Welcome to the GSM

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Welcome to the GSM

We are entering the Grand Solar Minimum and the grow zones on earth are shifting as are the weather patterns.  Some parts of the world will get colder and wetter. Let me be clear this has nothing to do with fossil fuels or CO2.  They lied….they always lie.  Next year the climate changes and food shortages will become apparent.

They are conditioning you to line up at shops and accept food rationing.  They want to feed you with GMO food and insect protein.  They have deliberately not prepared by building more greenhouses and more power stations etc.  They did the opposite.  They are going to use this change to consolidate their power  and create a Neo-feudal plantation.   If you thought being a wage slave was bad wait until you are on UBI and a digital currency in their surveillance state. They don’t care about you. There are 7.5 billion “ants”.  All they care about is their power.

Big changes coming


Food shortages

Food will be the key component in all of this. You can’t eat paper money and you cannot print food.

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They want to own it all and you will have NOTHING (and be happy)

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Don’t worry

God also has a great reset in mind.   What these people don’t realize (or perhaps they have the hubris to think they can survive this). As we enter the galactic sheet we face huge electromagnetic changes…earthquakes, solar flares, asteroids and magnetic pole reversal.  We are at the end of an epoch. All their technological control will be destroyed.   They are so foolish as to think they can control the outcome. God holds their plans in derision.  The Almighty laughs at them and so should you.