reality.

The possibility of ubiquitous brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) that are continuously connected to the Internet suggests interesting options for our future selves. Questions about what it is to be human, the nature of our current existence and interaction with reality, and how things might be different could become more prominent. I examine speculative future scenarios such as digital selves and cloudmind collaborations. Applications could be adopted in tiers of advancing complexity and risk, starting with health tracking, followed by information seeking and entertainment, and finally, self-actualization. By linking brains to the Internet, BCIs could allow individuals to be more highly connectable not just to communications networks but also to Other minds, and thus could enable participation in new kinds Of collective applications such as a cloudmind. A cloudmind (or crowdmind) is the concept of multiple individual minds (human or machine). 

The Future of Brain-Computer Interfaces: Blockchaining 
Your Way into a Cloudmind Melanie Swan 
Philosophy and Economic Theory, New School University, New York NY

This is about turning the human race into a self-organizing cybernetic organism that can problem solve and find solutions and in some ways  it overlaps with the work of Michael Levin which demonstrates that life is not just DNA but is self-organizing by being induced electrically ( via ion channels see here: https://www.biblaridion.info/blog/basal-cognition/).  This is about their favorite word “resilience”.   Chop the the worm in two and the parts grow a new head and a new tail. If society can be made to function in a similar way we can transcend the natural cycle and its catastrophes. Here is Alison’s map for the two part talk on Hawaii (direct link and embed):

Direct link to Maui Map

I have embedded the link below (you can zoom and move):

RFK Jr and Addiction

Alison has also participated in a discussion involving RFK Jr.  and addiction.  From other videos we know that RFK was influenced by Carl Jung and his Gnostic ideas about consciousness which apparently helped him recover from his addiction.   During the 1950s Jung made some brief comments on the use of psychedelics in traditional cultures and therapeutic contexts. It seems that his “red book” (why do they all have red books? lolz) was the result of psychedelics  which fits nicely with the Gnostic / New Age idea of expanding consciousness and transcending. RFK has become an advocate for finding new ways to treat addiction and is a promoter of the Italian model but the Italian model is a business. We are talking about  social impact bonds and impact investing.  The current drug epidemic in the USA is no accident.  Addiction leads to homelessness and a drop in property values. Corporations like Blackrock can purchase properties cheaply and the behavior of addicts can be commoditized through treatment centers. RFK praises the treatment centers in Italy (https://youtu.be/mlwL40tRYtk?t=4655). The problem is that RFK has links with Scientology and even the Mormons all targeting the areas of treatment and education which are bound up with impact investing. Here is the video on RFK and recovery camps. Below is her Map from the stream:

Direct link to RFK Recovery Map

I have embedded the link below (you can zoom and move):

This video contains such gems (at 52 min) as the Sephardi Jew Ronald Mourad the father of “social investing” (using social misery to turn a buck); “to set out how entrepreneurial practices could be applied to obtain higher social and financial returns from social investment, to harness new talents and skills, to address economic regeneration and to unleash new sources of private and institutional investment”  but he robbed different companies of their pension schemes (lolz). They want to use social impact investing to evolve a hive mind.  This is directed evolution of the kind that Yuval Noah Harari talks about in his book Homo Deus. Collectively man become God and transcends his fleshly “prison (Gnosticism 101).

This is about Tokenizing the CommonsThe commons is the cultural and natural resources accessible to all members of a society, including natural materials such as air, water, and a habitable Earth. These resources are held in common even when owned privately or publicly.  Think of this as the fish in the sea.  They don’t belong to any individual but they belong to us all collectively.   We should all be able to pick up a fishing rod and fish.  The problem is when it gets commercialized with huge factory ships trawling the bottom of the sea and scraping all life from the seabed.  They want to “tokenize” the “commons” from the air you breathe and expel (CO2) to water etc and your access to nature.  Your behavior will be modified and you will need to earn fun tokens based on your social credit score.   It is your fault that the world is facing collapse, not the fault of the rapacious corporations who have built obsolescence into their systems.  Now those same corporations have found a new way to make money out of you that involves your complete enslavement. Here is Alison’s previous video  on Social Impact – Gaming the Tokenized Commons and here is her MAP LINK

