No Good Guys

No Good Guys


Dr Kevin McCairn double stream

Ukraine, Russia & NATO – A Conversation With John Brisson (We’ve Read The Documents) (2:38)

Mercs Merced, Ukraine Geo-Politics & SARS Science Round Up (2:34)

More Pain in Ukraine

More Pain in Ukraine


Could the Ukraine war turn into World War III ? (15 min)

Russian Advances And Delays On Donbass Front Lines. Eighteenth Day Of Military Operations In Ukraine

Nationalist Fighters In Mariupol Call For Help, As Russians Leave Them No Chance

Zelenskiy Saves His Butt, While Russian Forces Advance: Fourteenth Day Of Operations In Ukraine


Banker War

Banker War

Always good to get Maj Gen GD Bakshi’s take on it (10 min):

Here are the South Front videos giving a time line from the present (a day ago) to  the start of the conflict.  Pro Russian bias but usually very accurate all about 5 min.

Hammer And Anvil: Eighth Day Of Operations In Ukraine

Russia Changes Tactics: Seventh Day Of Operations In Ukraine

Feb28th Ukraine War Push Towards Mariupol And Battle Of Kharkov Fifth Day Of Operations

Stand with Ukraine (4 min)

A fight or a feint?

A fight or a feint?

Is it all a distraction or are we getting ready for a false flag?  You decide. Remember all wars are banker wars.

Gravitas: US intel fails, Russia says troops returning (8 min)

(The hacking was probably Talpiot (Mossad) or CIA setting up a false flag)

105. F35 – Will China Nab The Tech? Electrical Grids Down – Report From Iron Mountain (57 min)

No Winners

No Winners

There will be no winners if it comes to war in the Ukraine.  Putin is certainly right about that.  Are we being gamed?

There Will Be No Winners: Latest Efforts To Preserve Peace In Europe (4 min)

Gravitas Ukraine Direct: Russia dismisses Macron’s claims on de-escalation (4 min)


Hitlers Dream

Hitlers Dream

There are no good guys….only bankers…

United States of Europe. Germany's idea for a New Europe? Finland and Sweden consider NATO membership When Hitler was pushed to power via the Rothschild UK/European banking cartels, his job was to form the United States of Europe. Herman Goering was his handler into the European Royalty and business upper class. He was to form a bulwark against Stalin and contain him. Mao or Chang Kai Shek was to border Soviet Russia. Mao proved the better dictator prospect as Shek began pushing notions of "democracy". Bankers have no interest in "democracy" in developing states. Hitler would send European Jewry to Palestine. Greater Israel would be built rapidly and David Ben Gurion would found the "hub" linking Eurasia to Africa. Hitler in Western Europe. Stalin in North Asia. Mao in South Asia. Ben Gurion in the hub. Rothschild satellite states surround "The World Island" in the United States and Australia. This was the basic foundation of continuing The East India Trading Company via Banking Cartel proxies. Set against each other. Controlled via granting access to high technology, weapons, and raw materials. A delicate balancing act by the Queen Victoria and Rothschild alliance. This all seems extremely shaky now. Ala 1939. Can Rothschild control their physical and human "assets" until the A.I Machine Learning automation revolution comes? Alexander Dugin - The Fourth Political Theory

A Brief History of Ukraine: WWI to the Euromaidan Revolution (5 min)

Gravitas Ukraine Direct: The story of Euromaidan (4 min)

Propaganda piece- this was a CIA/ NATO coup who supported actual NAZI groups and used snipers to fire on protesters. Ukraine is utterly corrupted by NGO’s and Soros.

There are no good guys

There is no black and white only gray.  The Grayzone.


Germ Games

Germ Games

Israel is practicing Covid Germ Games, Bill Gates is warning about the pox and the WHO is warning about Marberg virus.  They are opening Pandora’s box.   What the hell is wrong with people?  You will comply or you will die.  Everyone must worship the beast. Do you get it yet?    Well do you? 

This is what we are facing….remember this….Bill Gates is a figurehead.  It is the Bankers who are behind this. The Rothschild using Israel as their forward fire base and China and Russia as their golem.  These people are narcissistic psychopaths and they are EVIL.  You need to stand up and refuse…refuse…do not comply.  STAND UP. SPEAK TRUTH.   If you do nothing you are complicit.

Smallpox, Monkeypox and the Gates Agenda quickly explained (4 min)

Get Ready For Next ‘Pandemic’ – It Will Make The Current ‘Pandemic’ Look Like A Walk In The Park (32 min)

My video on US bioweapons lab in Georgia you get to via my playlist. I forgot an article on US bioweapons experimentation, which includes Marburg, but I have linked to it below, along with all other links. Should you want to donate, I would very much appreciate it. I have a PayPal account under Thank you very much, and please know your donation not only helps me, it helps me help others.

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Smallpox Vials “Accidently” Found In Big Pharma Lab After Bill Gates Threat (9 min)

This video comes with a language warning…but…at this point even a saint would swear

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War Drums

War Drums

Gravitas: Putin launches a battle with the West (4 min)

China ramps up efforts to counter United States, builds mockups of US navy ships | English News (2 min)

Chinese military to soon surpass US, Russia: General John Hyten | China News | WION (3 min)

Iran struggles against IDF in Syria; Bennett rejects “terror state” in Israel -TV7 Israel News 11.11 (12 min)

China collapse or war-footing?

China collapse or war-footing?

It is difficult to tell why the Chinese are hoarding food.  Whatever the reason it does not bode well for the future.

Chinese Govt’s ‘Stock Up On Food’ Advisory Amid Covid Surge; Netizens Speculate Over War With Taiwan (4 min)

China Has Already Crashed | You Just Don’t Know It Yet…(23 min)

Chinese Lottery

Maybe they should buy a ticket in the Australian Covid lottery and become an instant millionaire like this Chinese lady.