Plunged into Darkness

Plunged into Darkness


Huge Strike Devastates Ukr Energy, Rus Advances; Israel Iran War Looms, Macron/UK Gamble Troops Ukr (1:23 min)

Russia 10 to 1 ammo advantage. Elensky curse fails on Trump. Iran 48 hour attack. Biden warns Iran (24 min)

The news yesterday Cameron’s sick mind and much more (1 hour)

Col. Douglas Macgregor: Is WWIII Here? (35 min)

US Artillery Capabilities Fall Victim to “Profit Over Purpose,” No Solution in Sight (15 min)

The Iranian Threat

The Iranian Threat

Assassination Attempt on Syrian President Bashar Al Assad (1 min)

US Marine Officer Scott Ritter reveals the TRUTH about the Iran Israel War that’s starting now (16 min)


Yair Pinto: Israel Prepares for Iran WAR & Rafah Offensive to FINISH Hamas | Stakelbeck Tonight (9 min)

Anglo-Zionist Temple Mount Plot

Anglo-Zionist Temple Mount Plot

I used to support the Citizens Party (even though I never vote) because they were fighting against  banking power.  Because of their stance they were smeared as “antisemitic” (lolz). They found their roots in the LaRouche organization which had FBI counter-intel programs run against them in order to smear them as communist etc.  They are not but they do take a stance against  the Anglo-Zionist Bretton Woods post war  Empire and opt for Great Power cooperation, national peoples banks and investment in infrastructure and manufacturing.  Overall sensible policies.  I fell out with them because they refused to speak out against the vaccine or against lockdowns. Perhaps they thought that would make them politically unpalatable but they are still doing nothing even though we are now swamped with a tsunami of vaccine damage and excess deaths and it is obvious to anyone with half brain that this was biowarfare and a power-grab.  So I was very disappointed with them and told them so.  Perhaps they thought taking on Big Pharma as well as the banks was too big a task but the banks and medical industry are now a merged complex. The Medical Industrial Complex.  Anyway they still do good work in their niche and have had some success with the war against cash etc.  Here is their latest report.

P.S. I only found out recently that Matt Ehert is a proponent of the LaRouche organization and his historical videos are very good. I am all for cooperation with Russia and China and am aware of the anti-Chinese propaganda out there. However, I would not like to live  under China’s authoritarian and propagandist regime.  I suppose how they treat their people is their business, historically the Chinese (unlike the West) have not launched aggressive  wars of conquest.


CITIZENS INSIGHT – London’s ‘Temple Mount Plot’ behind Israel’s genocide in Gaza – Michele Steinberg (1:12)

Michele Steinberg is the co-author of the Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) Special Report published in the year 2000, “Who Is Sparking a Religious War in the Middle East”. In response to the post-October 7 Israel-Gaza war, in December 2023 the Australian Citizens Party (ACP) re-issued large excerpts of that report as a dossier titled “Plunging towards World War III: The Made-in-London ‘Temple Mount Plot’ behind the Israel-Hamas War”; ACP Research Director Robert Barwick interviewed Michele Steinberg on the contents of that dossier. The Citizens Insight interview focuses on the so-called “Temple Mount plot” because that is essential to understanding why Hamas called its deadly October 7 attack “the Al-Aqsa flood”, which Israel seized on to justify launching its ongoing mass-slaughter. The Al-Aqsa Mosque is the third holiest site in Islam after Mecca and Medina, the place from where all Muslims believe the prophet Mohammed ascended to heaven. It is also the site which Jewish religious extremists and Christian Zionists believe is the Temple Mount, where King Solomon’s temple was located and must be rebuilt before the “Messiah” can return. Those messianic extremists, who have become a major power-bloc within Israel and now occupy key Ministries in the Netanyahu government, are operating on a timetable dictated by their interpretation of Biblical prophecy, to sacrifice a purely red heifer sometime in the next few weeks, in order to green light an operation to blow up the Al-Aqsa Mosque and thereby make way for the rebuilding of the Temple. If these messianic fanatics succeed, they will not only blow up Al-Aqsa, but they will instantly unite the entire Muslim world from Bosnia to Indonesia against them and blow up World War III. Far from that prospect giving them pause, however, they relish it, because it fits the Biblical prophecy of Armageddon which they believe they are fulfilling. While the rest of the world ignored this messianic plot, Hamas didn’t, and launched the Al-Aqsa flood as a pre-emptive strike against the destruction of their holy site. In the interview, Michele Steinberg covers the highlights of the dossier to give viewers a flavour of the contents which expose this present, extremely dangerous crisis in Israel to be the specific legacy of British, now Anglo-American divide-and-rule imperialism. Michele exposes: • British imperial scheming as far back as 1840 to move European Jews to Palestine to be a check against French-allied Egypt; • British elite freemasonry, with its secrets and ceremonies based on Solomon’s Temple, and the cultish belief of British Israelism that the British and Americans are the lost tribes of Israel, driving Britain’s obsession with controlling Jerusalem and excavating for the site of Solomon’s Temple; • The British Empire’s fostering of Zionism, including its extremist religious and terrorist elements, and the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948; • Christian Zionism, which the British and then Israelis cultivated as a bulwark of support for Anglo-American imperial foreign policy in the Middle East to this day; • The wildly messianic beliefs of the religious extremists in Israel who are now in the Netanyahu government but are in fact criminals implicated in actual terrorism and associated with actual terrorists, all justified by the imperative to fulfil the prophecy to rebuild the temple. This interview is essential viewing, but as Michele Steinberg is at pains to emphasise, it doesn’t do justice to the detailed research in the 120-page dossier. It is vital that everyone who cares about stopping the genocidal slaughter in Gaza, and achieving peace in the Middle East, to watch and share this interview, and take time to read the dossier in the links. Follow this link to download the dossier: Plunging towards World War III: The Made-in-London ‘Temple Mount’ Plot behind the Israel-Hamas War