Alison is correct (@1:19:47) when she remarks that what RFK Jr. says about “inflammation” is weird. This is in the context of society and the young but RFK is correct.  We have deliberately been put into a situation of constant inflammation (and addiction) through vaccines, endocrine mimickers, glyphosate, fluoride etc. Now they want to offer us their solution.  RFK wants to fund the addiction centers by taxing cannabis.   He is also big on the use of alternatives like Ketamine and psychedelics as treatments for depression and ssri drugs (which  helped create much of the problem).  Once again, Problem, reaction,solution.  The push towards psychedelics etc as a “solution” and “special K” is  too reminiscent of Aldous Huxley and his drug Soma in Brave New World . Huxley took the name for the drug used by the state to control the population after the Vedic ritual drink Soma, inspired by his interest in Indian mysticism.

Here are some of Alison’s remarks (with time stamp) concerning the use of drugs etc in the chat:

1:22:44Alison McDowell​They are lacing cannabis with quantum nano dots for supply tracking and putting Cannabis DNA on blockchain.
1:20:25Alison McDowell​Inflammation is related to diabetes. They are pushing continuous glucose monitors - remote health monitoring that will be leveraged for XR.
1:20:47Alison McDowell​Diabetes is also linked to impact bonds and SemiSynBio - biohybrid computing. 
1:21:27Alison McDowell​I've been saying ALL ALONG that the end game is "wellness" and "prevention" tied to data and impact finance.
1:21:59Michael Stone​The new social drug of the new civilisation will be cannabis. Alcohol will go by the wayside.
1:22:05Alison McDowell​But a huge number of the "resistance influencers" are in that business. In fact they will lead people into the game. Most have no clue what the game actually is. 
1:22:44Alison McDowell​They are lacing cannabis with quantum nano dots for supply tracking and putting Cannabis DNA on blockchain.
1:27:24Alison McDowell​It may be that RFK Jr. was set up to run these programs under someone else's presidency. 
1:27:59Alison McDowell​@CarolynR I think it's not so much retraining - it's capturing the "wisdom of the crowd" on psychedelics and running the data through AI. 



They  have been building this matrix for generations.  It is the tower of Babel redux or the rebellion in Eden or any other biblical archetype you wish to name.  The more things change the more they stay the same.  As the preacher says, There is nothing new under the sun.  I still think RFK Jr and Trump will form a “unity platform”.   I do not trust any of them. Despite (or because of) his pedigree I don’t trust Kennedy.  The Masons always give you your heroes. We are being gamed.  Trump is not the messiah either he is just a very naughty boy. A reminder of some of his pronouncements:

"Everybody, go get your shot." — Donald J Trump, February 28th 2021

"It works incredibly well. 95%, maybe even more than that...and it is really saving our country and it is saving frankly the world." — Donald J Trump, March 9th 2021

"It will save millions of lives, and soon end the pandemic once and for all. These vaccines are also very safe." — Donald J Trump, December 11th 2020

"The Vaccine and the Vaccine rollout are getting the best of reviews. Moving along really well. Get those shots everyone!" — Donald J Trump, December 17th 2020

"Well, I got the Pfizer, and I would have been very happy with any of them. I thought a very bad statement was when they did a pause on Johnson & Johnson. I think that frightened people. That was a bad thing to do. At that time, when they did the pause, they had six people that may have had some difficulty out of millions that received it. But I think the pause was a very bad thing to do." — Donald J Trump, October 2nd 2021

They are all part of the swamp and they all want to own the swamp and control it, not drain it.

Kennedy and the Jung ones

Kennedy and the Jung ones

As far as I am concerned the only two candidates worth watching in this election are Kennedy and Trump.   RFK Jr. is making all the right noises, he is anti-war and wants to regulate vaccines. He pointed out the bio-warfare aspect of Covid and even broached the sensitive subject of racially targeted bio-weapons when he spoke about K26R which gives the Ashkenazi  an advantageous polymorphism.


