Vaccine Cover up

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Vaccine cover up


This is very good and very clever.  The headline of the video blames the excess deaths on the vaccines but the video itself emphasizes the lockdowns.  Not only that but it emphasizes that Trump warned about the cure being worse than the sickness even though Trump took credit for the warp speed vaccine.  Do you see it?   Do you see the slight of hand?   They are all guilty. Did the lockdowns cause damage?   Yes, of course they did….but they want to shift all the blame onto lockdowns.  Look over there….

My prediction is that war is imminent.  They know the worm is turning in the West and they are being exposed so get ready for the next disaster.  They will not allow you time to think.

You need to be critical of everything….even alt Media…

We CAN’T let them get away with this vaccine cover-up | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris (25 min)