Click here for a three-page summary article: The explosive dossier that exposes the end-times ‘Temple Mount plot’ driving the genocidal war in Israel-Gaza:

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Full article/book…here: Plunging towards World War III

They have their Red Heifer ready:

If you as a Christian are waiting for a Jewish Temple your religion has been subverted by the Jews.  Jesus replaces the temple and his saints become “living stones”.  The Apocalypse  tells you clearly that  God and the Lamb are the temple in the New Jerusalem. Restarting sacrifice would be an abomination to God.

"And I saw no temple therein: for the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the temple of it" (Rev 21:22 ). 

Jews and Christians should read my paper on the Red heifer

WW3 False Flag-War imminent

WW3 False Flag-War imminent

I just noticed this:

The attack against the US happened at "Tower 22"
Tower gematria =81 (ordinal) reduction is 9
22 = 2x11
This is the second 911 (twin towers) tower 22 is a false flag for a big war. Enjoy.

They say the attack occurred on 28/01/2024 but it depends when and what time zone. Some articles quote Baghdad time. You can bet it is probably 29/01/2024 Central American because that equates to 911 in reverse. 11 (=2+9) and 9 (=1+2+2+4). I am sure that it is a false flag and the occultists in the know are having a laugh about the 911 "tower" and the death of their own soldiers.

White House on Attack on U.S. Base in Jordan: “We will respond.”(2min)

Ray McGovern: Israeli False Flag Killing US Troops? (26 min)

Biden White House moves closer to Iran conflict (39 min)


Pelosi, Putin controls protestors. Graham, hit Iran. EU, destroy Hu… (42 min)

US Base Hit, Americans Dead; US Prepares Iran Attack; Ukr Kupiansk Collapse; EU Goes After Orban (1:23 min)



Australia and UK prepare for WW3

Australia and UK prepare for WW3

Putin prepares for nuclear explosion, NATO holds largest drills | W..(4 min)


Trump disses NATO. Australia, UK; prepare for WW3. REPO Russian assets. US stops funding UNRWA (40 min)


Putin SMO Continues WW2, Rus Aims Kiev Gov; Rus Breakthrough Avdeyevka, Kupiansk; Israel Lebanon War (1:24 min)

US Seeks “New” Strategy for Ukraine as Reality of Russia’s Advantages Sets in (30 min)

Birth Pangs

Birth Pangs

Bibi albatross around Biden’s neck. Avdeevka set to fall. Arestovich, talk to Russia. Cuba vote. U/1 (37 min)

Gaza Surrounded, Blinken Israel Humanitarian Pause, Netanyahu Regime Change; Kiev, Avdeyevka Crisis (1:35 min)

Israel is known as LGBTQ+ capital of the world, did they just DESTROY that image? | Redacted News (16 min)

Israel On Brink Of Civil War! (20 min)

Biden White House aims to scapegoat Netanyahu (26 min)


Middle East Analysis with Chuck Baldwin (55 min)


What is the End Game?

What is the End Game?

I have added Matt Ehret as a tag so that I can highlight his work. Matthew J.L. Ehret is a journalist, lecturer and founder of the Canadian Patriot Review ( and the Rising Tide Foundation. He is an author with Strategic Culture, The Duran, Fort Russ, LA Review of Books- China Channel, and has also been published on Asia Times, Global Times, Oriental Review, Sott, and Zero Hedge. He has authored three volumes of the book series “Untold History of Canada” (available on He is Senior Fellow at American University in Moscow, Founder of Canadian Patriot Review, Rising Tide Foundation and author of Untold History of Canada series.  Hopefully I will feature more of his interesting videos.


Mel K & Matt Ehret | What is the End Game? Who Benefits? The Insanity of Opting for WWIII | 10-27-23 (1:56 min)


Learn more about Matt Ehret and his work:
1) The Forgotten Jewish-Christian-Muslim Alliance and China’s Silk Road
2) Putting the Jewish Conspiracy into Perspective
3) Who Really Created the Middle East Terror Apparatus?
4) Charlemagne and the Ecumenical Principle (online book) by Pierre Beaudry
Matt and Cynthia’s books:
We The People must stand strong, stay united, resolute, calm and focus on the mission – God Wins!