Transpocalypse Now

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Transpocalypse Now

It is distasteful and it is deliberate.   I am afraid that we do have to spend some time on this subject not so that we can gasp in puritanical outrage and clutch our pearls,  but so that we can be aware.  The transgender movement is a bridge to trans-humanism.  Now it is true that some people have body dismorphia often the result of gender bending chemicals affecting the fetus. Our world is now full of endocrine mimickers and disruptive estrogens etc …. it is almost as if it has been done on purpose (lolz).  So, genuine sympathy should be exercised towards those who are completely mixed up and chemically unbalanced.  However, it should not be encouraged and promoted and should be treated as a disorder not lionized as a lifestyle choice.  As I said…it is a gateway to transhumanism  and will be used to justify pedophilia.  We are watching the deliberate corruption and destruction of society.  This show was on mainstream TV in the UK (Channel 4):


Hang On, Your TAX dollars are paying for this? | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris (20 min)



I could post much more on this subject but suffice to say a lot of “beautiful women” are not women at all.  Trust me….you do not want to know Victoria’s secret.