Russian pilots pee on US drone

Russian pilots pee on US drone


Skillful Russian pilots pee on US drone & down it.Russia recovered it,ready to be reverse engineered

Reaper drone. Graham, shoot down Russian jets. Joly, regime change Putin. Assad in Moscow. U/1 (33 min)

The U.S. pushing for WW3 using ANYTHING they can find | Redacted with Clayton Morris (27 min)

Russia Brings Down US Reaper Drone, Claims Big Advances Bakhmut, Kupiansk; US MSM Blames Zelensky (1:10)


Pentagon FUMES

Pentagon FUMES

They are going to send more young boys to die.

The Vietnam War: The only war with its own soundtrack
For those wondering if it wasn’t obvious already, this song is talking about how a lot of teens were drafted to Vietnam without volunteering but rich/politician families’ kids didn’t have to.

Why is the left not protesting?


Putin APPROVES U.S. Military Asset Attack…US Pentagon FUMES (13 min)


Losing Bakhmut, losing Donbass

Losing Bakhmut, losing Donbass

Losing Bakhmut, losing Donbass (26 min)


Stop de oorlog (Stop the war)


SIREP 2.27.23 – Point of No Return (38 min)


Mediaite SMEARS Jimmy Dore For Telling Truth About Ukraine N@zis (18 min)

War-pig Madcow

War-pig Madcow

War-Pig Rachel Maddow SMEARS Peace Rallygoers (19 min)

Jew nose who is behind it. Madcow is a gay Jew (color me shocked) covering for the other Jewish warmongers like “F*** the EU” Victoria Nuland.  Meanwhile the USA burns and drowns in corruption.  It has a parasite problem.

The Biden/Nuland Definition Of Democracy (4 min)

Nudelman’s Delusional Bubble by Brother Nathanael

WW3 has begun

WW3 has begun

Mannarino is correct WW3 has begun.  How many people are aware?    Never seen people so dumb.


US to Send M1 Abrams to Ukraine + US-backed Terror Targets Myanmar’s Upcoming Elections (41 min)

Kiev Threatens To Strike Russian Cities. US Navy SEAL KIA In Bakhmut.(21 min)


Russia Closing Bakhmut Cauldron, Belarus Rejects Ukraine Offer; West Escalates, Sends Kiev Tanks (1:20)

Germany & US to Send Leopard 2 & Abrams Tanks to Ukraine (22 min)

No NATO for Sweden? Turkey’s Response to Latest Provocation (12 min)

Breaking: WW3 imminent

Breaking: WW3 imminent

Apparently Russia fired missiles on Poland which means an attack on NATO.  That means that NATO must invoke common defense policy.  Why would Russia do that?   Obviously they want WW3 (lolz).  They bombed their own pipeline and bridge didn’t they?

Ukraine’s Ambassador to Australia responds to Russian missile strike in Poland | Sunrise (7 min)

I detest that “Kochie” guy…an obvious propagandist lick spittle.  See how the False Flag is being set up.  It is so transparent yet most people will believe it because the TV told them.

Now if you think for one minute that this is about Ukraine you have not been paying attention.  NATO already had troops and Western mercenaries in Ukraine and they are losing.   This is an act of desperation because they know that Russia is getting ready to launch a new offensive and is consolidating its positions.  This is not about Ukraine it is about the BRICS and the formation of the multi-polar world.  It is about the loss of the dollar as the global reserve currency.  It is about America no longer being the world hegemon.  What happened to the USA?   It was taken over by Jews (neocons) who used the US as a tool to destabilize the world. They want a one world order just not the same one as the globalists.

Who will be Americas friend?

America has blown up the German Nordstream and is behind the assassination attempt and coup of Imran Khan in Pakistan, the unrest in Iran and the bombing (terrorist attack) in Turkey.   The CIA has been very busy.  What do all these nations have in common?  They are all, turning towards the BRICS and supporting Russia and China.  They no longer want to be bullied.  I think someone at the CIA needs to read How to win friends and influence people.  Hint: You don’t do it by killing them and blowing up their stuff.

Did The U.S Just Attack Turkey For Cozying Up To Russia? (7 min)




Back off Ukraine

Back off Ukraine

“We Need To Back Off Ukraine” Military Leaders Tell Biden (13 min)

Putin just issued a DIRE warning to Zelensky about WW3 | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris (39 min)

“World War 3 Has ALREADY BEGUN”. U.K. Supports Ukraine 100%… Says UKRAINE.(13 min)

Russia Strikes Cause Severe Damage, Ukraine Offensive Stops; EU Engage in Recriminations Deep Crisis (46 min)

The Gloves are off

The Gloves are off

Russia sends strong message, will they listen? (23 min)

Comments from the Raccoon Server:


Contrary to the Kyiv media's claims, a significant number of civilians are injured or killed as a result of the malfunctioning of the Ukrainian air defence system. Thus, one of the images shows ( an air defence missile ( hurtling towards the ground after an incorrect triggering. Also, C-300 surface-to-air missiles were seen ( near multi-storey buildings in Zaporizhzhia. In addition, anti-aircraft missiles from the Ukrainian air defence system probably hit ( the Klitschko pedestrian bridge in Kyiv. A frame-by-frame review of the video footage from the scene of the incident reveals this.

The Russian military is only targeting Ukrainian military and energy facilities with high-precision weapons, including the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) building ( on Volodymyrska Street and the TPP-3 station (, both located in the Ukrainian capital.
The failure of the Ukrainian air defence system has not gone unnoticed. Kiev TV channels have already criticized ( AFU chief Valeriy Zaluzhny, who said even before all the incoming strikes were over that the Ukrainian air defence system had allegedly eliminated more than 40 long-range missiles fired by the Russian Armed Forces. Such statistics did not seem trustworthy to local journalists. The operation of Ukrainian air defence systems has previously resulted in devastating consequences. Missiles from Ukrainian missiles have been found after the shelling of the Ingul bridge in Mykolaiv (, as well as after hitting a children's rehabilitation centre ( and residential buildings in the Odessa region (


It has begun, Putin unleashes CRUSHING attack on Ukraine | Redacted with Clayton Morris (2:16)

Zelensky Flees to ‘SECRET BUNKER’ as General ARMAGEDDON Pays a Visit To Ukraine. (19 min)

Starlink KNOCKED OUT. Russian Lasers Target NATO Satelites Next. (6min)

Russia Launches Strikes on Ukraine, Retaliation for Crimea Attack; Russia Close to Capture Bakhmut (1:03)

Russia launches MASSIVE strikes on Ukraine! (14 min)

Be very afraid

Be very afraid

They want you very afraid.  They want you terrified and traumatized.   They are conditioning learned helplessness.  They want you to turn to them for help.  The fearful will not enter the kingdom of God.

As Mike Morales says on his videos….Armour up (and he does not just mean grab your guns) he means put on the Whole Armour of God.

Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil (Ephesians 6:11)

We are in the battle of our lives and facing an unprecedented psychological assault as well as disease, war, shortages and extreme wickedness and psychopathy. However we are and will continue to be victorious in Christ and nothing will separate us from the love of God.

The US Is the Only Country That Has Ever Used Nukes, Not Russia (3 min)

Zelensky Demands That NATO Preemptively Strike Russia With Nukes (7 min)