Shaping the ground

Shaping the ground

Russia is shaping the ground and preparing the battlefield. The West is losing the sanctions war and losing the propaganda war. Medvedev was trolling the West by suggesting that Russia provide Poland with missile defense to protect it from Ukrainian missiles (lolz).

Russia Advances in Vuhledar, Donetsk, Repels Ukraine in Donbass; War to Continue in Winter (44 min)

This video is funny in a tragic-comedy kind of way. So many people will suffer unnecessarily.

Trade between India and Russia surges. EU continues to self-destruct (15 min)

God Bless You, Mr Polish Potato Farmer!

God Bless You, Mr Polish Potato Farmer! (5 min)

Comments by people:

1. A thermonuclear war didn't happen not because of an unknown Polish hero farmer, but because when push was about to come to shove NATO/US caved in. That's when the photos appeared, although the flight path of the S-300 missile was tracked by NATO radars from the very beginning.

2. I agree to an extent. I think that if the U.S./NATO really was ready to take on Russia, they would’ve gone ahead and responded. This is what Zelensky doesn’t understand. The West is weak, and its armies and weaponry are no longer what they used to be. They have been weakened and exhausted by non-wars in the Middle East and other places where they have been embarrassed by smaller militias.

The last days of the G20 (12 min)

Russia Launches Another Missile Strike, Kiev Doubles Down Polish Missile Strike; Xi Crushes Trudeau (53 min)



Ukraine ‘for as long as it takes’ 

Ukraine ‘for as long as it takes’ 

I put this up and listened while it was live so I don’t know how long it was.


Stop it before these maniacs kill everyone

Stop it before these maniacs kill everyone

I am loathe to put up an info wars video clip but I have to admit that Alex Jones is right (and funny).  I take my information wherever I can find it.  I told you it was a false flag. AJ is corrrect…Zelensky is out of control.

Zelensky caught lying (9 min)

Russian Missiles Strike Ukrainian Infrastructure, Ukrainian Missiles Strike Polish Farm (18 min)


Russia Biggest Missile Attack on Ukraine, West Admits Ukraine Missile Hit Poland; UK Inflation Soars (59 min)



Preparing for a long grind

Preparing for a long grind

Preparing for a long grind (28 min)

Russia Donetsk Advance, Promises to Retake Kherson, Ignores US Diplomatic Advances, Talks to Iran(1:00)

Russia plans to ‘Blackout Blitz’ Ukraine into surrender (9 min)

166 Tucker, Tulsi, Biden, Putin & Russian Regime Change (1:16)

Fast Forward to Fascism

Fast Forward to Fascism

Fast Forward to Fascism (28 min)

My comment underneath:

All true but the Soviet Union caused the Holodomor also known as the Terror-Famine a man-made famine in Soviet Ukraine from 1932 to 1933 that killed millions of Ukrainians. They also wrought other terrors on the Ukrainian people. No wonder some Ukrainians welcomed the Nazis and their twisted supremacist ideology. In fact, Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg (Jewish Marxists) led the Communist Spartacist Uprising in Berlin in 1919. So the Nazis saw the communists as a threat and Ukrainian nationalists regarded the Nazis as liberators. It is time that people everywhere woke up to banker manipulation...they fund both sides of every war and always win. People everywhere want to live their lives in peace and mind their own business....but it seems the bankers have other ideas.

Let’s See How Much Money Has Been Given to Ukraine So Far (1 min)