We have the serial number

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We have the serial number

Another two hour stream from Dr Kevin McCairn looking at the propaganda and the science.  I have added  approximate times below  (not time stamped) and a few comments. Read the article at 45 min  (recommended) and note this from the article at 50 mins:

SARS-CoV-2 infection is associated with a surprising number of morbidities. Uncanny similarities with amyloid-disease associated blood coagulation and fibrinolytic disturbances together with neurologic and cardiac problems led us to investigate the amyloidogenicity of the SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein (S-protein). Amyloid fibril assays of peptide library mixtures and theoretical predictions identified seven amyloidogenic sequences within the S-protein. All seven peptides in isolation formed aggregates during incubation at 37°C

Approximate running order (not time stamped):

2:01 RT report Mariupol China’s Zero COVID & The Shoah of The Pets, SARS Amyloidosis, #Ukraine War Crimes (2:15)