However, his contacts with ESG and Scientology  (see Alison McDowell here; https://www.biblaridion.info/blog/rfk-jr-s-vision-for-a-peace-corps-for-recovery/) make him suspect in my view.  In a recent interview with Jimmy Dore RFK Jr talked about Spirituality and the influence of Carl Jung on his addiction problem.  Carl Jung was a big proponent of Gnosticism.

How RFK Jr. Beat Addiction With Carl Jung!


I still maintain that we will see Kennedy and Trump converge into a singular unified platform.  The keywords are unity and consciousness.   This is what he says now (before the primaries) but mark my words he will be pushed out (like Sanders was) and then he will be justified in joining Trump.  This will not be an ordinary election.  We might not even make it to election.

Fake Messiah

Fake Messiah

Trump?  RFK Jr?  Artificial intelligence?     All of them?   Who knows but there is some very interesting stuff on these threads. Open the threads up and read them.  Very interesting. A Great Game is being played. Enjoy the Psyops it took them over a hundred years to prepare. The least you can do is appreciate all the trouble they went to. Are ye not entertained?


CJB is also a Psyop who is attacking Christianity but he is correct here.  Chabad is involved with Trump, Putin and RFK. Jr.


Rabbi Shmuley Boteach is RFK Jr’s Rabbi but he is actually ex-Chabad because he was excommunicated by Chabad-Lubavitch “the Rebbe” because he refused to cancel a speaking engagement with Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and his peace deal proposal in 1994 (opposed by the Rebbe) which led to Rabin’s assassination in 1995. Berel Lazar is Putin’s “Chabad” rabbi and the chief rabbi of Russia. Then we have Trump and his son-in-law Jared and daughter Ivanka who are Chabad. Even in Government we have Avrail Haines DNI in the Biden Government and atendee at Event 201.



The issue of ethnic targeting or race based warfare was addressed by Dr McCairn and by this website in July of 2021 (see article below). Search for K26R to find other articles on this website if you want to track the development.

Bio-war race targeting (McCairn1)

JFK Jr is taking flak because he mentioned a scientific article that demonstrated that  bio-weapons are race targeted and there are certain advantageous polymorphism such as K26R that make the ACE2 receptor less likely to bind to the Receptor Biding Domain (RBD).  So certain races will get less sick. The races and subgroups that have this advantage are the Ashkenazi Jews, the Amish, Finish and Chinese.  Of course it is not the Amish or Finish that is upsetting people but the mention of Ashkenazi Jews which is of course “antisemitic” and Chinese, which is “racist  Sinophobia (lolz).  The Amish seem to originate from the same European regions as the Ashkenazi and at some point must have intermingled, similarly the Finish and Chinese share mongoloid ancestry.  Since then other scientific articles have appeared which seem to support this finding.  Facts are facts and scientific hypotheses need to be reviewed and tested against real time epidemiological data.  The Jews are not homogeneous because there are Sephardim and Ashkenazim and many sub-groups. So some Jewish groups will be affected more than others. Moreover, I pointed out the connection between Chabad and 72 at the end of March 2020:


Is this coincidence, a PsyOp or very clever biological engineering (GOF)?   Has a certain contingent (sub-group) of Ashkenazi  Jews funded (Rothschild) and engineered this or have they been set-up?  A set-up seems unlikely as Pharma and the media is run by the Jews and they pushed the vaxx.

Here is my problem

RFK squirms in this interview trying to demonstrate his credentials as a Zionist supporter. All American politicians act the same way because the Jewish lobby is extremely powerful.  That said, I have a feeling that RFK  is playing the game and going through the motions because he probably suspects (knows?)  that the Jews had a big hand in the assassination of his uncle and his father.  A great game is being played.

RFK JR SPEAKS OUT Against Democratic Attempts to SILENCE Him At Hearing: Rising Interview (31 min)


It’s All Over! (Democracy That Is) – Peak Prosperity Podcast (20 min)