Oct 19

Trumpenstein Must be Destroyed!


Good  Article on the Unz: Trumpenstein Must be Destroyed! 

by C.J. Hopkins • October 4, 2019Also look at Comments section (under secondElijah)




This looks like it will get very serious:

US Marines Ordered Activated For 19 October “National Emergency” As Trump Throws CIA Out Of White House

Could martial law be declared under the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act?

Is it possible that Trump answers this political "coup" with military action?


Meanwhile in the Middle East

Turkey to Carry Out Military Air and Ground Op in Syria, East of the Euphrates - Erdogan

Turkey threatens to invade the northern Kurdish enclave of Syria.  The Kurds are American allies and American troops are in the region.  Both Turkey and the USA are NATO allies.  Go figure because I can't.

Also, rioting and violence in Iraq.  I thought Iraq had been "liberated" from Saddam at least a decade ago and was enjoying the fruits of freedom and prosperity?  The neoconservatives told me, so it must be true. Apparently large parts of Iraq still have no electricity or water supply due to corruption and incompetence.   It is a bad state of affairs when the people prefer a despotic mad man to democracy but I am starting to see their point.

Martial Law Unfolding In Iraq: 30 Protesters Shot, Internet Blackout, 24-Hour Curfews



Just make sure you don't show the Iraqi riots on TV (the French yellow vests are still protesting) then it is not really happening.  The only people who riot against the government are in communist countries like Hong Kong (LOL). People that live in democracies know that they can vote out bad politicians (LOL).   They know that the "will of the people" such as Brexit is respected (LOL).  They know that reform of the financial system is possible (LOL).   It is a good thing that we live in democracies and not in a monopolistic crony corporate financial system because otherwise we might conclude that they we are already living under fascism.