Ukie and Kykie

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Ukie and Kykie

What a mess.  Is it antisemitic to point out the obvious?  Probably.  Too bad. I will let “brother Nathanael” the ex-Chabad Jew make jokes about crooked noses (he has one himself).

The Bizzy Yid! by Brother Nathanael

The old Zelensky

I like the old Zelenskey. What happened?  He sold his soul to the devil.

Bakhmut Ukraine Counterattack; China Linking Arms to Russia to Taiwan, Russian SU35s to Iran (1:03)

IN FULL DETAIL: Nord Stream COVERUP? NYT Blames “Pro-Ukraine Group” (39 min)

Andromeda yacht. Georgia protests will continue. Ursula meets Trudeau. Elensky Oscars snub. U/1 (35 min)