UK Column News – 14th October 2020

UK Column News – 14th October 2020

Another excellent show and recommended viewing.  The UK is becoming a dictatorship. I find it incredible that people still believe that this is about a virus.  Rather depressing how easy it is to fool the masses. Common purpose has spread its poison through all the institutions.   The cabinet office now holds sway even over security.  The prime Minister effectively holds all the reins of power as the MP’s have nothing to say.   If there ever was democracy it is dead now. However, remember that Boris is only a front-man – a puppet.   The real power is still hidden.   Immunity passports and tyranny are coming.  The stupid churches say that this is God’s doing and we must obey the law.  They kiss beast-ass and will end up in the lake of fire.  And three cheers for Vanessa – may God watch over all truth tellers.


Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson are joined by Alex Thomson and Vanessa Beeley for today’s UK Column News.

00.24 – Why were the UK Passport Office giving medical advice – a look at Common Pass and World Economic Forum backed bio-security travel restrictions.


ONS & HM Passport Office Medical Advice: –…

Tobias Ellwood Statement: –…

The Commons Project (Common Pass): –

Sunderland Echo: –…

04:41 – Breakdown of the UK: looking at the centralised power and control being built by the Cabinet Office. 

07:40 – Red Pill Germany (RPG) – analysis of excess mortality comparing flu to COVID 19


RPG-Video: –

12:25 – The Big Vitamin D Mistake – look at another peer reviewed paper highlighting the importance of Vitamin D to immunity


Peer Reviewed Paper: –

14:11 – Amnesty International Report Lockdown failures which increased the risks to the most vulnerable. 


Amnesty International Article: –…

Link To Report: –

16:11 – The Great Big Dutch Hammer – looking at how the same disastrous policies are adopted across Europe. The impact on the economy and unemployment. 


Dutch News: –…

17:15 – European Economic News – economic destruction continues.


Eurostat: –…

Andrea Enria Statement: –…

20:44 – Working from home – the tax, health and safety and social implications of the new work from home economy. 


UK Gov Tax Relief: –

HSE: –

22:53 – Vanessa Beeley – A clear, proposed propaganda attack on independent media and academics by the BBC. The threatening of journalists with legal action by the BBC. 


Middle East Eye Article: –…

Link To Leaked Documents: –

Chloe Hadjimatheou – Questions and statements to Vanessa Beeley –

The New Jihadism Paper: –…

Saving Syria’s Children Robert Stuart Report: –

BBC Media Action Country Case Study Syria: –

Telegraph Article – BBC Fake News –

44:46 – Failure of Government Ministers to respond to the important questions from the electorate – Responses are being fielded by Cabinet 


COVID 19 Hub (HCID??) –

47:06 – Exeter’s Igloos (dining pods) – looking at the breakdown of democratic processes and disregard 


Devon Online: –…

East Devon News: –…

They Work For You Notice: –

Earl of Devon Statement: –

54:00 – Have MP’s Lost the Plot? The pernicious impact of the party whip system. The reneging of parliamentary responsibility by MP’s. 

63:41 – Devon and Cornwall Police Video – looking at use of public funds to make transgender awareness cartoons. (A tomatoe is a fruit btw)


Devon and Cornwall Police Video Tweet –