UK Column News – 12th August 2020

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UK Column News – 12th August 2020

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Vanessa Beeley with today’s UK Column News.

START – Economy: we are in a depression not a recession
86% drop in income for accommodation and food services sector
Pharmaceutical sector grows…
Jobs down over 730,000 and benefit claimants up to 2.7 million
Mask risk assessments: UK Column viewer writes to Angela Rayner MP
UK Column has questions for Angela Rayner MP
Government is not being led by real science but by pseudo-science
Professor Carl Hennegen: who is making these rules up…?
Why are PHE death numbers currently 2 or 3 times higher than the ONS…?
Britain under attack: lockdowns still occurring even though cases are not rising…
Misrepresentation of data is being used by government for a political agenda
St John Ambulance: what to do if someone is unresponsive & not breathing normally
UK Column viewer Email re. Government applied psychology
33:22 – UK Column summer break: 17-28 August – returning on 31 August
UK Column article – Beirut: a tragedy that threatens the region with war and chaos
Attack is also an attack on Syria as many goods for Syria arrive in Lebanese ports
Cui Bono – who benefits from this attack…?
Lebanese Ambassador to UN calls for international intervention (interference)
Many elements within Lebanon are being encouraged by external forces…
Neo-colonialists show interest in getting involved
46:01 – Syria: update from a country under siege
48:53 – The spies who hijacked America
Russiagate: all the Queen’s men and the Cambridge Four
A crossover of participants were also involved in the (anti-Russian) Skripal affair
Why are we listening to these people – who is really running the UK…?
55:19 – The UK government are still not protecting our children
Parents start to realise that their children are at risk from Covid regulations…
Exam triple lock: exam results to be chosen and handed out by teachers
A psychological attack: the UK is no longer any form of democracy



To compliment Vanessa Beeley’s interview (above) we place her article and also other perspectives on what happened. She lives in Syria and has a unique perspective.