We don’t need no education

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We don’t need no education


If you thought the past of the learning establishment was bad you ain’t seen nothing yet. Pink Floyd talked out mind control and being another brick in the wall back then.  Those were the “good old days”. (lol)   In the future your kids will be traded on the blockchain using “social bonds” and betting on outcomes using derivatives.  They (their outcomes) well be traded on the dashboard of some financial institution.  It is called “human capital”.  

Little Johnny will be assessed at a young age and that will determine his future. Little Johnny is a bit slow or autistic because of all the vaccines and chemicals we pumped into him.  Too bad…he will never amount to much.  We will assign him to some sort of remedial program with a “target” set by some Public-Private “charity” using tax-payer funds. We might bundle his outcome together with some other dumb kids in a tradable CDO. Of course, we are being kind and “educating Johnny” although all we are really doing is exploiting him and consigning him to the useless class while we fast track the new uber class. This is what you call efficient allocation of funds – the market is always efficient and we can make some money along the way.  What’s not to like?  Wait until you see what we have lined up for healthcare. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

We won’t mention that all of nature will be on the blockchain so that “carbon” can be traded because the banks really, really care about “sustainability” and being “green”.   The only thing here that is “green” is you…a green horn and wet behind the ears…if you believe that they care about the environment, your kids or your health.  Time to grow up and wake up.

And if you think “blockchain” crypto designed by some mysterious guy is going to save you then you are exactly where they want you to be. They have got you.  

Rothschild Education

You might not want it but your kids are going to get a “Rothschild Education” anyway.  Rothschild will determine if you are a worthy citizen of the Brave New World Order.  All your data will be captured by the school and fed into AI in order to build the singularity and determine your worthiness (and trade-ability). Even young kids will be monitored by camera and AI using machine learning -observing to build our database of human social interactions with each other and with technology. 



Someone has been kind enough to map it using littleSis but the link will not embed although it is on the wayback.  Here is the direct link:


Here is a screenshot tweeted out.  If you download the image you can view it in a photo app or paint program etc and ZOOM in.    Look at all the connections with Rothschild and Israel.