Debt and War

Debt and War

Every World War needs a debt crisis or is it that every debt crisis needs a World War? They want you demoralized and paralyzed with fear so that they can destroy the old system and introduce the new (slave) system. Part of this battle is to stay informed and NOT to give into fear and demoralization. They have lied about climate change but a big change is coming because we are at the end of the cycle. They think they can control it and dictate the agenda. What did Moses say to the Israelite?

And Moses said unto the people, Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the LORD, which he will shew to you to day: for the Egyptians whom ye have seen to day, ye shall see them again no more for ever. (Exodus 14:13)


Prof. Jeffrey Sachs : American Wars and Govt Debt (33 min)

How to Make the World’s Gold Disappear (12 min)

Cuba 2.0

Cuba 2.0

Don’t worry, we have Joe Biden.  I am sure he will do better in a crisis than JFK. His very good in a crisis.He knows exactly what to do when he poops his pants.

I will be OK down under. I will let you know what happens.🤣













Putin sends Russian warships, nuclear submarine to Cuba. What happens next? (6 min)

“Russia could WIPE the U.S. East Coast off the map” Fmr. Marine Scott Ritter | Redacted (28 min)

We Want War (WWW3)

We Want War (WWW3)

We are already at war with Russia and China but it is about to go hot.  It is for this reason that Sunak is standing down:


But don’t worry this will be nothing like WW1 and WW2. They were just trailers. This one promises to have all the goodies. Bird Flu and Nukes (lolz) with Great Depression and PsyWar as an added bonus.  Your rulers really love you.

Not at all Suspicious

Sunak is holding elections on the day that the former colony became independent 248 years ago.  Thursday, 4 July 2024. There are 90,580 days between Thursday, 4 July 2024 and Thursday 4 July 1776.      90,580 days F=9x5x8=360 R=9+5+8 =22 (360 = Babylonian year
and 22signifies the beginning and end (Alpha and Omega or the A to Z). Similarly 130,435,200 minutes (1x3x4x3x5x2=360 R=9).  All related to the year cycle and Beginnings and Endings.  Is this a message being sent from the globalists?  Who knows…but the occult features large in the reckoning of all these Psychos and we are going to escalate. They want to break the USA.

Sunak, independence day elections. Pressure grows in US to attack Russia. Byden, Putin wants Gotland (33 min)

Rus Enters West Chasov Yar, Ukr Volchansk Trapped; Blinken Ukr Strikes Rus; MidEast Peace Summit (1:26 min)

MUST WATCH: Kyle Anzalone: Anti-War Wrap Up. (27 min)

Patrick Lancaster: Live from Russia/Ukraine Eastern Front (27 min)


WW3 Prelude

WW3 Prelude

Netanyahu ICC Warrant, Raisi Killed Air Crash; Rus Takes Belogorovka Storms Chasov Yar; Assange Wins (1:25 min)

Iran helicopter crash. Nuland, hit military bases. Rise of Yermak. G7 new Russia asset scheme (42 min)


🔴 Panic in NATO as Russia Devastates Ukraine’s Army | Syriana Analysis w/ Andrei Martyanov (55 min)

“Sanctions On Russia Have FAILED!” & Only Hurt Europe Says Hungary’s Foreign Minister (8 min)

China & Russia Join Forces To Build A “New World Order”! (23 min)

Scott Ritter : Reality in Ukraine (31 min)

Col. Douglas Macgregor : What the Media Won’t Tell You (32 min)

Larry Johnson : CIA and Revolution in Georgia (31 min)

Ray McGovern : Russia/China/Ukraine (30 min)

Imperial Overreach

Imperial Overreach

Slithering Into World War III (4 min)

US Aggression & Manifest Destiny in the Indo-Pacific, w/ Prof. Ken Hammond (51 min)


Video: Students Force Police Off Campus! (8 min)


Rus Storms Kharkov Towns, Syrsky Troops Encircled, Ukr Crimea Strike; Putin Xi Forge Rus China Ties (1:25 min)

Xi-Putin multipolar hug. Elensky blames world for Kharkov. New Caledonia uprising (37 min)

Robert Fico, Slovak patriot (24 min)

Russian forces are STUNNED by what they just found in Ukraine!!? | Redacted with Clayton Morris (10 min)


Room with a view

Room with a view

About time. Right on schedule. I thought they were falling behind the eschatological play book.


This is NUCLEAR madness and Putin isn’t bluffing | Redacted with Clayton Morris (10 min)



Dayz of Noah -Very Weird

Dayz of Noah-Very Weird

Looking forward to listening to this:

Summary so far….this is very good…

I did not know this because I don’t really follow any of the celebrity bumpf.

Robert Kardashian was the lawyer who got OJ off for murder. The wife of Robert Kardshian was Kristen Jenner mother of Kim Kardashian and three other kids (keeping up with the Kardashians) then during her second marriage she had two kids by Olympic medalist Bruce Jenner who subsequently had a sex change and became the “woman” (bonus hole) Caitlyn Jenner (lolz). Dayz of Noah calls O. J. the poster child for “Helter Skelter” the situation even having mob ties etc.  O.J. Simpson just died of prostrate cancer.

Dayz of Noah is correct. The whole thing has PsyOp written all over it from the divisive race trial (we need to get rid of races) to the transgender element (we need to abolish gender). Even Kayne West has a connection. The public is constantly being PsyOped to “nudge” behavior and create division.



Plunged into Darkness

Plunged into Darkness


Huge Strike Devastates Ukr Energy, Rus Advances; Israel Iran War Looms, Macron/UK Gamble Troops Ukr (1:23 min)

Russia 10 to 1 ammo advantage. Elensky curse fails on Trump. Iran 48 hour attack. Biden warns Iran (24 min)

The news yesterday Cameron’s sick mind and much more (1 hour)

Col. Douglas Macgregor: Is WWIII Here? (35 min)

US Artillery Capabilities Fall Victim to “Profit Over Purpose,” No Solution in Sight (15 min)

The Iranian Threat

The Iranian Threat

Assassination Attempt on Syrian President Bashar Al Assad (1 min)

US Marine Officer Scott Ritter reveals the TRUTH about the Iran Israel War that’s starting now (16 min)


Yair Pinto: Israel Prepares for Iran WAR & Rafah Offensive to FINISH Hamas | Stakelbeck Tonight (9 min)